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Distraction [Quest]

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Distraction [Quest]  Empty on Sat May 05, 2018 5:56 pm

Constantine Librorum
Another day, another dollar. For whatever reason, ever since he had gotten to Orchidia and had experienced the festival, he had been in a nearly constant drunken stupor the rest of his time spent there. It was inexplicable really. He had no reason to be this drunk and yet he was always drinking, even when he wasn’t drinking, he was still somehow consuming some form of alcoholic substance, whether it be beverage, chocolate, fruit candy, or even mouthwash. He just knew he didn’t want to be any form of sober while he was in this town, and would do anything to avoid being in that state. Stumbling over a pile of clothing, he’d make his way to the door of his hotel room. He was still wearing the same clothes that he wore during his quest yesterday for some reason. It wasn’t as if he didn’t have any clothing, if anything he had too much clothing. But regardless, he would make his way out of the room and somehow made it down the stairs without making a fool of himself.

Acknowledging the nod of the desk clerk, he’d step out onto the bustling streets of Orchidia and take a deep swig of his flask before walking away in the direction of the quest board in such a manner that it startled nearby citizens. Arriving shortly thereafter, he could only see a few requests on the board that he could actually accomplish in his drunken stupor, and one seemed right up his alley. Snatching down the request, he’d blink at the directions to the location, eyes darting in and out of focus as he attempted to make some sort of sense out of the mess he was reading. Shrugging and pocketing the leaf of paper, he’d make his way towards the more pompous side of town, making sure that he stopped at the bar along the way to get a refill in his flask just before making his way to the location. No need to be sober for the task if he didn’t have to.

Stopping by the front gates, he met with the head guard, a man who seemingly couldn’t maintain eye contact with a drunkard, or was that just his swaying getting worse. He honestly couldn’t tell anymore as the ground seemed to lean upwards if only a bit but that didn’t stop him from maintaining his ground and hearing the guard out. Apparently he was to distract some old man which honestly sounded easy enough to him. Distract the old guy, get more booze money, you couldn’t make this kinda shit up and it couldn’t get any easier than this. Giving the man a lopsided grin, he agreed to the gig and posted himself up by the front entrance with a stool and his booze and waited patiently for the old man to arrive. It shouldn’t take the man too long, he had left out of his hotel room after noon, so really the man should arrive within the next ten minutes and start yappin about something or another right?


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Distraction [Quest]  Empty on Sat May 05, 2018 5:57 pm

Constantine Librorum
The sounds of a man’s teeth clacking together at a pace that would make a donkey aggravated woke Teiho from his drunken stupor. He hadn’t meant to sleep at all, and yet here he was, dozing off for what looked to be an hour and letting the source of his job yap away at the front gate. Groaning and dragging himself off the stool, he’d lean his body back, popping the vertebrae that had no doubt shifted out of place during his impromptu nap, back into place where they belonged. He’d scratch the patch of skin right above his left ass cheek before shuffling over to the man startling the older gentleman due to the fact that he hadn’t heard the young man approach him. The old man would stare the young whipper snapper down, almost certain that he was probably some goonie that the gate guard had hired to get rid of him in some gruesome fashion. Well he wasn’t one to go down without a fight.

The old man would begin to reach down into his bag for a lacrima he had stashed on his person for such an occasion when his hand was halted just at the entrance of the bag. The grip that held him firm wasn’t too tight to the point where it hurt, but like stated before, was extremely firm and prevented him from taking any other actions. The suddenness of the boys movements frightened him a bit. The boy looked dull in the eyes and the mind, and yet he seemed to perceive the threat that the old man had poised so clearly that it was as if he hadn’t had a sip of the devils beverage at all. The young man would raise the elder’s hand from the bag before removing the bag from his lap. Looking down to see the contents, the boy would give the elder man a dull stare before shaking his head and putting the bag back, as if to say to the old man that it wasn’t worth the trouble he was going to cause for himself.

The old man found himself let go and released a sigh of release. But in the time it took for him to open his eyes again and see if he had any bruises, the young man had already disappeared and his chair had begun to move. Looking behind himself with wide terrified eyes, the elder man wondered where the young man was going to take him, but let out a breath when he realized he wasn’t being wheeled into some darkened alley to be snuffed out quietly. Instead he was brought into the red light district and wheeled to the very front of the stage where most of the dancers interacted with patrons. There he was left to his own devices as a young woman revealed herself to him and showed him all that she was working with. Letting out a soft “my word” the elder man couldn’t tear his eyes away from the view, preventing him from seeing the young man walk out and head back to the castle to collect his pay. Yet another job done successfully.



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