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Raindrops On Roses [Shura/Private]

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on Mon May 07, 2018 4:25 pm

Ianthe tapped her finger impatiently on the wooden table she sat at. Today was suppose to be a day of fun and enjoyment yet it ended in her running from the storm that was happening outside of the bar she found shelter in. The Flower Festival had been having some great weather up until today when a downpour of rain interrupted the festivities. It annoyed her more that she had gotten soaked to the bone. She was wearing a simple light pink fitted dress that anyone could see past thanks to the rain. It was only luck that allowed her to run into a bar with a fire place lit. The warmth of it making her feel a little less like shit as she dried slowly sitting near it. Her rich brown hair was at this point no longer straightened as it had taken on it's natural form of wild curls, causing it to shrink up a bit. Her sea green eyes scanned the room for her waitress who was suppose to be here with her drink by now. Today was such a miserable mess that for once she was willing to get drunk.

"I'm sorry for the wait miss, but here are your Chili Fries and the Rum and Coke you ordered. If you need anything else please do not hesitate to ask. " The waitress who seemingly appeared out of nowhere spoke in a hushed voice as she placed down the food and drink. She was shorter than Ianthe with big doe like pink eyes and black hair that was pulled up into a neat bun. Ianthe thought she looked cute but didn't comment as she stuffed a fry in her mouth, waiting for some form of entertainment to show itself as compensation for the day she was having.

#2Shura Ranzu 

on Thu May 10, 2018 10:21 am

A storm was rolling in on the festival. Somehow people were not worried about it. The rain was the giver of life to all of these plants so why not welcome it? Shura had been walking through the festival when a downpour came upon him in an instant. He did not flinch, he was still getting wet but a lot of the water evaporated on contact. See being of a different race he had a different body chemistry than most. He didn’t get cold nor did the rain really affect him. He still wanted to find some shelter because him being unaffected by a downpour would make him stand out in the crowd. He followed some people into a nearby bar that was under a tent. Something that was good enough to keep the rain out while serving drinks to all who came. It was a win-win situation for the people running the tent at the moment.

Walking into the tent Shura noticed the majority of the tables had been filled up with new folks. All except one table. One dark-skinned female sat at the table looking displeased with all of this. Shura made his way over to the table and sat down across from here. “Mind if I sit here?” Granted he asked he took the seat anyways regardless of how she felt. The waitress was speaking with the girl about her order. Shura waited patiently before the waitress took off with the quickness. Shura couldn’t even place his own order for a drink. He sat his wet bag down and rubbed his hand through hair. Focusing for a moment the heat in his body began to climb. High enough that he would begin to radiate heat. This served as a means to dry himself off and the clothing he was wearing. Anyone in close proximity would feel this heat also. “Shura is the name. And that is quite a lot of food for one girl.”


on Thu May 10, 2018 2:25 pm

A slight yawn passed through her lips as she noticed a man walking up to her table, asking her something akin to can I sit here and then just doing so. Ianthe didn't mind but he had already sat down before she could really say so. In that same moment the waitress came along and dropped her order off before quickly dashing off to another table. Taking a sip from her glass she smiled as the man commented on the amount of food she had placed in front of her, if only he knew that this was a light snack for her. "Iant-"  Catching her words she paused as her native tongue slipped out, she was subconsciously associating people with the same color as herself as people of Savannah. On top of that she assumed they knew the language and now that she thought about it she was embarrassed.

" Sorry, my name is Ianthe and um.. This is just a light snack. I hadn't eaten all day and the festival has just been keeping me moving around a lot. Picking up one of the fries she popped it in her mouth, chewing and swallowing before speaking again. " You know, this festival thing was going well until the rains came down. It's my first time attending, so I'm finding it all pretty amazing. I'm nearly going broke trying to buy everything I see . Ianthe chuckled lightly at her own naivety and greed, taking another sip of her drink her attention fully on the man who called himself Shura. " Have you been enjoying yourself?"

#4Shura Ranzu 

on Wed May 16, 2018 9:48 am

As Shura sat down he saw the girl smile. She began to speak but caught herself. This resulted in Shura raising an eyebrow at the girl. A bit of an odd way to start this off with this girl seeming reserved. But she quickly cleared the awkward air and spoke again. Shura looked at the food and looked at her again. The amount of food on the table didn’t really classify as a snack to him. Then again everyone was different in what they could do. So who was he to really say anything? “It’s no problem, and I mean that’s what festivals are for right. Keep moving to enjoy everything before going back to reality.” He replied. She began to speak again after eating a fry.

She spoke on the rain which Shura honestly did not mind. Then again small amounts of water did not have much effect on him for other reasons. He actually liked the rain, he found it soothing and calming. “The rain is actually welcome among the festival. I haven’t been here too long myself. But I have been enjoying what I have seen and done so far. So I can’t really complain. Hopefully, this doesn’t end any time soon. Then again summer is upon us. Be odd to have a spring festival during summer?” He chuckled at his own joke. Ianthe may not know it but this was a nice change of pace for him all around. The festival served as a gateway to normalcy. A temporary gap in the crazy life that had engulfed him as of late.

‘Enjoy it while you can.’

A voice rang in his head. It was Berial again reaching out to him. Shura did not look phased by the voice in his head because he was used to it. Maybe he was going a little mad in all of this. He made sure not to retreat into his head to enjoy all of this even if it was merely an escape. “Where are ya from? No secret that folks like us are an exotic item in Fiore. What brings you here?”


on Wed May 16, 2018 2:11 pm

Ianthe found herself giving a short chuckle at his comment on the festival and enjoying it before going back to reality. Had she been able to do this for most of her life then she would never return to the reality that she had been given for the last twelve years of it.  Taking another sip of her drink she took in his words, it was nice to listen to others speak, calming even. I was born in Savanna, lived most of my life in Fiore though....    She hardly spoke about her time in slavery, well she didn't speak about it if she didn't have too. Not many questioned why she was fiore and now that he mentioned it she wondered in any born in Fiore had the rich skin color like they shared. Most of the people she met with her skin color had indeed come from Savanna with the exception of Constantine.

" I was brought here against my will, been in Fiore since I was about six or seven I think, can't really remember when I arrived. " Swirling the dark liquid around in her glass she held her pleasant smile and took another sip. At this point in her life she couldn't leave Fiore to go back to Savanna, she had nothing there. She didn't know if her mother was still alive and even if she was she would have to go search for her and who knew how long that would take. "What about you? Where are you from? What's your story? " She would place the spotlight back on him. She really didn't want to speak anymore about herself because there was nothing to say. She was just a shell of a person trying to learn to be someone, something? She didn't know. She just wanted to enjoy her life or whatever was left of it.

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