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From The Same Garden [Sage|Phoebe|Festival]

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From The Same Garden [Sage|Phoebe|Festival] Empty on Tue May 08, 2018 2:15 am

It was fun, during the festival Sage met a lot of people he knew and a lot of new people he made friends with, today he decided to treat himself by buying a few takoyaki. He was wearing a light green kimono, with a few stripes of gold and white, walking along the stalls of the festival trying to find a stall that sells takoyaki, as he was searching for the stall he passed through a lot of delicacies and all of them made him drool, he knew he can't afford to buy all of them and he was craving takoyaki so badly he told himself to calm down and focus on finding the takoyaki stall. 

When he found the takoyaki stall, a wave of joy could be seen on his face, he was so excited he rushed to the shopkeeper of the takoyaki stall, "One set please," his hands now inside his pocket, grabbing his wallet and bringing it out, ready to pay to the shopkeeper. The shopkeeper then gave Sage a box filled with warm takoyaki sizzled with its sauce, sticks on each of the takoyaki, the shopkeeper stated the price and Sage paid the amount he said.

Sage was happy, he has his takoyaki now, it was night time though, and Sage already had dinner and he the takoyaki was just for snacks. He looked for a place to sit and eat, going around the festival, he then found a wooden table and chairs that were crafted to look like chopped trees, he went there and sit there alone, the place was meant for four people, with individual chairs on each edge of the roundtable. Sage placed the basket that's filled with takoyaki on the table, thank goodness the festival lights were very bright, it made the environment more comfortable to eat in.

The place where Sage was were far from most other people, a quiet calm place surrounded by cherry blossom trees, the place was kind of isolated but that's okay to Sage, he loved the silence but it would've been better if he could spend the calm atmosphere with someone.

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From The Same Garden [Sage|Phoebe|Festival] Empty on Tue May 08, 2018 2:30 am

Phoebe Rainsworth
As her father closed the shop at twilight, it was easier for Phoebe to see the rest of the festivals, perhaps the fireworks later today. The conversation with Esperia had left her feeling a bit better and the whole ordeal was a bit nicer now but they were still playing a game and to get from the first chapter into the second it meant that she needed to be away from her two family members that she had left. It had been her goal, almost a year ago, to find her mother in her search of finding answers and to understand her fire starter magic a lot better. And look at her now, she had basically found her mother, she would only never be able to reach her as she died in the country of Sin. She would need a few more answers, maybe get to Sin with Silver but Silver belonged in the list of leaving family members behind to be honest. He was her half brother and she tried to get Mary and her father to half adopt him as he was alone as well too, or well searching for his other half sister.

Phoebe wasn't entirely sure how much she liked the game of life but Persephone had told her that in the end it would get better. Which the raven haired mage just accepted, time would tell. She walked a bit absend minded because of that and mostly Persephone left her alone with her thoughts, which Phoebe really appreciated. She bought a milkshake, brushed her black hair over her shoulder as it was pinned up in a high ponytail and brushed the invisible dust of her blue with flowers printed dress and walked around aimlessly, wondering where she could sit. When she finally found a spot that was nice and mostly empty, she wouldn't want to simply sit down next to one of the beings she saw there but it had sparked Persephone her interest because it was an elf.

With a bit of bravery, thanks to the Goddess, Phoebe walked over, "Hi, do you mind if I sit here?"

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From The Same Garden [Sage|Phoebe|Festival] Empty on Tue May 08, 2018 2:48 am

Sage opened the box of takoyaki, the aroma of it hits his face and he couldn't feel more pleasurable than ever. He was about to take the stick that's used to eat the takoyaki until a raven-haired woman came out of nowhere and asked him if she could sit there, just by looking at her, Sage knew that she's someone kind and nice, the way she ties her hair in a pony-tail and her dress, plus she was sipping on a milkshake, and one of his believes is that bad people will -never- drink milkshakes, because the feeling they gave when you drink one destroys everything that's bad.

"Yeah please, I would love some company," he said with a smile carved on his face, although he wanted to grab the takoyaki straight away and fill his mouth, he tried to be polite to the woman, "So you came here alone?" he asked her, with his body relaxed on the chair, his hands rested on his laps, crossing each other like how a polite person would do, what was awkward was that the box of takoyaki was open and he couldn't bear the awkwardness and decided to do something good about it, like sharing it with her, after they introduced each other though, which he clearly forgot about, "Oh wait, Im so sorry, where are my manners? My name's Sage," while saying his name he swayed his left hand to his chest, indicating that he is Sage.

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From The Same Garden [Sage|Phoebe|Festival] Empty on Tue May 08, 2018 3:02 am

Phoebe Rainsworth
Persephone was amused because of this idea, now it was wonderful to meet other beigns for Phoebe but they were playing the game of life and in this part of the game, they were searching for their so called allies for part two. Phoebe didn't actually mind that part, it was nice to make.. well friends, she wasn't sure how many people she considered that, mainly because of bad memories in the past. Perhaps that's also a reason why the Goddess sometimes was grumpy or not up a meeting such as before. Phoebe didn't know and didn't ask, she believed that Perse was doing the very best she could as a friend and well what she said to Vivianna, a sister. She was sure that Persephone had her own agenda, and protected her because she was the vessel as well, but not simply and only because she was the vessel.

She was glad to be able to sit down, standing behind the shop of her father or well the stall and then walking around the whole time had made her feet tired and she could sure as hell sit for a while. "I actually live in Orchidia, so we just closed the store and I wanted to wander around." The fireworks might be soon, she believed that you could see them clearly from the place where they were sitting. Persephone was intrugded but Phoebe was the one in charge, "Nice to meet you Sage, I'm Phoebe." she said happily, this was the third time in her live meeting an elf, once in a bar in Crocus and twice in Baska and Hargeon, which was the same guy, strange it were only males. But she didn't dwell too long on those thoughts and placed the cold drink on the bench. "Did you came to Orchidia for the festival?"

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From The Same Garden [Sage|Phoebe|Festival] Empty on Tue May 08, 2018 3:18 am

Now that the fact she lives there in Orichidia awakened a lot of questions in his mind, like where her shop is, who does she lives with, is Orichidia her childhood city, but he stopped himself, before she sees him as someone weird or anything, she introduced herself, "Nice to meet you too," he said to Phoebe. She then asked Sage something very close to what he asked her before, "Well you see, I'm a mage I take on requests and I happened to travel here just in time for the festival, or not I won't even know about the existence of this fest," he said ending it with a small giggle, amused by his own stupidity and limit of knowledge.

Then he noticed the takoyaki, he didn't want it to be left cold, "Oh would you please join me and eat this takoyaki?" he said to Phoebe, looking at her while his hands on the box of takoyaki, "I mean it would make me feel a lot better if you would join me," he continued with pre honesty, for some reason he was comfortable with Phoebe, maybe it was just in his mind that he's not good at making friends while actually, he is. 

He would push the box of takoyaki towards Phoebe, hoping so badly that she would take some and then Sage cold finally reach for one and enjoy it, "I mean I don't want it to get cold, wasted," he added so that Phoebe would be more eager to take some.

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From The Same Garden [Sage|Phoebe|Festival] Empty on Thu May 10, 2018 4:16 am

Phoebe Rainsworth
It was an interesting name, Sage that's what the Goddess thought and she was very interested in the being opposite them but she layed low, she had played enough games the last couple of days so Persephone simply lazed on and simply see what would happen in the conversation and if she could learn something, after all their goal before the ending of chapter one of the Game of Life was to get allies and Phoebe could work that out perfectly by herself.

She wasn't sure if she could ask him simply if he was an elf, so she started with asking him if he came here for the festival, to learn that he only heard it once arrival upon Orchidia. "Oh well good to hear you got a job here in that case. It would be a shame to miss the Flower Festival here, it is really wonderful." It wasn't every year actually it was quite irregular but she had liked them always. What kind of magic did elves use was a question that popped up in her mind but again Phoebe had no idea how to ask this politely, so at this point she refrained from it. She perhaps could ask him to his magic as she was a mage herself but there was first another question.

she tilted her head to the left a little, letting her long raven hair fall over her shoulder, "Takoyaki?" she said as she never had something like that, she didn't dare for some reason, "You don't mind if I try one?" She noticed that you should eat it with the little sticks that came with it and she spotted a second, only one was fine because she was rather curious to how it tasted, so she scooted closer to the table to Sage.

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From The Same Garden [Sage|Phoebe|Festival] Empty on Thu May 10, 2018 11:45 pm

Sage would laugh a little when Phoebe asked him if he doesn't mind if she'd like to try one, "Of course, I would love it if you'd -eat- some and not just try," saying that with a note in his mind saying that no one could ever resist takoyaki especially warm fresh ones. He'd lean the box closer to Phoebe indicating that she can take one. Waiting for her to take one Sage resisted himself from taking one, being polite is one of his virtue, and it won't be that polite if he'd take one before Phoebe does, well at least that's what he thinks.

His right hand would be supporting his chin, his elbow on the round tree-looking-like-table, putting his arm on top of the table made him realize that their kimonos are of the same colour, he would be amused by this fact smiling a little, he would then change his gaze to Phoebe and the takoyaki, his body facing towards her and his left arm resting on the table horizontally, his eyes would've been seen like a drunkard's but he doesn't look like a drunkard, only his eyes, it has natural curve like a cat's eyes would curve in the middle, and he's always being positive and all making his eyes look calmed and not caring about the world, -like a drunkard's.

Then suddenly out of nowhere someone wearing a dark blue cloak came running towards Sage his face hidden by the over-sized cloak, he whispered something into Sage's ear, "We found one of them sir," and Sage knew straight away by what he meant by 'them', he stood up from the place and bowed at Phoebe, "I'm sorry to leave you alone here tonight miss but duty calls," and Sage left running towards a direction along with the messenger before, with the messenger's cloak there were embed a rune knight's logo, Sage left without touching his takoyaki but this matter of his was more important than anything else.


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From The Same Garden [Sage|Phoebe|Festival] Empty on Thu May 17, 2018 10:53 am

Phoebe Rainsworth
Phoebe wasn't sure if she would like the takoyaki, she had never heard of it before so she would see but at least she could try one, even if Sage tried to convince herself that she needed to eat not try. There wasn't much more going on, she was on the edge of taking one when someone with a dark blue cloak showed up, whispered to the elf and let Sage talk to her again. With big lilac eyes she stared surprisingly at the person she shared a table with as he jumped off, mentioned something about duty called and ran away with the man with a cloak, "Pff Rune Knights." the Goddess muttered in her mind as Phoebe stood up and wanted to call out a "Wait you forgot your food."

With a bit of a sad feeling, not everything had gone perfect lately she sat down and stared at the takoyaki, well no harm into trying it at the very least. So that's what she did and even though the outside was pretty much cooled off, the inside wasn't. But still it had a strange taste that she didn't mind and she found it bad to throw away the food so she took it and wandered back to her father, who knew if he liked it.


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