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Blooming Buds [Sage|Ri|Festival]

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Blooming Buds [Sage|Ri|Festival] Empty on Mon May 07, 2018 3:22 am

It was the first day of the flower festival for Sage, although it might not be the first for some other people because yeah he arrived late to the festival. It was nearing twilight, he was wearing a light blue kimono that matches his left eye, walking down pass through food stalls, there weren't many people at that time, most of them had gone to the trees or the lakeside to watch the view of the sunset.

He looked at the people that passed through him, most of them walking with a friend, a family, or a special partner, laughing and joking with each other, all of them smiling in the perfect sunset of spring, with the smell of good food and the moderate yet perfect temperature the place gave them, maybe it was because of the trees that made the place a little bit moist and comfortable.

Both of his hands were holding one other at his back, resting his body that way, a curl at the edge of his lips could be seen forming a little smile and his gaze was at other people, as if he was an observer of happy memories because it felt good, even though he was alone he could feel the warmth of the bond those people share with each other, how they care and love one another.

It made him feel quite sad and lonely too, he wished someone was there, he wished he could live in the moment where he creates wonderful warm memories with loved ones, even with friends, he sighed, stopping all the bad thinking that was taking over the space in his mind, the fresh air that the place served was enough to calm him down. 

He looked at the sky, hoping for miracles to happen to his boring life that seems like a blank page but with a few unfinished sketched drawings drawn by a lazy artist and an incompassionate one too.

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Blooming Buds [Sage|Ri|Festival] Empty on Mon May 07, 2018 12:45 pm

Ri Brighte
Ri's gaze fell from the blue sky, as he then looked ahead, at the festival grounds' gate. He gently pulled at the collar of his yukata, the bright sun making him sweat quite badly. He'd have to buy one of those straw hats he saw in books. He wondered if they sold them around there. Well, they had to. After all, it was a festival. They had fifty contests and no place that sold hats? Blasphemy.

With that said, the mage groaned and placed his open palm on his head, to try and cover himself from the sun as much as possible. Even with his blonde hair, it didn't mean that he wasn't a target for the heat the astral object provided. Soon, he entered the festival grounds, and looked around. A few people seemed to have already arrived, some holding hands -clearly lovers- and some with their families. The young mage smiled, and crossed his arms, as he walked past, his eyes still wandering, and looking for something new to do.

All of a sudden, as he walked, he caught the voices of a few men, shouting. They seemed...Happy? Perhaps so, but with the way Ri perceived it, if they seemed happy, something must happen.

And so, the mage walked forwards, following the sound of the voices, before stumbling upon a group of about ten men, of different sizes, sat down at a table. Two of the men were arm wrestling, while the others watched and whistled, ready to see who would win. Ri was clearly interested, for he parked himself between two of the shorter men and watched the "fight" go on, a hand placed on his chin in thought. Perhaps the one with the awesome scars will. Who knows?

It seemed he bet on the right man, for when the match ended with the win of the scarred man, Ri cheered with pure childish glee in his voice.

"Woo! Yeah!"

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Blooming Buds [Sage|Ri|Festival] Empty on Tue May 08, 2018 12:18 am

He focused on what everyone else was doing now, and he would be attracted to the group that's more lively, he heard the sound of men shouting and whistling, normally he would have hated that because it causes too much noise, but this time he didn't care, he'd feel awe instead wanting to know what was going on there, as he peeked over the man in the front row he could see a few men having an arm wrestling contest, as it ended and the man with the scar wins, everybody started to cheer and at that moment Sage couldn't lie to himself, he heard something familiar, very familiar.

He looked at the group of men trying to identify anything that he once met before, and there he was, golden blonde hair and eyes, Ri was standing at the opposite side of the table, he couldn't help it but let the muscles of his face work and carve a smile on it, he looked at Ri for awhile, waiting for him to notice him, and if he didn't notice Sage he would clearly run towards Ri and give him a hug, but if Ri did notice him, Sage would smile wider with his teeths shown, and still run towards him and give him a friendly hug, then ask him how he was doing.

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Blooming Buds [Sage|Ri|Festival] Empty on Tue May 08, 2018 12:59 am

Ri Brighte
The two men shook hands, and then stood, soon making their way off from the scene. A bit of disappointment was written on the mage's face, who hoped to see more of the friendly competition. But, he shrugged, and went to continue walking, before his eyes laid on the Rune Knight. Ri was close to just walking by him, but even he couldn't miss out on the the boy's own blonde hair. He stopped, and stared for a few brief seconds, before a wide smile broke on his face.

When the other mage went to hug him, Ri happily accepted it, wrapping his hands around him as well, and giving him a well-deserved bear hug. Using his taller posture, he even picked the boy up, but quickly set him down.

"Sage!" He began, with the same smile clear on his face, "I haven't seen you in ages! Where have you been?! You should've came here sooner! Oh- I have so much to tell you, you won't even believe it. But first!" Even he didn't seem to know what he wanted to do first, as he began to walk forwards, in a somewhat of a brisk pace, "Let's go get some drinks, no?" Suffice to say, Ri didn't even wait for the younger mage to follow him, knowing full well he would. Well, hoping really.

Once they'd have reached the little wooden shop where they sold drinks, Ri would have reached in his yukata and pulled out his wallet. Hopefully, before the Knight could even think about paying, he'd have already given the clerk whatever money he wished for.

"A lemonade for me, and for my -associate- here..." He trailed off, letting the man choose for himself, his attention now switching between the shopkeeper and his friend.

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Blooming Buds [Sage|Ri|Festival] Empty on Tue May 08, 2018 1:26 am

The feelings he had before where he was lonely and all gone, perished into nothingness as he and Ri hugged, how good it feels to meet a friend when you really need one. Sage also giggled a little when Ri picked him up. Then Ri would say something that clearly showed how happy he was to meet him again, "Well lately I've been busy with Rune Knights stuffs so," and rubbed the back of his neck and before he could say more, Ri invited him to have a drink, "Yeah I'd love that," he replied and walked after Ri, walking beside him towards the wooden shop.

Even though he and Ri didn't spend a lot of time with each other, Sage could already tell what Ri's personality is, the first being generous, as he -always- pay for the food, which was kind of annoying but Sage couldn't care less because that's who Ri is, a generous man.

When it was time for Sage to order his drink, he went blank for a moment, "Mmm," he analyzed the situation, it was almost quite hot so a lemonade would cool his body down a little, "Yeah I'll have a lemonade too." he said to the shopkeeper, while waiting for their drinks to be served Sage noticed his friend holding the wallet out already, if he's the true Ri he knew he would've paid for both the drinks, but just to keep things from getting awkward, Sage readied his hand over his right pocket, ready to take his wallet out to pay for his drink if Ri's not paying for his.

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Blooming Buds [Sage|Ri|Festival] Empty on Tue May 08, 2018 9:48 am

Ri Brighte
The moment Sage reached for his wallet, Ri's free hand gently slapped his, the same smile still held on his face, "Nah- Nah. This is on me. Buuuut-" He paused, for dramatic effect, "You -can- buy the food."
With a playful wink, he took hold of the now-arrived drinks, and handed one of the glasses to Sage.

With a quick bob of his head, he beckoned the lil' elf to follow him, as to walk around the festival grounds. He took a small sip from his lemonade as his geta clanked against his feet. "So..." He began, with his trademark smile never fading, "Rune Knight stuff, huh?" A small chuckle escaped him after he spoke, turning his whole body to him, and walking backwards. Was it dangerous? Yes. Did the electrical-oriented mage care? No, never.

"Catch some bad guys? Maybe some of those with an evil guild, or something?" After he spoke, he took another sip, and returned to a normal walk, now by the elf's side, his gaze set to the road before him.

After the Knight spoke, Ri could only nod, before directing his attention to a stall right next to them, "Hey, look!" He began, "These guys are selling masks! I always wanted one, but I never knew where to get them. Come, come!"

Ri seemed quite excited, for when he walked up to the shopkeepers, a man and a woman, he almost dropped both his wallet, and his drink. His goal was clear. The "cool" demon-like mask that sat on the highest shelf. Even as excited as he was, the thought of putting down his drink, and actually reaching for the respective jewels did strike him, and that's what he did.

Once received, Ri would keep that childish grin of his as he put it on, and turned to his associate.


With a chuckle, and a quick shake of his head, he gripped its chin and moved it to the side of his head, while he continued to talk, "So, where to now?"

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Blooming Buds [Sage|Ri|Festival] Empty on Tue May 08, 2018 10:33 am

As Sage had predicted, Ri did pay for the drinks, and he couldn't help but to grin when he smacked his hand when he reached for his wallet, then he played a little joke and he played along with it, giggling and then replied, "Nevermind I'm not that hungry anymore,", Ri handed to  Sage his lemonade drink and he grabbed it, "thanks," to show his gratitude for buying the drink, he too smiled throughout the day with him.

They then headed wandering off around the festival, and while they are at that Ri asked Sage a few questions, "Yeah all of that stuff, I guess now you have to get used to it since it's like everyday stuff for me," ending the conversation like that, for some reason that Sage couldn't tell, he was different that day, he wasn't that talkative even though he knew so well that everything was going fine and he should be having the time of his life, it was probably because he was tired or something, but he must suck it for just one day because it's not every day that he could spend with Ri.

A mask stall then caught Ri's attention and of course Sage followed him into the store, he looked around the store, and nothing actually caught his attention, even a little bit. Unlike him, something -really- caught Ri's attention, him dropping his drink and taking out his wallet just to get the demon mask, which Sage must say, does look hella cool, and he could only giggle when Ri tried scaring Sage with it but instead made him look cute.

After settling a little and Ri asked him where to go then, Sage hummed and looked around, "Umm, honestly I don't know," he might sound boring then he looked at Ri, "I don't actually know what you should do during a flower festival, plus it's my first day and my first time on a flower festival, -and- my first time wearing a kimono," then looked at Ri, trying to tell him that he literally didn't know what to do or where to go next, but also to show him that he'd follow him wherever he goes.

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Blooming Buds [Sage|Ri|Festival] Empty on Tue May 08, 2018 11:45 pm

Ri Brighte
As soon as he heard the boy's words, Ri faked a gasp. As to continue the dramatic gesture, he even placed his hand over his mouth, as if someone just told him he was the father of fifty children. Which was impossible. For more or less, obvious reasons. But, in reality, Ri wasn't that much of a knowledgeable person in festivals either. He has only been to a few in his travels, and it was easy to say that this was the largest he has been to.

"Well." He began, going to take his drink, so that they could exit the shop, "Why not just go and see a band play, or something? Or, we could go have something to eat. I mean- " He paused, as his eyes set to the sky, silently thinking about what time, and what day it was, "Eh, actually. I doubt they'll start playing now."

He hummed, softly, as he started thinking of what to do, "You know, I actually don't know what we should do either."

As soon as he said that, though, he stopped, his eyes now set on a small stage next to them. It was clear that they went low-budget, with the minimal arrangements they bulled. Just a paper tree, two barrels, and the actors. Ri's hand then pointed to the two, and to the small group gathered around them, "Should we go watch them? I mean, it's not like we have anything else to do." He shrugged, softly, his gaze setting on the boy, as he waited for his thoughts on the matter.

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Blooming Buds [Sage|Ri|Festival] Empty on Wed May 09, 2018 1:18 am

Sage could only giggle when Ri fake gasped and acted dramatically, "Stop it," he said while laughing and smacked Ri's arm with his free hand, the smack won't hurt at all though, just a playful act. They then exited the shop with Ri suggesting things to do and in the middle of it he stopped, his gaze fixed on something, Sage was aware at this and looked at the direction where Ri was looking at. 

It was a low budget play but still, it's not about the props but the meaning behind the play, although secretly in Sage's mind he would love it more if the prop's been crafted fancily. Ri asked him to watch the show, and he could only smile at him "Sure,"

He headed closer towards the performance area, Sage tried not to push anybody as the crowd grows, he would stay close to Ri as he was the only person he knew and he's comfortable with. While waiting for the show to start, Sage had a sip of his lemonade and to keep things lively he'd ask Ri something, "So what have you been doing?" a question similar to what he was asked before, plus it's a good thing to keep up to date with friends you enjoy being with showing how much you care.

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Blooming Buds [Sage|Ri|Festival] Empty on Wed May 09, 2018 11:27 am

Ri Brighte
Ri's eyes remained glued to the preparing performers. He watched their every move, but he wasn't trying to judge them, or anything of the sort. Instead, he was looking to learn from them, to see what their pre-show preparing looked like. With that said, Ri hadn't heard the boy's question at first, but he had realized it was asked a few seconds after, his excited gaze now setting on the Knight. He shrugged, gently, before speaking, "Been doing random missions, here and there. Trying to raise money, you know the drill. After all-" He paused, as an impish grin formed on his face. His hand then went for his head, patting it, as if he would a child, "-not all have a steady income from the 'big, scary, Rune Knights'." He then dropped his hand, giving a stifled chuckle, done by covering his mouth with his hand. "You know I'm kidding."

With that said and done, he shrugged, yet again, "But, yeah- I wasn't really doing anything that important. Just going from place to place. I was actually really happy to find the flyer for the festival." By now, his voice turned to a hush, given that the actors were starting to get to their places. One, dressed in all green, and with a cliche dragon-like head placed on -his- head, ran away from the stage, most likely behind a corner where he could make his dramatic appearance. The other, a knightly dressed man sat on a plastic rock, and sharpened his clearly fake sword. It didn't matter, really, for the story was what the whole point of a play was.

"Here it comes, here it comes." He spoke, his excited behavior right back. But, he stopped, suddenly, as concern began writing itself over his face, "You...You're alright with this, right? If it gets too violent, we can leave. Hell, we can leave now, if you don't want to see it."

The electrical mage remembered with clarity what happened last time they went to a play, and didn't wish to make the younger boy feel as embarrassed as he was then.

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Blooming Buds [Sage|Ri|Festival] Empty on Wed May 09, 2018 12:08 pm

Sage noticed that Ri was paying most of his attention to the performers, perceiving that he would want to be an actor too one day, while Sage was there standing just waiting for the performers to start the show because he was more of a poet person than an actor kind of person, but luckily Sage didn't have to ask the same question twice and make things awkward as Ri answered not seriously of course like always pulling a joke, and Sage's only reaction was that his cheeks turned red with embarrassment, his eyes were in a state of a shocked person's eyes but his mouth was smiling, his lips not touching though looking like he was baffled and when Ri said that he was only joking he replied playfully, "Yeah right," while rolling his eyes but he was still smiling though.

Then Ri answered properly but they couldn't talk for long as the show was about to start, there were swords and dragons and oversized stones, like the classic show someone would put up, and Sage was excited. Then suddenly Ri would ask him if he'd be alright and what they will do if a gore scene showed up, Sage could only laugh a little and replied, "Well there are children watching this, if they put up a gore scene, I'm going to fine them with my rune knight -abilities-." ending his sentence with a bit of a laugh. It wasn't always that Sage joked about something, but he did take what Ri did seriously, he cared for him and knew him and doesn't like to make him feel uncomfortable, a true meaning of a friend.

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Ri Brighte
Ri smiled once he heard that the Knight was alright with the play, and turned his attention towards it. "So, after this, what? The concert will probably start in a few hours, and so will the fireworks." He then whispered to his good friend. Truth be told, he did want to see the fireworks and the concert, but he'd rather go and eat first. Despite that, he didn't wish to make the elven boy feel forced to go with him to a shop that he didn't wish to stay in, and so, he let him decide, yet again.

With that said and done, he began to watch the play, his gaze switching between the different actors. It was a cliche piece, that was for sure- A princess, a knight, and a fearsome dragon, who was keeping the princess in a tower, and the knight had to save her. The mage always wondered if these stories were true. If the dragon was truly fearsome, hateful, and greedy. What if, the princess' father was the greedy one, ready to reclaim his daughter from her savior, so that she could be wed with someone from another kingdom, for peace's sake.

As he thought about this, Ri's eyes never lost their focus from the three characters, quite anxious to see if this piece will end as he expected it, with the prince winning the fight with the "fearsome" dragon, or with the dragon winning, and the story to reveal that the "beast" was actually a cursed man, who had to kill the one who turned him that way, for him to be free.

But, given that there were at least ten children here, he doubted that the play would have that complicated of a twist. He sighed, a bit of disappointment showing in his features afterwards, as he crossed his arms and continued to watch.

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Blooming Buds [Sage|Ri|Festival] Empty on Wed May 09, 2018 11:25 pm

Ri asked Sage a quite similar question from before, what he wanted to do next, He looked at the sky, wanting to know what time was it and how long it'll be until the fireworks start, they have a few hours only. Then he realized one thing, that he hadn't eaten any large meal and he was starving, "Maybe we could go and eat something? Cause I'm hungry.", he had then continued watching the play unravel, creating his own theory and different version of the scene in his head, interpreting each of the performer's move trying to think what they could've meant even if it's not real.

As the play ended the crowd applauded, and Sage joined in just to be one with the 'happy atmosphere', he glances at Ri and saw in his face pure disappointment, "Not that fun enough huh? What about filling our guts with delicacies?" he said while shuffling backwards and his arms moving like a train's to lift Ri's mood a little, his smile of course never wears off. Suddenly talking about food made Sage picture all the good warm foods they were serving there, he can't wait to grab a bunch and be greedy about it, just for one day and that's fine right?

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Blooming Buds [Sage|Ri|Festival] Empty on Thu May 10, 2018 10:16 am

Ri Brighte
Once the crowd applauded, Ri was broken out of his trance, and began following their actions. Once the boy asked to go and eat, he nodded, and motioned for him to go ahead of him, now feeling rather hungry himself. Thoughtfully, he reached for his chin, and scratched it. He felt like he was forgetting something. Something really, really important.

But, that didn't matter now, for one of the outdoor restaurants he was so fond of was now making its appearance, the tell-tale vintage sign swinging gently in the wind. From inside, shouts were heard, but it was no sign of violence, no. For people were gathered and were happy, dancing to some traditional music, that Ri couldn't remember where he had heard from.

He walked inside, now in front of the Knight, motioning for him excitedly to follow him, to one of the empty tables. Soon enough, a waiter came, asking them about their order. "I'll have a..." He paused, silently thinking about what to get, for a few seconds, "A steak. With potatoes on the side. And a glass of water." With that said, and done, he'd look over to his companion, the same smile kept on his face as he waited for him to get his order as well.

Not even twenty minutes later, they were served, and Ri couldn't be more happy to dig in. He ate fast, but not messy-ly. Messyly? Is that a word? Perhaps. It didn't matter, for the young mage's hunger was something so large, he hadn't realized just how much, until he actually began eating.

It was at his first bite of the steamy potatoes that he realized just what he had exactly forgotten. His eyes widened, as he gently dropped the fork, and reached into his yukata. From there, a neatly folded piece of paper made his appearance, in the mage's hand. Ri dragged it out, and silently unfolded it, widened eyes trying to make out its writing. With an annoyed growl, he extended his arm, so that the writing was farther away, and he could read it. Even so, his eyes were still squinted, to make out the finer lines, from under the reward.

One muttered curse, and Ri immediately stood, dropping the paper on the table, and reaching for his wallet. He swiftly took out the required jewels for his meal, and left them on the table. With just as much speed as before, he went to the mage and hugged him, before going to dash out of the door, "I'm sorry, Sage! This is really important!" He yelled, on his way out.

If the Knight were to pick up the paper Ri had dropped on the table, he'd see that it was actually a mission. The time for the meeting was ten minutes from then.

Ten minutes from then, tomorrow.


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Blooming Buds [Sage|Ri|Festival] Empty on Fri May 11, 2018 1:53 am

They head into the lovely looking restaurant, cheers of people could be heard from the outside, thoughts that there would be crowds inside the restaurant budded in his mind, he was a little scared as he doesn't like crowds that much or it'll drain a lot from him. But for the sake of Ri and their friendship he's willing to sacrifice for him when they got inside the restaurant was huge, and there weren't crowds just a lot of people in big dining tables in the corner, it was a warm happy sight.

Ri invited Sage to sit on the table and he would follow, of course, looking through the menu and not knowing what to have, he heard Ri wanting a steak which was quite a big meal, and now it's his turn to order and he honestly didn't know what to eat, "I'll just have fish n' chips," he finally said to the waiter.

As they waited, which wasn't that long, they had talked about stuff and laughed at jokes, when the food finally came they had a silent meal but being in the silence was actually a bonding that could never be matched. Suddenly something hit Ri, Sage wanted to ask him if  everything was fine, he then said sorry and left, with a piece of note on the table, Sage reached for the piece of paper and unfolded it, he then understands completely and let a little laugh out amused by his friend's forgetfulness of things.


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