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Stream of thought [Finn]

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#1Akira Shimada 

Stream of thought [Finn] Empty on Mon May 07, 2018 12:08 pm

Akira Shimada
The sky was gifted with a vibrant orange hue, by a deep red orb that slowly disappeared under the blanket of the horizon... Aki could enjoy the visage in relative peace and solitude. The setting sun strung along with it a cooler breeze, which discouraged the swimmers from lingering in the stream too long. With a disinterested and idle gaze, the girl watched as the stragglers pulled themselves out of the water, leaving sloppy footprints on the stone as they scurried away. Perched on a rock, much like herself were a few fishing enthusiasts... She never had the patience for a venture like that, she'd rather not be doing anything, than be waiting for something to happen to her bait.

Just as a precaution, she plucked out her pack of cigarettes. She had crawled her way back into this nasty habit of relying on the smoke, ever since she'd been forced to endure the boisterous crowd. It truly did work well to repel most folks. Her demeanor was usually not too approachable, so luckily rarely did anyone even attempt to ask her for a light. But today, while she picked out a cigarette and placed it between her lips, she didn't even bother lighting it.  Not too many people were around at the moment, it'd be too much effort to collect the smoke in her mouth without inhaling it... If someone approached her and she really didn't want to encourage any conversation, perhaps she'd light it then... For now, she just let it sit there.

Slowly, the process of just sitting, staring at the sun disappear and consciously breathing the fresh air in and out was becoming meditative, till she entered a trance-like state of her own. Her feet were firmly placed on the ground for support, her elbows rested on her knees as the Shimada sat crouched forward. Her weight remained distributed evenly between her seat and her feet. Her right hand loosely held a matchbox... The weight of her gun was suddenly very noticeable, both figuratively and literally as she began contemplating her actions ever since she joined the Knights. She did this ever so often, till the strings of moments wove themselves into a sheet of memories, enveloping her till she was forced into a state of pensive introspection.

The sky was now adopting bluer hues, the orange fading to a duller peach. The sound of rustling leaves behind her caused her to snap her head back and stare into the foliage. Her eyes narrowed as she tried to scan the shadows for a person, or a creature.

#2Finn Mertens 

Stream of thought [Finn] Empty on Mon May 07, 2018 1:54 pm

Finn Mertens
Spring was a time of life, in which birth and rebirth made itself abundant. Creatures brought young into the world that sprouted into abundance, and in return those creatures offered nutrients for whatever could not derive from the plants. It was a cycle that continued to march forward, and as much as the onslaught of time brought about change it seemed to reinforce the old evermore. Everywhere the extinguishing rays of light touched found the opportunity to thrive, and everything got its chance. It was a fair system, made corrupt only by those who understood it existed at all.

This was not to imply that all thoughts capable of thought were bent on manipulation. Still, without rules there was no game, and without the game there could be no cheaters. Everything gave opportunity to another, and like that everything was connected. It was thoughts like this, realization of how small the infinitely vast world was, that brought about belief in destiny and all those tricksy gimmicks. For others, it was just the way of life as they had come to understand it if they thought that way at all.

Regardless, that cycle was what brought about the beauty of the Flower Festival. The celebration of life was what drew in people from all over the continent, including the young adventurer with hair of gold. And it was his arrival in Orchidia that brought him here, overlooking the bed of a stream that had long since muddled the line between man-made and natural. There was no underlying plan, no conniving plot or underhanded intent, that made him approach from behind the unsuspecting Rune Knight. It was simply how everything had fallen into place. As she whipped around, giving off the presence of someone on guard for one reason or another, she'd slowly be able to take on the image of a young man.

He was dressed in his clothes which were normally reserved for travel, tailored for practicality as much as they were for appearance. The navy blue bulk of his outfit looked almost black as night crept forward through the sky. The gold tracings of the gear offered no place of origin, but were instead inscriptions that Jake had suggested. The symbols were of no importance, simply found on some of their parents old literature on kingdoms long since forgotten. His arms were bare of cloth or armor, his scarf left at home as it did not fit the weather. The adventurer, fit and built unlike most mages, wore no weapon. Though one would have no way of knowing whether or not he was capable of magic, he would be in a drastic disadvantage should any conflict occur.

Still, his senses were more well tuned than that of the average person. Life in the wild had its advantages, and beast like senses were certainly one of the perks. No sooner had she focused in on his frame than he broke the silence between them, the only two save for the soaking wet individuals waddling back to their homes. "That thing will kill you, ya know." His voice held no actual authority behind it, stated in such a way as someone would state that darkness had come about. There was no motive behind the words, it was simply a way to break the silence.

As the distance between them faded and the remaining suns rays made him fully visible to the woman perched upon stone, a youthful if not tired smile crept on his face. He had been bored, planning to go to the spring and mingle with those who were as willing to bask in the moonlight as he was. It just so happened that the only one still around was her, so he would try his luck at friendship with a stranger. "Do you mind if I join you?"

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#3Akira Shimada 

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Akira Shimada
Perhaps Akira missed the ensuing beauty of spring. In her eyes, it was the pinnacle of survival of the fittest. Each flower bloomed to best the other... Each animal needed to ensure their gene went on, so they fought for safety, for territory etc. It just appeared lively, but if one scratched the surface there was so much more happening that the naked eye missed. But then, all mankind cared about was appearances, Akira was no stranger to that. As long as it looked pretty, who would bother to inquire anymore. God forbid, something wasn't pleasing to the eye, then it deserved all sorts of undue scrutiny.

It was strange, how despite the fact that she'd managed to harness her magic, she was still bitter about the way she had been treated every time she'd lost control in the past. Not once, in all those situations had the escaped darkness, ever led to anything even minutely dangerous or violent. She was convinced that the element of light could peek out of her right now, probably even accidentally kill or maim someone and no one would be as traumatized as they were just at the mere sight of the darkness. It was such deductions that led her to firmly believe in the appearance based prejudicial nature of the human species.

Her deduction was proved countless times when she had to come to the aid of those that looked like criminals and so were arrested by fellow Knights. To the point where she had garnered a decent bit of dislike for being a thorn in people's side, simply because she was standing up for what was fair. They'd really go the extra mile to remind her of the occasional times when she was wrong and they truly had caught the right culprit... Petty puppets. She thought. Her anguish was accentuated further when she realized that despite her efforts, she too was exactly that. Maybe not petty, but she definitely was on the strings of the council, whether she wanted to be or not. At this point, even if she quit, things would probably not change drastically. Aki would still be left looking over her shoulder...

The girl shook her head. Just go with the flow... be water. she tried telling herself, along with a long deep breath of the damp air, as her eyes watched the water. The stream borrowed light and it assumed the form of sparkles as the clear, gentle waves leaped over the pebbles. The quieter it got, the easier it was to hear the soothing gurgle of the water as it spilled over the shallow steps and rolled down the side of the hill. But it was only a matter of time before the croaking frogs would shatter that serenity.

Of course, the Shimada wasn't even afforded the little time between the sunset and the noisy mating calls of the amphibians. The Knight had the misfortune of being disturbed by someone. She'd barely managed to keep her eyes from rolling before she'd turned. Now, there she sat, literally looking over her shoulder, to assess the source of the disruption. It happened to be a young man. Her eyes widened as she sized up the guy as he emerged from the less traversed path that had been shrouded by bushes.

Now here is a man who could probably get away with doing terrible things... With his tailor-made clothes and tousled blonde hair. For all intents and purposes, this thought was a compliment, just a bit back-handed considering the thoughts that had led up to the moment. Maybe he was just going to go on his own way? No, of course not. She wondered what about her piqued his interest, the cigarette coupled with the dark clothes usually made her quite unapproachable. It was refreshing though, to meet a stranger who remained quite unfazed.

'Yes, it will. Among other things.' she replied softly, mimicking his fact-stating tone as she turned away, she assumed he was referring to the cigarette. Perhaps, it was a mistake to discount him as a threat already. But then, perhaps she too had fallen folly to his seemingly safe appearance... If he'd wanted to harm her, he could have done that without alerting her. So either he truly wasn't dangerous, or he was really bad at his job. 'Sure.' she responded monosyllabically, betraying no excitement whatsoever.  Clearly, she wasn't too thrilled with the idea, but then when was she ever? Meeting new people was something she actively avoided, despite more than a fair few encounters leading to the development of interesting relationships.

There were other rocks strewn around, close enough for him to sit and hold a conversation and yet not invade her private space. She slid open her matchbox, contemplating whether or not to light her cigarette, it'd probably serve to make quick work of this unceremonious interruption, but a part of her was intrigued too. So she decided to surrender to the moment. Like water. she reminded herself as she plucked the agent of slow death out of her mouth and placed it on the rock beside her. Unfortunately for the guy, she wasn't much of a talker, plus any conversation starter she thought up, seemed redundant. What brings you here?... The festival of course. Her mind played out other ice-breakers. She finally settled on an introduction, that was always a safe route. 'Akira. And you are?'  

#4Finn Mertens 

Stream of thought [Finn] Empty on Tue May 08, 2018 6:24 pm

Finn Mertens
The girl was as welcoming to him as one could be, given the fact that she truly just wished to be left alone. She had removed the cancer stick from her lips, placing it on the rock beside her. She handled it with such a lack of care that he wondered if she wanted to light it at all. It made him tilt his head, if only slightly, in confusion. The momentary lapse in confidence was gone in the blink of an eye, too quick for most to notice. He welcomed her invitation with a smile before seating himself near her, though still over an arms length away.

His posture was relaxed, a hand propping up his weight so he could lean back comfortably. One leg was arched, the bottom of his foot flat on the ground while the other leg sprawled out without worry. He glanced over to the girl beside him, momentarily accepting her features so as to engrave her in his mind. It was something he did with every new encounter. He was based more on facial recognition than names, and so it happened almost subconsciously. It was far too dim to take in the color of her eyes, and her hair appeared to be black. She was petite, though frames could often be deceiving in a world of magic.

She gave him her name only a moment after he had looked her way, quickly enough to ensure he did not come across as strange. To be caught staring bluntly may give off the wrong impression, after all. "Akira, it's nice to meet you. I'm Finn." His words came out in a way that she could practically hear the smile on his face, though her eyes on him ensured that she'd have seen it regardless. His eyes broke away from hers and onto the world in front of them. The gurgling of the stream muddled with the sound of grasshoppers and toads. As the noises filled the air, he couldn't help but focus on the sound for a short while.

"It's beautiful, isn't it?" His voice cut through the night, though it was tempered and quiet. "It amazes me, really. The degree to which man has tamed nature." His words were strange, at least when one considered this as a conversation from one stranger to the next. Still, some things never changed. Finn was still hopelessly inept at reading the mood, stave for when hostility tainted the air. "Yet here we are, still completely controlled by it. This entire festival, driven by the change of leaves and the continuation of its cycle. Isn't it weird?"

His early years had been spent secluded, away from any other humans or signs of civilization. For him, even now, the changing of the seasons spelled the next iteration of life. One had to know the ways to accept each season so as to prolong their existence, and it was so ever changing that no one plan worked from year to year. To go from a life of survival to a life of existence was truly a weird feeling. He had become use to it, of course, but he felt like he truly appreciated how animalistic humanity was now that he had dealt with the worst it had to offer. It almost made this entire civilization feel like an act, a bitter lie to shield themselves from the truth that they were not so unique after all.

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#5Akira Shimada 

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Akira Shimada
The Shimada was practicing the art of trying to let go. Slowly, she had to veer away from this path of pessimism. She had to teach herself, to go with the flow, so she could accept change, instead of resisting every expected and unexpected hitch. Of course, she was a little cynical about her own abilities too, she wasn't sure if she was ever truly going to be able to surrender to a moment. But somehow, this lack of faith also spurred her on. An internal battle commenced and she was rooting for the better Akira, the freer Shimada.

It had to start today. Akira steeled herself and internally chanted a mantra that prevented her from scrutinizing her company. The raven was going to try her best to not to analyze every expression and gesture the man offered, willingly or unwillingly. So she missed the fleeting glimpse of confusion, that her actions had incited. The raven was acutely aware of the process that would follow, she would scour through all that inferred data, piece it together into an ulterior motive for this interaction. In her mind it was so rare for moments to occur in any beautiful coincidence, it was always planned, there was always an objective...

But just today, she hoped to be proved wrong and so she put no effort into making deductions and deliberately kept her eyes on the scenery and not on the person. From the periphery of her vision though, she noted that he too had taken a seat, just a couple of feet away. Aki also missed the flickering gaze he regarded her with, but she returned the favor when he offered his own name. He had strung along with the name, an exchange that was far more polite than hers. 'Finn.' she repeated, reflecting a slight smile but not any other words of courtesy. She swiftly associated his features with the name, the girl was lucky to have been blessed with a pretty decent memory.

Only the very top of the sun was visible as it drowned itself at the far end of the stream. The last of the reflected rays caused her to squint, as darkness spread like ink through the sky. He interrupted the silence yet again, but it wasn't unexpected. She didn't grace the question with a response. Beauty was in the eye of the beholder. She did, however, lament on his statement. 'It is an illusion.' she said, surprised at the confidence in her assertion. A faraway sound caused a host of birds to leave the trees and mingle in a beautiful formation as they streaked through the sky, it accentuated his next point, which sat in agreement with hers. Despite the taming humans were still subjected to the same seasonal wheel as any other creatures. 'We haven't even tamed ourselves.' she added.

Akira tore her eyes away from the host of birds and back at him. Had he absorbed her pensive nature? Or had she actually been lucky enough to be approached by someone who would indulge in a conversation that was bigger than just their own petty lives? 'We're much more like animals than we realize, driven by the absolute same insecurities. This whole "intelligence" is a lie we tell ourselves.' she said, with a soft sigh. It seemed to be in line with what he believed, but while he seemed to be deriving a sense of happiness from it, Aki saw it as something disconcerting. 'The only thing we did, is complicate the rules, the goal is still the same.'

#6Finn Mertens 

Stream of thought [Finn] Empty on Tue May 29, 2018 2:02 pm

Finn Mertens
"I don't think it's a lie." His voice came after a few moments of silent deliberation, hashing over her words and trying to understand the meanings behind them. This subject was one of few in which he could carry on an intelligent line of discussion. He was not a man of learned excellence, having scoured neither books nor human psychology. He was however oddly attuned to this topic, as he had the pleasure of having lived in both ends of the spectrum. His adolescence was spent among beasts, albeit ones that understood culture. The better part of eight years had now been spent with humanity, and it allowed him a rather unique take on the two.

"Humans have something very few beasts have, as far as passing information from one generation to the next. We're animals, of course, but there's a desperate attempt to be something more. Some people bastardize it, sure. But as long as knowledge continues to grow..." He lingered off, an amused smile appearing on his face as laughter rang out from his stomach. It was real joy, and he shook his head with a shrug. "The game is the same, but I guess I'm trying to say humanity has found a way to step away from it at the same time."

His words made little sense, but for all he knew she was someone who could read between the lines. Humanity, like nature, changed in a fluctuating way. They had their peaks, and their valleys, and moments of flatland in between. They found ways to exclude themselves from the overarching hold of nature, no longer having to find a way to survive. They could now live, relatively safe, in an enclosed environment that was more about economic stability than it was about life or death.

Still, such a difference was major. For someone like Finn, who understood life and death alike as just stages of existence, did not look at the two as the same. Rather, it seemed as though humanity had invented a new game all together. A game that they likely wished would one day break the cycle. "It's a shame, though. So many people pride themselves on being completely separate from everything else. Or even worse, they're ignorant to it all. If people just put themselves out in nature, do you think they'd see the crude humor of it all?"

His eyes broke away from the ever changing canvas before them, the birds that had taken to the sky finding their place once more over the horizon. The sounds of night had begun to come to life, adding a new chorus to the gurgling stream before them. Crickets made music and wind brushed their cheeks like depraved lovers. The sky began to come back to life, the purple and blue hues blinking stars into existence. The woman before him with raven black hair and forest eyes seemed to encompass the essence of night. She was mysterious, enticing people to want to know more and sporting an air of danger. She gave the young adventurer a feeling that their conversation would be one he would remember for quite a long time.

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#7Akira Shimada 

Stream of thought [Finn] Empty on Fri Jun 01, 2018 12:42 pm

Akira Shimada
It wasn't like Akira wasn't used to arguments. They happened almost all the time, especially in the early days with Tsuru. While things had calmed down a fair bit ever so often they did disagree. Yet a frank disagreement from a stranger was a welcome change. Most people didn't care enough to actually explain their case, they'd either simply nod to avoid the introspection out of laziness or find some other quicker way to end the discussion. It could simply be that time often didn't afford people a chance to just sit and deliberate on things. Nonetheless, the surprise betrayed itself in the way her eyebrows angled as she tore her gaze away from the surroundings yet again and pinned it onto the man. 'Yes... We believe we can talk and teach a little better than our furry companions, I suppose.' Akira conceded, narrowing her eyes to see how that changed things long term.

She sighed softly as he laughed, somehow joy was always infectious, she helplessly cracked a smile too, and it did lend the conversation a more breezy texture. 'We do try to... Don't know if we have...' she replied, now shifting to cross her legs and let her hand prop itself on her knee so she could cradle her face in her palm, resting her tense back muscles. One could argue that with the knowledge collected, mankind has beaten the survival of the fittest structure. Allowing for more diversity in thought and ideas, but when did one invest in such concepts, only when it suited the ulterior motive of gaining power, winning wars and conquering lands. She held on steadfast to her belief, that they were still animals and that humanity just changed the definition of fittest. It may no longer be the healthiest and strongest human, but the smartest, or the richest... Perhaps the one with most influence. There was more diversity in the ways in which one could survive, maybe even thrive... But the greed for more would never truly allow for a great alteration.

Akira was truly not someone who spoke unnecessarily, however she was trying to summarize her point. She thought she had a sense of where this Finn guy was headed, although she knew she could be wrong. She was the observant sort, the kind to watch and make theories, but she fell short since the final tool she used to process information was her own experience, it definitely served to add a darker tint to even rose colored perfection. When the man spoke again, she heard him out carefully, the way he talked about putting people in nature again, had her curious. 'Arrogance and entitlement might prevent that.' she retorted, curbing the urge to snort and grunt. People that separated themselves from the collective, who behaved as though they were deaf to the tunes of nature had the poorest chance of seeing the larger picture.

In her eyes, they were nature, as much as they tried to separate themselves from its vice like grip. Sure, much like the other creatures they played a part now, in how evolution happened, but there still were so many things out of their collective control. Not to mention the difference in opinions, ideas, beliefs and ways of life within the species generated enough conflict to make it difficult for them to truly progress.

She could concede that harmony with nature, with the true intent to explore oneself, could work. That somehow it could provide some sort of enlightenment 'I suppose that's what this festival was meant to do... But I'm guessing you mean something more solitary? How do you separate nature from humanity to begin with, where is that line?' she asked, now resorting to piling him with questions and leaving it up to the moment to steer them into seeing each other's point of view. It drew attention to her own purpose here, by the stream. She'd sought some time to explore, to reflect, but perhaps a soundboard was something she needed more. Someone neutral, someone almost unknown to share parts of herself with, to learn to trust.

The sun ducked away entirely, the peach glow fading every minute as the water grew noisier. Mating calls by those pesky amphibians no doubt, but there was a lull in the chaotic croaking and chirping, somehow it wasn't disturbing or stealing away from the discussion in any manner. She wondered how long this would last, how soon this young Finn would grow bored of probing at this funny thing called life. How soon he'd give up on this meager attempt to find meaning and a connection... because they all did... Unless forced to stick around or if circumstances declared otherwise, like with a few of her fellow knights... At least that is what she believed.


As the poignant silence grew shorter, Aki found a way to suddenly and... perhaps impolitely, excuse herself considering day had given into night and she was to attend to the night patrol. She did hope to run into this strange man again, however.


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