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Greezy [Training: Hatsu]

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on Thu May 03, 2018 10:21 pm

On the rocky shore of Orchidia River Barry stood in full Saiyan form as he had spent most of the day prepping things for Hatsu's arrival. The young mage hadn't heeded his instructions and by Barry's will, he would learn to listen to his father- er instructor. Either the red head showed him some improvement of Barry would kill him. That sounded harsh didn't it? But given the difference in strength, it was possible for a good punch to split the kid in two. He'd never kill the lad, if anything he'd just hurt him bad and make him build more muscle to withstand the pain.

The Rocky shore at which Barry stood in was wide and open, the entire shore being twenty meters across as minerals met water, and the area behind Barry was a 25 by 25 meter clearing without any tress, but unearthed rocks plaguing the area here and there, mostly peppered.

For now the Saiyan was staring at the water, there were rocks protruding from the riverbed, the river itself was just nine meters wide as it ran through the initial area down the way towards hargeon. "No time to talk, kid's gotta learn." he spoke as he walked closer to the water.

Sounds of merriment could be heard... Barry looked to the right, "Oh yeah the festival's that way..."


on Fri May 04, 2018 7:39 pm

Fear. Excitement. Determination. Haru couldn’t figure out which among them was his feeling towards this, until he realized it was a mixture of all three. The young man was scared because had not built any muscle since the time Barry asked him to do so. Maybe he wasn’t trying hard enough and today was the day when he would be taught how to do it right. And that second part was what that caused the excitement. Barry had finally agreed to train him despite him failing his first task. He was given a chance. And that finally made him determined to not fail again.

The swordsman was supposed to meet his trainer near the river that morning, a bit further from the festival. He didn’t wish to be late and make the man doubt his sincerity. So, he got up as early as he could, groomed himself well, checked his equipment and made his way towards the designated spot.

Once he was within the vicinity of the Saiyan, he smiled nervously and bowed to show his respect and gratitude. “Thank you for doing this,” he said, before removing his black cloak and placing it on the side, getting ready for whatever his teacher had in mind for him. The sun had just risen up the horizon and Haru had asked for the entire day off from any Rune Knight duty so that he could focus on his training. He knew this wasn’t going to be easy, but he also knew he would gain nothing great from easy.

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on Fri May 11, 2018 4:20 pm

Barry looked back at the young male, he was late, not by a wide margin of time, but this was the perfect opportunity to make this young buck-boost his muscles so he could be a REAL man. Well, he was a real man, but he was also a young boy. If he wanted to protect his lady he was going to need to at least learn his blade a bit better. The rocky shore was silent for a moment before Barry would answer, the red headband over his crown blew in the wind. "Before we spar we need to test your endurance." he smiled, there was no time for pleasantries as Barry wanted to dive right in.

At his right foot was a bag, and in said bag, he'd retrieve something to assist them in their training. Lifting a vest similar to the one he was wearing. The armor offered no shoulder protection, nor would it protect his neck as much as it should have, essentially it was just battle armor. "You'll be wearing this, but don't worry it doesn't weight too much I think it's what you call uh." he snapped his fingers, "Just 23 kilos, i figured you want to start light, get it on." he tossed it to Hatsu's feet.

"Once you get it on, we're gonna take a dip." he poitned to the river behind him.


on Fri May 11, 2018 5:49 pm

Just as he expected. Fenrir wasted no time and dove right into the training. Haru waited patiently when the Saiyan dug into the large bag beside him and pulled out something like a vest. The way he handled it, the damn thing didn’t look like it would weight more than a kilo. But looks can be deceiving. It was actually twenty-three kilos; Barry could handle it with such ease only because he was so much stronger.

As the man tossed it at Haru’s feet, the vest fell with a heavy thud, confirming the fact that it was indeed quite heavy. The healer gulped, wondering if he could even lift it, let alone manage to put it over him. But he wasn’t going to give up on the very first task that was thrown at him. For his trainer to be enthusiastic about teaching him, he needed to be enthusiastic about learning. So, the red-headed Rune Knight simply nodded and knelt to the ground to pick up the vest.

It was near impossible. Just the task of lifting the damn vest and putting his arms inside took all the energy he had. After almost an entire minute of struggling, he finally managed to put it on. Haru stood there, panting and slouching due to the weight on him, but he hadn’t lost his resolve. “I’m ready!” he said.

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on Fri May 11, 2018 6:05 pm

Barry scratched his chin, the lil guy has some serious perseverance. Maybe Barry misjudged his resolve. Scratching his chin he narrowed his eyes, first they''ll work on endurance and then maybe get into that stick on his side. A sword he called it, fancy little metal stick. Maybe they could break it. "Before you do anything with your sword you need to strengthen your mind and body, at least that's probably how it goes in fist fighting. I want to make that sword apart of you, like a fist." he clenched his fist and raised it. This was going to go really well or really badly.

"Alright step into the river, we're going to test just how adamant you can be by going against the stream" he knelt down and dipped his hand into the water, "It's pretty weak today, but given how tired you are and how heavy that armor is to you, if you slip you're probably not getting back up until I get you, which I probably won't"

Once Hatsu was ready and in the water he'd step in a few meters awa from Hatsu, "Alright, now draw your sword, we're hitting rocks." he picked up a handful of smoothed stones from the bottom of the lake. "Whenever you're ready."


on Fri May 11, 2018 9:03 pm

Haru really liked the where this was going. It might be difficult, but there was no pain without gain and he knew that very well. The healer’s eyes widened in shock when Fenrir told him he probably wouldn’t help him if he slipped and drowned. He sincerely hoped the man was joking and was just saying that to sound harsh; but you never know with the Saiyan. As he dragged himself slowly towards the river, he shook his head slightly to not think too much and just follow the training instructions.

He asked for this; he knew he couldn’t conveniently change his mind and request to go easy on him now. So, he obliged and slowly stepped down into the water. The stream wasn’t too strong, but it was enough to push him if he wasn’t careful. He wondered what the lycan was going to have him do while he was hip-deep into the water, but that was answered very quickly. Swordplay.

Haru wasn’t sure how well this was going to go. If he was required to move around swiftly with a sword, while he was in the water and wearing that heavy jacket, then it was inevitable that at one point or another, he was going to slip. Maybe that was the idea. To learn not to lose balance… And how else was he going to learn it fast, unless the stakes were high? The challenge actually brought a smile to his face.

Extension of himself, the sword shall become. He spread his legs apart slightly and crouched before he pulled out the hilt. Pressing the button, he activated the blue mana blade, and held the hilt with both hands. He then looked up at Fenrir and nodded, indicating that he was ready to strike.

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on Tue May 22, 2018 11:23 pm

Barry looked up at the sky, "Well looks like you got off easy today." he threw a rock at Hatsu's chest, "I have to go to a meeting about this elf who's noodles I was slurping and then I need to find someone to give me a haircut so I look pretty for Asura, and then I have to make a parasitic girl buy me some noodles. Had I known these things earlier I would have called it off but regardless I want you to wear that armor from here on out capeesh?" he pinched his thumb and index finger.

Getting out of the water he'd remove his own armor and flexed his muscles at the young man, "You see this? You can get this too if you work hard enough and slurp some noodles, I expect to hear that you slurped alot of noodles by the time we meet again and if you don't I'll make you pay by doing 1000 push ups. Then you'll have a body like mine." he flexed his arms and pointed at teh festival, "Plus there's a fishing contest and I wanna get in on it catch you later dear."


on Sat May 26, 2018 3:00 am

The moment Fenrir threw the rock at him, Haru fixed his eyes on it and was ready to slice it down once it reached his range. Theoretically, it seemed rather easy. However, when that small pebble flew straight towards his chest, all he could do was make one sloppy swing that completely missed the target. The rock found its mark, right in the middle of his torso. Thankfully, the armour that he wore took all the impact and the small ammunition rolled down, plopping into the water.

Haru sighed softly and looked at his trainer apologetically. He wasn’t sure if his poor performance was part of the reason, but the man was suddenly reminded of a large list of things that he was supposed to do. The lycan instructed him to keep wearing the vest, and of course, slurp more noodles, before taking off. There was one thing that caught his attention, however. Before blasting off, he mentioned something about a fishing contest.

The healer had never gone fishing before; at least not as far as he could remember, which wasn’t long. Why would he? After all, he was vegetarian. However, he had seen other people fish before and he wasn’t particularly fond of the act. As the redhead deactivated his lightsabre, waddled out of the water, and dragged his wet self towards his tent, there was only one thought in his head. I’m probably going to be stationed at one of the fishing zones…

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