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Dance under the Sun [Esperia: Festival]

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#1Phoebe Rainsworth 

on Fri May 04, 2018 11:20 am

The beginning of Persephone and Phoebe their meeting and fusion or how you want to call it had been not so smooth. Where Phoebe had been a fire mage, Persephone had forced her to change and Perse had only liked her because of her looks, the vain Goddess had not wanted to give up on beauty for simple monkeys. But now they were like sisters, understanding the other better and accepting the imperfections that they granted the other because of their differences. Phoebe had some trouble with the reading from the tarot cards from a couple of days ago. She had at first not seen the problem, it was the path they were heading down already before Vivianna told them.

Yet the mage was a bit hurt and had tried to find a lonely spot in the festivities of the festival, trying very much not to cry as it would ruin possible mascara problems. But she had found a spot, hidden by the roots of a tree and her feet almost touching the river, she had already taken her shoes off but not yet convinced herself to put her feet into the cold water. She hummed and singed softly too herself, for as long as her voice could carry it.

Travel to the moon..
As the dream you weave slowly comes to life
Only you by my side, as we laugh
And as we dance under the fragile starlight


on Sat May 05, 2018 8:46 pm

Although it was her first time getting her fortune read, Esperia had to admit that as much as it was mysterious, the cards had been pleasantly positive about her relationship with Fia. Of course, she knew that no matter the results, she and her fiance would surely defy whatever fate had decided for them. So to think that even something like fate or destiny was looking favorable upon them? It was pleasing, to say the least. Still, after a moment of respite, Esperia found herself alone, mostly because Baldo was forced to report to whoever was overseeing the procedure of his release, and considering things she suggested for Fia to be at his side.

In the wake of those moments, Esperia found herself wandering along the riverbed, humming happily when a soft sorrowful voice sang a melody from nearby. It seemed the voice stirred even Asmodeus' curiosity, for she manifested as her usual mental ethereal image and gestured further ahead, where a mysterious lady was found, her feet barely not touching the water. It made Esperia, who was walking barefooted at this point and holding her sandals in her hands chuckle softly as she addressed the stranger. "You don't need to worry about the water~ Orchidia is one of the few cities in Fiore that lives in harmony with nature, so the water is very clear~" As if to prove her concept she waded her feet through the water and looked up at the stranger with a smile. "You have a pretty voice~ Although your song sounded rather sad for some reason~"

#3Phoebe Rainsworth 

on Sat May 05, 2018 9:17 pm

At first it had not bothered her but perhaps it was the seeing of Victor, the realization of introducing her half brother and just at this moment it was too much for Phoebe, the poor human to take care of everything at once. Persephone had let her be for a minute, it wasn't all that bad, they had prepared for the outcome of the first round of the Game of Life. Phoebe wasn't much of a singer, that was given to her mother and Mary but she couldn't help remember a song that her mother had sang when she was a child, when she was there, reporter ha the liar. And now she was paying for it by being dead. She clenched her fist and continued with the song of her mother, she had no idea what the original source of the song had been.

She looked up with her lilac eyes as she heard a soft chuckle and at first she was annoyed but Persephone told her to calm down, "Let the person speak." which was a first that Persephone didn't immediately call someone a monkey, she had even gone back to call Victor a monkey. She watched how the stranger put her feet into the water and she had mostly refrained from the cold feeling that she expected, Persephone could tell her already that it was clear water, "Isn't that cold?" she said, scooting over to the side and dipping her toes in before pulling them back, it was cold but on one hand it quickly disappeared that sense and she put her feet in and stood up, "Well yea let's say that my family reunion wasn't what I hoped for after returning after being gone for six months."


on Sat May 05, 2018 9:25 pm

"At least you have a family." Esperia mused softly as she quickly continued her explanation. "My own perished when I was fourteen years old. Since then my only companion has been the 'Demon Lord of Perverts', at least till recently." A mischievous giggle escaped her lips as she made a little twirl on the spot and answered the lady's inquiry about the water. "Not really, it's somewhat refreshing, like the coldness isn't numbing, and it helps wake up my mind and gives me the means to think more clearly."

A sheepish smile lingered on her lips as she looked at the stranger once more, tilting her head slightly to the side in confusion. "Although, I can imagine a family reunion that goes wrong to be an unpleasant experience for sure. I still remember the days I used to argue with my parents about the fact I was forced to stay home while my sister went on all sorts of adventures." A brief pout of her cheeks followed before she clarified further. "But nowadays I even miss the fact we can't bicker or argue anymore, even if I know they did it with the best intentions in mind. Then again, life itself might be a rollercoaster of positive and negative events~"

#5Phoebe Rainsworth 

on Sat May 05, 2018 9:39 pm

Phoebe looked up at the stranger, she felt a pang of a sad feeling in her chest, at least she had that luxury for now. Soon enough she won't have family anymore either but not because they wouldn't be longer alive but because she would have to take that distance willingly. "Sorry, that sounded selfish." although Persephone simply shrugged with the idea, everyone got other problems and she froze when she heard the stranger saying something to Phoebe which the raven haired mage didn't understand and had just dismissed as something that would be an inside joke for her friends or so. Persephone got shivers though, not visible for the outside but it was noticed by Phoebe, who stepped into the water after the stranger confirming that it was rather refreshing and she agreed. She stood up, glad to wear a dress so she wouldn't have to move up her trousers to not get them wet, "It's actually fun." she said with a chuckle.

While she looked at the clear water, something that satisfied Persephone, who tried to push her to ask a very strange question but Persephone kept ushering her until Esperia, without knowing her name, talked to Phoebe and she looked up from her reflection in the water, "Apparently my sister at this moment would be very happy with me not being there so she can steal my wardrobe." She wondered how Mary would react if Phoebe would never come back again. Would she take all her clothing with her, was that even possible, actually at this point of frustration she would want to try that. "Yes that is true, the thing is I don't know how to tell them as it was but a tarot reading but if I got it right there might be a long period that I wont see them but they don't want to listen. Everything seems like a rollercoaster only going down and in twists and turns, there must be a point though that it goes up again." She said using the methaphor her new friend was using.

"I'm Phoebe by the way, nice to meet you." she would wait for a possible response of a name before finally dropping the question that Persephone kept going on and on about, "You mentioned your only companion being a demon lord?" Phoebe refusing to repeat the word perverts but it was clearly she had wanted to say it as she got a slight pink blush on her face, "Oh for god's sake Phoebe you aren't a child." Persephone said in her mind.


on Sat May 05, 2018 9:49 pm

"Mhmm it's fun~" Esperia mused in agreement, splashing her feet lightly in the water while ensuring the water wouldn't reach up to her kimono. "Mhmm~ Life has its up and downs, but it's up to us to pull the wagon up again." The girl stated in a cheerful tone before listening to the lady's introduction, a certain 'Phoebe'. A playful smile lingered upon her lips as she replied in return to the greeting with a playful salute of her hand. "Esperia~ It's a pleasure to meet ya Phoebe~"

Noticing the slight blush on the woman's cheeks as she inquired about her earlier comment Esperia nodded her head lightly in response, a sheepish grin lingering on her lips. "Mhmm~ I'm the successor to the Demon Lord of Lust, or rather her 'vessel' as some might call it. You might have read about her in books in the past, her name is Asmodeus~"

Meanwhile, the raven-haired demoness seemed rather interested in the inquiry of the stranger, feeling both amusement and curiosity at the stranger. Even if she didn't voice it out loud. "My family has served as her vessels for generations, although I'm a bit different from my predecessors I guess... Some say it's because of my aptitude or affinity toward her, but that doesn't exactly sound like a compliment~"

#7Phoebe Rainsworth 

on Sun May 06, 2018 1:19 pm

Now that Phoebe had stepped into the water, she realized that she had never done that before, perhaps the issues of being a fire mage. She couldn't remember, she also couldn't imagine she would, now that she thought about it, what dirty little creatures would be in the river now sucking on her soft skin. She did her very best not to just jump out of the river, there were no fish here right? Right?! She turned her lilac eyes back to Esperia, dancing in the river and nodded, the wagon would go up again once she would commit to the point of her mission or more like Persephone her mission. She couldn't help but leave out a small giggle with the salute that Esperia gave her during the introduction.

If Persephone would be in control and showed an expression, her face would fall, Phoebe on the other hand could only feel the senses of Persephone but didn't understand. She had not read about her, Persephone was more aware and she wasn't sure if it was a positive or a negative thing but it seemed the Goddess wasn't aware either. Apart from that Phoebe was very interested that it was a family thing, it surely wasn't for her, "And you are not bothered that you are a vessel? I mean so much for freedom right?" which gave her a mental smack on the back of her head by Persephone. But she couldn't help but chuckle again a bit because of Esperia her reaction.

Persephone seemed to ignore her mostly now but she was rather interested in this Esperia and Asmodeus, she tried to stalk her brain to remember what the demon of Lust was for again. She wanted to meet her. But Phoebe was playing dumb which was there strategy, Vivianna was the first they had told but this person seemed to not even try to hide the demon that she could become.


on Sun May 06, 2018 1:39 pm

A gentle tilt of her head followed as the young lass seemingly wondered about the question Phoebe asked her. Did she ever regret being a vessel? Despite the silent presence of Asmodeus within the back of her thoughts, Esperia could sense the Demon Lord's curiosity on the answer she might have. Still, thinking more deeply on the matter Esperia had to admit that despite the various trials and tribulations it brought along, it was not something she regretted. If it wasn't for Asmodeus' interference then she might have died the same night her family was wiped out from existence. If not for the Demon Lord's power then she might have perished from the injuries she suffered during the Lycan attack in Baska.

While Asmodeus brought along certain complications, she had to admit the Demon Lord's existence was not a curse to her. No, although she might had not always seen eye to eye with Asmodeus, there ws no doubt that the Demon Lord of Lust was not a curse.

"I don't regret being her vessel, because it's not just that." She paused for a moment, a hand raised toward her chest as she closed her eyes and found herself reaching out mentally toward Asmodeus, the Demon Lord peeking over her shoulder with a hint of curiosity as the lass resumed her explanation. "I'm her partner and the one who will someday inherit her role. I'm not just a vessel waiting to be devoured like the stories go: I am Esperia, the next Demon Lord of Lust~" Hearing those words Asmodeus's lips curved into a bright smile, her arms wrapping around the girl and nuzzling her cheek lightly.

"D'aww~ So adorable! That's my Darling for me!"

Her cheeks flushing up lightly the girl tried to shake off the feeling of embarrassment at the demon lord of lust's reaction. "If not for Asmodeus I might have not even been here anymore. Besides, the path I walk is still my own, I simply share the same goal as Asmodeus because it allows me to chase my desires, and keep those I love safe~"

#9Phoebe Rainsworth 

on Sun May 06, 2018 2:13 pm

Actually Phoebe was very curious to the answer of Esperia, Persephone tried to pretend she wasn't, trying to keep an eye on Phoebe her thoughts as she wanted to know what her vessel thought but Phoebe really focused on thinking how pretty her eyelashes were because she didn't want Perse to read her mind. Now that they were closer to being friends though and Phoebe her lonely excistence was going on and on, Phoebe didn't mind that Persephone was there anymore and she let that go through her mind to at least made sure that Perse wasn't shut out because of negative thoughts.

But the answer of Esperia was a very interesting one. She never considered it but she also didn't know what she got out of Persephone herself, The Goddess didn't share her plan really and she wondered if it was to make her the next Goddess of Nature, that couldn't be a thing right? She opened her mouth to say something but she looked more like a fish looking for air or water as she was not saying anything and closed it. "You are the first one that I met that talks possitive about it." but than again she had only heard Xandra about it but they had not had time yet to talk about it as the knight had some other job to do.

So did it really count or was it her own negative thoughts, "If you say it like that it isn't that bad." Which made the Goddess roll her eyes, surely Demons made everything more fun but not a Goddess, she thought arrogant. "I'm the vessel of the Goddess of Nature, Persephone." To which the Goddess turned to look at Phoebe, they had not said to tell these two but Perse was too late to convince Phoebe to do else.


on Sun May 06, 2018 3:07 pm

"Hmm, life is always more fun when you try to think about things more positively~ Although, I guess I got my fiance to thank for making me have such a positive outlook of things."

There was no doubt that Fia played an important role in the reason why Esperia had such a cheerful and upbeat personality, for she knew all too well that before she met the lass and their relationship began things had been a lot more gloomy for the obsidian-haired trickster. In the wake of the events of Halloween Esperia had felt lost, betrayed and abandoned, so it was understandable that in the wake of those events she clung so strongly to her bond with Fia, for the fear of losing her. Fortunately as time passed their bond continued to grow stronger, but Esperia's thoughts were quickly sidetracked by Phoebe's revelation caused Asmodeus to raise a hand to her chin, a soft "oho~" escaping her lips while Esperia's eyes sparked with a childish interest.

"Oh~ A fellow Take-Over mage? That's quite rare, and the fact that you hold such a strong bond with nature makes this encounter all the more amusing~" A soft chuckle followed as she clarified a bit further. "Asmodeus' power finds its origin in nature also~ But Persephone hmm?"

A soft hum escaped her lips as she mused out loud. "I recall reading her name in a book before, but I never expected a goddess to find herself inhabiting a human vessel. You see~ In Asmodeus' case, it relates to the past conflict, you know~ The stories about the Seven Princes of the Abyss and the church that vanquished them? Although most of it is simply propaganda by the church of Illumin, there is some truth to the story that relates how Asmodeus came to be bound to my lineage~"

#11Phoebe Rainsworth 

on Sun May 06, 2018 3:56 pm

Esperia made a point but not to everyone it came natural to think that way. Phoebe wasn't a person that lingered much longer to the positive side, she always tried and to see beauty in the world but being left alone and the not so happy reunion surely got some influence. Apart from probably the game of life that she was playing now thanks to Persephone, sometimes the Goddess had a good influence or at least a reasonable one but well there were sometimes moments Phoebe wished it never happened but if she realized how lonely she was without Persephone, she would take those thoughts back.

She didn't need anyone at this point but Persephone and that made it that she was almost done to play the second chapter of the Game of Life, she needed to put the lose ends together, help Silver and make sure it would be all alright, with this they would build up allies and get to the point that Persephone wanted and that Phoebe could understand, allies were good for her too. It was better than to keep dwelling in the past, lately even if it made her sad, she considered that she would be ready for the second chapter of the game.

Phoebe wasn't entirely sure what to say but Asmodeus was from Nature's side too, she bit her lip softly as Esperia lingered on the name Persephone. She nodded slowly as Persephone whispered the story of the seven in the back of her mind, "Persephone her story is not that different but she was able to hold a body because of being worshipped and sacrifices. And people forgot her so she can't hold her own body anymore, her power didn't change but it is difficult to create a body that can host a Goddess." That's what Persephone at least told her.


on Sun May 06, 2018 4:04 pm

"Hmm I see~" A curious little hum escaped her lips at the explanation of Phoebe, although she couldn't help but silently question them. The gods didn't wander in Earthland, even the most famous and the one worshipped by a majority, the one said to be the father of all creation: Illumin himself didn't venture into Earthland what made her wonder if Persephone's origins were truly that of a deity. If so, then it wouldn't be too farfetched to consider Persephone a mystical entity similar to the Demon Lords, a being that was worshipped and who prospered ages ago before a certain event claimed her freedom.

Of course, the story sounded like one the goddess herself would have told, leaving out the juicy details that would possibly give out signs of weakness of wrongdoings, but then again she wasn't the type to judge based on stories and rumors. "Of course~ Our bodies are on an entirely different level than those of mystical entities like Persephone and Asmodeus. Even when I transform into a form that serves as a symbiotic link of our existence I can only tap into a fragment of her powers, simply because right now my body is still too weak to properly house all her might. I guess it must be the same for you~"

#13Phoebe Rainsworth 

on Mon May 07, 2018 12:51 pm

Phoebe frowned slightly when Esperia said the; hm I see. Persephone ignored her basically and she had no idea what was really going on but she let it be for now and simply watched while moving her toes into the clear water, it wasn't so bad anymore. It seemed that they might have a better relation though, considering what Esperia said about affinity and Persephone simply picked Phoebe for her looks, saying something that it would have been fun if Phoebe died her hair red but she wasn't sure if that looked nice on her.

"Yes it's the same for me. Though perhaps I don't know if you are linked to her with your whole family it is a bit easier? Not saying that it is easy." she quickly corrected herself and felt that she was being a wonderful being in this conversation; not. "I mean to say, I don't know exactly why Persephone picked me as my family surely doesn't serve any connection to the Goddess or nature in particular unless you count living here in Orchidia but I used to be a fire mage." There she said it without trying to insult anyone, she wasn't sure perhaps Esperia had to change elements as well, she had no idea how that all went but in the end it was just something she wondered about and perhaps Asmodeus gave more answers to Esperia than Persephone was giving to Phoebe.


on Thu May 10, 2018 5:26 pm

"Not exactly my whole family~" Esperia corrected Phoebe as she made a little spin of her body and tried to go a bit deeper into the river, while ensuring her kimono would just barely be above the point of the water. "Asmodeus passes from one vessel to another every generation, or at least she used to. Her previous vessel used to be my mother, but then during my birth Asmodeus transferred to me."

the girl explained with a brief smile yet as Phoebe inquired about the reason the goddess of nature might had chosen her as her vessel the last merely shrugged her shoulders. "Who knows~ Goddesses, demon lords~ sometimes their schemes and plans go beyond what we can comprehend, and then it's up to us to decide if we want to get involved or not."

She remembered all too well how Alisa used to tell her to be wary of Asmodeus, to learn to wield her power, but not be controlled by it. Although as time passed it seemed there was quite some interesting secrets waiting to be revealed, for Asmodeus proved to be a much more pleasant 'benefactor' than most had assumed. Although, there was no doubt she had plans of her own...


#15Phoebe Rainsworth 

on Thu May 17, 2018 7:56 pm

Not her whole family, so Phoebe waited, blinked, breathed and hoped very hard for answers because she wanted to understand more and some goddess over here wasn't going to give those answers. She nodded slowly, so Asmodeus picked Esperia over her sister, interesting, Persephone was more like a parasite that had clung towards her in the deeps of Baska, wonderful as it was, she had not found it wonderful at that point at all even thought of getting rid of her in some point but at this moment she forgot about that and thought about the ambitions the Goddess had, that she gave to her as a nice package with a ribbon around it, boy was Phoebe wrong.

Up for them to decide, well Phoebe was more like an: yes ma'm person at this point. Not really giving her own opinion, not that she agreed to help nature get it's roots back as that's how Persephone had explained it at first. But well she would have to see how it goes over the end of time. They had a bit of a conversation going on before Phoebe decided to leave, it was better to get the pawns into the direction of the end of the game, so everyone would get out without as much as a scratch but Phoebe.


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