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Of Different Petals [Sage|Notte|Festival]

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on Mon May 07, 2018 3:41 am

Sage was excited for today, without even thinking he signed up for a food contest where there'll be a few people cooking in front of a crowd and there'll be judges judging their food, when he first saw the flyer of this contest, he felt like he was born for it, as cooking is his favourite hobby and he would love to see if his cooking could rival people of high standards here in Orichidia, plus people from quite a lot of places from Fiore were there to celebrate the festival and some might just sign up for the contest too, which adds in to more variety of food taste, oh he was so hyped about this he couldn't stop but to think of it.

The contest won't start after an hour when the judges would arrive, while waiting, he sat on a bench facing the cherry blossom trees, thinking about what he wants to cook for the contest, it must be something of delicacy, or maybe something nobody ever tasted before and would make a huge deal during the contest and might even win the first prize.

He started thinking of the foods that made his senses glow with different texture of colours, foods that enlighten someone, then he started to think about it logically, it was spring and people would love hot sweet meals that give warmth to the inside, the idea of cooking omurice quicklycame to his mind, but it was quite boring for omurice's quite famous, unless, if he uses a special recipe.

#2Notte Giornata 

on Mon May 07, 2018 1:10 pm

Walking around Notte was pretty bored he had eaten and didn't feel like doing anything, thinking to himself he thought that made no sense he was bored but didn't wanna do anything it was quite funny if you actually think about how you think, shows you how are as a person in general. Thinking he wanted to beat his own brain he looked around for stuff to do surely the festival had some type of competition or event just not involving throwing a ball, He chuckled to himself.

Just as he was about give up he saw a cooking competition. Notte wasn't good at many things but cooking wasn't one of them, His mum pretty much casted him out, so he had to make his own food and stuff like that, thinking about the season it always reminded him of blooming tree's and spring vegetables but a great memory he had of spring was acorns and fish, just thinking about them gave him a warm feeling inside.

Walking up to the competition there was about an hour left so he had time to kill maybe he would mingle with his fellow chefs, just one thought he didn't wanna get too close to his rivals as who knows he might be facing them. There seemed to be a kid sitting on the bench so he decided to just walk up and introduce himself sitting next to him Notte proclaimed, "Hey dude! names Notte worst chef in this competition whats up?" He made a white lie just so they could get closer quicker it would of been awkward if he introduced himself as "Future Winner Of This Competition"


on Mon May 07, 2018 1:20 pm

It seemed like life would give out miracles to Sage that day as a fine man came up to him with a way that's very amusing yet friendly, the first thing Sage noticed was his pink hair, his flawless pink hair, he was quite amazed by the tone of it too, and he believed that he spaced out for a few seconds there just staring at the gorgeous hair, when he came back to reality, he returned the man a smile, "Oh hey Notte, I'm Sage, and I don't think you're the worst of the chefs." he said then continuing, "I mean lately I couldn't think of anything to cook, except for common meals and such." then stopped, he doesn't like it when things go awkwardly so he asked the man a question of his, "so do you have any plans of what you're going to cook?" whilst looking at him in the eyes, still couldn't avoid the fact that the man's hair was flawless -and- pink, syncing with the tone of the cherry blossom tree that surrounded the festival area. Then noticed what he asked he then continued before the man could process what he would answer, "I mean it's not like I'm going to steal your idea or anything," and in his face people could easily see the weariness he wore and how he doesn't want Notte to think of him as a bitch who steals ideas from other people.

#4Notte Giornata 

on Mon May 07, 2018 1:39 pm

The man kinda zoned out looking at his hair but he took that as a compliment so he just moved on, he introduced himself as Sage must be the reason why he likes cooking, his first impression of him was pretty good he seemed to be polite and seemed to throw his self-doubt back at him with a positive vibe so he seemed pretty fuego.

Sage asked about what he was gonna cook normally someone would take his as someone trying to steal his ideas but in this situation, Sage seemed like a pretty nice guy so he wanted to discuss cooking things with him, "Well i do have an idea but it's really depending on the core ingredient but if it's free form I would have to say I would like to base it around the current season, I would be contridicting myself but I would like to make Herring with a hot pesto, but the pesto would have a bit of spring twist in addtion to the classic basil mix I'm gonna add some spinach which is in season right now putting a twist into a classic sauce, and again adding a little spring twist I would make acorn pasta which is perfect right now, with the fish and pasta I would make a regular red pasta sauce but that's where the secret comes in" He winked at Sage "I can't tell you all my secrets now I can i?" He gave a smile to Sage, "What bout you?"


on Mon May 07, 2018 1:48 pm

The information that was given by Notte to Sage was astounding, he could never win against someone with that kind of knowledge about cooking, plus he couldn't even understand some of the words Notte said, and then he asked what Sage was going to cook, a blank expression was shown by him a few seconds after he was asked, then he would look to the ground, and stroke tha back of his neck, "Umm, I was thinking about cooking Omurice," he said and stoppped for awhile then continuing, "I know it sounds classic but I would like to try this new recipe of mine that I came up with a few eeks ago, it does taste good but I don't know if it could beat or outshine most of the people that's going to enter the contest." being humble and modest as he is, even though the facts were true, he doesn't have that kind of knowledge about cooking just yet, he lived in this world for not even 17 years, being him a sudden thought came to his mind and he smiled at Notte, "Well I;m sure it'll be a lot of fun, so I;m not going to overthink what I'll be cooking and just do my best." with his right arm now forming a fist and ended the sentence sending it upwards showing his enthusiasm and he chuckled a little bit.

#6Notte Giornata 

on Mon May 07, 2018 2:01 pm

Hearing the word Omurice brought a smile to Notte's face, he honestly loved it, it was one of the smalls things that his mum made that he stole from the kitchen, the eggs the rice and sometimes gravy it made his mouth water, "Honestly cooking ain't about complex dishes it's about how much love and effort you put into cooking honestly it's one of my faviourute things not because it tastes good but afetr making an amazing dish the smile on peoples faces when they taste it is the best feeling, food isnt just an object to me it's a way of talking and showing that i love the people that i hang out with oh and make an extra dish i definetely wanna try it" Just as he said that it seemed that an hour had passed so they had to get to thier place, seeing the determination in the kids face put a smile on his face he knew that he was more than he seemed.

"Contestances please take your place the competition will now be starting, all ingredients will be in the area being cooled by our sponsor Icy.Co you will have 1 hour to prepare your dish and the theme this year will be...."


3... 2... 1...



on Mon May 07, 2018 2:36 pm

Sage couldn't help but smile at the part where Notte mentioned how it's about the cooking and the love we put into it that matters, he couldn't believe that he found someone who understands him so well, boy he needs to go out and socialize more. "Yeah I think of the same thing too, how we mix the ingredients, the way we measure the water and how we pour the spices, I can't wait to cook!" he said with more enthusiasm, the judges then called upon the contestants, "Well good luck, and have fun!" he said to Notte before going to separate places where they'll have their personal space to cook in, when the word go was shouted across the festival, Sage took the rice and start filling them in the rice cooker, then pull it at the sink, opening the tap and the water flows through the rice, cleaning anything that's not supposed to be there, he doesn't know why he would do this but this is the ay he cook rice ever since he was a child, his grandmother thought him how to rinse the rice properly by doing it 3 times and washing them gently with the movement of the hands.

#8Notte Giornata 

on Mon May 07, 2018 2:51 pm

Notte got a rush of adrenaline when the clock started, he needed to start with the acorn flower first it needed to be fresh! he took a cup and a half of acorns and ground them up into a fine powder, acorn noodles are a simple thing made of corn flour, wheat flour, and salt and of course acorn flour, after making the dough and processing it into noodles he left them into the cooler to cool down. He needed to start on the fish and pesto, he prepared the herring with some olive oil, a lot of tomato with fresh basil and pine nuts and a crush of garlic, after he threw that together he put it into the oven and made the special pesto, it was made pesto the classic way but with a spinach paste as an added twist.

Next, he needed to make that special red pasta sauce he made a regular sauce and left it to cook but on the side, he took Shitake Mushroom, Dried Anchovies and dried bone marrow and made it into a fine powder. This would add an incredibly rich umami flavour to the red sauce making it to die for. He boiled up the acorn noodles and placed them on a plate in a perfect nest, smothered it in the Umami red sauce and placed the herring on top and spreaded some of the pesto on it, as a finishing touch he added some chive, basil and a spray of lemon. "Perfect!" Notte let out a smile. Luckily just as he finished the timer had gone off, coincidentally Notte and Sage had been called up at the same time to be judged!


on Mon May 07, 2018 3:08 pm

He then exchanged the uncooked rice in the rice cooker to a bigger pan, then filled it up with water, closed the pan with its lid and turned the frie on, boiling it for about twenty minutes, Sage then move onto a small saucepan, he would grab it and then look for knives and a cutting board, when he got the items, he started to chop onions into smaller cubes, as he did this almost everyday he was excellent at doing it, he then heated a pan and pured oil into it as well as the onions, then he added chopped meat into the pan, waiting for it to get tender, then he would add the corns peas and cubes of carrots, small ones, and stir them until they become soft and tender. He then added the rice he cooked bofore and mixed it into the pan then add some salt and pepper into the pan, he mixed it and occasionally pouring soy sauce and ketchup into it, Then it was time for the egg, he washed for eggs, as he'll make two dishes as requested by Notte, he cooked two eggs first after mising them both properly in a separate bowl, then when the egg's cooked nicely, he poured over the fried rice inside the egg then rolled it, then placing it on a plate, then he did the same thing for the second time. Now it was time for the add-ons, he then drizzled ketchup on top of both omurice, and he was done, luckily just before the timer went off.

#10Notte Giornata 

on Mon May 07, 2018 3:27 pm

Notte and Sage had just walked up to the judges, the pair were the last ones to be seen so they gave to give out a real show, they seemed intimidated and bored of everyone else's dishes so they had a good chance at winning, Notte was asked up first as he gave the plates to the judges, the first one picked around with his food, this guy was legendary chef who was extremely picky about anything he ate, he took a little bit of the haddock and a bit of the pasta and placed it in his mouth, his face instantly lit up, Notte was honestly surprised about this out come as the chef was usually really harsh, He proclaimed "This dish is quite complex but simple at the same time it gives it gives off an extreme umami flavour balanced out by the lemon absolutely amazing!" Notte left with a smile on his face and patted Sage on the back saying "Good Luck!" Notte genuinely meant this.

Next up was Sage, he walked up to the chefs and placed down his plate, a different judge tried his beautifully presented dish, unlike the other chef he quickly ate a mouthful and exclaimed "My boy this is amazing this slight tang and the simplicity of the egg and the acidity and the sweetness of the ketchup paired with the dish is simply amazing! A perfect embodiment of spring!" After a while, the judges had come up with a winner, it took a while but he exclaimed.

3rd place... Rioko Hirako!
2nd place... Sage Elm!
1st place... Notte Giornata!



on Mon May 07, 2018 3:35 pm

As he stepped over to hand over his plate of omurice, he was nervous, what if he got humiliated by the judges and couldn't go out after that because people would probably laugh at him again? Anxiety hits, like most of the time but he kept it cool, he breathed in and breathed out, he took Notte's good luck as something he could hold on to, the way he said it was like he believed in Sage's cooking or something like that. When the judge commented on his food, Sage was more than proud of himself, he couldn't believe that someone would say hos cooking was nice as he never cooked for anyone before except for himself as he lives alone.

When he came out at the second place, he couldn't believe it, out of all the people in the festival, he won the second place. Notte came to him to give him a hug, and he doesn't need what his anxiety was saying, how uncomfortable it is to touch other human beings, but Sage doesn't care, he feels comfortable enough with Notte even though they just met, "Thanks for believing in me Notte, " he said, it was like he found a new big brother that cares for him and will always protect him, but of course he wasn't, right?

#12Notte Giornata 

on Mon May 07, 2018 3:54 pm

Looking proudly at his new friend he felt a compulsion to take him in, Notte right now wasn't physically or magically strong but he was sure he could always be there for the kid, he was also a pretty good cook so he had that with him, "Nah man it's fine I'll always believe in someone who has passion!" He scruffed up Sage's hair with his hand as a gesture of friendship and walked away but as he walked away he looked back in confusion, "You comin bro? I'm gonna go get some food all this cooking got me hungry!" He said light-heartedly

He wanted to take Sage in because he saw the anxiety on his face when they were giving out the results the smile on his face when he found out he had done amazingly was something to die for so he wanted to provide more of those smiles to this guy, always being secluded as a kid he was pretty lonely and was extremely anxious so he hated to see anyone suffer from it, I mean what's the worse that could happen from taking a nice guy in.

"We're getting Ramen! I'm buying!" he said with a smile


on Mon May 07, 2018 11:43 pm

Sage love the part where someone plays with his hair, it's a bit annoying sometimes, but it also showed that someone cares for him. As Notte started walking away, he thought that it was going to be over, the time where two people go separate ways, but no, Notte turned back and asked if Sage wanna come as well, his lips curl upwards, revealing his cheekbones, "Coming!" he said and ran to Notte's side, he was happy, for someone was there for him, a true meaning of a friend. They walked to a stall where ramen was sold, Sage would take the seat next to Notte, his hands on the counter of the stall, "I and my friend here would love to have ramen." he said to the person who's in charge of taking care of the stall. Then looked at Notte, while waiting he knew he must spark a conversation between them or something, so he asked him something that probably everyone would ask him the first time they meet with him, "Can I ask you something?" and if his reply is yes, Sage would then continue, "Why's your pink? I mean I love it, it looks very flawless,"

#14Notte Giornata 

on Tue May 08, 2018 9:17 am

Happy to see Sage smiling he asked for some beef ramen and started to talk to Sage as the pair waited for their food, Sage brought up something Notte didn't particularly like talking about, you could even see the awkwardness on his face but he decided to push on he liked Sage so why not, "Don't mention it to anyone else but it's because my dad was some kind of vampire-like monster a horrible killer according to my mother, he had long pink hair and out of all my brothers and sister I was the only one who inherited it's no biggie but I just hope I didn't inherit his bloodlust haha, it's also the reason why everyone in my family hates me haha." Notte gave smile "But don't worry that was the past, My hair gives me a dream to find out more about my dad" He hit his elbow on Sage's arm "It's also a hit with the ladies!" Giving a cheeky smile, finally the ramen came and he started to eat, it tasted pretty good ramen was the something Notte could never get right so he enjoyed good ramen.


on Tue May 08, 2018 9:28 am

Sage started to regret asking about Notte's hair already as he could feel a bad vibe in it as he was answering his question, it was because of his bloodline due to his father, it was scary to listen to but to Sage he found it very interesting, and he'd like to know more, if he could he wanted to seek out the answer with him as well, but he knew better than that not to budge into somebody else's business. It also made Sage sad a little when he said that his family didn't like him just because of his pink hair, which doesn't make any sense, why would someone hate another just because of their physical appearance, that'd be a total ass, "Wait your family didn't like you that much just because of your hair? They must suck, I love your hair," he said with a tone full of proud and support.

Then Notte mentioned about him having dreams and made a joke about it, Sage knew he should be serious about it but because Notte wasn't and they were in a festival he doesn't want to ruin the mood and laughed at Notte's joke. As the ramen came in, he tasted it and boy it tasted wonderful, the spices in it was the perfect combination, a thought then came to his mind, "Okay, let's play a game, guess what spices they put into this superb ramen." then he would take another spoon-full and tried to think of what they could've put into but decided to let Notte guess first.

#16Notte Giornata 

on Tue May 08, 2018 10:07 am

After eating a bit of the ramen he started to analyze the food, it was quite a nice ramen it had a warm taste so he assumed it had chilli in it but a mild kind of chilli, "Oooh I think they used Banana pepper in this ramen it's really tasty honestly it's also slightly sweet but I think they might have added marmalade? Who knows I think they might have also added some umami inhancers" Chuckling around and finishing up his soup he was having a good time, for the first time in a while he was actually enjoying himself.

"Well I've told you about myself so why don't you tell me a bit about yourself dude?you seem pretty cool so if we're gonna be friends tell me a bit haha! not to mention you're not so normal yourself" He said as he pointed as his eye Notte personally liked his eye's it gave him a flare something different about him, he even saw something in him when he saw him for the first time, it might have been stupid but it might of been just fate.


on Tue May 08, 2018 10:17 am

Notte flawlessly stated the spices that could've been inside the ramen, which something that Sage knew he couldn;t do because of his limited knowledge on cooking and foods, "Well honestly, I don't know what they put in this bowl, but the thing that I'm sure of is that it does taste wonderful!". and laughed it off a little at his own stupidity like before, they then moved to a different topic, now it's about him, Notte pointed out about his eyes, and he honestly forgot that he has heterochromia, "Oh god yes, I totally forgot about my eye colour," and laughed a little again at his stupidity, "Well I was born with, it's of course not normal even for elves but I like them," then he paused for a moment and continued, "Oh I'm also a mage, currently working for the rune knights, catching and kicking asses here and there, I'm here at this festival is also because I travel from town to town seeking for requests and get jewels so I can live and not starve to death, if I wasn't a mage and wasn't travelling, I don't think I would've known about the existence of this festival." and chuckled again, at his stupidity and limit of knowledge.

#18Notte Giornata 

on Tue May 08, 2018 10:31 am

Notte kinda say the self-doubt in Sage's eyes he didn't really think much of himself, "Nah dude you're great I mean you can cook you're a mage? YOU'RE AN ELF? I mean seriously dude you're awesome I bet you're super strong as well! I mean you would have to be to be in Rune Knights they seem pretty cool, but they're also super good I could sense the about you, you have a good moral compass you're gonna do great things, but about that I honestly don't know where I'm gonna end up I don't know where my genes will take me I don't agree with Rune Knights way of working and I don't like Phantom lords way of enforcing so I'm honestly gonna wait till something else pops up, but let's stay friends where ever we end up even if we do end up on opposite sides, it would be horrible if we started to fight haha, but I can't promise where I'll end up will be good but one thing I know is that I'm gonna end up where I think is truly right and I suggest you should do that too, don't follow what everyone else thinks, just follow what you think is good!" He gave a smile to Sage as he finished his soup giving an approving look over to him.


on Tue May 08, 2018 10:43 am

As Notte praised Sage over and over, he couldn't help it but to feature a humble smile, "Aw thanks,", then continued on hearing what Notte had to say, then out of nowhere they moved into a topic of right or wrong things, "Eh even though I'm a rune knight I have my own beliefs and perspective of what's right, I believe in the purity of the righteousness, not only do I think that what's wrong is still wrong I also believe that doing something good to cause something bad out of it is also wrong," then he stopped himself before he gets too excited and probably jump on the counter and start to pretend to be a poet or something and shout about stuff that might be hard for other people to process, as they finish their ramen, Sage suddenly felt the need to have something cold and refreshing, "Hey you wanna grab an ice cream or something? I'm craving for one," he said to Notte which reminded him of one other thing, "Oh and yeah how old are you?" he asked Notte because he thinks that Notte must be -way- older than him due to his features, and it wouldn't surprise him if he is, and this made him regret inviting someone older than him to grab an ice cream.

#20Notte Giornata 

on Tue May 08, 2018 11:14 am

Notte's eyes perked up when Sage mentioned ice cream "Oooo yeah I love ice cream! I mean who doesn't haha " After walking a bit the boy asked how old he was "Well I don't really know but I think I'm around 20?" Notte wasn't that old but he felt like he wasted the majority of his life in his own town so it was time for him to branch out and learn new spells and get some more power and more fun, but right now it was time to get ice cream.

When the pair got there Notte ordered a scoop of strawberry ice cream comically pink, but it was just a coincidence he genuinely enjoyed strawberry ice cream.

"So you were talking about being a mage what kinda magic do you have? personally, I have Dark magic, funnily enough, I've been thinking about a new spell it's gonna be based on this concept called Spin and Steel balls, it's kinda blurry right now but i'll make sure to show you when I'm done! Do you have anything in the works? " he asked as he made way for sage to order his ice cream.


on Tue May 08, 2018 11:23 am

So Notte wasn't that old at all, Sage thought because he thought that Notte must be somewhere around 25, and thank goodness things didn't trnawkward when Sage invited him to get some ice cream, but insteadhe seemed to love the idea of having ice cream, they walked to the store where they sold ice cream and Notte picked a strawberry flavoured ice cream, he doesn't want Notte to realize it but Sage picked vanilla ice cream so that it would match both of their hairs and Sage found it very amusing but he didn't want Notte to notice this as his hair's quite a senstitive topic based on Sage's experience.

As they were enjoying their ice cream and fulfilling Sage's craving for it, Notte started to talk about magic, "Well my magic's a little bit weird but to sum it up, I have nature and light magic, but I also too like swordsmanship, I tried marksmanship this one day and I hated it, but the sensation when u play with the swords really inspired me, so I was practicing on conjuring a sword using my spells, which would totally be cool if I could do that." and licked his ice cream away slowly, he wasn't that fast of an eater especially for ice cream.

#22Notte Giornata 

on Tue May 08, 2018 11:37 am

Notte was quite interested in swords so when he mentioned it his eye's sparked up a bit "I used to want to use a sword but I wasn't that good at it so I pretty much just left it but..." He pulled out two rubber balls out of his pockets and threw them into the man's hands and asked a simple question "Tell me what's the first thing that comes into your mind when you look at those two simple balls" Notte had been thinking about the concept of Spin for a while, it had hit him in his hometown, it had been a combination of a Manga he was reading and simply observing nature, at a glance using a simple steel ball a weapon seemed stupid but Notte had it worked out additionally he was quite intrested in what Sage had to say as a fellow mage and a stronger guy what imput he had to put in, after Notte had finished his ice cream he gestured for Sage to follow him into a an open mountain field where he would demonstrate what he meant by the concept of spin


on Tue May 08, 2018 11:45 am

As Notte pulled out the two balls and gave it to Sage, he held them in his left hand as his right hand was holding the ice cream cone he was still eating, Notte asked him what came to his mind, and it was like a volcano exploding inside his head, ideas rushing in like a fast river in a storm, "Well the first thing that came into my mind is the earth and the sun, wait no, like the moon and their planets, basically yeah planetary objects rotatinigeach other, oh and there's more, I think they're like that ying and yang thing too," there were more things that Sage wanted to tell like how he'd think the two balls as something else too but Notte did ask him the first thought that came to his mind and the planetary objects as the first thing that came to his mind, Notte then 'dragged' him to a mountain field and thank god Sage just finished his ice cream when they arrive, he needs to improve his eating skills, "Umm, are you sure we're going to do it now here?" he asked Notte as he could feel the vibe of something that cold possibly go horribly wrong.

#24Notte Giornata 

on Tue May 08, 2018 5:41 pm

Notte thought his answer was cute but alas "You're thinking too deeply about them they're just spheres but in this case a lot can be done with them in my time on the farm i came up with a little concept called spin i thought it up from an old manga i used to read and just watching nature in general the basic concept is that everything is constantly moving in a way and that way is usually a counter-clockwise direction this "Spin" with practiced can be used effectively" He took a ball from Sage and pointed at it and places it in his palm "Ok so don't get me wrong i can't do this yet but i think i can make basic things..." He started to concentrate as slowly but surely the ball started to "Spin! The exciting thing about Spin that it has amazingly destructive properties turning a normal object into a deadly weapon but in this case the perfect vessel for this Magic is a ball or more specifically an Iron ball which i want to make in the near future, oh by the way i didn't take you here to do some stupid training montage i just wanted to get some fresh air this area has a lot of nice trees so it's worth the walk!" He chuckled as he sat down in the grass.


on Wed May 09, 2018 2:11 am

Sage only listened to the older man speaking wisely about his concepts and the things that the spheres could do with his concept of spin, but there was this feeling, an uneasy feeling where the concept of destructive things came up, Sage wasn't quite a fan of power and destruction, his arms would then cross each other his hands holding his own biceps, he did unconsciously, a language that bodies speak of that shows someone feels not protected but Sage's expression would be of awe, he would like to know more of the concept but at the same time feel uneasy about it.

His arms then would uncross each other when Notte said that they didn't go there for some kind of training and that he just wants to chill. A smile carved on Sage's face as he sat down on the silky grass, his hands moving over it as it brushes through his fingers. "So..." he would start speaking, wanting to have a conversation but didn't know what to talk about, then a question came to his mind, "you said you have dark magic right? I've been reading about them too actually as I spend most of my time in the library back at the headquarters, and there are many variations of dark magic, what variation are yours?" with a questioning tone at the end of it, his head tilted a little to show his curiosity.

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