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Mercy [Private][Akira]

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Mercy [Private][Akira] Empty on Tue May 08, 2018 12:38 pm

Leyaria Venerak


The Struggling Demon

The Flower Festival had been nothing shy of something memorable, to all of those who had had the luxury or the privilege of attending it. For them, the scale and scope of the Festival, how it had brought together all of Fiore to a degree greater than that in which any sort of event or tournament in the past had, just to have walked through the grounds was as much a mark upon history for everyone in attendance. To those who come to barter and sell the products of their crafts, they came away with more business and connections than what a travelling merchant could have hoped to have made in their entire lifetime on the road. For others, it stood as a chance for them to make memories, to begin families, to declare their love, to find love, to find themselves. No matter who it was or why they had come, their stories, their goals and their dreams as much defined the Flower Festival as did everyone else's and that of everyone who was still to come, to be a part of the history themselves.

Leyaria knew her fate, long before she had ever stepped foot in Orchidia. She did not know how, nor when, but she knew from the moment that she had arrived with Bianca, it would become the place of her death. In what manner it was, she did not know. When it would happen, she did not know the specifics, only that with each day that passed there, things got worse. But even before then, she had realized that she was on borrowed time, that her life as she had known it would be coming to an end.

She sat alone, on a small bench that had been at the site where only hours earlier, a raging bonfire had been held. The people had long since dispersed, with not a soul in the area save for Leyaria, looking up at the clear moonlit sky, looking at the stars overhead as she reflected on how things had come to this. Where she had gone wrong, and what she could have done to change things.

It began with her memories, parts in time being lost to her. Relationships, names, things that she had hoped to cherish forever, beginning to fade away into little more than fragments that she tried as dearly as she could to retain. She had been able to fight that off as well as she could, before the other afflictions began to fell her. The bipolar nature of her senses, feeling like they were in overdrive at points, at other points as though she were without them entirely. Then came the feeling of being outside of her own body, the lack of feeling, the sense that she was no longer in control at all. And now, as she lay out on the bench, she clenched her body with each time the ripples of pain coarsed through her. Brief, but hellish in the amount of pain they brought forth, Leyaria struggled with all of her being not to surrender to them, but she was feeling the effects of it, the wear that it was bringing about upon her body.

It scared her. How much longer would she have been expected to endure this pain?

Having fulfilled the last goals that she had set for herself, confessing her love to Bianca and reuniting with Finn, there was a part of Leyaria that had accepted her inevitable fate. But at the same time, it were moments like this, they scared her. They scared her because in her moments of clarity and reflection, she felt happiness, like she had done something good.

Was this how it was supposed to have been? For her end to come at a moment of such bliss, to have truly expressed herself to those she most cared about only to be rewarded with agony?

She slightly chuckled to herself. Perhaps this was always her destiny. Maybe it was God's design or something. All she knew was at least right now, she was still Leyaria, for now.

How long that would be, it remained to be seen.

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Mercy [Private][Akira] Empty on Tue May 08, 2018 12:40 pm

Akira Shimada

Aki had begun to feel worn out. There were people everywhere, the peaceful environment of the ruins... was ruined. All day, there was so much chatter that a buzz of sound hung in the air, adorned with clattering from the stalls. It was tiring. While she was initially inclined to see her posting at the festival as a vacation, she quickly realized that it wasn't quite going to work that way. Unfortunately, certain circumstances, had finally convinced her to take her duty a little more seriously. Having been forced to take certain measures to rid the event and the world of a young but seemingly insane vampyre, Akira had to change her ways.

The deed attracted attention and suddenly she had requests that needed handling. Shirking her work was no longer an option. She had always been acutely aware that such a large collection of people, meant that innocent citizens were left quite vulnerable, but up until recently, that was someone else's problem... Now, it was hers, they expected her to do better, to work harder to avoid the debacle that occurred the other night. Like it was her fault for not acting in a more swift manner. The two lives lost were simply numbers that they wanted to keep low, the entire exchange between her and the committee had been so, transactional. Lucky for her that she didn't expect better.

So there she was in her Rune Knight attire... While the idea was to try and help people feel safe and comfortable, the dark-haired girl really wasn't equipped to handle that and the ones assigning the job had figured out that much. The Shimada really wasn't the friendly neighborhood, approachable Knight. But that didn't mean she couldn't effectively do her job, as silly as the currently designated undertaking was.

Why did she have to be on clean-up duty? Not the sort where she had to pick up the garbage people left strewn around, that would probably be easier... No, this was the sort where she had to force people to clear people out from a certain location, after the event, it was to be employed for, was over. It was a rather stupid thing to do and she hated it. Why did they have to tell people what to do with their lives? If a few wanted to linger, they should just be allowed to do so. The argument she got for this, was that the committee had hired people to set up for the next activity they had in mind for the area...

Freakin' idiotic excuses she thought. The bonfire got over so late that there was definitely no one who was going to set anything up now. It was probably just because they didn't want any more late night incidents or accidents. So that's what the Shimada was now, some sort of a warden of the Knight. Maybe the committee assumed she had what it took to take whatever necessary measures given her previous nightly encounter.

Well, at least they had deduced the time of the day, or rather night, that she'd prefer doing this. With any luck, most people would have retired from the festivities already. But luck rarely favored Akira, except when it was matters of life and death. She'd probably find herself dealing with drunk nutcases who'd fail to understand her request despite the numerous times she'd have already paraphrased it. Perhaps, just for the sake of keeping up appearances and not besmirching the name of the Rune Knights as an organization, Akira would have to stick it out. She really didn't want to though...

She fondly recalled the time when she would stray away from a place like this, simply because a part of her feared the judgment of the mob... There was no cause for that anymore. Ironically, now that she wasn't losing control of her magic, despite the contradiction of the elements, or perhaps because of the contradiction, her self-confidence had increased tremendously. She felt like she was coming into her own. Having grown up the way she had, the young girl had internalized the fact: Haters gonna hate. All she had to do, was use it to her advantage.

A small flicker flame sprung to life as she stroked the matchstick against the box. Having practiced ways to keep people at bay, the Shimada had resorted to her most harmless and efficient human-repellent, her cigarette. Particularly amidst the mingling scents of the flowers, hopefully, nobody would want to be around a person who was leaving chary smoke in their wake. This in turn would probably help directig people away. Of course, as usual, as she sucked in the smoke, she refused to actually inhale it into her lungs, she simply blew it out in a plume of grey, that left ghostly shapes to for the moon to eerily highlight.

She noticed a lone figure and rolled her eyes. As expected. Cautiously she approached the silver-haired figure. Akira cleared her throat to garner attention and as a fair warning of her presence. She took a few steps closer, unfortunately, the Shimada was approaching the woman from behind. Taking longer strides to swiftly take a spot beside the sitting lady, the dark-haired girl pulled the cigarette out of her mouth, letting it sit wedged between the first and second finger of her right hand. It still issued a wispy trail of smoke from the glowing tip. 'Excuse me miss? I'm sorry but you can't be here right now.' Akira said, dully. Her words hardly conveying any authority and definitely lacking conviction.

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Leyaria Venerak


The Struggling Demon

There was a level of peace to what had been going on, a chance for Leyaria to reflect on her agony, to find some solace in the night sky as her body betrayed her. Having remained on the bench, it had less become that of any comfort and rather that of need. Her body ached in trying to move, the pain that had at one point been tolerable becoming more and more pronounced, unforgiving. And to only make things worse, the other afflictions which plagued her remained, though their effects were far less impactful at this point.

To have lost the sense of smell for a brief moment paled in comparison to the agony that was eating away at her body as though her own blood was boiling through her skin, each organ and muscle within her feeling like a blade were going through them repeatedly.

She held her arm up, as though to reach the Moon. A mixture of pain and numbness ran through the limb, with the pain seeming more like a burn than anything else, eventually being lost along with all other feeling with her hand as she held there longer. The longer she kept it sustained, in a twisted sense, the better she felt, but she also knew that this would be fleeting. She was sacrificing one of the afflictions in favor of another. Supressing either of them would not have done much as to make her think that what was going on would not have been any different.

A noise brought her out of her own inclusiveness, to which Leyaria found herself pushing back against the bench, forcing herself to sit up at least enough such that she could have seen where the sound came from. A woman, her features having largely been blocked out by the moonlight, though the smallest source of heat seemed to generate enough such that Leyaria could get a briefest glance, though not before her vision became clouded again. From the woman there came a half-hearted effort to get her to leave, which Leyaria had no interest in obliging. Let alone having no reason to assume this woman to be anything more than someone trying to play tough guy under the moonlight, it was physically difficult for her to have gone at this point. With each motion now, her body was more and more beginning to break down. Even just the act of getting up to see this woman was enough to cause her to grimace in pain.

"Neither can you. So how about we just let things slide, don't ya agree?" She took a deep breath, as much using it to maintain her composure while her lungs felt as though there were on fire. She may not have even realized it, but she was exhaling deeply and frequently like she had just run a marathon. "If you don't mind, I'm not in the mood for company right now. Go away!"

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Akira Shimada

Nope. No luck in doing this the easy way. The Shimada was not surprised. Akira wondered what means was she allowed to reliably employ, in order to actually execute her task. She narrowed her eyes and carefully scrutinized the woman in front of her as she placed her hands on her hips, trying to act a little more authoritative. She rarely needed to pull rank, usually, Tsuru either did that, in his manic state or managed to sweet talk to ensure that they had their way. The Shimada had even gone through the trouble of putting on her Rune Knight robes, wasn't that supposed to inspire some deference?

After the woman uttered her first passive-aggressive request, Akira just folded her hands and stood there stubbornly, the moonlit area was bright enough for the lady to answer her own question. Obviously, as a Knight Akira did have permission to be here, it was one of the very few reasons that made her job a little lucrative. Curfews that were sometimes implemented on citizens rarely every applied to her. Did the woman know already and despite that she was going to pull this crap? Was this was just a threat of some sort? Or an assumption that Akira was either a coward or perhaps susceptible to being bribed?

Her refusal to move incited another response from panting the woman, post her exaggerated heavy sighing. Akira merely raised her eyebrows. 'That makes two of us.' the raven said curtly. 'And I do mind, actually.' she added. Akira really shouldn't have bothered to take the bait an engage in a personal conversation this way. Perhaps, she should have just announced her credentials and made the request again, but the only time Akira could muster the illusion of patience, was when she was too bored and uninterested in pushing a certain task. Today was not that day, she wanted to get this done with as soon as possible and now that she thought of it, the night was fairly pleasant and she was met with the selfish urge to have it all to herself.

'I am a Rune Knight, in case you haven't noticed, so I do get to be here.' she emphasized. It was very rare for Akira to add so many afterthoughts, usually, she was a girl of very few words. But despite the tall pauses between her sentences, the woman was refusing to take the hint. 'And you don't! So why don't you, "go away" huh?' she said, mocking the lady by copying her words. There definitely had to be a better way to engage in this conversation. But Akira was just tired, tired of people second guessing her words, tired of people refusing to listen... Technically, she was just tired of having to do such tasks, to begin with.

The young teen decided it was a good time to rant about how this was exactly what she expected. 'I knew it, I knew I'd have to deal with someone who was incapable of following simple instructions and rules.' The Shimada stated, a frown knitting her brows together. Her words, despite coming from a place of frustration were not loud, they were a flustered hiss. She went on, now divulging the reasons behind the implementation of the curfew. She talked about how it was for the safety of the citizens, ever since that vampyre had gone batshit crazy and killed two people, in a rather brutal manner. The Shimada just stopped short of mentioning how the blood of the young vampyre had been on her hands because she was not going to let this become a war of threats. In all fairness, while there was selfish urgency, it wasn't enough for Akira to let things get violent. 'So now you just sit here, defying me, because you know there is nothing I can do about it.' she finished, almost in a low growl.

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Leyaria Venerak


The Struggling Demon

Leyaria hadn't wanted to pick a fight, least of all with that of a Rune Knight. That they had even arrived within the Festival was something that had caught her off guard; she had been there for days now, and seemingly having noticed nobody within the Rune Knights, at least adorning their regalia at the time. It could have been that this woman was lying, it could have been that it was nothing more than a ruse in order to convey some level of authority. Whether genuine or not, whatever confidence or assurances that Leyaria might have had in her capabilities, they had largely diminished. Leyaria was not in a position to fight. Neither her body would perform to what it might have once before, and it had been so long since she had utilized whatever Magical abilities that she once was capable of using, she wondered if she could have even cast a spell, let alone use them to any sort of proficiency.

Fighting was not in a goal of Leyaria's, nor did it at least appear to be that of the woman opposite her. Rather than indulge with Leyaria's defiance, she unloaded a scathing review of the situation with the Festival, a brief glimpse into the true underworkings of an event like this, and unfortunately, some of the darker things in which had taken place and that this woman had been involved with. To hear them, they were a first for Leyaria, which had her wondering how - if it was proven that this vampire attack was genuine - nobody had came to find out about it. Information spread quickly and in an event as large as this, as densely populated like that of a small city, people talk. Drunk people talk more. And so do people afraid. And people who seek to cause panic. The point being, there were no shortage of people who would have wanted the information to get out.

But something else stood out to Leyaria. The anger behind all of this. Whether it was disdain towards vampires or otherwise, for Leyaria to have sparked this kind of a reaction, there were more to it.

It also meant that as far as reasoning with this woman, this dismissive attitude that Leyaria had been carrying on with would not work. If anything, it stood only to escalate matters further.

Rising both hands slowly into the air as a means of indicating that she were unarmed nor carrying any sort of device that might have substituted as a weapon, Leyaria looked towards the silhouette of the woman, still largely consumed but slightly more visible as the moon began to lend more to the visibility of things in the area, Leyaria included. Her teeth clenched at the pain that rushed through her body in that moment, a sensation that she had almost forgotten about for that brief moment.

"I'm sorry. That was not my aim."

Hoping to calm things down, if even a slight bit, Leyaria began to get off of the bench. It was apparent that her presence here was enough of an inciting matter to the other woman, Rune Knight or not, and there stood nothing to be gained by Leyaria being stubborn. If this woman was honestly a Rune Knight, there stood only consequence. In spite of the pain that went per movement of each limb, Leyaria fought through it, hoping to convey some level of amnesty, even if it did not erase whatever anger this other woman might have still held.

As soon as she had both feet on the ground, she felt a wave of pain unlike anything that she had previously encountered as her legs gave out from beneath her. Leyaria tried to throw her arms out, hoping that she would have been to minimize some of the impact, but the suddenness of it left her with no time. The sound of her collapsing to the ground was drowned out by the sound of her scream of pain from the initial shock and the her cries that lingered. It took a moment for her to regain herself, the pain in which she had felt, both in the initial surge and that lingered being far worse than anything in which she had felt before.

Finally, as it appeared that things had died down enough for her to have at least some level of composure, albeit just barely, she lifted her head towards the other woman, the tears of pain apparent in the moonlight. "I wasn't trying to defy you. I was sitting to avoid that, to spare myself that pain..."

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Mercy [Private][Akira] Empty on Wed May 09, 2018 8:53 pm

Akira Shimada

The woman had seemed fairly surprised and skeptical upon setting her eyes on Akira. Like everything the girl uttered was somehow up for debate. Perhaps, Akira was reading too much into the situation, maybe she just assumed everyone was as doubtful as she was. The knight really had not been in the mood to prove herself. But even the defiant silence provoked her into that unexpected rant. At least after she had spilled all the pent-up annoyance, things seemed to have settled down just a little bit.

At least Akira had got her point across, that was a small mercy, additionally the fact that she had gotten away with it, without having things spiral into something that involved violence. She watched as the silver hair lady's demeanor change, particularly after she shared the bit about the vampyre. The Shimada regretted having divulged that information, considering that she was aware of the intense effort the committee was putting in to keep the entire ordeal rather hush-hush. She cleared her throat, as though that would miraculously wipe the mind of the woman... Needless to say, it didn't. Perhaps, for this instance, the fleeting expression of doubt and confusion that flitted across the woman's name, was a good thing. The raven didn't push the matter.

Finally, when she noticed the night dweller lift her hands into the air, she felt a sense of relief. Would this always work? Is this what I have to do to get my voice heard around her? the raven, her hands finally slipped off her hips, as her state relaxed just a little bit. A speck of ash from her abandoned people-repellent fell onto her clothes. Akira was still in a guarded state, simply because the change in the stranger had been rather sudden. She ended up analyzing the movements of the woman in front of her. It didn't take too long for her to figure out something was off. The fluidity of the movement was lost, there seemed to be an underlying struggle that ensued.

The Shimada paused, there was more to the exaggerated, condescending patience that the woman displayed. The Shimada in all her distractions had missed the cues, initially but not anymore. It wasn't anger that caused the words to be issued through grit teeth, it was a pain. Yet, maybe just to avoid confrontation, the woman pulled herself off the make-shift bench. But the entire process didn't last too long.

Akira let out a soft squeal of shock as the silver-haired lady fell over. She ended up imitating her actions as well, the Shimada's hands shot up in the air, defensively in an I-didn't-do-anything manner. Her concerned gaze rested on the woman and as soon as she realized there were no witnesses around to accuse her of anything, she crouched beside her, noticing the tears that glistened in the moonlight. Unlike most people, at least Akira refrained from asking the stupid are you ok? question. She placed a tender hand on the woman's shoulder. 'Nevermind that, can I get you help? Are you hurt?' the Shimada asked, wincing now at the shriveled state of the woman, this really was difficult to watch... She'd almost never seen someone in as pitiful a state.

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Leyaria Venerak


The Struggling Demon

Pain rippled through Leyaria's body, to the point where it was becoming all the more difficult for her to have even focused, let alone take much consideration into the woman's words. She had remained there, stuck on the ground unable to move much beyond just that of the occassional motion that she might have made with her limbs, moving what she could, only to ensure that she still had some degree of feeling in them. But with that confirmation, there came the pain again. It was a constant struggle, and the more and more that Leyaria sought to prove that she was alright, that she could have functioned and survive within this world, the more she came to worry that it were no longer the case.

The end, which she had long come to dread, had arrived finally.

All that was left for her, was pain. Agonizing pain and eventually her death.

She thought she heard the raven-haired woman speak again to her, or perhaps her mind now just processing what had been said. Leyaria could not help but chuckle very slightly at the naive nature of the woman. Certainly, she were a Rune Knight; believing that there was something that could have been done, no matter the situation. It was admirable, but wrongly a notion to believe in. Especially in a case like this.

"There's... I don't know what you can provide for me." Leyaria said with a bit of remorse in her voice, wishing things could have gone a bit differently. "I thought I would have had more time..." Her words were faint, as to whether the other woman could have heard her or did hear her, it wasn't of concern to Leyaria. After a very brief moment of silence, she looked at the woman, finally get a chance to look more into the face of the woman who only moments ago had displayed a level of strength, now to instead show that of compassion. An attribute that she had not frequently seen within Rune Knights, or at least that she had not come to believe they were expected to convey.

"Demonic possession within the body of a Demon Slayer. The body resists the demon at first, which causes the body to begin to break down. Over time, it keeps declining, whether the demon or what remains of the Slayer fighting back it doesn't matter. The body continues to burn apart, eroding into nothing while the host feels every second of it. Every once of pain, of suffering. Heh. It's a miracle that I had survived this long..."

There was a weak smile on her face, one that was more designed to just give a false impression of peace than anything else. No expression could have adequately conveyed what Leyaria was truly feeling, the pain and agony that her body was going through right now, with every second seeming to more and more tear her apart, making her more and more wish for the release of death. Her eyes closed for a moment as another ripple of pain burned through her, upon its ending causing her to reopen her eyes, desperation within them.

"I don't know for how much longer I can bear this. Even just being here, it's like my body is being ripped apart with even the slightest breath." She swallowed hard, tears which had begun to form earlier now flowing down her cheeks. "I guess if you truly wish to help, just make it quick... I don't know where I'll be going, whether above or below, but I don't need this, this torture, to prelude that..."

Perhaps it was desperation more than anything else, the agony of what she was suffering being far more than even what she could have imagined it to have been. Either way, to suffer this, knowing that it would only get worse before death claimed her, it was enticing enough to go for this route, but to believe that this Rune Knight would have even dare consider something like this, Leyaria could only hope that that compassion she saw earlier wasn't just an act.
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Mercy [Private][Akira] Empty on Thu May 10, 2018 3:54 pm

Akira Shimada

Whatever it was that was causing the lady to suffer so much, was getting worse almost every second. Akira couldn't help but wonder if she incited this... The woman had been silent, just sitting there by herself in her peace and now Akira had forced her into all this... discomfort, to put it mildly. Flustered, her eyes raked the gently twitching body, for signs of any injuries, as she waited for the acute hurt to subside enough for the woman to be able to respond. 'I'm here... I'm here...' Akira tried feebly, there wasn't much she could do until she had more information on what the hell was happening. Tentatively, she reached for the woman's hand and held onto it, as a gesture of false reassurance

'More time?' Aki asked softly, using her free hand to push away the strands that fell around her face, to tuck them behind her ears as an impending sense of doom filled the atmosphere.  'I... I'm here.' was all Akira could repeat, as though her mere presence would suffice to offer something to this woman as she gathered herself and found something that she could ask for, a solution Akira could employ to fix this. This was very frustrating, she was used to calibrating a situation, collecting data and racking her brain to find a way around things, at the moment she had nothing. Nothing... Except for a heavy sense of guilt. Perhaps, it was unfounded, but it didn't matter, she couldn't just sit here and watch this happen.

A part of her wanted to scream for the healer, but their tent was so far away. It would only serve to create panic. 'I should go get he-' but her earnest whisper was interrupted as the woman finally mustered the strength to convey what was happening. Just the very first sentence was enough. Akira's grip slackened, her blood felt like ice in her veins. She'd read about demonic possession and she'd read of the slayers... Finally, she had read about the rare cases where one had the misfortune of being a victim of a possession after being a slayer. The demons that punished the slayers by inhabiting their bodies were... brutal, to say the least.

To a much smaller degree, the Shimada could empathize. She knew what contradictions did to the human body. She recalled the moment the light was introduced into her, the explosive pain it caused... the struggle and how she was sure she was going to die. Akira had been lucky, but her situation was also one on a much smaller scale in comparison to this. The empathy made this personal, tears pooled in her eyes. She would not have been brave enough to endure anything of this sort. Akira would have given up, much sooner, while she was still capable of taking matters into her own hand. The Shimada just nodded earnestly while the woman explained... Occasionally shushing her softly, to prevent her from wasting her energy on all those words. 'Please... It is ok... I understand.' she said, tightening her grip on the woman's fingers once more. She couldn't lie and say it was all going to be fine because it wasn't. Not unless by some miracle, the event had attracted some super powerful mage who knew how to reverse this possession. Even then, the mage would've had to be within the vicinity, to have witnessed this, there was no way.

Her next words caused the tears to stop clinging to her long lashes and stream freely down her face. 'Oh... no no... Just hold on!' she said in a futile manner. There was no point in holding on, they both knew that. Akira was begging in response, begging to not have to bear this burden. It only served to prove to them both that a part of Aki was a coward. She swallowed, as her free hand wiped the tears from her cheeks. 'No...' she repeated softly. 'I... can't possibly...' she said a slight tremble in her voice, mimicked by her hands. There was a tall pause while she contemplated the moral balance that hung there, between action and inaction and then the girl steeled herself.

Akira drew in a long shaky breath, with the exhale let go of all the selfish fear, of consequence, of burdens. This was not about her, this was about the victim, who had braved this ailment far longer than Akira could have. The woman had made the choice to suffer with this demon, as long as she could, to the point where a simple choice like this, was no longer her own.  There was no point to this woman suffering. The Shimada was not family, she was almost a nobody, but she was here... The woman was not going to die alone. 'I... ok.' Akira managed, tensing almost all her muscles to prevent them from shaking, from betraying the weakness.

'Can I have your name? And of those you'd like to inform?' she said, after clearing her throat and in a voice as detached as she could feign at that moment. Her words were accompanied with a gesture, her fingers slipped out of the woman's hand. arced in front to create her light bow, the one that now would have the blood of two creatures... For two very different reasons. She shifted her wait and rose a little, now kneeling on one knee. Akira didn't want to be standing over the woman when she took the shot. She wanted the silver-haired woman to know that the one doing the deed was on the same level as her, if not below, that there was no shame in asking for what she had, no shame in the surrender and that Akira didn't judge her for it. She aimed the arrow so it was perfectly aligned with the woman's heart.

She picked the target in hopes of making quick work of the death, to prevent any further suffering. She chose her light, hoping to give the demon inside one last dose of pain that equated the kind he was putting the unwilling vessel through. Despite all her pessimism, a small part of her brain screamed inside her mind, hoping against hope that by some miracle, the light would only take the demon and not the person... But her more rational mind knew what was going to transpire. 'And anything that you'd like me to relay in particular...' she added, her voice succefully cracking through her temporarily strong demeanour.


She'd wait for the time it took, for the woman to relay the answers to Akira's questions, with any information that she was willing to provide, before taking the shot... The light piercing straight through the woman's heart was sure to put an end to things...

Spell used:

Name: Launch
Rank: B
Mana Cost: 70 (Int discount)
Requirements: Lunar Magic
Type: Offensive
Element: Light
Cooldown: 3 Posts
Range: 15 Meters
Duration: Sustained
Effect: Akira rubs her hands together and then makes a small imaginary arc in front of her with two fingers of either hand, creating a cross-bow made out of moonlight within the specified range. The arrows are about 12 inches in length and the crossbow is about 18 inches wide and 21 inches long. Once it is created, it will possess B-Rank durability. Using the cross-bow per turn, she can either choose to shoot 4 arrows that do D rank piercing damage, or 2 arrows that do C rank piercing damage, or one arrow that does B rank piercing damage. In a single turn however, she cannot create 2 D rank bolts and then a C rank bolt. The range of the arrows is 15 meters.

Mana: 2120 - 70 = 2050

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Leyaria Venerak


The Struggling Demon

This had hardly been a situation in which Leyaria had sought to put someone, especially this woman. To see her close up, the anguish that this sort of request it seemed to have put upon her, just how much she appeared to have wished to not have to have put Leyaria down like as she had been asking of, it torn Leyaria's heart open. She did not wish to put this woman through this kind of guilt, but she had never given consideration towards the conflict that this must have presented within the woman. Here she was, a Rune Knight, tasked with the goal of protecting and preserving life, and yet Leyaria was asking that she go against this very principle, to take her own life. How could one have justified it? Was to spare Leyaria the pain and agony that she was currently facing, did it make it worth it?

A part of Leyaria felt good in that she would not have had to juggle those moral questions, or at least, hopefully did not have.

The woman held Leyaria's hand, the feeling of the woman's fingers against her skin being admittedly a feeling that she was not expecting. Even in spite of the pain that she was suffering from, there managed to have been a small smile that escaped from her lips. "Leyaria... I'm Leyaria..." To a degree, she did not wish to have given her name, as only it would further cement the guilt of what this woman might have felt. It would have been one thing to have just killed a woman, but now there was a name to that woman, that was, assuming that this Rune Knight would have even gone through with this.

To the woman's other question, Leyaria shook her head slightly. "The people I care for, they already know..." One of the things that she had hoped to do before she died was to convey what was happening to her to the two people of whom she cared for the most, Bianca and Finn. To her delight, she had managed to do exactly that, though a part of her wished that she never had to put either of them through it. Leyaria hoped that one day they would be able to forgive her for putting them through that ordeal.

She did not move beyond her position, not even with the adjustment that the woman made to her own position. Leyaria lifted her eyes as to watch the woman make a gesture reflecting that of a spell. Seeing this, the smile on Leyaria's face widened a bit more. She was happy that she was going to have gotten the peace she hoped for. "Thank you... And I'm sorry," she began, her words sounding of calmness and of satisfaction. Looking up to the sky, there was a single tear that began to descend down Leyaria's cheek, "I'll see you soon, sis..."

Leyaria closed her eyes, ready for whatever was going to happen next, for when the Rune Knight would take the shot...


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Mercy [Private][Akira] Empty on Thu May 10, 2018 8:04 pm

Akira Shimada

Perhaps it would have been better to have her be a nameless entity, that Akira had aided... The identity only served to accentuate the burden the Shimada felt. There was a smile on the face of the demon vessel, the face of the slayer. She wished she had the time to know more. She wished she knew what the woman had faced, what events led to her sitting on this heartbreaking precipice today. She hoped at the very least, that it was worth it. It was morbid curiosity, was Akira going to end up leading down a similar path, especially with the healer guiding her subconsciously?

She nodded, curtly at the responses she received. She felt a slight stab of annoyance that no one was here with Leyaria. Fate was cruel, to have tempted the silver-hared woman in such a way, to have made things so unbearable and drawn her into accepting death sooner than anticipated. Despite all that, at least there was peace, contentment, the sixteen-year-old focused on that instead. For the sake of those she left behind, there was no reason to have her suffer more, just so they could watch her depart...

She swallowed as the woman mentioned a sister, it appeared that she was going to join a lost loved one... The Shimada had no faith in the afterlife, but she could see why people would want to believe in it. Standing there, with the lady's life in her hands, she found herself hoping that the siblings would indeed meet... That someone was there for this demon and slayer on the other side.

Finally, she took the shot and immediately after, she almost stumbled forward after the arrow left the light crossbow. Such a simple act with such a grievous fallout. The knee that she had propped up, fell to the ground, painfully scraping against it. Akira keeled forward and reached for the woman's... No! Leyaria's hand again. The Shimada watched as the light sapped away her life. Akira stayed, but unfortunately, she didn't have the strength to reflect the smile as it assumed a hollow nature.

The Knight couldn't see the victim through this end, with any semblance of the stoic bravery that she'd briefly displayed before casting her spell. The consequence of her action weighed down on her as wide-eyed, the raven watched the spirit of the woman wither and be stolen away by the moonlit night and silently wept. 'I hope you find peace, Leyaria.' When the body was quite still and the pulse gone, Aki shuffled away, still quite horrified and decided to not assume any more responsibility for the night. She needed some space... some time to just be by herself.


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