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I Remember [Alice]

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#1Hikari Snow 

Default on Thu May 03, 2018 11:08 pm



Beyond The Sun & Stars

Above her was a stretch of sky, and though the pale blue colour was inviting in its own right, leering into it echoed nothing but forlorn thoughts. The sky; a hue so gentle between the clouds and baby-blue, the female watched each bird upon wing. It was one of those spring days with a kiss of coldness that somehow heightened the warm rays of the sun. Her steps would all but falter as she paused to admire the flowers, to sense their aromas, to be in the moment with their transient beauty. Beyond all, it was a day of gifts, all there simply for noticing for letting the steady nature-given happiness in.


Her words were directed to no one in particular, as she plucked a piece of cherry blossom from the branch, while the flowers bloomed to their fullest. In all that expanse of green, they have the courage to be anything else, to sand out with a beauty that draws her close.

”And if that feeling is a cage, let me dwell within it for it feels the same as the wind and the open sky; a belonging that reaches inside to cradle the heart.”

She watched them bloom, the white bells, pure in any dark night, shining at the rising of the sun all the while the light is given. They are an art unrivalled by the works of man, the definition of perfect born of emotion rather than the convolution of subjective thought. While a young female laid bare beneath the cherry blossom tree, she thought about these things. Twirling the flower between her fingers, she observed it carefully and absently brushed aside a wisp of hair that had come loose before she tucked the flower behind her ear.

Perhaps if she had a mirror she would have been interested to see if the new addition complimented her appearance and she wondered how her lover would have responded if he were to see her now. She sighed, a weak whiteness flying towards the sky as she pondered how to deal with the day when she was still so hung up with how far she’s been thrown off her primary objective.  

#2Adelaide Eventide 

Default on Fri May 04, 2018 1:46 am

Panic is what has been going on in her mind and Alice had not really enjoyed the festival for a while, there were a lot of reasons and one of the main reasons was that her mind wouldn't want to shut off and it was very annoying, throwing panic situation after one and the other at her. It was almost as if she was a total different being than her mind at this point but thank god that wasn't possible... right? Again..

The knight decidied that she would have to just give up and because of that went to the festival again, together with her new companion again Ceres. For the second time Jupiter had asked her to take Ceres along to make their bond stronger and to be actually able to understand her new friend again, this time making sure not to lose Ceres in the crowd. Alice had decided that she would use the flower festival to figure out what kind of floewrs she wanted to use on her wedding. She surely had already a lot of ideas in her mind but well as long as they weren't bought yet, well ordered in that case, she could change it. She doubt she would but it was a more pleasant idea to do so than to actually worry about anything else at this point.

As she walked a bit aimlessly around with Ceres, she found a white haired lady that looked rather familiar, but it had been months ago since they last met, "Snow?" she called out to the person, she wasn't sure actually, her hair looked shorter but on one hand, she had learned from Alisa that Snowflake was the Blue Pegasus master but as Snow had not told her herself, Alice tried to remind herself to not ask or start about it.

#3Hikari Snow 

Default on Sat May 05, 2018 4:34 am



Beyond The Sun & Stars

The assassin had her eyes on the sky again, and she fears it’s now an impulsive habit of hers to commit to the clouds when she had nothing on her mind. From a distance, a sound akin to that of birds and dancing winds momentarily drew her attention away from the heat, enough for Snowflake to consider angling her head the other way to see the approaching figure of a…woman?

Her journeys were very rarely mundane as she was, at best, quite gifted in assuming a stroll whenever the times were the most interesting. Its as if there had been a compass implanted into her head that always directed the woman to a fascinating venture in wait, where greater adversaries were seemingly wriggling in their impatience, allies bound to be part of the scheme, and she was surely more than willing to involve herself when an opportunity such as that came to present itself.

In the event that Pegasus mage encounters a soul with even the slightest memories of her, her reaction is almost always an awkward mix of confusion and awe, but mostly the latter; and it was only very recently that she’d decided to don a relaxed disposition when someone familiar stumbled upon her. This should have been how it played out as soon as the coral haired woman called out to her from a short distance.  

”Long time no see, Alice.”

At a passing glance, one might think her eyes were blue or gray, perhaps even green, depending on the colour of her clothing but her gaze would soon land on the other female’s abdomen, which appeared significantly different from the last time she’d seen her. ”I see you’ve become a mother yourself,” a small smile grew on her lips, proud of her acquaintance for pulling through the most difficult times. Being a mother wasn’t easy—or so she heard, and she couldn’t help but envy the courage and bravery of mothers on this planet. She could never imagine of herself being one, not that she planned to any soon. ”Congratulations, you ought to let them meet me for once.”  

Her tone was calm and collected as usual, though sharing a few of her smiles every now and then, more than how she used to be amongst other humans. Perhaps it was due to the fact that she’s encountered quite a handful number of people in her life, that she’s learnt to communicate with those around her better.

”How have you been?”

#4Adelaide Eventide 

Default on Sat May 05, 2018 11:48 am

How many did Alice actually know and how often did she see them was always a question anew. Yet Alice couldn't help but always be surprised as well when she saw them. In this case her friend Snowflake, wouldn't it be very logical that she was here as well with the flower festival, she wan't sure if Snow loved flowers or nature things that much but who could refuse the pretty cherry blossoms here in Orchidia. Funny to think that way as it was Alice who had arrived her simply because her house was here and not per se for the party of the festival.

The red haired knight couldn't help but smile when her friend greeted her and noticed the change, she had given birth to the twins about two months ago now, time went by so quickly and she couldn't help but grin, "Jupp, two months ago now." Which was also earlier than she had expected, but that was apparently very normal with twins and thank god she had friends around her when it came to the labour, a shame that Kon wasn't there but things happened and things changed, thank god everyone was in Orchidia now and she was just stretching her legs as she had done so often. "Oh that would be lovely." she said happily as her friend wouldn't mind meeting the little ones. At the moment, she was almost sure that they were asleep, "Right now they are asleep but you should come by at some point." Or later today, they were obviously not always asleep as she tried to get them to sleep mostly through the night for her own night rest.

She tilted her head a little to the left, something was different with Snow but she wasn't entirely sure what it was, Alice couldn't put her finger on it but she shook her head slightly when she was asked a question, "Pretty well, busy of course but that happens with two babes. And well hard training to get back in shape." She grinned though and it had worked as Snow had seen it as well, "How about you?" They had not seen each other for about 6 months, a lot of things could have happened.

#5Hikari Snow 

Default on Wed May 09, 2018 1:12 am



Beyond The Sun & Stars

”Two months…” she trailed off, wondering how time has passed so quickly in just a blink of an eye, and during that that she felt like nothing productive was done apart from a couple of trainings. It wasn’t a habit until a few months ago, and her idle days have grown into something more rigorous and strict, bidding her own laws and crafting straw dummies by hand. Snowflake was compelled to fight shadows in the dark not because of an ultimate goal that she’d instigated into her life. She simply obliged to the yearnings in the pits of her soul that pushed her, almost literally in that sense of the word, an uncontrollable driving force that spoke her in whispers as she dreams.

”Oh, I would definitely love to,” said the female, accepting the offer to visit the Knight’s children. Though she never had a preference for children since she found them rather irritating, somehow, she was enthusiastic to see Alice’s little ones—perhaps she was just biased. ”I’ve never done babysitting before, but I could offer my amateur skills to you whenever you’re busy.” Of course, that was meant as a joke, whether or not it was taken seriously, but even if it was, she wouldn’t have minded to join in on the activity.

The assassin had her eyes on the empyreans once again, and beyond her was the sky, stretching on for eons without seeing the end to it. She’d see rays of neon colours radiating through the entire sky, painting it almost as if it was a piece of art. A long sigh left her lips, not sure where to begin telling her story upon the other female’s questioning. ”Decent, if I have to begin. I altered my appearance slightly. Hope I don’t look too different,” she tugged the strands of her translucent silver hair gently, twirling it by the tip of her finger. Despite her changing features, it appeared that those around her always seem to unveil her without much effort, nor her telling.

"Care to join me on a walk?”

She’d leap onto her feet, carefully dusting away the sand particles off her outfit, and speaking of which, perhaps she could’ve worn an attire akin to the flower festival, but that could be saved for another day. ”What’d you think of this festival?”

#6Adelaide Eventide 

Default on Thu May 10, 2018 4:03 am

Snow seemed to be a bit surprised that it was two months ago and to be fair, Alice could say the same. She could very well remember the night of labour, the pain not so much but the pain of not having Kon by her side or near her was well a big one, the reason why she had left to Crocus as soon as she could and now it was two months later. How fast time seemed to go and at some points how slow, especially when she had a lack of sleep. But she was glad to hear that her friend wouldn't mind visiting her children when they were awake or when she was able to and Alice would see if it would be possible later. At this point only Alisa had spend some time with them and it seemed the children really liked her and Lumen. It would be nice if her friends could just come over and the children would be fine.

"Oh that's very kind Snow, thank you. I am just lucky that I have companions that are able to change into human beings, Hecate has been a wonderful help, we are looking for a nanny though, like fulltime as Kon and I both work or well I don't work yet but you get what I mean." She wouldn't plan to stay indoors all the time, no matter how much she wanted to be with her children all the time and how guilty she felt for leaving on a short stroll to find the right flowers and so on, as that was her so called plan of the day, she knew that at some point she would go to work again. And she explained how she had been, just to return the question to her friend who she had not seen in months.

She looked a bit worried as Snow sighed and didn't seem all to happy to explain the question but that was an assumption, she shook her head as her friend mentioned that she hoped she didn't look too different, "I thought something was different but I still see it is you." She had of course met Snow a couple of times now so it might be just instinct, she did nodd when Snow asked her for a walk, "Sure." she smiled. So they started their walk while Alice considered the answer, "To be fair I came here because of my home, safety for the kids with everything around Crocus." She looked around some more, because it sure looked like a happy place to be, "Apart from that it's too crowded for my liking, I do have to admit that it is beautiful and nice to be here. There are so many things to do that I didn't even try yet."

#7Hikari Snow 

Default on Sat May 12, 2018 12:18 am



Beyond The Sun & Stars

As the two women began walking through the park where the festival mainly eventuated, she’d notice how the grass floor became so thick with petals that it reminds her of the beautiful fishes she’d seen in the lake during one of the dates with her lover. The colours overlap with a heady vibrancy that raised her hand on instinct as she collected falling petals in her palm, as if the heavens had rained down flowers upon them. She lets her fingers touch the perfumed ‘scales’, holding them up briefly to take in their aroma before letting them tumble from her hand back to the garden path. Every shade of rose petal is there, so large and scalloped that they have collected morning dew. Intermingled are the shocking oranges, purples and fuchsias of the asters, their petals long and thin.

”I see, that’s wonderful,” replied the female with an understanding nod. Though she had no hint on who her husband, Snowflake assumed that he must have also been a busy man, considering that they were both wizards of Fiore. Having children wasn’t easy after all, especially when you have duties to attend, it would have been very difficult to provide the utmost attention to the little ones, which was why Snowflake had never thought of starting a family to begin with. Perhaps it was just herself who found children as a nuisance and distraction to her goals and ambitions, but who knows, she might change her ideals as time passed by.

The snowy beauty continued to fiddle with her hair, simply due to the fact that she yearned for her longer hair that flowed down her back like a waterfall more than she ever did. On a side note, she was glad that Alice was able to spot her easily even with a change in her appearance, but that also could have been her aloof demeanour giving away.

”Orchidia is your home?”

Snowflake had heard how there had been an advent of war and the struggles between a few other guilds, but she had no detailed information about any of them, nor was she interested as long as Blue Pegasus was kept away from the troubles. After going idle for a short period, the woman had lost touch with all the information that she would use to obtain. Perhaps if Alisa was aware of the mess, she could possibly provide her a thorough explanation of what occurred. ”…Did something happen in Crocus?” she questioned. People were bound to share the whispers of any incident that took place, but Snowflake wasn’t one to trust the rumours unless the information was given from someone she could trust.

”I agree, I don’t like crowds either.”

The flower festival had made nearly all the citizens in Fiore to travel down Orchidia, which wasn’t a surprise, though she must admit that her experience would have been better if there weren’t too many tourists. ”Well, is there anything you’d like to try now then?” Unlike Alice, there wasn’t anything specific on her mind and though she wasn’t one to dwell on things she hasn’t experienced, she would have loved to participate in activities that she wasn’t familiar with.

#8Adelaide Eventide 

Default on Mon May 14, 2018 3:39 am

She wasn't exactly sure where to look now, the flowers were so beautiful that she actually simply wished to be married here, the manor had their cherry blossoms as well, why use new freshly cut flowers when you could use the decoration that the world and nature was giving you. But well not everything was ready and she would have to send the invitation again and well a lot of things were going on and she had to find Lacie too. She wasn't entirely sure how up for that she was, but at least have her locked under guard and watch, she was sure that would at least keep her out of her happy business for a while before making that decision.

One day there would be a job waiting for her and she wouldn't be sure if she was able to take the kids away with her no matter where they were going, they needed stability and in a few years they would need school. She didn't see a future where she wanted them to become knights or anything, she wanted to have them do whatever they would want to but at this point; that future was too far gone anyway.

She turned her golden eyes back towards Snowflake and nodded, "We have a house just outside the city perimiters. So basically still Orchidia but we do not bother anyone that way." nor did they bother or find them and that's why she was here too, apart from taking care of the last wedding things, Lacie wouldn't find it here. She looked away from Snow and sighed deeply, "Just the incident with the emperor, I wasn't there either but I heard about it, got the letter of his speech. I hurried back as soon as I could to find Konstantin as I didn't hear a single word from him." She bit her lip softly, thank god taht was behind them, "But apart from that I have my own problems with my crazy sister who plans to as she says it kill me. Better to keep the kids save in that case." she didn't want to bother too many people about her sister, it didn't happen too often anymore that people made a mistake though recently a barkeep had said it, which had been a long time ago before.

She was getting better with crowds that was a thing for sure. Alice looked around now that they were discussing what they could do, "Hmm, there is nothing in particular," she said softly until she noticed a wine tasting, well she always liked wine, had not drank much alcohol lately so.. although that one night in the bar, "We could try that, just sip, talk and have fun?" She pointed at the sign.

#9Hikari Snow 

Default on Sun May 20, 2018 2:04 am



Beyond The Sun & Stars

With a responsive nod, Snowflake began, ”Orchidia is a nice place to settle in,” a soft sound to couple nicely with her soft appearance. If she were to find a place for herself and her lover, it would have to be Hargeon; hometown to their guild. Despite not being a huge lover of water, she still enjoyed being around the sea and the occasional visits to the beaches, especially when it provides such a magnificent sight during the dusk and dawn. The hint of salty waters in the air and the sight of seagulls weaving and dipping into the ocean was also something she could never grow sick of.

”Oh, the emperor’s speech,” spoke the frosty maiden as she began to travel down her memory lane, to where she’d listened to the speech for the first time. It was no doubt that the entire country received the infamous words from the emperor and even while she was idle, she would hear the rumoured gossip everywhere she travelled. Things were complicated back then, and her own guild had many troubles regarding to Grimoire Heart, considering how the two guilds went to war several months ago. A part of herself wishes to forget the pain of the death of their previous guild master and the destruction of their guild, but it was also one of the reasons that motivated her to strive forward.

There was disorder within Grimoire Heart—or so she’d heard, and shortly after, the faction disbanded. Snowflake wasn’t sure if she was supposed to be elated or disappointed when she received the information, albeit, seeing how Blue Pegasus quickly regained the ground after its fall, she figured that it would be unnecessary to chase the ones who caused havoc.

Returning back to the conversation held at the moment, the snowy beauty raised an eyebrow. ”Siblings, eh?” she folded her arms across her bosom as she stared beyond her. According to the knight’s explanation, that was quite the crazy situation. Unlike Alice, Snowflake never had siblings, but she’s never heard of a brother nor a sister attempting to kill each other. ”Having that kind of sister must be tough.” Occasional fights were indeed possible, but delivering threats to the other was completely out of hand. Although the details were unknown, the silver haired woman was curious of what might have led to this fight, but she left her doubts unspoken. Being her own acquaintance, Snowflake was worried about the well-being of Alice, but she was aware that she would be able to handle it well on her own.

As the two strutted among the streets, she’d catch Alice glancing around the area and followed her gaze to which she settled at, ”Wine tasting.” Without a hint of hesitation, she nodded in approval. ”Wonderful. Let’s give it a try.”

#10Adelaide Eventide 

Default on Thu May 24, 2018 12:56 am

Alice smiled about the idea, yes Orchidia was nice. She liked being here, the many plants gave her a feeling of calmth and protection and much more. It was a nice place to b e indeed, it was the first place that she could call home and it probably more had to do with her family than anyone else. It was something she wouldn't have considered a possibility two years ago or three now, when she first got the amnesia and she wondered still what started it, it couldn't be the problem from when she was eight, that was just something else but than the question remained; what had it been?

Alice nodded when Snow mentioned the emperor speech, "I was not there, so I don't know what to think about it." She frowned a little and thought it might be better not to talk about it. Talking with different people and different opinions yet made it that she didn't form her own opinion yet. She still didn't agree with the matter but if it worked this way than she shouldn't complain too much but that didn't meant she would ever agree on the method, ever. Killing people that had nothing to do with the family issue of the kingdom, was not how she would agree to such matters. But it was too late for that and her opinion was a voice of perhaps many, but still a voice that would not be heard by the emperor himself.

But she told Snow for the first time without considering much more thoughts, about Lacie. With no name, as she did many times, she tried to avoid talking about her sister, but sometimes it happened, and in the situation with her wedding, her children and her sister, it was sometimes tough not to get crazy herself to try and find where Lacie was. "We apparently had a crazy mother who raised my sister in the same believes after she kicked me out." Which was the polite version of it, she had an attempt murder on her mother too, which had gone wrong and her mother died by using a wrong ancient ritual and here she was, mother of two and getting married within days.

She looked around to find something she and Snow could do and bumped into the wine tasting, she was glad to find out that Snow liked the idea to and headed towards a table, which was a high table with bar stools and she climbed upon one. It didn't take long after they sat down for a waiter to come around and she simply stated that she wanted to do the wine tasting that was on the board at the front, so they would. "With the disbanding of Grimoire Heart, I wonder if it is possible to fully enjoy this festival or if another guild is waiting or hidden people to destroy people's happiness." She muttered honest to Snowflake, she could at least say what she thought right?

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