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All In A Day's Work [Quest]

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All In A Day's Work [Quest]  Empty on Sat May 05, 2018 4:48 pm

Constantine Librorum
With the festival going on there had been quite the influx of individuals out on the streets of Orchidia. One of these individuals was a young man by the name of Teiho, a striking young gent with dark hazel eyes and a thousand yard stare to match. Of course he wasn’t all doom and gloom as his outward persona looked, but he couldn’t let the public know that. Slinking into a bar around midday, the young man figured he could kill some time before he had to be anywhere with some happy hour drinking. Rinsing away the thoughts one drink at a time. Of course this also meant that he needed to dip away from the bar before the tender realized that he definitely wasn’t going to pay this tab that he was going to amass.

Knocking back his fifth drink, the young man could see another gent slink pass the open doors of the pub. The spring heat dictated that most shops without air conditioning have their doors open so proper ventilation could keep the patrons inside from dying of a heatstroke, giving the people on the street a rather distasteful view of the degenerates inside. But this also had the added bonus of giving said degenerates a view of the world outside the door they most likely lived within. Pegging the man he saw as someone of interest, Teiho would order another drink while keeping his eye on the strange man. He had heard of a strange fellow recently that had applied for an assistant, and of course the request was accepted since the man had offered a rather sizeable amount of jewels.

Figuring that this was the man, he would finish sipping his drink before walking out of the bar while the tender was busy with another customer on the other side of the bar, oblivious to the fact that a source of jewels had just eluded him. Approaching the man with somewhat of a still normal stride to his step considering he had just started drinking moderately, he would take a seat and order a cup of coffee to go along with the man’s order, garnering his attention immediately and causing him to lower his paper just so the man could scrutinize the young gentlemen who had joined him.

He observed the gradual clouding of the eyes, the small but noticing sway and the dull stare and figured the boy to a drunk of some kind. More than likely the ruffian he was looking for. He was clearly dressed for murder with his ensemble of a black vest over a long sleeve close fitting white shirt and gray cargo shorts. He probably had just got done completing a murder and had decided to drown out his sorrows with a drink.

The man would close his paper with a snap, getting Teiho’s attention just as the waiter came with his coffee causing him to grace her with a small smile of gratitude. Dipping the small spoon in the sugar bowl, he began to dole out small methodical amounts of sugar to maintain his concentration and stave off the eventual buzz he was mounting up towards. He knew for a fact that he would not be able to focus on this mission, but who was he kidding, he didn’t give a shit either way as long as the man paid him.


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All In A Day's Work [Quest]  Empty on Sat May 05, 2018 4:49 pm

Constantine Librorum
“You’re the killer” the man accused with a hushed yet purposeful tone. He seemed very assure of himself at the fact that the young man did it with his triumphant posture and accusing if slightly disgusted glance at the boy. Teiho could tell this man was far off his rocker in a way, the way he sat alone tee’d the young man off but that didn’t matter as he kept scooping small, measured amounts of sugar into his cup one after another until the man’s eyebrow began to twitch at the sound and action of it all. Teiho could tell he was getting on the man’s nerves but it didn’t matter to him, he wasn’t planning on drinking this cup anyway, he was only distracting himself which is why he had immediately ordered a second cup that was actually for consumption.

The man easily broke silence first, standing up so quickly that his chair screeched as it was dragged across the ground from the motion. The young man actually flinched a bit from the motion and sound as it all disagreed with his current dulled disposition, but it for some reason didn’t stop or slow the proceedings of those around them aside from drawing attention to the rather ridiculous looking man as he now pointed a lone digit at the young man. The waitress who had originally brought Teiho his first cup of coffee, returned almost immediately with the second cup and upon seeing the spectacle, scolded the man for startling and upsetting the guests as she offered Teiho his drink. The man, only cowed just a bit from the look of his face and the slight red hue to his cheeks, apologized and sat back down while Teiho returned to the action of pouring exactly four teaspoons of sugar into his cup followed immediately by two dips of cream.

Taking his teaspoon and swirling the cup slowly, he’d regard the man with a smile as the gentleman sighed and realized he had the wrong guy, this kid was clearly too drunk to actually be the murderer, but he at least accepted the task so he figured he could use him once the young man had consumed his beverage. Unfortunately enough, that task had taken at least an hour because of the boys incessant and methodical stirring and sipping routine. It felt as if the young man were playing some sort of prank on him, but once he had stopped his gag routine, he proved to be quite the thinking man, even if he were slurring his speech and swaying his step.

Unfortunately, there were no clues to be found and the young man refused to acknowledge anything that he had discovered as evidence due to whatever logic the youngster brought up in rebuttal. Of course that didn’t stop him from somehow finding and making even greater leaps in logic, but at least the young man was consistent. Feeling that the day had gone to waste, the gentleman simply paid Teiho for his time and sent him on his way, certain that he was probably going to go spend the money in some other bar somewhere else. Ah well, nothing loss, nothing gained.



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