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[Festival Booth] The Dunk Tank! (Closed)

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on Sat May 05, 2018 9:03 pm

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on Sat May 05, 2018 10:10 pm

Zuzu would jump up, and the ball would bean her right upside her head. Nameless couldn't have hoped for a dumber pet, but in this case, she would help out. The ball would make its way in the direction of the target, sort of, but not exactly in the area it needed to be. It was alright, everyone was focused on the animal and her own small brain, that no one noticed how bad of a throw it was.

Nameless pulled the lever, her own chair falling into the pool of cool and refreshed water. As she fell, the eyes would change their focus to the girl. She knew what she had done, and so would her pet and the man. It would be their secret, for now at least. She smiled, lifting her body upon the rim of the pool. She kicked the lever closing the trap door, pulling her chair up as well. She would once again center it, and take a seat upon it like a throne. She looked at the cheering crowd. Surely this would stir up the next guest, the question was not when the next would step up, but who.

She looked across the crowd, trying to find the next contender. Surely someone strong, or some child would step up, but whom. Who would dare to challenge the game again?

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#28Shura Ranzu 

on Sat May 05, 2018 11:40 pm

Shura arrived at the gates of the festival, seemed to be pretty lively. Everyone seemed to be getting along nicely. Several mages were walking around participating at various booths and such. It was like the Halloween festival, minus the spooky scenery. Shura walked through the crowd before he saw a tank filled with water. A lass with cat-like ears sat on a chair that was on a board, waiting for a boy with pink hair to try and hit the mark. There was something about this girl as if Shura knew her. That thought was quickly overcome by the ears on her head. Ethier, she was wearing a costume or she was not human. Shura wasn't too familiar with such a game, but it seemed simple enough. Hit the target, dunk the girl. The boy hit his mark and the girl found herself in the water in an instant. As she climbed back out of the water he noticed the ears did not fall off. 'What a peculiar being.' he thought to himself. Then again he can't say much because he was part demon himself.

The boy moved out of the way, and the girl reset the game. Shura stepped up to the plate, wanting a piece of this action. A game of strength was something he was fond of. He dropped his backpack next to the table that had the balls on them. He picked a ball up with his right hand. He felt the weight of the ball, he could do some serious damage to someone if he wasn't careful. “So I just gotta hit the target right?” He asked while he tossed the ball up and down waiting for a response.


on Sat May 05, 2018 11:50 pm

She could feel her own heart begin to race as another contender made his step. She didn't know why her chest had such a strange pain, but she didn't think much of it.

Beside the jar would be a few other balls, in a much more poor condition than the single one that her pet had been fetching that afternoon. Her snow fox would sit, with a ball in her mouth waiting for the man to take it from her.

"I can feel it. It's back." The sound of her voice echoed. Nameless tried to put her aside, but she continued to speak. "If only I could remember . . . who he was." The voice of Chisu Lau remained, but Nameless would never allow anyone else to see her struggle.

"Yep." she'd answer the man, "Don't disappoint me. If you miss, I'll know you were holdin' back!" she gave a laugh as she spoke, following her words. She looked up at the sun, it was seeming to get a bit colder. What time was it? Maybe after this she would get some food finally, and enjoy the festival. She didn't care what happened, win or lose. But something about him told her, there was no way someone like him could ever lose.

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#30Shura Ranzu 

on Sun May 06, 2018 12:08 am

Shura put the ball down he picked up and stepped forward. He took the ball from the mouth of the small fox. Seemed like the better option. Shura noticed the ball that the fox had was in better condition than the one he picked up. Which was good for him, bad for the cat. He could throw without worrying about the ball unraveling midair. The fox walked out of the way and Shura went back to the designated distance. He looked at the cat who spoke to him. That feeling had came back again, 'why do I get this familiar feeling when I look at her.'

The cat didn't want to be disappointed, which was a fair request. Shura was one to oblige those who requested to see his full strength. He did plan to hold back at first to keep from destroying the target. Now all bets were off, “Careful for what you wish for miss!” A smirk crept across his face as he took the position. He turned so his left side was facing the game. He took a deep breath and gripped the ball tightly. He let out the deep breath and pulled his right arm back. While doing so he arched back a bit to add all of his body behind the throw.

No words were shared, just a look of determination on his face. Shura brought his arm forward with all of his might. At the perfect moment, he released the ball as he swung his arm. Theall left his hand and whizzed through the air at the target.

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on Sun May 06, 2018 12:08 am

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on Sun May 06, 2018 12:21 am


A bell was rung as the ball struck the target. The man had hit its mark. There was no second chance needed, he did it all on his first try. For the final time of the day, she would fall down into the pool of water. She did not climb back up, she enjoyed the water, kicking her feet as she did so, looking at the man and the few people behind him. "That'll be all, folks!" she would declare. She'd get out when she was good and ready. For now, the question of the man and the odd feeling he gave her would be on her mind.

For now, she'd get dressed in a change of clothes and perhaps find him later for the answers. She turned her back to the crowd, the snow vulpix hoping up to fetch the bowl of money, only to run it over to her master. He was sure to leave and cheer just like anyone else. She reached from behind the tank and grabbed a towel and set it on her head before climbing out. She wore nothing more than a bikini top and shorts, the full of her back revealing what she had.

A large tribal like circle with markings and symbols within it. A dragon or serpent like creature circling the shape, and a mark branded, seared into flesh on the nape of her neck. Her ears twitched thinking about it.

"How much did we make Zuzu?" she'd turn to her pet.

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#33Shura Ranzu 

on Sun May 06, 2018 6:41 pm

The ball whizzed and slammed through the target causing the girl on the chair to fall into the tank. Shura grinned at the idea of not displeasing the cat. She seemed to be pleased to be dumped in the water, which was odd for a cat. Maybe she didn't share all of the features of a feline. She spoke out causing the crowd to disperse. Shura did not stick around for long, he was getting ready to leave. He was fixated on the cat for a moment, not realizing he was staring at her as she got out of the tank. It was a creeper moment for sure, but not a intentional one. He wanted to enjoy this festival some more before it went away. Something else on the other hand, told him they were going to meet again very soon. He was starting to realize that this was a rather small world. He was keeping a low profile, he wasn't wanted just yet but he had a feeling soon the Rune Knights would be after him. There were so many strange things going on since that day on the hill. First the vision, hearing the demon's voice he made a bond with again and now this.

All those words about a storm was coming was slowly coming to life. He never thought himself a prophet, just someone with a lot of sense and hindsight. Speak on something enough and it will come true. Shura took his leave and began to walk down the festival to see what else it had to offer. Food stands were everywhere, people were having a great time. While walking, he bumped into someone, “Sorry I wasn't watching where I was going.”

The individual in question spun around but this was no person. A decayed face screeched at him causing him to stop in his tracks completely. A ghoul from the abyss, coming back to drag him back to that place. The place where he truly felt fear. He tried to collect himself as he took a step back. 'It's happening again.' he thought. What he was referring to was the visions, the dream he had that first sent him to the abyss. Something was going on and he needed to get to the bottom of it. He shook his head, thinking to himself, 'it's not real, its not real!' Everything turned back to normal. A blonde haired man stood in front of him, puzzled at the sight of Shura coming unhinged. The moment became awkward causing Shura to leave the area suddenly. As he left, he could hear laughter but it was different. Not the sounds of the festival, but something more sinister.



on Sun May 06, 2018 6:56 pm

She thought about it. She waved her pet away and begun to make her way out of her tank. She would finish drying her hair and count it on the comforts of a park bench. There was no reason for her to get her money wet. Wet money couldn't buy any food.

She pushed herself over the rim of the tank and got out, setting the towel around her neck. She pulled up the laminated sheet and left it to the side of the tank. She was done for the day, she had already gotten more money than she had planned. For now, she would let someone else run the tank, if anyone was brave enough. The pink haired boy seemed like the most likely candidate.

"Zuzu, can ya find momma's dress?" she'd say to her pet. Nameless herself would not be able to remember, the water having filled her eyes and most likely soaked what was left of her working brain.

They would find somewhere to eat, anything seemed good at this point. All they needed was a good place to head towards and then they would follow their noses. After all, a cat's life was a life like no other.

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