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Of Different Petals [Sage|Notte|Festival]

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#26Notte Giornata 

on Wed May 09, 2018 4:34 am

Notte was surprised when Sage got kind of uncomfortable around the concept of destruction he wanted to bring this up asap, "Weird about the concept of destruction, destruction isn't something we should be scared of, it's like Ying and Yang, there can be no light without darkness and no darkness without light. There can be no creation without destruction, it's beautiful at some point you just need to look at what it does, to create a house you much cut down a tree, to make a tree grow well a dead animals nutrients can be used" He smiled "There's no need to fear what's older than time." He pulled out a piece of candy and offered it to Sage and put one in his mouth.

"So Darkness magic huh, well the magic I have is called Buio Coccio which in my native language translates to Dark Shard I can produce Darkness within myself and harden it an example" Notte shouted "OMBRA!" as web-like entities shot out of his wrists on to the mountain creating a kind of hammock. Notte jumped on and shouted at Sage "Come on! Join me it's comfortable up here you can even see the festival from here!"


on Wed May 09, 2018 6:44 am

Sage was quite surprised that Notte could feel that he was feeling uneasy when they start talking about destruction and stuff, he then concluded that he wasn't that good at all hiding his thoughts and such through his body language, he kept listening to Notte, wanting to intrude because he does believe about life and death and all it was just that he doesn't like to talk about gore stuff and such, he then remembered how he fainted because he got a paper cut and his finger was bleeding just a little, but he didn't say anything, too tired to explain himself and just let the story goes on.

Notte answered Sage's question accurately, 'what type of dark magic he uses', it left Sage with awe and wonder in his face seeing a hammock being made and Notte inviting him to chill there, "Wow, so it's like elemental-make magic only that the element is darkness, this is quite cool, what else can you conjure?" he said with excitement, whilst sitting on the hammock, letting it swinging in the hammock, feeling the material it was made of, which would taste quite odd because he has never touched something that's made out of darkness.

#28Notte Giornata 

on Wed May 09, 2018 7:34 am

Notte was happy Sage was interested in his magic "Well I'm quite new to the magic scene but I picked up something along the way into this area" Notte shouted out "Affilare!" Suddenly Notte's nails started to turn a dark purple colour and grew around a centimetre longer and became as sharp a blade, "These babies can be used in a pitch they're subtle and they're also a great fashion statement" He chuckled a bit, "My goal with magic is to be able to master this skill of spin and maybe teach it to someone eventually I want it to be a new thing everyone has such generic weapons in this world of magic you need to get something that people dont expect, people can be an expert at using a gun but who's an expert at steel balls!" He began to chuckle at himself as he leaned back, Notte forgetting to turn off his nails made a hole in the hammock and began to fall to the ground which was around 20 meters below, if Notte didn't do anything he would probably get really hurt.


on Wed May 09, 2018 8:08 am

Watching Notte turning his finger into a claw reminded Sage of how he used to have spells like that turning his body parts into something, which he doesn't use anymore due to his deep interest to swords and how he just love hacking and slashing swords. He then noticed one thing, they were very high from the ground and the hammock will get ripped if it came into contact with Notte's pointed finger, he wanted to warn him but nope he was too late, the pointed nail meets the surface of the hammock, ripping a hole in it and the hole got wider and wider as the weight of Notte and Sage pushed it down, the hammock ripped and they were falling.

Sage knew if he did nothing at that point both of them would die, and he doesn't want to die yet, he was too young, he felt angry a little at destiny for questioning his spirit to live, he clattered his teeth and clenched both of his hands, he shouted and waved his right hand at the ground, releasing a lot of mana at the same time on a single spell, the surge of mana flowed through his veins and onto the spell he cast, the ground beneath them started to glow in bright green colour and plants grew rapidly there, mostly bushes and flowers, not with branches and stems as that would probably kill them too, heaps of leaves started growing and when they reached the ground, the leaves and flowers acted like cushion pillows, they landed safely.

Sage remained laying on the flowers and leaves, catching his breath, his chest expanding and inflating, he was just a little bit tired of releasing that much mana that he felt very weak to say something, but his love to his friends got the best of him, "Hey you alive?" he said with his unsteady breathing wanting to make sure Notte was fine.

#30Notte Giornata 

on Wed May 09, 2018 8:36 am

Just before Notte and Sage hit the ground Notte quickly spat out some more webs that left the pair hanging upside down on a bed of flowers "Yeah I'm alive" Notte started to burst out in laughter "Hahaha we both thought we were gonna die, imagine if we did that wouldn't be nice would it! But seriously we're both magic, also this is pretty cool!" He said as he picked up a flower and smelled it "These smell amazing! you're so good at magic bro!" He said as he let himself down and left sage hanging upside down "Haha you know what you're a pretty cool kid" He said as he stood and spun a single petal on his finger getting used to the movement of spin, in some way it was quite calming, spin really releases the tension in someone body but after a while of just sitting down enjoying the sun he stood up and put the spinning petal on Sages chin. "Tell me what do you wanna do with your life?" Notte didn't really know himself.


on Wed May 09, 2018 9:25 am

Sage worried too much about what could've happened to them, he was glad that Notte was fine too, he was also annoyed by the fact that Notte laughed at what just happen only because he couldn't though, but alas thinking of this made him laugh a little, joining Notte. He made himself on his feet again in some sort of way, brushing dust off his clothes and hair, "thanks, this is nothing really, just flowers," he said being humble as Notte praised his spell, and what Sage said was true it was just flowers nothing more and flowers do smell good of course. When he was asked what he wanted to do with his life while someone's hand was so close to his chin he felt a little weird, was the man trying to hook him up or something, he then realized that his imagination has been running very wild recently and put all the bad thoughts away, "Well I want to be one of the strongest mages, protecting the innocent and such, and it seems like im on the right track," he answered with a his lips curving upwards at the end of it shoing that he was happy how thing was, he being a rune knight and a mage.

#32Notte Giornata 

on Fri May 11, 2018 12:15 pm

Notte quite enjoyed the fact that he had large goals some people just decide to do nothing and just exist it pleased him that he wanted to something, "Well that sounds pretty cool! I wanna become strong and develop my spin ability " but a question popped into Notte's mind "What do you think the work innocent means? Lemme rephrase that what does it mean to be innocent? I mean let's say there's a thief he's not innocent because he steals stuff from people that work hard but then we have a brutal killer who's killed 10s of people, wouldn't the thief be seen as more innocent? Would you save the thief from the killer?" Notte loved to test peoples morals it shows him what people really are rather than just someone telling him something "Would you kill someone to save the innocent? If you don't want to answer just tell me but if you really wanna become the strongest mage you'll be facing the strongest people and sometimes a certain situation comes where you'll have to make a choice about who you are as a person and what you think the word innocence is..." Notte was looking into the sky "Nice day isn't it..."


on Fri May 11, 2018 12:28 pm

The answer Notte asked him was actually too easy, plus the example he gave wasn't that hard to explain at all, sage would smirk and answered, "Being innocent means the state of someone being not guilty, means that they did not commit any crime, as for the thief and the killer, if the killer was about to kill the thief I would've protected the thief because he's an innocent -soul-, meaning that he hasn't done any crime regarding the soul and the only crimes regarding the soul is to take away another, but of course I won't protect him in the court, if you'd ask me if a killer was about to kill another killer I'd let them be because the penalty for murder is death, I also look at the purity of one's intention, say if the killer of the killer is someone who just stole the killer's belongings than I would bring justice to that person but if the killer of the killer is someone who seeks revenge or is protecting themselves, I would let them be." ending his explaination just like that, a satisfactory smile could be seen carved on his face.

#34Notte Giornata 

on Fri May 11, 2018 12:49 pm

Pretty surprised Notte gave a clap to the grinning man "Well in my personal opinion I think that you're perfectly capable of becoming the strongest mage you have that mindset that alot of people seem to lack without this mindset comes hesitation and with hesitation comes mistake and when a mistake happens we're no longer mages but killers." Notte didn't have much experience in this field but researching his dad enlighted him in alot of areas of human thought and this new Spin made his mind quite clear he wondered what would happen if he mastered this new ability it would definitely be fun but for now he decided to just enjoy the sun and the atmosphere, getting kind of bored he wanted to do something so he stood up but quickly got disheartened as he did't know what to do he then looked at Sage and asked "Days coming to an end haha what do you wanna do until then?" Notte was someone who you could have fun with but he would usually lead you into trouble so it was best that he followed someone else's lead in these kinds of situations.


on Fri May 11, 2018 1:21 pm

His pointy ears reddened as he was praised by Notte, his smile got a little bit wider too, "Thanks," he said in return of the praises. Then they would just chill there, the place was very calm and serene too, but then Notte seemed to get bored of it and he would like to do something, "hmm" Sage thought, he wasn't quite a planner or anything, he looked a the sky to see what time was it and the sky was turning orange indicating that it's almost sunset and that reminds him that there will be fireworks soon but fireworks bore him to the core if he must be honest about it. Then he would hear his stomach growling, "Why don't we go to the pub and fill our bellies and probably get drunk?" he'd suggest laughing a little, then he remembered something that he could do after that, "Oh and then we could go for karaoke! It has been a long time since I showed off my elven voice." he'd continue suggesting, boasting about his beautiful voice but in the same time sticking out a tongue out of his mouth to show that he was being silly and such.


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#36Notte Giornata 

on Thu May 17, 2018 11:23 am

Notte was kind of shook from that question but quickly calmed down and replied "Yeah why not I have nothing better to do, I don't particularly like to drink but I'll drink some beer and karaoke sounds great I haven't done it... ever" Notte was kind of embarrassed in his hometown karaoke wasn't much of a thing so he could only blame his country, but he was up for anything really, plus he didn't really have anything to do tomorrow so he could afford a hangover, "i actually know a bar near the festival it has nice food" The pair started to walk away Notte loved to walk but he hated the concept of walking like the action of walking was nice when did it but he couldn't muster up the effort to actually do it.

Eventually, the pair arrived at the bar it looked the same and it was karaoke night so he had to get a little tipsy to loosen himself up. Notte walked up to the bartender, "Could I get a beer for me and my friend, please!" The bartender looked at the man and his friend and shook his head as he started to pour in some good Ale. Notte looked at Sage, I was scared he would ID us I don't have any on me! He said as he picked up his cup, "Cheers!" He said with a smile.

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