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Hello Kitty [Nameless & Shura]

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on Sun May 06, 2018 10:23 am

She lay with her back pressed against the bench. It had been not long since she closed down her dunk tank and opened it to the next willing person. Her small white furred companion sat on her chest. Her right arm hung over the front of the bench holding the empty jar of what once was full of money. Her right held a leg of chicken over her mouth as she tore the meat from it.

She would sigh, the sun still up, the thoughts of the girls of the other day still fresh in her mind.

"What do you make of it all?" the voice of Chisu again pleaded for reason.

"Maybe there is much for us to remember." The sounds of Lex continued to hope.

"We have one job, and will continue to have one." Nameless would reply back, within her own thoughts, she would sit up and open her eyes, only to see all of them around her. She could remember their names, but could they remember their own?

"Les. Lau. Sekiya. Mikiko. Nobunaga." she looked over them, repeating their names as she did so. "How long will it be until you all stop haunting me?"

She would sigh and set down her food, only for her pet to lean out and swallow it whole.

Nameless set her face in her hands as she sat on the bench. How long was this torture going to last?

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#2Shura Ranzu 

on Sun May 06, 2018 10:52 am

Some time had passed since Shura entered the festival and played a few of the games. He was walking through the festival looking for something else to do. Admiring the sights would only go so far. Maybe he had become so accustomed to all of the fighting and strife in his life he didn't know how to truly relax. Then again how could one relax with all of these things happening to them? At that point, it would feel a bit forced. Relaxing was something that had to happen naturally and this festival was supposed to be that escape. But his demons chased him here to this point.

Walking through the crowd he noticed the cat-girl from earlier sitting on a bench. Once again he found himself staring at this girl wondering who she was and why he felt like he knew her. Versus just staring at her like a creeper approached calmly. He cast a shadow over the girl and her companion. He said nothing at first, not because he didn't want to. He didn't really know what to say at first. Usually, he was quick to speak but once again he was at a lost for words. A sensation of panic overcame him as if he was that little boy all those years ago trying to talk to a crush. 'Say something idiot she is going to think you are weird.'

“Who are you?” His voice came off aggressive in nature. He was cutting to the chase unlike his usual banter before getting to the center of a problem. Shura had a blank expression on his face as he retreated to his thoughts once more. He coughed and recomposed himself before speaking again, consoling himself on how he began the conversation.

'Seriously? Couldn't you have said something a bit smoother? Way to be an asshat.'

“I mean the name is Shura, I just dunked you at the booth. It is a pleasure to meet you.”


on Sun May 06, 2018 11:19 am

This festival had attached anyone, if not everyone. There was wars not long in the past and here people would celebrate. Who knows what would become of the world in the coming years, or perhaps even as soon as the festival ended. So many people laid down their arms to take in the celebration, but why? Why was this event their olive branch? What made this place so special that no one wished to fight anymore? Humans were truly confusing.

A shadow creeped up upon her. She peeked from between her fingers only to look up and around to meet the face of the last man who played her dunking game. "Why is he here?" she thought, her heart pounding. But why? What was going on? What was her body feeling, that her mind could not comprehend?

He would come out with a question, forceful at that. She wasn't sure if it was her own racial background, or the fact she had escaped and cheated death so frequently. Whatever his reason was, she didn't think too much of it, simply staring back as words would pour from his lips.

"Yeah, you actually didn't need my help rigging the game like everyone else did." She coughed, finding her own tone a bit too serious and cold. "I was dunkin' myself till you got there. Strong arm ya go there." She lingered on that thought.

His arm? Why did that sound so odd. It was as if it danced in front of her, yet she couldn't find it so weird to say. No matter. "Shit, my name." she thought to herself. She could have made it all up, but what was the point in that?

"Everyone calls me Nameless." she answered, thinking nothing more than the truth of it. Few referred to her as No-Name. There was no reason to increase those numbers. "Miss Manji will do fine do, whatever you prefer, nyan~."

Oh. Ooohhh no. Not this again . . .

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#4Shura Ranzu 

on Mon May 07, 2018 4:53 pm

The girl looked up from her hands at Shura. He was pleased to hear that she didn't have to rig the game for him. Her tone was a bit cold, like his initial tone. Which he deserved that, so he didn't get mad. If anything he smiled at the girl's tenacity. She made a comment about his one arm, which made him chuckle at it. “Well, you asked for full power. I am not one to turn away from a challenge.” He didn't want to go into details because he did not know this girl fully. It wasn't wise to spill out full details about his past with someone he just met. Even though, he felt like he knew her.

Then she said something that caused Shura to raise an eyebrow at the comment. “Did you just say Nameless?” He was trying to comprehend her name. 'Chi said something about a Nameless. Is this really her?' Then she said something right after the name drop that made him tense up all over.

So much to the point, his demonic energy began to seep out. His presence would be known to anyone within a twenty-five-meter radius who looked him in the eyes. Shura was unknowing becoming angry at the realization that Chi might be dead because of this being directly in front of him. Nameless was someone who Chi spoke about. The rotting flesh that she kept attached to her back. The voice in Chi's head was now sitting directly in front of him. Was Chi sacrificed for Nameless? Did Chi willingly give herself to give birth to another? So many questions came to his mind in an instant.

He was becoming more like a demon each passing moment without realizing it. His humanity slipping bit by bit just through the twist of an emotion. Someone else who knows of the Ranzu lineage, someone who has met Geno. “Miss Manji? I knew a Manji, I am curious does the name Chi ring a bell Nameless? I am going to call you that until I understand who or what you are.” She would noticeably see Shura's anger seep out and her vision would become blurry. He didn't want to do this, but his real nature was becoming more noticeable each day.


on Mon May 07, 2018 10:36 pm

Full power? No, this man had much more power in his reserves. At best, that was half of his power, and even that would dwarf her own skill. She was sure of it, the question was him. Why was she uncertain of who he was?

At the mention of the Manji name she would watch him tense up. What was the reason for it? She looked into his eyes, finding anger and hatred beginning to seep out, what had she awoken? What had the Manji done to this man?

"You're the first to call me a what." she would say. And in an instant, all of it would come together. Just her name. Her name. Her name . .  Chisu. Chisu Lau, the crowned heir, the body Nameless lived within.

"Forgive me." she would say. She would remove herself from the bench, only to set her calves to the ground, kneeling before him. She would bow her head. "It would seem that Chisu was important to you." she wasn't sure why her body moved the way it did, and why her heart pounded, but now she understood.

"It was by her order, that it happened. I did not force her, I merely hitchhiked. I'm afraid I do not contain her memories, nor does she. But if you are the man I think you are, then I can assure you that it was by her own choice, and out of her love for you. If you are the descendant of Geno, then it appears that Chisu would like for me to assist you in the way she could not." All of it came out, and again she was bowing to another mortal, but this time, it felt right. This time it felt natural. Was it because of her own will, of or the one in her mind?

"She was going to take her own life. I can assure you, I would never manipulate my favored daughter to submit her life to me." She spoke, and would bow her head until he would tell her otherwise.

She bowed her head. Her hair would part, revealing the mark that was branded, seared and scarred her flesh. A mark that bore the symbol of the guild Nameless knew nothing of. A mark of the finest guild in the town of Oak. A guild of evil and chaos. A guild named Phantom Lord. A mark, that branded her flesh, devotion beyond a stamp.

A mark, that was made by Shura's own hand.

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#6Shura Ranzu 

on Wed May 09, 2018 2:01 pm

Shura said nothing as Nameless made her initial reply. He was aware she was not human. The kicker was, he wasn’t fully human neither. As each passing day passed his humanity was slipping away. That was becoming more evident with each passing day. He let out a sigh before relaxing his body. Shura’s demeanor turned back to normal as Nameless stood up and got down on a knee. This created an awkward moment where people passing by were staring. Others were watching all of this unfold. Shura kneeled down so he could look at the Neko. “Get up we are making a scene,” his words came out as a whisper. Only loud enough for him and Nameless to hear.

Shura stood up and continued to hear the words of Nameless. “Yea she was important to me, and I knew her by just Chi.” Shura wasn’t completely filled in by the relationship between Chi and Nameless, this was just more to think about. Then again orders were orders, even though Shura had a nasty disposition towards authority. Maybe it was fate that saw fit for Nameless to be here and not Chi. That was something Shura did not meddle in when it came to others. He won’t accept his fate but he has no right meddling.

As far as being a descendant of Geno that only confirmed that Nameless knew a little of what Chi knew. “Ya, he is my great grandfather or some shit like that.” He chuckled at the idea of Chi ordering Nameless too help Shura in any way. Shura did not like the idea of someone being in service like this. Especially when he was not right in the head at the moment. “Look you have a new life, what you and Geno shared does not concern me. New Ranzu, new slate you owe nothing to me. You are no slave, you have your freedom to do as you please.” He saw the brand on the back of her neck. A Phantomlord tattoo burned into his flesh. He frowned at it knowing he did that. They were connected regardless of how they just met.

Nameless the mother to Chi, how the relation went Shura was not one too question. During all of this chatting Shura figured they were going to be here a while. He took a seat on the far side of where Nameless’s seat was. The snow fox moved out of the way as he sat down. Shura couldn’t be too mad at Nameless, what happened was not of her choosing. Whether or not if she was telling the truth lingered in the back of his mind. He chose not to dwell on it for good reason. Why get upset over something that has happened. What could he get out of hurting Nameless for information? Chi was gone, that was a bit unsettling too say the least. “Chi is gone, tell me was it painless at least?”


on Wed May 09, 2018 2:35 pm

Tradition was sacred. It didn't matter how times changed, or how people lived. Her traditions would never change. Years from now, it would continue, and people would repeat it. The action itself would lose meaning, but Nameless would never forget it. That was what brought them honor.  It was pain that reminded them of their power power, their own will. But Chisu was denied of that, at least, that was what Nameless would tell the man.

She would listen to his words and stand before him, the people would return to what they did before, the few still staring at one of the few nekos that wandered the festival.

She would reach to the bottom of her dress. Under it, was nothing more than shorts that extended to just above her knee. But that was not the matter. She would reveal her stomach, only to point at a scar from the sword that claimed her life. She would point and tab her tummy, only to drop her dress down, careful to not show him more than was needed.

"The woman that claimed her life, I took in return. Chisu fell into her own abyss, full of happiness and bliss. There was no suffering when I awoke, for this body was full of joy." It was strange to talk about someone that lived within her own mind, but she knew well enough that mortal lives were nothing to take lightly.

She did not understand any of the concerns of humans, nor what was social taboo. To her, all questions deserved an answer, no matter how foolish.

"I can assume, that if Chisu had chosen you, you also hold a great power, outside of your own heritage." she would bow, only to take a seat as he did. "Is it safe to assume that she found a family?" She would smile, trying to relive the life Chisu left behind. She reached to the back of her neck out of nervousness, only to feel the imperfections in her own skin. "Oh." she would say to herself. It was all very odd, and with it, she had to play a lot of catch up.

"I guess she did." she would set her hands in her lap, wondering what would ever set anyone's mind to allow themselves to be branded. It was smooth, the skin evenly burned. She was not branded out of control, of her own violation once more. What was really on her mind?

"If I may ask a question then," she would address the man, "She was inhuman, she would have never allowed herself to be ordered by a mortal. So, with that, may I ask what you are?"

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#8Shura Ranzu 

on Thu May 10, 2018 10:37 am

Shura saw the sword stab that took Chi’s life but gave life to another. The balance was demanded in this world. If one life was taken, another was brought into the world. This was the way of things and what Shura believed. He felt sadness in his heart, something that he had not felt in quite some time. Someone close taken from him without so much as a goodbye. That was the hardest pill to swallow for him. “We don’t know the day nor the time but when it’s time,to go its time.” Shura said calmly while he looked into the air. He did not cry for Chi, even though he wanted too. The last time he shed a tear for someone else’s sake was for his parents. That was the last time he allowed himself to feel that level of sadness. He accepted it quickly that she was gone. Not because of his lack of care, but because of who he was. It may not have been healthy to do so, but Shura knew Chi. He knew she wouldn’t want him to cry over her passing. If this is what she wanted all he could do was honor her memory.

“Who knows maybe I will see her down in the abyss.” He said calmly. Nameless may not have understood that comment but Shura knew full well that he was going to have to venture down there soon. He needed to find answers to questions that plagued him. Not to mention his demon heritage was becoming more evident and more public. That little episode just now was a good indication of that. He was a man of self-control, controlling his demonic instincts was no different from that.

“Indeed I do Nameless, one that surpasses even my own understanding. One may think it is outside of my heritage but this is how each Ranzu’s story has played out. Chasing a power greater than themselves to wield for their own purpose. And yes, it is safe to assume Chi found family here in her lifetime.” He replied.

Nameless seemed bothered by something that was embedded in her skin. “Yea you can blame me for that little mark then I guess.” Then Nameless wanted to ask a question. “I’m listening.” Then it came as quick as Shura realized. Nameless realized he wasn’t human neither. “By the Holy order, I am a blemish, a stain in the purity of this world. I made a pact with a demon after my defeat at the hands of the Red Queen. I am the in-between, a hybrid of human and demon. Yet, which each passing moment I feel less human.” He explained.

Shura was feeling less like a human each passing moment as he stated. With the visions and such, the demon half was taking over. He was not sure how it was going to affect him as a person. This was the trial each Ranzu went through. Geno warned him of this before he left this existence. Shura had a feeling he was going to have to make a decision here soon.


on Thu May 10, 2018 11:01 am

"Just as the day he found me, he lives alone." her voice rang, almost stinging the neko's ears. The tuffs would twitch, as if in pain, and her right eye would close out of reaction to the sound. It was unexpected, but with it, her heart tensed up. Nameless had no reason to live, until she met Kanya, but it was Chisu who had given her life. She could not forget the sacrifice that was made, even if it wasn't in vain.

"I'm afraid you'll never be able to see her there." the abyss. It was darkness. A Manji was forbidden to a life in hell or heaven. They returned to the life that gave them life, and would remain there forever, until one day they would get a second chance.

She pointed at her face, her finger set into her cheek. She opened her other eye, as if it all had stopped. "But she has seen you again, and if you're waiting for a goodbye, you'll never get one." She didn't say it to be mean or rude, it was the truth. "She never left, she will always be here, in both myself, and your own."

She wanted to say his heart, but if his words were true, he was a demon. However far he would fall would be of his own pact. It was not her place to guess or ask. It was his own choice. Everyone made a deal with the devil, only his was a demon, and not a spiritual cat.

It was the fate of all of the Manji. All would make their offerings as promised by their leader. The Fuma would offer animals. The Namazoku would offer blood. But the Manji, would offer their own lives in the purest form of devotion. . . to slay their mentor.

It was by this method that death was sure to be painless, and so Nameless would rise again, in a state of happiness, rather than fear. After all, how could any parent hold fear that their child had surpassed them?

"Then, by extension of Chisu, I would like to offer my own assistance by any means necessary. If not for your sake, please allow me to do it for hers."

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#10Shura Ranzu 

on Wed May 16, 2018 10:03 am

Shura did not say anything for a moment. He knew they parted ways for some time even though they were supposed to see the world together. Things in his life became so complicated he had become engulfed in all of it. Not to mention he had sitting on the verge of death in a coma. All of it just felt like excuses in his head for living her alone to deal with something of this caliber. Yet, this was the way life was at times. Events twisted for the worst at the drop of a dime. He knew that better than anyone. Tomorrow was not promised to anyone. Knowing Chi was lost to some unknown abyss was a bit gut-wrenching. She wasn’t lost in the abyss, she was lost in limbo. Wondering the in-between until some unknown time. That is a fate worse than hell. Shura knew what that was like in his coma.

“I am not waiting for a goodbye. Something told me it was going to come to this. I won’t pretend like I didn’t think that rotting flesh attached to her back had some sort of purpose. You must be very important for you to be here and she is gone. Make sure that life she gave isn’t wasted. Or I will send you to oblivion myself. So make sure you treat that gift she gave you with care.”

Shura did not have a cold tone or anything. He actually kind of scared himself of how casually he said that. He wasn’t usually like this, something was happening to him. Or maybe his true nature was coming to light finally. Normally he would apologize but that threat was very real. If she had to die so Nameless could be born there was a reason. There had to be a reason right? Death was mysterious in so many ways and could happen so suddenly. Shura just figured if she had to go at least it has been for something.

Shura was walking down a path he could not return from himself. Something told him he was going to have to face the demon he made a pact with to become the master of this power. Nameless offered help, but of her own will.

“If you want to help me do it because you want too, not because of some obligation. I rather you do not regret getting mixed up with someone that is prone to all sorts of danger and chaos. The path I walk is littered with death. Something tells me it's not going to get easier from here on out. Clearly, I am not too stable as a person, so best to know what you are getting yourself into.”

Even though he was becoming a Demon he was not fully losing his humanity. He was not one to use others as shields or pawns. That was not the Ranzu way.


on Wed May 16, 2018 11:03 am

Corruption would swallow the world and everyone in it. Those in charge were playing god and cried when it wasn't going their way. That was how the Rune Knights were before, and how they were now. They were children pretending to be adults. Even if they stood on each others shoulders and hid behind a large coat, their own arrogance would out them as babies. That was simply how this world worked, and this was why Phantom Lord continued to flourish as it did.

Chisu Lau was not cursed, nor cast away to darkness. She was just a second soul that infested the same body. Only that the second soul, was the one born into life, who welcomed this new controller, this new puppet master to the meatsuit she bore. No one would ever understand her wishes or desires to sit back and watch another soul take control of her life as her own, but that was the life of Nameless and Chisu Lau. It was something only they would comprehend.

He scolded her almost, of their deal with each other, Nameless would not take it lightly, fully aware of what this had done to the both of them. Since Nameless had taken the wheel, to say, both of their memories were wiped clean. They both had to pick up the pieces that were left behind. But even so, they were both content with the life they lived. Instead of Lau living to Nameless's wishes, she had now lived the opposite.

"As she wishes, I shall live as such." She did not lose the meaning in his words, but there was nothing more for her to way to him, at this moment at least.

"I desire to help you both as a promise and debt, which you have cleared me of, but also of the wish of Chisu. As such, I will help." she knew very well the cost of mortals, and this man was turning far from such. Like she had done in the era before, she would serve a Ranzu not as a pawn, but an equal. She was not one who could easily grow on her own. The Ranzu was her tool to achieve her powers, and in return she would magnify his strength.

"We are both far from innocents. I would glady walk your path, for as long as you will allow." Nameless would speak, her few emotions coming to surface. Loyalty and devotion.

"But, before we even touch on the darkness of both of our journeys, can you inform me of the condition of Phantom Lord?" She needed to know what the world had done, since both of the Manji Crowns were sleeping.

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