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Another Drink, Another Day [Open|Social]

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Another Drink,  Another Day [Open|Social]  Empty on Mon May 07, 2018 6:22 pm

Constantine Librorum
It had been a few days into the festival so far and Teiho could definitely say it was a success. He had managed to not only get and maintain a near blackout drunken state, but he had also managed to gain quite a bit of jewel in the process. Nothing like being a bum and making the world a better place, at least for himself anyway.

Taking a swig from his neverending flask, heíd stumble his way through the crowds. A slow dull cloudy look would drift across his dark hazel eyes, hidden behind the tinted shades that he had picked up on the first day of the festival. His outfit would not have changed much over the course of the event, sticking to the graphic tee, shorts combo due to the rather ravaging heat, he would also take to wearing sneakers more often as to avoid randomly throwing up on his good boat shoes.

Stopping by a street post, heíd glance up at the symbols on the sign, attempting to direct himself to the nearest bar, the sway in his body almost noticeable to the public and yet, he could tell none of them really cared. It wasnít unusual for the youth to be drunk during these types of festivals, so he was just one of many looking for yet another good time.

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Another Drink,  Another Day [Open|Social]  Empty on Sat May 12, 2018 7:41 am

Constantine Librorum
His stumbling about lead him to discover that for some reason, the pubs had been shut down for the day. Whether it was because he had already drunken everyone out of business, or simply to allow them all to set up shop for tomorrow's festivities, Teiho didnít know. But what he did know was that he needed a drink, and he needed one now. The sway didnít cease, and if anything, became far more pronounced as he tried to navigate himself towards the nearest store. Thoughts and visions passed by his eyes as he tried desperately to avoid looking at the individual people, his eyes categorizing various facts or details that didnít need to be observed or understood. He could tell that his mind was working itself into overdrive for no reason other than it could.

Reaching a corner, heíd grasp at his mouth, the feeling of bile rising up his throat becoming too strong to keep moving. Motion sickness hadnít afflicted him in a long time, and yet here he was, swaying far too hard to keep the street from spinning about. He despised the looks of pity he got from the surrounding civilians. He knew they didnít care, but that wasnít their fault. Simple minded and complacent. They would never understand the danger he kept from befalling all of them, and the fact that his prized possession, his library was gone. It meant that anyone could find any of the items he had stashed and use them to cause incredible damage.

But alas none of that mattered as he finally succumbed to his ailments and slumped against the light pole. He released he was still near the hotel and stumbled his way over, certain that after a few hours of sleep he would be back to his normal bar hopping self.


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