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Meeting of Mystery?(Priscilla and Victor Garrett)

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#1Priscilla Ivalice 

on Thu May 03, 2018 5:49 am

Festivals, Life and how society works over all everyone was always looking upon one another. In some kind of interest. But today caught Priscilla's interest of thought to do deal with anyone or anything for the moment it seems the festival this day kept all of the normal people around. Her normal thoughts of some one knowing her had settled away for now and she seemed to be settling into just being as what normal as a person like her could be a normal person.

Need for blood,murder, killing and robbing away because it just seemed to roam about, wanting to find something to do or some one interesting to meet for the moment so far.

Priscilla seemed to finally manage to fit into the group of people quietly just everyone else not acting much different then she normally did, Well as normal as a person who really did not care about very much about anyone or anything normally.

Walking around upon the stalls of the of what people were selling Priscilla was looking at the items around to see what they all were, After all if something catches her eye she might be even more interested in either buying it or seeing what all more was being sold around here.

What all this festival had with in its stalls, vendors and various other events were all to just to see after all these kind of things were never her way of life of enjoyment for the most part, It was simply a new experience for her to try.

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#2Victor Garrett 

on Fri May 04, 2018 2:49 pm

The area was far-reaching. When he first got here, the overgrowth hung over the ruins like an impenetrable fortress. But underneath the dense canopy of trees, they committee had managed to create something quite spectacular and organised. Over one layer of trees stood another, of various different types... like linden and hemlock. Betwixt the leaves, stood the openings which let dappled sunlight fall upon the festival-goers. Thin branches suspended from every tree, and a medley of flowers, which clung to any space they could find. The weather was crisp, golden drops of rays fell from the heavens, offering a warmth and lifting the spirits of most around.

It really was a stereotypical, gorgeous get away. Except for the crowd, there were way too many people to enjoy anything private and quiet. Huge mobs did not facilitate Vic's plans. He needed time with a person, solo. While he was able to deal with groups without breaking a sweat, it wasn't his preference, gathering data related to the average was no fun...

Vic watched them crawling around like ants, heading from one line to another trying to get a peek or taste at the next best stall. He rolled his eyes as he chucked his pear into the air and caught it repeatedly. Finally, he realized that standing around was not going to do the trick. He plunged into the host of people as his teeth sunk into a succulent pear.

Having noticed several people selling and setting up stalls without permits, Victor was inclined to do so too. His scanned the crowd for someone seemingly neutral to team up with. This was essential because in case things went south, the blonde had to have someone to pin the blame on. He looked away only briefly, when someone knocked into him... Oh great... he thought as he looked up.

#3Priscilla Ivalice 

on Fri May 04, 2018 3:38 pm

It seemed like playing and clueless watcher, while walking about just peacefully with few thoughts in her mind Priscilla then felt her shoulder hit some one. Well more like some one ended up walking into her. She for the moment keeping her thoughts to herself about if she wanted to say something it would be something along the lines of watch it like any other person would but worded something way different and maybe hinted with in the thought of something about bloodshed.

But in return kept it normal. Looking at the blonde haired man with reds giving him almost a death glare, well but what one she could because she had eye one and looked like an straggler but seemed to blend in as well as she could, Wondering if her eye meeting his eyes would even doing anything for the most part people did not pay any attention to her just forgetting she was around because she just seemed to be normal.

However keeping no longer enjoying traveling in the large groups that seemed to linger she managed to get her self out of the vast moving groups of people around the stalls and moved to the side to give herself a moment to breath. She seemed to mention something just almost not able to be heard by this man but something about how annoying people could be.

#4Victor Garrett 

on Mon May 07, 2018 12:54 am

Upon banging into the woman, Victor found his gaze lingering on her shape and form, she seemed to have a pretty voluptuous and pleasing build. Although once his eyes set upon hers and he noticed the eye-patch he was a bit deterred in his approach. The blonde chased perfection, perfection in himself and perfection in the people and items that he sought. However, imperfection showed vulnerability and vulnerability induced trust. Whether she was really trustworthy or not, was an unnecessary detail, so long as she could inspire it in others she would make a valuable partner. The blonde watched as she slipped out of the bustling crowd. All the movements the people made rustled up the foliage that framed the area. He followed her, simply with the intent to strike a conversation.

She seemed quite annoyed at their encounter, but he could deal with that... He could have said something along the lines of... Should've seen you there, you are difficult to miss... but he refrained from the employment of that particular phrase. For good reason too. There were too many references to vision and the uniqueness which he sought to bring attention to, given her eyepatch, might be completely misunderstood and come off as inappropriate. Victor needed a simpler compliment to break the ice with, to glean her attention in a positive light.

The man wished to open the interaction with something that'd allow him to steer the conversation towards his desires. 'Why, hello there, sorry about that, I was a bit preoccupied.' He started with a smooth and fair apology. Saying sorry was not a weakness, if it got people to ease up a little, access was key. 'Are you browsing the stalls, or locations, to set up your own?' he settled on a question that was blunt and to the point, if she showed no interest in his ventures, perhaps it would be best to make that assessment soon, so he could move on to greener pastures.

#5Priscilla Ivalice 

on Mon May 07, 2018 4:52 pm

It seemed like the tides of fate had made the turn into another interaction between Priscilla and some one else new, The hair would be something she interally she would shrug at, anyone blonde hair boy she had met was some one who has a overly large ego problem or was full of themselves in such a manner.

So in this case she wanted to see if this person had an ego problem or not, Such a person was fun to play with. The red eyes however are interesting to her. Such eye colour was a lot more interesting then the common blonde hair. She wanted to be mean but that was not the point of playing with your food."Oh it is fine my dear, It happen with me commonly."That was however a right away 100 percent lie to him right away.

Not like this man would pick up on it."Looking around the location in general."Which was a lie as well. After all she was just here to look and learn what this festival was about and to find maybe a target or two eventually to deal with a problem she knows she should not feed at all.

"Sometimes I unintentionally run into another person but that is for a varying different reason then not paying attention."She would mentioned, she had stopped walking for the moment and crossed her arms and waited to see what else would happen with this situation, Was it this a target for her? was this an accident? or was this leading towards something unforseen, What he would say or do next would sway the answer.

#6Victor Garrett 

on Mon May 14, 2018 7:28 pm

There was an air of confidence in her words and in the way she held herself, it was rather impressive, but also a bit off-putting. Victor was used to having girls fawning over him, while this was note worthy it was also a bit of a blow to ego. He narrowed his eyes and took a bite out of the succulent pear and regarded her with a guarded politeness. 'Well, that truly is a pity.' he said softly, after swallowing the bite he'd just taken out of the fruit and smacking his lips together to make a soft sound to depict the sympathy.

'I bet its mostly men, finding a reason to gather your attention.' he said, wondering if a compliment would melt her just a little for him to gather some more details and figure out if she was a worthy candidate for his ventures. At the moment the chances looked bleak, since she offered so little about herself. But Victor would give it some more time, give the moment a possibility to blossom into something profitable. 'Oh, just looking around? That makes two of us.' he responded with a gentle smile. She didn't quite give him enough information on whether she was just checking out the festival, or if she had something more specific in mind.

'So you make that mistake too?' he asked casually counter-questioning as she mentioned unintentionally bumping into others. His tone was a little rhetoric, but he was just trying to get her to ease up. 'I can't say it happens too often with me, but at least it makes for a good ice-breaker.' he said offering his free hand for a shake. 'May I have the honor of knowing your name?'

#7Priscilla Ivalice 

on Wed May 16, 2018 6:37 am

Compliment? something Priscilla almost laughed at but mostly internally because Priscilla herself did not think herself a person did not intend to gather the interest of other people, So it was different to think otherwise at this point. So maybe she would keep it in a positive for once even if she was never really the type to express and show she took compliments in her mind. Then again it has been a while she did have to think about how cleverly worded it was. This man surely had a way with words different then she expected, It to her this might be a vast game of words between them.

It would be in her mind to wonder that if it was truly a game of words and mind or this man truly had an interest in her, if he did Priscilla would not know if to either feel sorry for them or laugh at them. Both were options she considered.

"A small mistake in the end to explore around out of interest mostly since gathers of people always lead to something in some manner."
Priscilla pointed out with how she viewed going on about these ventures but she was just maybe different."I guess if names are all that important, My name is Ciri."Simple easy to remember and easy to make up lie of a name to him."And might just who you be?"She asked since it already circled in that manner with conversation between people. Even if its different kind of game to people like her.

#8Victor Garrett 

on Wed May 16, 2018 2:05 pm

She offered a sweet sounding naming. It was short but had a nice ring to it. 'Ciri.' He repeated, carefully staring at her features as he branded the memory of her face in conjunction with the name. It was a little short and she didn't offer a second name to go with it, but he didn't press for details, the lesser he knew the better it was if his venture kicked off and for when it failed and he pinned it on her.

'Names are a good way of making a stranger into a... an acquaintance.' he added, with a gentle nod. He gazed into the crowd, waiting to see if she cared enough to ask for his name in return, he wouldn't offer it if she didn't care for it. Information was precious, he definitely knew that well. When she did finally grant him that much, he too responded in a manner that shortened is name and a form that had a similar sound to it as the one she had provided. 'Vicky. I guess our names rhyme. Feel free to call me Vic, though.' He finished. Then clearing his throat, he decided to let her offer her some more insight on what she'd mentioned earlier.

He had noted her comment about how gatherings caused something to happen. He wondered what kind of something she was expecting. It was a fair deduction. If you stuff a small region with a lot of people, while things start may start off as festive, overtime something more sinister and perhaps entertaining is likely to happen with all the annoyance that people fester against one another. 'Are you expecting something particular to happen?' he asked, following which he nonchalantly took another bite of the apple.

#9Priscilla Ivalice 

on Thu May 17, 2018 8:04 am

Wondering how she could word it personally."I always expect something to happen, either positive or negative."Would be to start with since that is how it was all gathered in her mind."I always expect something in one way or another when groups of people gather, So far nothing however."Nothing of note for Priscilla really however, then again maybe she was not looking hard enough or was not around during the times stuff she found interesting to happen. But her idea of interesting was different then most other people she enjoyed chaos and violence most of the time and so far since she just thought about various things in her mind as well."I live by expecting nothing you will not be disappointed if it happens."anything she wished to happen would just stir up too many problems in general as well, So maybe it was good she avoided her way of having fun for now.

She could easily find anyway to rid her most likely dangerous thoughts later for now it seemed this man was slightly more interested in speaking to her then anything else."acquaintance's are always an interesting title to a person isn't it?"She would mention to have it a bit more personal take on it."You try to remember a person, who is on the borderline between a friend and or enemy, Or being a just a face and that is it."One part of it really there was a bit more. which she would mention."And then a confusing part is it is always subjective to the person themselves, But that is how people are interesting in one way or another."Priscilla was at least trying to make conversation to see where it goes.

"I would image how annoying, if it is for one to be forgotten when you remember the other. But I can only think that for it has not happen to me yet."Priscilla wanted to see how Vicky thought of this viewing and thought of it, since it was becoming more of a talk of perspectives.

#10Victor Garrett 

on Sat May 19, 2018 1:24 pm

'Yes, I can't disagree, I hope its positive though.' he said winking. Keeping up the persona of a good guy, the opportunistic Garrett couldn't care less if it was something bad, perhaps in a way that would tickle his fancy even more... To be able to make something off the tragedy would be icing on the cake, but he was getting ahead of himself. Like she said, so far nothing.

Victor heard the woman out, intrigued. 'You contradict yourself,' he said jovially, pointing out how she'd just mentioned expecting an something to happen at the gathering, while now adding that she lived by not expecting. Of course, he was just playing around, he understood the intent behind her words and the context of the word expectation. 'Nonetheless, that is quite a practical way of looking at things.' the man mused as she mentioned being not expecting things to prevent being disappointed. 'Is that how you always were, or did repeated disappointment cause you to feel that way?' he asked, casually seeking to unravel the mind of the woman in front of him, succumbing to his habit. He took another large chunk out of his fruit, now almost having finished the nature's gift of delicacy.

But while she didn't answer the question, she did steer the the conversation suddenly, so it took a turn for the philosophical. That was a little unexpected as Ciri fussed over what acquaintance really meant, he leaned against a tree and finished his fruit, as he heard the woman out. 'That's exactly it! It is a test, where you know a face and a name, but still haven't decided where you want to put this person.' he said, chucking the bit of fruit that had too many seeds embedded in it. 'With what label you want to cage them, what expectations you want to riddle them with, because now you've attached a tag of a relationship to their being...' he chuckled some more. It was true, how people made you their friend only to mean they now expected you to behave in a certain way around them... or worse, lover. He cringed internally.

'Oh, now you see, another expectation, that providing a name will aid in remembrance.' he shook his head, as though at the folly of man. 'But yes, much like you, I haven't had that happen yet, not really.' he mused. She had proved to be a valuable target, less in terms of the ends he wished to accomplish, but more as someone he could spend a little time getting to know, that is what such events were for after all. For him to practice his skills. However, for the time being, he did need to find a way to accomplish a little bit more than idle chatter. Perhaps, for that, she wasn't the best pick. 'Let us see, if either one of us forgets the other in the future... As a test. Pleasure meeting you, Ciri, I do hope fate helps us meet again.' he said as he nodded and slipped by her, swiftly disappearing into the crowd.


#11Priscilla Ivalice 

on Sat May 19, 2018 3:46 pm

Looks like Priscilla had something knew to look forward too a test to her mind and his mind in the end which was going to be the most interesting part of her arrival here for the most part. it was a twist for her now, it was fun odd twisted fun for now. Like much things in life she had something to do to keep her mind in thought of the fact that she had to figure out something to say or to do when he saw this man again.

To her a different game had begun, to remember some one else for once to make sure they a trail was made, she wanted to forgot but in her mind she knew better to just this person at least, if it got too much out what she enjoyed she would do something about it that she normally would do.

"We will see how this goes then, Good day Vicky."
How childish how he named and called himself such a name but then again, She didn't give him a sign part of her actual name so that could easily be a point as well if he ever knew, But if it came to it he could easily point out her missing eye if she made up a different name, So she forced herself to keep that blonde hair and red eye man in her mind and went quietly on her way to whatever happen next, she would just have to wait to see what would go on.


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