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I'll Spend all Nine Lives with You! [Kanya/Nameless]

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on Wed May 09, 2018 8:18 am

It had only been the other day that they had exposed themselves to each other, both literally and metaphorically. Nameless had met and came across all kinds of people from her own forgotten past, as well as a future that was never lived.

She was a strong god, one that the world feared. She was no different than she was now, the only change was the power she held. She was told she once had a skill that peered into the minds of everyone. Literally everyone. She could see all of their dreams and desires, their weaknesses and strengths. And she chose a single man to serve then. His name? Geno Ranzu.

Her vessel, Chisu Lau, had came from her destroyed city, only to survive by all she could find. She was a scavenger, and took refuge to living in the park. The man that saved her, also received her undying loyalty, this man by the name of Shura. A man, who happened to be a direct descendant of Geno.

Whatever her debt to Geno was, it was paid in full. All she owed Shura was the fact she took the life of his pupil, of which Chisu had placed upon her own master, in hopes her own power would be of better use . . . .

. . . Nameless looked up and shielded her eyes from the sun. She had purchased a room at a local inn. It wasn't private, and it didn't need to be. With the noise from around them as well as the people, they would be unnoticed, and almost forgotten. The only detail known of her was her ears, which today remained under a hood, for now at least. As for her companion, she would remain perched on her master's head, as she had always did. She would be the second set of eyes.

But all that remained in her head, was the debt she had to pay.

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#2Kanya Vi Britannia 

on Thu May 10, 2018 1:13 pm

The Survivor

It was two days since the two met, It was something that Kanya wasn’t expecting to happen at the very least. Whatever was going through her mind wasn’t as peaceful as she would of liked. Kanya had lost sight of Nameless after the incident at the bath house which wasn’t really easy to clean up after the mess which was made because of it. When Kanya had lost this cat it wasn’t easy to tell people you were looking for a cat girl without them looking at you strange, but it was a few people that actually tried to help her. Her thoughts was already scrambled from before so looking for a cat woman wasn’t on her to do list.

The festival was loud already with the different stalls that was up, the sound of children running around with their own balloons. Everyone was wearing some type of traditional kimono which helped them all blend in. Kanya wasn’t a fan of this type of thing, she was from Dahila of all places. Her scarlet eyes shifting to one side to the other, all she could fucking see was color. Her back leaning against one of the trees and her arms crossed over her chest this causing her breast to push upward from the applied pressure. She rolled her eyes,where the hell did Nameless go? This wasn’t a time to be going off and doing her own thing.

You care a lot for finding her Kanya, you sure that whole bath scenario didn’t just leave you hot and bothered?” the voice simply teased her, not even feeling ashamed by targeting the poor woman about that in particular.

Kanya cheeks flared up to a shade of pink as the thoughts of that night flooded her mind, shaking her head side to side.”No this is just for me to use her to advance myself, there is nothing more than that?” she replied swiftly though she was a tad bit flustered at even the slightest thought.”Oh right you wanna “use” her alright, no reason your body heating up like someone lit a fire between your legs” the voiced simply mocked her with a chuckle of its own.

She couldn’t amuse her anymore, this was becoming more and more embarrassing to talk about. She knew that wasn’t the case, she didn’t care for stuff like that all she wanted to do was find herself a purpose and Nameless was simply helping her with that right? She repeated that question multiple of times as she remained against the tree as the petals rain from the sky. The sun was shining brightly down,she had to lower her head a bit to avoid the brightness of the sun.

A sigh leaving her lips as her hand reached up being placed on her face, she couldn’t believe she found herself in this situation. With a look from her current position she noticed a Vulpix white as snow on the head of a hooded slim fit figure. She saw that Vulpix at the bath house which meant that the hooded person was Nameless. She got up from the tree, approaching Nameless from behind her steps was far from silent. Her hand would reach placing itself on the shoulder of Nameless turning her around, before she thought of speaking.

Where the hell you been? You disappear without a word…..then suddenly pop up, not like i was worried about you or anything but at least tell me for fucksakes….stop lying you meant you just wanted to use her body” a second voice left her lips as she was speaking, what the fuck was going on did the voice she had in her head just speak out?


on Thu May 10, 2018 2:17 pm

Her touch had broken her still state of mind. She jumped a bit, turning to the left to peer over her shoulder to look at the woman. She knew who it was, but still, he replied, "Huh?"

Time had gone by so fast, Nameless had forgotten why she had gone off to do her own thing. He heard the slip, a change of tone, a change of mind. "So they plague you too." she'd say it coldly, only thinking about which voice would fade first.

"Filthy feline. You make a mess in a bathhouse of all places."

"I can tell, she makes you feel like you matter."

". . . Do any of us matter?"

"We all matter, for now at least. We all have a purpose to serve. After our duty is fulfilled, we may lay to rest." the voice of Chisu was her conscious of reason, and kept the others in check. She knew, that even if Chisu's wish was granted, she would never be laid to rest. It was not out of their bind, but her wish. She would endure for her goddess, as she had done for them, for her.

"Well Kanyaya, we needed money. she reached into her pocket, only to take out a small sewn bag full of the common currency. "I wanted to get you a kimono like the other girls, and I wanted to get the best, so I needed to get a little extra. Don't worry, Zuzu hid the rest somewhere, this is just a small portion from the game booths." she'd smile, her grin growing from ear to ear. She had uncovered a few things while she was away from her, and with ghosts of her past.

"I guess this life had a lot more to offer, didn't it Chisu?" the first part she spoke to Kanya, but she had slipped from her mind and spoke to Chisu in its end. She was like an old friend, and for being in her backseat for the majority of her life, she would pay her back for the fun ride.


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#4Kanya Vi Britannia 

on Thu May 10, 2018 6:13 pm

The Survivor

She couldn’t help but feel her eyebrow twitch slightly, as Nameless was thrown off guard obviously and didn’t answer her right away. She wasn’t worried about her or anything, Nameless was just here to help her achieve her goals. That was her story and she was sticking to it from this point on though, maybe it wasn’t the full on truth she was expected to tell but who knew when it came to how she felt deep down. Her hand remaining on Nameless shoulder as their eyes met for that second, she couldn’t fathom how beautiful the damn cat girl was it was throwing her off if anything.

You can’t just go as you please, if something happened to you i couldn’t forgive…..”she had to catch herself just slightly”you because you didn’t keep your promise” she finished. Kanya knew what kind of world this was more than most people, she killed people for a sport. She closed her eyes for a moment before she will open them again, making sure she had contact with Nameless who needed to understand the world isn’t nice as it use to be with all these factions causing the world to tear itself apart. “I just hope whatever you did kept you out of trouble, it took hours last time you made a mess i’m not your maid” she made sure to make that clear.

Kanya was still confused about earlier on how the voice of the spirit took over her for that split second. This made her think about this more, maybe it went deeper than she thought it did. Questions flooded her mind on who exactly was this spirit within her mind? Did Nameless deal with what she did too? All these questions hitting her back to back.”You realize your hand is moving towards her chest right? Just letting you know” the voice echoed through her mind. She snapped out of it seeing how close her hand was as it was moving, pulling it away returning her hand to her side as she couldn’t believe what the fuck she was doing.

Kanyaya? It’s just Kanya. Money we were fine what exactly would we need money for?”she questioned. She watch as a sewn bag was pulled from Nameless pocket which must of had the jewels that was acquired,maybe their funds were getting low but still that didn’t excuse her for just vanishing. She was about to speak up as she suddenly heard “Kimono? Me? I’m not wearing no Kimono we can stay for this festival but you aren't putting me in that Kimono bullshit. So take that money and use it for something else. Do i look like someone who will wear that shit?”” She spoke up. She even step back a bit as she was thrown off by the grin that she saw, that surely made her uneasy.


on Fri May 11, 2018 9:51 am

Life was never as it seemed. There was always some circumstance  that would change the pages of a story for either better or worse. Some called them plot twists, but to Nameless, they were a way of life. They never impacted her, as her lives were temporary, and her rebirth permanent. But her time since she had met this woman, would engrave itself onto her soul for the remainder of her life. She would never forget the teachings, even if she lost the meaning.

"You don't have to clean up any mess I leave." she would say, "That's what the monks are for. They wanted me back, so they can wrap up my leftovers." She didn't hate them, but if that's what they devoted their lives to, then she was sure to give them tasks to keep them busy, and their lives fulfilled, at least for now. She knew that a good meal would at least keep her busy for now, but not forever. But the mention of the fractions, the guilds held more meaning than it had before. The question was when would she tell her, for there was no secret she would keep. For her ow sake, at least.



". . . "

"You must think different of her then."
All of them rang, chiming in liek a council of thought. They all would notice the hand that neared, but Nameless would speak none of it. She was nothing more than a piece in a larger scheme of things. But she knew that. If she was going to be a part of a grand machine, she was sure to place herself in the core of it. If she failed, so would the rest of it.

"Oh come on Miss Vivantia." she recited her surname, only to get it wrong like all of the others. "You'll wear a kimono, I'll wear a kimono, then we can maybe find another to feed on. It'll be fun." she said it, the smile still on her face. There was a lot to offer from this festival, and she would miss nothing of it.

"I'll hunt, you can kill, then I can eat, and we can bathe, again~!" she cheered, her voice getting louder, but people seemed to pay her even less mind. The chatter of the world around them was loud enough that perhaps even a scream would be muffled.

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#6Kanya Vi Britannia 

on Sun May 13, 2018 9:11 am

The Survivor

Kanya didn’t know deep down why she would be worried about this woman, or even to keep that record of hers clean. She just did it without a figment of a thought to stop her, they had so much in common it was becoming hard to separate her original thoughts about the suppose goddess. She felt calm to have someone who understood her pain through and through, maybe that was a reason for her doing everything she was doing. Kanya had lost this feeling that she was feeling when Shizuma died. Shizuma saved her and gave her a life to live even if it was as a human weapon it was her reason for living. She was a human vessel the perfect weapon,who had lost everything but here she was the weapon staring down….Nameless.

Deep down Kanya knew those words didn’t satisfy her, even if they could clean up the mess she made. She stood there with her arms at her side, Kanya didn’t understand the coursing pain in her chest it was surely making her feel weird. “This is unlike you Kanya, normally you wouldn’t of cared for what happened to her. I want to say you only like that because she is part of your plan for what you have planned, or you just focused on what you saw at the bath house , i never saw you that hot and bothered”the voice chuckled within her mind as Kanya cheeks flared up even more as she shook her head slightly.

I...It’s n-not like that!!!, j-just shut up!!!” she screamed within her own mind. This was so embarrassing if anything to hear those words being spoken. She rubbed the back of her neck, as she was still being spoken about the Kimono thing.”Don’t come on me!, why do we gotta wear those uncomfortable things their so restricting, i like to move around if you havent noticed”she replied as what she said was facts due to her having a battle skirt on to begin with,she enjoyed her freedom which wasn’t restricted by the fabric like a Kimono will be. She dont know if this will ever get to Nameless or Kanya will see just how persistent Nameless can be.

This all was happening in front of the inn they were booked at and different eyes paying attention to them.”You can wear a Kimono if you want, i mean since you want to get one so badly.But the only way you will get me into one if you dragged me by force, and miss goddess wouldn’t do that”she chuckled knowing that got her out of this Kimono business. Though her thoughts about the last feeding she saw, it made Nameless exciting at the very least. Killing did excite her…...but with Nameless at her side, how far will that killing excitement go?


on Wed May 16, 2018 8:35 am

It didn't matter who you were, or where you came from. When you stood before Nameless, your purpose existed no longer. While you were before her, you became expendable. Anyone who had no reason to listen to ants or pawns, would find themselves listening to all of her critiques. She wasn't important in her own self, but the aura around her brought out sides to people, as well as questions they never dared to ask themselves. Kanya, was no exception to this rule. As much as she wanted to make Nameless nothing more than a pet, as time went on, it almost seemed as if Nameless was the one holding the leash, rather than wearing the collar.

She disapproved the kimono idea, but Nameless wouldn't let it go. They should at least get some, for the sake of the festival, even if neither party wore it ever. Nameless wasn't drawn to the idea of them herself, but they should at least pretend they were like the others, even for just a day. . . .just a day.

"I was going to say let's just wear them today, then tonight we could remove them, but if dragging you against your will is an option, then I won't pass up this chance!" she laughed to herself. Kanya had to have hated the idea of Nameless being able to do so much, with so much ease, but she was not going to miss the chance to toy with the woman.

Nameless ducked down. her arms would seek Kanya's waist to wrap around the woman. Nameless would then hoist the girl over her shoulder and make her way to the nearest kimono store, whatever they were called. She was going to figure it out, after she would pick her lady friend up, and maybe she would also get another peek at-...

uh, never mind.

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