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[Festival Booth] Ring Toss (CLOSED)

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on Wed May 09, 2018 3:06 pm

How to Play
Welcome, welcome, one and all to the Ring Toss. You hate it in real life, so why not hate it in-character?

To play this game, just step right up and let's play!

◴ Only one group may play at a time. If you arrive with friends please establish your own order to play the game. All members must post once before playing the game, then I will post. The game will start from then.

◴ On my post, I will hand you a bucket of rings. You cannot get it by any other means. Give me some food, or money, or idk.. This will be me acknowledging you to play.(IC would be no more than a dozen rings.)

◴ All users will roll 3 dice. You will do this all as one single roll. Remember that this roll, must come with a post. You must get a total value over 150. All players will add their Intelligence Stat to their total. You cannot get more than 50 in this manner.

◴ After you have rolled, I will reply. If your total meets the required, you'll get a stuffed animal of your choice, as long as it's a cat, and is poorly sewn and stitched together. If you have lost, I will tell you that you suck. You can either start over and play again, or you may leave, with your prize, or very pissed off.

◴ After you have read all of the rules, reply to the first post and let's get playin'![/size]

Additional Note: Walk Up and Pay, get rings, play game, Repeat.

Current Queue:
Current Player :

Former Players :

"C'mon, you almost had that one!"

A booth stands in the corner of other stalls. It's open from three sides. Kids gather around it throwing red rings over a series of glass bottles. The pings from all of the impacts can be heard constantly as each toss bounces off the glass. To the ceiling of the booth, random assorted stuffed animals hang dangling, mocking all of the people playing the game. There's signs posted with the rules. No one can lean over the counter. It's simple enough. All you have to do is make it land on the neck of the bottle.

A girl leans on the counter, counting money as she watches the game being played. She's the one in charge of this game. She smiles, handing another child another dozen rings, she even gives him a few extra.

Her attire isn't like the other game masters. Instead she wears her own blue dress shirt and a white undershirt to match her hair. Her pants are dark slacks, almost like an incomplete suit. Atop her head are ears fit for a feline. She's not human, but that's not the strange part. She seems to enjoy watching all of the rings fall between all of the glass bottles.

Do you test your luck?


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on Thu May 10, 2018 8:59 am

Aurelion was taking a stroll through the festival area, the new attractions constantly opening up made him feel more excited than ever, this festival proved to be quite a blast up to now and he couldn't get enough of it, he had so much food and drinks over the past days as well as a tarot reading, a fight at a cafe, sang along a festival performer and even started working at the pub that opened up there.

As he was lost in his own thoughts and smiling seemingly for no reason to the outsiders who couldn't know what he was thinking, he came upon yet another new stall. The sign read "Ring Toss", I know this one, Aurelion thought and smiled while slightly tilting his head and looking at all the kids playing the game. He wasn't a kid himself but he always wanted to give this game another go, granted that he had only one chance before, at a very young age during which he had failed miserably.

Thinking about his past failure at the game, now made him feel anxious about walking up to the girl that seemed to own the place. Breathing in deeply and letting out a sigh he went back to his usual cheerful mode, reading the rules he continued inside the stall. "Good day, I'd like to play please." he said in a cheerful tone while looking at the woman, another neko, he thought, he now knew of them after his meeting with Requiem. Taking out some money and giving it to the woman he prepared himself to play.


on Thu May 10, 2018 9:15 am

She reached under the counter and grabbed another chilled bottle. She took it by it's body and slammed its neck against the counter. The cap would pop off, only to flip behind the counter onto the floor where she walked. If anyone peered over, they would see that seemingly hundreds of caps filled the floor. The woman lifted the bottle to her lips, only to pour the cool refreshment into her own mouth. Her eyes would look over to the man that approached her game, the pinging sounds of failure in the background.

She'd reach out, taking his payment, only to hand him a dozen rings. "Here ya go, best of luck." she say it, with no undertone to her words, almost like she meant it. She would stand to the side, allowing him room to play, watching over all of the kids the failed, some of them leaving afterwards. She lifted the drink again to her lips taking another sip.

I mean, she had to get the bottles from somewhere, right?'

She'd watch, making sure no one cheated. She had no problem giving away prizes, but she hated cheaters and liars the most . . . also people who cheated this game. They were the true evil.


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on Thu May 10, 2018 9:27 am

Aurelion watched as the feline girl got a bottle of refreshment to quench her thirst, or maybe she did it out of boredom, who knew, all it mattered was that Aurelion had the urge to buy something cool and refreshing, after all it was a hot day outside.

Getting the rings from the girl he thanked her and watched as the last remaining kids left, disappointed by their failure, he opened and closed his mouth without uttering a word. Aurelion knew how it felt like, he had been in their shoes before, but now he was getting another chance. He firmly grasped the first ring, feeling its shape and material on his palm, taking a deep breath he threw the first one, the followed the second, third and fourth.

He was getting so worked up over it, he wanted to win just to prove to that annoying boy -that was his opponent in the game years ago- that he isn't a big loser. Of course he never saw him again and neither did he want to, most of all he wanted to prove to the child inside him that he was a winner. Full of determination now, Aurelion threw the remaining eight rings in tandem hoping to find their mark.


on Thu May 10, 2018 9:27 am

The member 'Aurelion' has done the following action : Spin

'Dice 100' : 11, 97, 41


on Thu May 10, 2018 9:37 am

Finally, a winner. She had a massive collection of kitten animals waiting to be given away. She pointed at a few that hung above the collection of bottles. There was a few black and dark brown ones, and a few gray ones. A single yellow and gold one remained. She pointed at them, "Anything you want from the top shelf?" she'd ask. If not, she could give him any of the smaller ones that could fit in his hand, rather than the traditional sized ones.

He had landed a ring, out of his dozen. It wasn't a grand win, but it was a win nonetheless. She lifted the bottle to her lips again, only to grab a second and place it on the counter next to her. She'd look at the man, wondering if he too was one of those policemen in hiding. They all seemed to try and take her away, even if she committed no crime.

"Unless you want a prize from the bottle shelf." she'd say, almost raising a brow at her suggestion. She'd offer him the drink he chose, he looked to be of age, and if he wasn't, well then she would claim it to be the beer of root.


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on Thu May 10, 2018 10:11 am

Aurelion had his eyes closed as he threw the very last one, he seemed to have missed every other ring and that was his last chance at redeeming himself. Taking a deep breath he released the ring from his hand and as he opened his eyes he watched it landing on the neck of the bottle, he did it, he managed to pull it off, he was finally a winner. Ha, take that stupid kid, he thought reminded of his past rival.

Now for his reward, the stall owner showed him the collection of some big sized plushies in the form of cats, black, dark brown and gray, he even saw a yellow, that's a cute one, he thought as he saw the tints of gold color it had as well. His gaze fell upon some smaller ones, judging by their size they could fit in his palm, he saw one pink in color with blue eyes which made his own eyes sparkle in excitement. Hearing the girl offering him a prize from the lower shelf he realized she meant a bottle of the refreshment she was having. Even though her offer was tempting he decided that he could have any kind of refreshment from the nearby shops and thus opted for that adorable kitten. "I'd like to have this little pink one please." he said as he looked at the girl, after getting his prize he thanked her and left in search of a refreshment stall.



on Thu May 10, 2018 10:46 am

She would reach out for the pink one he had chosen. It was cute and small, and one of the few she took her time to mend it and ensure it was perfect. All of them were stitched from scraps, but some select few were molded from fine dresses and other elegant materials. The pink one, happened to be one of those such items

She would handle it with care, handing it over to the man. Her own fingers had pricks and bandages all over them, due to all of the stitching and needles. She was one to give equal to take equal. She took her materials by scraps and donations, and she would suffer to make prizes and gifts to each of her winners. If they would spend money, then she would not grant them a simply store bought animal. No, she would make them with as much focus an attention as it took to win her game.

"Here ya go." she's say with her beer in one hand, and the gift in the other. She would turn back to her game, to switch the empty bottle with one with a ring on its neck. She would again slam the head of it against the table to pop the lid.

It was all in a hard day's work.

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