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A Lesson In Magic [Training : Aurelion & Notte|Festival]

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on Wed May 09, 2018 3:47 pm

Aurelion started his day with a nice cup of tea before heading out to the festival once more, looking at the clear sky outside and enjoying the scent of the countless flowers that were in full bloom. This time he decided to leave his yukata at home, opting instead for a more casual outfit. He wore long tight pants and a sleeveless hoodie, his hair already started getting back to its natural light blue color. Leaving his house, he stopped by the bakery to get some pastry, the festival food was delicious but it started getting kind of monotonous by now, moments later he continued on his way.

The streets were filled with people like always, so Aurelion decided to take a more quiet approach towards the festival, navigating through some alleys he saw the road leading to the festival area. This was a bit risky, he thought and left a sigh of relief, admittedly the alleys were full of thugs so once had to exert caution when going through them, but Aurelion decided to go for it, since it was broad daylight and couldn't imagine someone being assaulted in the middle of the day.

Almost at the exit of the alley now, he heard a rattling behind him and a snickering laugh followed by a voice that mocked him for passing through the alleyways. Aurelion was startled and even though his curiosity made him want to turn around and see who that person was, he started running towards the exit. Seconds later he felt his shoulder getting grabbed with force and was pulled back and thrown onto the ground. "Leave me alone." he yelled and tried to open his eyes through the pain and look at his assailant. I'm not going to die here, he thought and prepared to fight despite his disadvantage.

#2Notte Giornata 

on Wed May 09, 2018 6:12 pm

Notte was quite tired he had a long day and was pretty much drained he felt like every muscle in his body was about to go into a coma so he decided that it was time to leave the festival for today until he came across a kid being thrown to the ground at first Notte didn't care much as it wasn't his problem but that's when he realised that he's more than just a passerby he knew he had the ability to do it so why not? If he wasn't gonna be like his father a cold-hearted bastard then he had to do something, particularly he wanted to try out this new spin technique, he went to a stand a took an apple and put it in his palm he slowly walked down the alley where the thug was basically trying rob the man, Notte started to concentrate as the apple started to slowly rotate, it started to go faster and faster and faster until it was nothing but the red blur he then lobbed it at the man as hard as he could the apple flew at the man at fast speed hitting him in the head! it left a deep bruise and knocked him out. He went to the thug and shouted "OMBRA!" Webs shot out of Notte's wrist tying the thug up, Notte helped the victim up and walked away.



on Thu May 10, 2018 11:54 am

Aurelion was shocked, he could see his assailant's face full of mockery for the situation he found himself in. Aurelion hadn't even managed to move before witnessing a red ball type of thing flying towards his assailant's face, knocking him down a few meters away from Aurelion. Slightly lifting his head, he managed to see a pink-haired boy coming his way, uttering a strange word followed by a web that tied the man's wrists, the boy helped Aurelion stand up and started walking away. Aurelion was grateful for his savior and wanted to thank him but he couldn't run behind him, he had to take the man to the rune knights. "Hey, wait up!" he shouted at the boy, "Can you help me turn this guy in to the rune knights? I'll treat you to some food afterwards for saving me." he continued with a worried look on his face, what if the person wouldn't turn back, he would never know who helped him, and besides he also needed some help to carry the man for arrest.

Aurelion started dragging the unconscious guy by the collar of his neck, after all he didn't deserve better for what he meant to do with the blue-haired boy. Aurelion was struggling while pulling the man around, his weight was too much for him alone, turning his eyes towards the boy that helped him it was as if he made a move to head towards Aurelion, did he decide to come back, he thought.

#4Notte Giornata 

on Thu May 10, 2018 11:58 pm

Notte rolled his eyes when he heard the man call him back he would have just walked away but he the compulsion to help someone if they asked for it so he did and just as he was walking over to the man and then he mentioned the Ruin knights one of the biggest guilds out there he didn't really have a flair to join them essentially they were the opposite of what he wanted to join but if an opportunity was presented to him he decided to take it what was the harm of helping a person in need, he started to walk back with a smile on his face "Hmm food yeah that sounds good!" He said as he connected the web back to this wrist the way he got the man on his back was peculiar he put his hand on his chest and the man started to spin onto Notte body it was quite interesting how his spin was developing he wondered where it would take him in general with his magic. Walking towards the Rune Knights base Notte was wondering about why this guy choose to rob this man but decided it was probably just a regular robbery "So whats your name dude?" He said as he picked up a rock and started to spin it on his index finger and practised.


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on Fri May 11, 2018 5:10 pm

Aurelion was glad, he watched as the boy turned around and indeed started walking back towards him, attaching the web he used previously on the assailant to carry him around. Aurelion was impressed with the ease the boy carried the man around as he let a smile form on his face, he was glad that he got the boy to turn back. "This way!" he said as he pointed at a man in a rune knight robe, "These guys are patrolling around the city, it was my bad that I got attacked, wanted to get away from all the people." he continued as he winked at the boy beside him "Thankfully you were passing by, I'm grateful for your help." he added and saw the boy spinning a rock on his finger. That is some interesting magic, Aurelion thought as he was reminded of the spinning red sphere thrown at the man -he then realized it was actually an apple-, and this boy is interesting too, he had never seen someone with pink hair but then again his hair was blue, he wasn't one to talk.

Hearing the boy wonder about his name, Aurelion introduced himself and asked the same question back with a smile. Hearing the mage's answer, they were finally close enough to the rune knight. Aurelion explained the situation and showed the guy to the knight, apparently he was wanted for various robberies and minor assaults, he had never killed but he did enjoy injuring his victims. Aurelion was appalled by that statement, how can someone want to purposely harm others that didn't even do anything wrong to him in the first place. Then again, he was reminded of other various assaults, some people are just brain damaged, he thought.

Having taken care of the criminal, Aurelion suggested that the two should head back to the festival, he didn't forget of his promise to treat the guy for his help, and thus smiling he gestured the boy to follow him.

#6Notte Giornata 

on Fri May 11, 2018 10:23 pm

As the pair walked and put the villain into his Rune Knights he noticed the man was looking at his Spin alot and seemed intrigued Notte as no one seemed to have an interest in Spin people just think he's spinning it in his finger just using some skill that just requires practice, He guess what exposed himself was the apple thing but Notte wanted more than just an apple he wanted something that he could dedicate the spin to, he didn't have the money or the resources to make anything so he would have to improvise but this wasn't the time to do that, Or maybe it was... The man looked like he was a mage so he would probably have the experience to help him with the problem but he would probably ask him later when they were eating. The pair continued walking the man returned his previous question "Oh haha names Notte" Just as he said that he accidentally lost balance of the rock which caused it to drop on the floor Notte lost control of the Spin so the spun out of control on to the group Notte pulled Aurelion out of the way as the rock slowed down leaving a significantly large spiral pattern in the dirt, Notte looked at the man shamefully "Sorry..."


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on Sat May 12, 2018 11:30 am

Aurelion kept looking at the pink-haired boy spinning the rock, it was magic that he was certain of but something didn't seem right, the rock was slightly off it's course while spinning and sooner or later it was going to be expelled from the boy's finger. Leaving that thought aside, Aurelion turned to the boy who now introduced himself as Notte "Quite the name and the hair color." Aurelion said with a chuckle finding Notte to be quite peculiar and interesting, his hairstyle, his name, his magic even. Aurelion smiled at him, "So do you have any specific food stall in mind for when we get back to the festival?" he asked waiting to hear of the boy's answer, maybe he knew of a shop he hadn't been to before, after all the festival area was quite big and every day different stalls popped up.

Not a second passed that Aurelion made that question, when he saw the rock on Notte's finger going completely out of balance and falling on the ground it spun uncontrollably for a few moments leaving a spiral pattern on the ground where Aurelion was previously standing, thanks to Notte he was out of harm's way and he heard the pink-haired boy apologize. Looking at him he said with a smile "You're not used to this spin spell are you? I could see the rock being slightly off course for a while.". Aurelion patted him on the back telling him not to worry and that they could find a quiet place at the festival for him to practice.

#8Notte Giornata 

on Thu May 17, 2018 8:10 pm

The rock was still spinning a bit on the floor when the pair were talking, "That would be nice, haha but maybe another let's get food first the weird thing about this spin magic is that it's never been this intense this is cool!" Notte was smiling intensely he hadn't this happy in a long time usually when he used Spin it was nothing more than a fast rotation but this was more intense this spin has increased the power of the rock at least 10 fold! "But what you mentioned about food sounds great! I could use some after the day I've had I need some... Some CURRY! There's this amazing place next to the festival that I loved last time I tried it so let's go there!"

The more Notte thought about it the more it bugged him the fact that he had finally learned how to use spin but he had nothing that he could perfectly with. Eventually, the pair walked through the market, Notte bored looking around started the conversation again "Man this is kinda shit I wonder if i can find something to host my spin perfectl-" He saw it. A ball of yarn. Instantly Notte took shouted "Ombra!" and released his Web but these webs we're different they were greenish and significantly thinner than his usual webs, the webs spun and spun and spun until eventually, they started to layer and form into a ball the size of a baseball. "I DID IT AURELION I THINK I CREATED A STEEL BALL! BUT WHAT SHOULD I CALL THIS?UMMM CYCLONE? NO THAT'S DUMB..." Notte thought for a moment, "I got it! Latin for Cyclone is Turbo!" Notte started to spin the steel ball on his finger the ball was a perfect Sphere it was quite amazing to look at.



on Mon May 21, 2018 10:53 am

Aurelion was interested in the boy, his energy levels appeared to be quite high and not one moment was too boring with him as he kept talking. He wanted to eat curry and even though Aurelion wasn't that accustomed to spicy food he wasn't going to kill the joy of his new friend, might as well give it another go, he thought and turning to Notte he said "Curry sounds good, though don't mind me if you see me not being able to handle it." he laughed as the duo continued on their way to the festival.

Looking at Notte being troubled over wanting to try his new spell again, Aurelion saw him stare at a ball of yarn before saying that weird word again as webs started spawning again, green ones this time and they created a ball. Aurelion was impressed so his magic could do that, interesting, and from what Notte told him and from what he could see for himself the ball appeared to be made of steel. Notte started spinning it on his finger, but yet again it appeared to be off balance. Notte was excited about his new creation but Aurelion remained quite as he looked at the revolving sphere closer. "You're concetrating more mana on this side." he said as he pointed towards the right side "This is why you're not able to spin it properly and after a while you lose control." he continued, looking at Notte then back at the ball again.

Lifting his left hand, Aurelion placed hit at the left side of the ball without touching it and exerted some of his own mana towards it "See how it's revolving perfectly now?" he said and prompted Notte to bring his left hand over at Aurelion's, so he can better control the spinning himself by using his own mana. Whether the boy did so or not, Aurelion reached for his wallet as they were now nearing to the curry shop but couldn't find it, thinking he might have dropped it when he was attacked, and seeing how Notte was training his spell he decided to go searching for it and explaining the situation to the boy, saying goodbye and that they could meet some other day, Aurelion went back to search for his lost belongings.


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