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Black Tears [Silver & Phoebe: Festival]

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on Fri May 04, 2018 2:40 am

Phoebe Rainsworth
She had arrived here four days ago and her sister had said no word to her, perhaps it was because Phoebe had been quite harsh to her, but than again Mary her arrogance even annoyed Persephone and the Goddess had promised to say nothing bad about her family. Her room had been in disray, her clothing every where as Mary had plundered the whole room, her favourite lime green shoes were muddy and in the hallway definitely not where she had left them. Her father had said he had done everything to stop her, of course everything but take her clothing back or to lock the room while Phoebe was gone, so Phoebe had set her sister back home in the kitchen and talked to her furiously and made her pay for her ruined clothing and shoes. Which meant that her younger sister had barely a jewel to spend on the festival. Phoebe had said she could earn some back to work for father but Mary had refused.

Her father had also given her a strange look as if to say that he wasn't sure what to do with Phoebe and the mage wasn't entirely sure either but she had to warm them up before she would give them the news, which was what she had done the night before and her father had not said a word to her since that point, not out of hate but out of shock and he had not slept, she could clearly see that thanks to the bangs under his eyes, the blood shot eyes and his grumpy behaviour, not the best moment to introduce Silver but it might be smart to get it over and done with instead of ripping open their hearts another round.

Her father was moving some crates while Phoebe kept an eye on the stand on the festival, more daydreaming at this point than really paying attention, she would notice if someone would come to their little store here, it had been mostly folks that came over to ask how Phoebe was doing after her six months adventure out of Orchidia, everyone that originally belonged to Orchidia knew the Rainsworth after all.

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on Tue May 08, 2018 5:17 pm

Silver of Sin
The festival and town was beautiful. It held parties, bars, stalls with great food, wonderful music, pretty lights, the occasional firework shows, dancing performers, pretty girls, the occasional pretty boy that he liked, neat festival trinkets, tasty sweets (he had already bought too many candy apples), theater performances, cool contest he would definitely be participating in, did he mention pretty girls?, and finally oodles and oodles of beautiful flowers. Overall he was having a great time in Orchidia. But he knew, as per usual, he was procrastinating. He had come to Orchidia for a reason other than the badass festival that was going on. His newly found sister Phoebe wanted him to meet his other sister Mary and her father. That made him utterly nervous, though not as nervous as when he first found Phoebe. It probably helped that she was breaking the news to them first before introducing him. But meeting her father when his had died just this year… and their relationship to his mother... if they said anything bad about him Silver wouldn’t know what to do. With those thoughts in mind, this festival was just making him homesick and opened a wound that had only recently scarred over.

But plastering a smile on his face was a skill Silver had mastered. So that’s what he did as the swordsman finally manned up and headed to the stall Phoebe said her family was tending. Earlier he had gotten into a fight over some guys harassing a woman and get his face bruised, almost causing him a panic attack since he was afraid the Rainsworth’s would think he was some sort of punk. Which some would argue he was if a good-natured one. But it turns out the beautiful blue haired woman was a healer and cured him of his hurts, making him develop an instant crush. Better yet he had a dinner with her later as thanks! Those bright thoughts did a good job cheering him up as he turned the corner to the street where the stand is supposed to be. His smile faltered as he saw Phoebe mending a stand, a bored look on her face with a man behind who had to be her father moving some large boxes. Mary was nowhere in sight unless she was in the back of the stall.

Approaching, Silver caught Phoebe’s eye and he nervously adjusted his grey yukata, making sure it was neat, as he got nearer. “Hey.” He said with a nervous smile, feeling a tad naked without his katana. He thought it would be a bad idea to bring it to a festival. But the lack of its comforting presence, a weapon of death or not, made him feel less in control of things. But hopefully the situation won’t escalate to the point where he would have needed it.

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on Thu May 10, 2018 4:56 am

Phoebe Rainsworth
While having an inner dialogue with Persephone as how to best approach this and simply wondering all the scenarios in her mind. Her father had always been very kind and understandable, but he had also always have been in love with his mother and she had not had the heart yesterday to tell him that she had another relationship in Sin. He had not asked her for reasons why she was in another country, he probably had still believed the lie that she was a reporter and had gone there for her job and turned ill. She had told him though that she had not been a reporter for years anymore and he had simply not paid attention to that and thus it was probably something he had not realized now. Her quest to find her mother had ended at that point until Silver had found her.

She blinked her lilac eyes rappidly to get out of the daydream as she spotted someone walking towards the stand. She immediately noticed it was Silver and she quickly walked away from the stand to stand in front of it, so her father wouldn't immediately hear them, "Hi," she replied when he was here, she actually felt quite guilty. She remembered what Vivianna had said and she believed he would be caught up in the mess of her game and she wanted to make sure he would be alright. She would do anything to let her father and Mary accept Silver. She bit her lower lip softly, "I told them last night. Mary is angry at me for belitteling her as she stole all my clothing, destroyed some and I took her jewels so that's not about mother but my father is heart broken. So I want to say, please keep that in mind as they might exaggerate in their behaviour right now. I mean I don't want to tell them in a couple of weeks as I would have to rip off the bandage and wound them again, better tell them now and meet up later again and a moment that they had calmed down. So my plan is." she gave a wry smile, "To tell them, see how it goes and get out of here as fast as we could, we could enjoy the festival together?" Because just to be fair if she was leaving them behind, she could just get this over with but the risks were too high.

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on Sat May 12, 2018 9:01 pm

Silver of Sin
Silver watched as his sister (still hard for him to process that) came toward him, circling around the stall as she did so. She seemed wary of the man behind the stand, but not enough to lead him away from it. Maybe it wasn’t her dad after all? He didn’t get a good look at the man so he couldn’t see if there was any resemblance between the two in front of him, then figure out how much of Phoebe’s looks was fully their mother or not.

Then he listened to her talk, keeping silent to hear as much important information as he could. First off he made an incredulous face at the portion about Mary, it was surreal to hear something as normal as two sisters fighting over clothes in his weird life, but it said something about Mary, and let him know that her mood was sour. Which probably worsened once she found out her mom was dead. ‘Ouch.’ Silver internally winched in sympathy at the probably terrible day Mary was having. The part about her father… Phoebe could probably see the tense guilt on his face, though not totally over what she might think it’s for. To be honest, Silver had hoped that Mr. Rainsworth was one of those jerk dad’s that on;y had a wife and kids out of social obligation and ignored them, or something along those lines so that he would care less about his wife’s death, adultery, and love child on his door. That scenario would have made things much easier on the swordsman, but he felt horribly guilty of wishing such a thing onto this half-sisters. As for the last portion, the teenager nodding grimly in agreement, telling them right away would probably be best, though it risked having them sink into despair. Having too many horrible things happen to you in a short time sometimes did that to you, as Silver had found. “Ya, that would probably be best, and you know them better than I do.” He says with a bit of a sigh, looking away from her and rubbing the back of his neck. Hopefully, they wouldn’t get violent and take their anger out on him even if Phoebe was on his side. Wait, were they mages? “Hey Phoebe, I know you’re a nature mage but should I be expecting a fireball coming my way like mom used to cast when you woke her up too early? Cause, uh, I probably should have told you earlier but, um, I’m not a mage. Just a super cool swordsman. Without his sword.” He finishes with an embarrassed smile. As a kid born in a family of mages he had a huge inferiority complex about not having magic but got over it when he realized there were other ways to get strong and be able to beat mages. But it was still embarrassing to admit weakness, mostly since he had been acting as weak in front of the woman as it is.

Then he blinks in surprise at her next comment. “You wanna hang with me? You sure?” Silver asks, then grins.“Ya, that sounds great!”At least he had something to look forward too as long as nothing went horribly wrong in the next few minutes.

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on Thu May 17, 2018 3:53 am

Phoebe Rainsworth
As he said that she knew them better than Silver himself did, she sighed. Yes, she thought, she had hoped that her return would at least do something good but she had not gotten much out of her father and well with the destruction of her clothing and thus taking Mary her jewels, she was furious at Phoebe while it should be the other way around and the raven haired girl simply had no idea what to think about it. You would think that missing your sister or daughter for six months would make a happy reunion but it didn't. She gave another wry smile and nodded, but again she believed that this was for the best. She didn't want to let them go back into a perfect state of unknown to only hurt them once more. It would be hard to tell that her mom cheated but as she wanted to state as well before and as she had thought herself (with help from Persephone truth be told), it wasn't Silver his fault.

She turned around to talk to her father and get Mary when Silver said something, "Ah I doubt it, Mary has never been very well with magic and my father doesn't use magic." She gave a smile as if to say that nothing could go wrong well it was good she wasn't using fire anymore and so thought Persephone. She turned to look over her shoulder and frowned shortly, she had made the assumption, "That's not bad, my father can bond with you than better. He is a bit afraid of magic. Happens with little kids and fire magic and being alone." She didn't meant to be mean about that on her mother but the one who did understand fire magic was the one that wasn't there.

She did grin at Silver when he seemed to be excited to spend their day together, "Well in that case let's get this over with." and thus Phoebe took Silver by his forearm and pulled him with her behind the stand, where her father looked up surprised but with a sleepy look and yet a smile. Mary surprisingly had showed up and had apparently been yelling at him for money. "Mary, dad, I want you guys to meet Silver." which more sounded like an introduction to her boyfriend, which made her shortly think about someone else. "He is.. no let me start again. I told you about mom last night. Mom had a second family in Sin and Silver is her son. So Mary he is our half brother." She said way more happy than she had been about the news herself.

No one said anything. Her father looked quite pale and she wouldn't be surprised if he would faint but Mary was the first to think and get itno reaction, she said something like "No!" only and stormed off, but Phoebe wasn't sure if that was alright, her father though seemed more like crumbling, "It must be hard for you too son." Which was a very surprising reaction.

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on Sun May 20, 2018 2:20 pm

Silver of Sin
Silver breathed a small sigh of relief at Phoebe’s lack of care for his lack of magical skill. Seriously, does anything shake this woman up? She’d been all pleasant smiles and polite speech ever since she found out the news. Even her reaction to the bad news was less than what he expected. Is she okay? Though maybe it was because he was used to being surrounded by loud drama queens for the last few years. But he would keep an eye on Phoebe, mostly since he hadn’t witnessed her confiding to any friends. Keeping those kinds of emotions internal was never good for you. He did flinch a bit at the ‘alone’ part, but then reminded himself that his mother was absent from his life a lot as well. “Ya, that’s definitely a thing to bond over. My dad never had much trouble since his magic was about making force fields, but I sure did. I swear I only have long hair right now because there's less of a chance of it being burnt off.” He jokes to her to lighten both of their moods as they approach the stand.

It was a good thing Phoebe had a grip on his arm because Silver had an urge to drag his heels, or just straight up flee from the situation. He was surprised to see that a girl who looked a bit older than him had arrived while they were distracted and was currently yelling at the man who most definitely resembled the two women. Mary seemed to take after Phoebe and their mother, all curves, black eyes and black hair that matched together nicely. Dammit, why did the sisters have to be hot and related to him?! One or the other would have been fine but both? Messing with his head that’s what it is. Then he was distracted from his fuming thoughts when Phoebe introduced him and the swordsman resisted giving her A Look for how it could be perceived. Not that his intro to Phoebe was any better, he had almost hit on her, but she had more time to prepare than him. Then to resisted to give Phoebe another look at the incredibly blunt way she put things. Then upon remembering how he broke the news he instantly forgives her since she didn’t tree-murder him at the time, only caused a small local earthquake.

He violently flinched at Mary’s reaction and prepared for a ball of fire to come his way, what a weird thing to be nostalgic about, but the girl just stormed away. Well, that was probably a bad sign, but at least it was one less thing to immediately deal with, as cruel as the thought was. Silver definitely wasn’t in a position to run after her anyways. Then he looked at the man in front of him and immediately felt a rush of pity, which he tried to hide. The man looked exhausted, worn and most of all heartbroken, just as Phoebe had said. In front of him was a breaking man who was just barely not broken. The news of his wife’s infidelity was not helping in the least. Then the man said those utterly heartbreaking words and shocked tears sprang to his eyes causing Silver to turn his head away from them to hide it, forgetting that it was rude to do so in Fiore. Was this man a saint or something? That’s what he says after hearing such news?

“N-no, I mean.” He stutters in shock, then swipes at his eyes with the sleeve of his yukata and then after a few moments of silence turns toward the man. “I’m not sure what Phoebe told you but… I’ve had more time to process it. Thank you for your concern, I am very grateful.” The swordsman says with a formal Sinian bow, going back to his home countries over-polite ways. Shaking himself of that he gets up from the bow and continues to talk, not looking the man in the eye as was polite in Sin. “Y-your wife was only there to help my sibling and I, and the situation we were in made it hard… I’m not trying to make excuses but please just know she was thinking of you and your daughters and was very eager to get back to you. I’m deeply sorry for your loss. I can only blame my own weakness for her death, and you may do the same if you wish.” His hands were shaking but Silver tried to hide it by putting them in his yukata sleeves. He hoped practically saying that the Rainsworth’s were his mother’s favorites might help things a bit, though he actually wasn’t sure if that was the case. Silver liked to think that she loved both families equally and was just with his at the wrong time. The guilt that if he hadn’t been such a weak burden or if they hadn’t been in crisis at the time meant that this man wouldn’t have lost a wife and the sisters a mother ate at him. He knew Mei had felt the same at the time, though he wasn’t sure if his lost sister knew about the truth about the late Ms. Rainsworth.

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on Mon May 21, 2018 7:01 am

Phoebe Rainsworth
Phoebe giggled a little, it was a hard question on her too, she still believed that if none of this had happened, she would be happier. But that didn't matter now, she had a part to play and her part was to get Silver and her other family members happy so it would be less of an impact if she left, ready to embark on the second chapter of what they called a game, but was very much real life. This game was life or dead indeed. But right now there was talk about death and she would have to get it over with, hence the blunt approach. There was no need to make it sound any better than that it actually was, that's not how the Rainsworths worked.

Her lilac eyes followed Mary but it was perhaps better to not have her sister mingling right now, it would only be easier to have an one on one conversation with her father and see Mary in a second round. They would need to get used to him and so they better see him more often and that might make it nicer for Phoebe too, to be able to learn more about it. Her father's reaction did surprise her and she waited still for him to faint and had her hand already ready to cast a spell to catch him up softly instead of letting him drop like a sack of bricks. However he spoke, Silver spoke and she only kept her eyes on the both of them to make sure both were alright instead of just mingeling in it, at this point it got nothing to do with her and she would talk to Mary later, that was the best thing she could do. Just let her blow off steam, perhaps offer her, her nice old shoes that she kept stealing and see how it goes. Mary wasn't the baddest person she was just having her issues right now, rebelling period and so on.

she wasn't even surprised by Silver his way of holding his body, it had freaked her out the first day they met and they talked but now, it was as if Persephone had just simply absorbed it and said it must be normal in Sin and thus she let it be. Her father seemed to be a bit uncomfortable with it but he didn't intend to stop the young man. She felt a sting though when he mentioned that she was eager to come back, well she didn't and she had made a mistake there but Phoebe sealed her lips, no word about that would come. "People make decisions and we as adults can't blame the children for what other adults do. The news hurts me, as she was my wife and I would like a few moments to consider this, but please come visit me again some time." As was what Phoebe expected and she mingled now, "That's okay papa, we decided to see the festival. Can you handle the stall?" and her father nodded, gave them a weak smile and muttered something that youngsters like them should have fun and bond as they were siblings and he found it perfect that they find each other.

Now she wondered if he really thought that but her father had always been light at heart, friendly to everyone, so she was sure that it was at least in that direction.

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