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Drip Drip Drop [Odin: Festival]

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#1Adelaide Sokolov 

Drip Drip Drop [Odin: Festival] Empty on Wed May 02, 2018 2:14 pm

Adelaide Sokolov
There were so many people in Orchidia, she couldn't even remember if there were many more than the last couple of times she had been here. Because of the house, because of finding her fiance in an odd situation or because she needed to be safe, the red head had stayed here because of her pregnancy two months ago. She prefered Orchidia, because of the manor that she lived, above anything else. The town was far away from their house and the manor was a bit hidden which made it the last place someone would find and the last to track her down hopefully, which was mostly meant for Lacie. Her sister was a thread to her little babies, one she didn't want to think about but woke her up in the middle of the night when she heard the cry of her children.

It would take a while before she might even get a good night sleep even if the little ones would sleep on through the night, she still wasn't able to. It would be better as soon as her sister was noticed in a town or something, would be arrested or better.. she shivered and walked a bit empty headed through the stalls of the festival. It was already evening, and she had only come for a short walk to see the light that would light up the town with different colours, different looks than it would during the day, she had left her companins at home. One walk, she would be able to go home soon, perhaps one drink before she would return, how much harm could that do?

She moved towards a stand that seemed to be selling drinks, it was like a moveable bar? It seemed to be a nice place and again; one drink couldn't hurt, so she decided to give this Swineherd Stall a try.


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Originally, when told that he would be manning the Swineherd Pub portable stall while Mac enjoyed spending time with his wife and two kids (all three of whom had met and actually liked Odin, despite his differences), the Lich had been irritated, having hoped to spend his days enjoying the festival itself and not stuck behind a bar, working off the hours he had made Mac work in his year long absence. Honestly, Odin had left without word, so Mac had every right to be a little upset, but the bartender knew how much Odin hated actually working the bar proper, and it was clear that there was no small amount of revenge at play here.

However, his opinion of his position changed rapidly when approached by a young woman with beautiful orange hair and face that Odin knew all too well, despite with a different eye colour. Fate had an odd way of treating people, but placing a woman he had promised to search for and kill right in his lap seemed too good to be true, even for a magical world like Fiore. But Odin couldn't attack Alice Baskerville, not in full view of the town. Firstly, it would only end with the authorities coming after him, but more importantly it would tarnish the name of his pub, and cause all sorts of problems for his side business, not to mention for Mac and his family. No, instead of outright killing her, Odin would gain information, then use that to give himself the edge required. She would die, that was not in question, just not right away.

"Good evening madame, how can I help you this evening?"

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#3Adelaide Sokolov 

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Adelaide Sokolov
She stared at the bar and shook her head lightly when someone talked to her, so much for being friendly. "Sorry," she apologized to the barkeep that asked her something, she should keep her mind on the here and now, for now. "Ehm," yes she really had not thought this through, the last time she drank, really had something without too many bubbles was before the pregnancy, she had shared a glass of champagne with Varian to celebrate her future wedding. Whcih was another headache worthy, so it better not think about something like that. She wouldn't mind something fancy, for just now, that would be not bad right for one day?

"Right, this place looks really nice, do you guys serve cosmopolitans?" Which was the first cocktail that crossed her mind. Before she had simply shared bottles of wine with Konstantin but right now, she could use something fancy to easy her mind. But don't drink too much because she had to keep her mind and be home. The esthablisment seemed to be popular as well, enough people here but it looked by far the best serving, she had seen a couple of others that only seled ale that looked a bit well.. watery perhaps? She couldn't judge as she had not been there to buy a drink, she wanted something fancier. She wanted to not feel guilty for this though.


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The woman, who Odin had sworn to kill, just apologised to him for being lost in her own mind. The irony was highly amusing to the Lich, but he maintained his decorum as she spoke some more, asking for a rather fancy drink that Odin had never personally made, but seen created on numerous occasions. He also had the cheat sheet if it came to it, but he knew what was in a cosmopolitan, and he also knew that he had all the required alcohols to properly craft it, which he then set about doing, conversing with the woman as he did so, and giving no hint that he had ever seen her face before, let alone that he was going to kill her, "Busy day today? You been enjoying the festivities? Oh, where are my manners, my name is Lucifer, pleasure to meet you, Miss...?" He paused as he waited for her response, but also because he was focussing on something else.

Odin was making Alice the drink she had requested, but not as she had requested it. Having study drinks many times now, and even though he wasn't familiar with a cosmopolitan, he knew which drinks blended well together, and which alcohols could mask the introduction of others. With those skills in mind, Odin laced the drink with some potent tequila: a drink that would be completely hidden within the confines of the fruity drink. Alice would not notice any difference, but she would soon get a lot drunker, a lot quicker than she had originally planned.

"Here you go: one cosmopolitan, just as requested."

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#5Adelaide Sokolov 

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Adelaide Sokolov
Alice looked around a bit, not sure what to say or do, she was actually glad to see how a fine place this was, quite a few people, the perfect spot reserved for her. "Not as busy as it will be, I just arrived back home from Crocus, I heard about the festival and I had to see it." she said with a happy smile, again looking around, before turning back her eyes to the barkeep, missing the whole point of the mixed drink as she didn't see that. "Baskerville, Alice Baskerville. Nice to meet you." However she couldn't help but mutter that soon enough it would not be baskerville anymore. To be honest now that she finally got the grasp of life, with a fiance, kids and the wedding to come, it gave her an idea that she hated the name Baskerville, a name she had come up with herself at some point. What felt like eons ago, she wasn't sure when, she would almost forget that she had an amnesia if it wasn't for missing a couple of years that didn't feel so important anymore.

"Thank you. Have you been here long, how is the festival?" she asked taking a sip of the drink, it surely tasted different than what she had lately and she didn't want to drink too quick but the flavour was really nice. So she took another little sip before placing it back, it would be nice to talk to someone just about things as this festival.


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It seemed that the woman was potentially the only person in Orchidia that hadn't come to the town specifically for the flower festival, instead leaving Crocus to go home, and happening to find out about and become interested in the festival. What unfortunate luck for the woman, who confirmed her identity to be that of Alice Baskerville, which caused Odin to pause for an instant, without even meaning to but being unable to stop himself. As she said her name, he properly looked at her, having ignored her looks as he knew what she looked like already. Enveloping her, like a membrane that only Odin would be capable of seeing, was a thin light, something he had only seen in one other person before, and he knew what that meant. His job had just gotten a lot more difficult, but also more interesting: she was a Seraph.

Knowing himself to be the only Lich, he knew that Alice, despite likely noticing the dark aura he possessed, would not actually know what it meant, so he could play around with that if she asked. Then again, that would depend on whether or not she'd be able to stand, let alone speak after the drink he had made for her. She then asked him another question, simply one about the festival, which made him revert once more into the bartender that he was, "I've been here for a few days now. It's been enjoyable so far, although I've had to work a lot of it, driving up business can be a pain sometimes but I enjoy hearing the stories of people here. What I must say is that, if you get the chance, you have to see the firework displays in the evening, they are truly incredible."

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#7Adelaide Sokolov 

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Adelaide Sokolov
Had Alice been aware of a lot more things, she would have cursed herself for being so silly minded, not paying attention and yet freaking out that she never did, but she never had been much of a thinker and she had been doing that a lot now lately and it had given her more headaches than she could count. It was stress of a lot of things happening at once. Therefore she had no open mind to see other things, such as a dark aura around Lucifer, it might not be that visible but she didn't notice at all at this point. The fact that she had things going for her and changing made it that she couldn't keep up and perhaps that's also why she could use a drink today. Something with the drink, the fruity flavour or some.. she didn't know what it was but it gave off a salty feeling that made her want to continue drinking as if her lips would burst because of being dry and, it was probably in her mind for not drinking alcohol for such a long time.

She turned her golden eyes back to the bartender and smiled friendly towards him, "Oh yes, I hope you do have some days of right?" Because what unfortunate it would have to be, to always work and never be able to enjoy the festival, she wasn't sure if he was the owner of the establishment but if he was, there were sure employees that could do some shifts? Or perhaps he was one that didn't dare to let go and be off for a few days, it was all possible, "Oh fireworks sound wonderful." If only Kon was here.. would be even nicer. But as it was the beginning of the evening, she might be able to walk back home and take him with her. She smiled to herself because of that idea and took a satisfying other sip from the drink.


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Alice was, probably as expected given her position as a high ranking Rune Knight, extremely friendly to a 'member of the public', as she likely viewed Odin to be. There was no reason to think, save for the aura that she hadn't seemed to notice, that Odin was anything more than a man running a bar stall. His mask and clothing hid his skeletal body well, and they were able to have a simple conversation without any issue. But Alice was annoyingly kind, the kind of person that would never get anything done for helping out the public with literally anything they needed. And yet, despite all this, Odin still had no idea why Lacie wished her sister dead. Sure, her kindness was slightly irritating, but that hardly warranted assassination. There must've been a darker side to the girl, the question was could Odin find it out without giving too much away. There was something he could try.

"Oh yes, that's not an issue. I have a team, but for now I'm letting them enjoy the festivities while they can. Eventually they'll return, do a shift, and allow me to go and see the sights myself." Odin paused before picking up a dirty glass and, grabbing a nearby cloth, started to clean it, "Oh wait, I have seen you. I knew I recognised your face, we've spoken before. You came into my pub requesting a drink in Oak. I think your eyes look a different colour in this light so I wasn't sure. Sorry for my rudeness, I've no been back there in quite a while." The first piece of the puzzle was placed, and now it was time to tread carefully and find out all he could about the woman, the seraph, the target.

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#9Adelaide Sokolov 

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Adelaide Sokolov
she had made the assumption that he could be the owner and as he said he had a team, she assumed herself correct. It wasn't part of the conversation but she found it quite interesting to know, how friendly to let his employees first enjoy the festival. She nodded, that's how shifts worked and if you were the leading party, you would have to be the one first, she frowned lightly, easy to miss as she wondered would that count for this king as well. Why did her mind always drift off to things that were definitely not worth thinking about at that point. She had been the one standing up front when she was the lieutenant but now that she was well on the lower rank of the Holy Knights or so she assumed it was fine to not be up front again, she had other jobs and Midas seemed to accept that from her.

She couldn't help but take a bigger sip of her drink to try and forget that her mind distracted her again as well. She froze in her moment of drinking, seh had been in Oak, more than a year ago, she had not really been in any establishment as she had laid low and mostly would drink in the guildhall of Phantom Lord. It didn't happen often that people recognized her because of that. But he mentioned something about a different colour of eyes and that made her realize perhaps a bit too late that he wasn't talking about her and there was only another solution. She swallowed the alcohol, wondering why it gave her a heavy feeling, again it would be the months of not drinking, "I think you confuse me with my twinsister, which is very easy thing to do as our most different feature is our eye colour, hers are chocolate brown." She tried to as usual say not anything bad about Lacie, it was her issue, but her sister had a warrant on her head for the crime of trying to kill Konstantin, the only reason why she had been able to harm him was because he was already hurt. The filty little... better not finish that thought.

For a second Alice thought that this would mean that Lacie was in Oak, but as Lucifer finished stating that he had not been there for a while, it might already been old news. She wanted to ask him if he had seen her recently but how to not tell people that she was a criminal? She didn't need to worry people, it was her issue, the Rune Knights and well she had told Aleksandr because he had to know considering Kon, "You don't have seen her recently? I am actually looking for her but Fiore is quite a big place to look for one person."


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Just as expected, the mere mention of Lacie changed the entire tone of their conversation, although not by as much as Odin had presumed it would. Alice openly spoke about her sister, notably never mentioning her name, and said that the only distinct difference between them was their eye colours, which was just as Lacie had told Odin so long ago when she first signed the pact. Then Odin's eyes, for an unnoticeable second behind his mask, lit up with fire as he watched Alice finish her drink, completely unaware of the effect it would soon have on her, and the answers it would give Odin. All the Lich had to do was speak calmly and ask questions that would naturally follow the conversation. That was, she'd never suspect a thing.

She asked where her sister could be, and if Odin had seen her recently. Funnily enough, Odin actually had seen her relatively recently in Magnolia: it was there she had signed away her soul for a second time. Even now, in the dark void that Odin held dominion over, her soul was trapped in the lantern, unable to escape until Odin completed his task, or the girl died. Either one wouldn't make much difference to Odin, as he had no real qualm with Alice. At the end of the day this, much like anything else a dark mage did, was just another request, albeit the most interesting one Odin had ever embarked on. "I'm afraid I haven't seen her for some time. Again I just thought it was you, sorry I can't be of more help. Here", Odin moved as he spoke, pouring another of the same drink for Alice. He moved under the table to grab some more alcohol, as he had run out of vodka for the cosmopolitan, at which point he again added some extra. Another spiked drink was placed in front of Alice as Odin continued, "it's on the house."

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#11Adelaide Sokolov 

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Adelaide Sokolov
Shame, he had not seen her. Here she hoped on a sign of where her sister might be. The witchhunt for her sister had basically died as Alice had enough other things to take care off, perhaps she should ask Midas to help her again but her boss was looking for her father. So much for a happy family reunion. She tried not to sigh and looked surprised at the new glass of the cosmopolitan.. She actually planned to drink only one but you couldn't deny a thing from the house right? That was very rude. "Oh thank you so much." She smiled, it wouldn't be bad to relax once but her head already felt so heavy after the first. It was probably a lot of things, Alice didn't want to consider any more bad things after her paranoia from days ago.

It was the wedding, it surely was the wedding that made her so stressed. Alice wondered what she would say but instead just took a ship, right it felt like it hit her even harder and she should stop drinking. She looked at the light pink substance in the glass and couldn't help but sigh now that she barely had any control of her body and mind. It would be better to have Lacie locked up before the wedding, but with no influence on the Rune Knights, it was difficult for the former lieutenant to arrange that at all.


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The drinks, despite only having had two of them, were starting to take effect. Unbeknownst to Odin, Alice had not consumed alcohol in some time, and so had lost a tolerance to it, meaning that less was needed to get her too drunk, as shown before him. She was at a stage were she wouldn't slur her words too much, but she was more lax and Odin could perhaps get some information out of her, while maintaining the visage of the friendly bartender. And that's what caused him to have an idea. He knew Alice, if she was related to Lacie, would be a competent mage. Her twin sister had feared not being strong enough to take out the woman sitting before Odin, and so the task had been passed to Odin. If that was the case, he might as well find out what he was up against.

"I know it's not my place, but you look stressed, is everything okay?" That was his response to her sighing, but that wasn't all he had planned. He would wait a few seconds for Alice to answer or, if she didn't, he would spring his plan instantly. While maintaining a bar and serving drinks, Odin's hands were constantly moving in all directions, whether it be collecting glasses, pouring drinks or cleaning. In much of those movements, his hands would rise into the air somewhat, and it was during one of those motions, after Alice had spoken, that Odin's hand raise called forth a Skeleton Reaver from death. Rising from the entrance of the stall, the three meter tall fighter, with its two meter long sword, would scream and begin attacking the populace. Odin would instantly crouch under the bar and scream for help, employing the actions he had seen many use against him, "SOMEONE HELP! WHAT IS THAT THING!?"

Time to see what Alice was made of.

Spell Used: Skeleton Reaver:

Drip Drip Drop [Odin: Festival] Latest?cb=20141108035906

Name: Raise Skeleton Reaver
Rank: A
Mana Cost: 200
Requirements: Necromancer Magic
Type: Supplementary
Element: Darkness
Range: 5 Meters
Cooldown: 4 Posts
Duration: Instant
Effect: While skeleton warriors may be excellent cannonfodder, or in some instances even enough to overwhelm enemies, they're not enough for difficult battles. Through extensive studies, necromancers have managed to refine their mana to such an extent to raise a skeleton reaver. In their lifetimes, the reavers used to be monstrous warriors cutting through the battlefield. The skeleton reaver is 3 meters tall and is equipped with a 2 meter long sword that has a width of 30 centimeters. They possess 80 Strength and 25 Speed.

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#13Adelaide Sokolov 

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Adelaide Sokolov
She doubt it was one drink, she doubt anything was wrong at all or if she was getting drunk, she just thought that she was tired and that it took affect on her drinking habits, as well as not drinking for about a year. She twirled with the straw in her glass and thought about a lot of things at once yet it seemed that she only touched the surface with her own mind, no longer perhaps capable or not wanting to think about details too much. She sighed a little and turned her head, tilting it to the right instead of the left now as she looked at the pink drink. She didn't forget she was in an establishment, perhaps a little but she looked up at Lucifer and gave him a wry smile, "Just many things happening at once especially taking care of a wedding makes a person a bit, I don't know, stressed? I can't wait for the wedding but the pr-" She stopped in her speech as she heard people yell and noticed Lucifer hiding behind the bar and yelling, she turned around on her bar stool, oh great.

Many people hid themselves underneath the table, "Out of my way." she muttered, on purpose not hard enough but she kept her eye on everyone that seemed to be moving and huddeling in fear, there were a few, brave idiots but seemed to try to stick knifes into the skeleton, the knight didn't know if she had expected this but there were always people trying to get rid of fun for others she supposed and well, the festival brought a lot of people together, she moved up her hand, "Ursa Major." and pointed it at the skeleton, the invisible flare of heat at least gave off that radiance of heat that people would know to step away, there was not big a distance between her and the skeleton, enough for the spell to go towards it and either fight it back or let it hit it. She would move her hand, summoning the light saber in case it needed a better fight.

At this point the red headed knight noticed that her mind was blurry, at least it didn't affect her spells but it might affect her reaction and movement. If only her thoughts could be wondering about the wedding and sipping drinks it would have been better. But for some reason that made her chuckle, "Last time I fought skeletons was because of Kon." She said to herself.

Ursa Major & Castor:

Name: Ursa Major
Rank: A-rank
Mana Cost: 200
Requirements: Solar Magic
Type: Offensive
Element: Light & Fire (Solar)
Range: 20 Meters
Cooldown: 4 Posts
Duration: Instant
Effect: The user moves their hand either up or down and create an almost invisible spell, it is made out of hot fire air: Sun flare. It has a light red colour and looks like a thing wave or laser, it is 8 meters long and 30 centimeters thick and moves in the total range of the spell (20 meters) or makes a hit. Ursa Major does A-rank burning damage in case it hits.


Name: Castor
Rank: B-rank
Mana Cost: 100
Requirements: Solar Magic Magic
Type: Offensive
Element: Light & Fire (Solar)
Range: 15 Meters
Cooldown: 3 Posts
Duration: Sustained
Effect: The user creates a laser sword made out of Solar magic. The hilt is 30 centimeters and the blade is some 120 centimeters and made of a light yellow colour that shows the light and the heat that the blade radiates. In case hit by Castor, there will be a B-rank burning damage.


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In all fairness, Odin couldn't blame the woman for being stressed. Hell, he'd be stressed if he had to plan an entire event as big as a wedding. She was excited for the wedding, and rightly so as they were happy and loving occasions full of joy. It was a shame that, because of Odin's interference, she likely wouldn't survive to the wedding or, if she did, she wouldn't be married for that long before he would come knocking, and then her soul would join the many others that Odin had collected, replacing the sister that would now be without a sibling, just as she wished.

But first, there was this test, as Alice sprung into action almost instantly after hearing screams, facing the skeleton and raising one of her hands. What came next showed Odin just how much of a pain in the ass this woman was going to be to kill: as she fired off what looked like a heatwave, striking the skeleton in the chest and vaporizing it on the spot. She then summoned a blade made out of pure light in her hand, confirming Odin's suspicions: of course she was a damn light mage. A Seraph and a light mage, who also seemed to manipulate fire in some way through her magic, as if she could control the damn sun. This meant many things, but most importantly it seemed that she was at a distinct advantage should her and Odin clash head on. Then again, Odin had never been one for fair play, and that wouldn't change based on one person.

Odin was about to summon more skeletons: an army of his weaker minions, but the woman's words made him stop himself. She muttered to herself, but due to her inebriated state, she had said them loud enough for Odin to hear her, and she mentioned a name that certainly did change things. Standing up, overjoyed that the 'monster' had been defeated, Odin thanked his savior, "You saved us Alice, thank you so much. Apologies for pressing though, but did you just say the name Kon?"

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Adelaide Sokolov
As she was prepared for anything well new, she looked around, the skeleton she hit with her Ursa Major had disappeared and she looked left and right wondering if a new one would show up, but as it didn't, people seemed to be getting out from their hiding spots and looking around, she quickly turned around, letting her spell disappear, it was her job, she didn't actually wanted people to come to her and congratulate her or thank her. She gave a grin to Lucifer if someone was playing a prank on the innocent people here that just came to enjoy a party, than she would stop that being. But again it was actually fun to think of memories, her first fight but than as a challenge was fighting the black wolf spell that Kon had as a necromancer, his magic had now changed since joining the Holy Knights and to be fair, she liked this sight of the beings more. But she couldn't help but say that out loud before.

She shouldn't act too quickly, her turning around made herself a slightly bit dizzy and her eyes looked at the half empty second glass, she wasn't that weak to alcohol now right? Perhaps she was but that thought was simply ridiculous. "Oh hehe, it was nothing." she said, moving her hand through her hair, well it was not nothing, she surely had to be more aware now and perhaps check the festival, she felt her geass but everything around her, knowing her friends were around seemed to be fine. But perhaps her dizzy state also influenced that.

She turned her attention back to Lucifer as he apologized and asked for clarification, oops she had been too loud. "Ah yea, he is my fiance. When we first met we had this fight with skeleton animals. It kind of reminded me of that." She seemed to be beaming with happiness though, even such a memory, well it was to be fair the moment he said he liked her and that he kissed her so, it was a fond memory. She climbed back onto the bar stool, "Do you know him?" Because she never met another Konstantin or well Kon for that matter.


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Fuck fuck fuck! Shit that does complicate things a fair amount.

The revelation that Alice was Kon's betrothed: the woman whom he would marry, was certainly not what Odin had expected to hear. Sure, he knew that Kon was marrying his long time partner, and that she had been in the Rune Knights. And sure, Alice was planning a wedding and in the Rune Knights herself, but with how many knights there were, what were the chances that his best friend's fiancé, who's wedding Odin was to be the best man for, and his assassination target were one and the same. Odin stood up straight, his face betraying none of his thoughts, as he poured himself a strong drink. It wouldn't do anything to ally his growing concerns, but by god it felt like it helped, as Alice asked if Odin himself knew him.

There was no point in lying to her, "Yeah, we're quite close friends I'd say. We met while fishing in Hargeon, it was a weird time, but we've both become close over the months." There was no reason to tell her any more, for now that would do. But holy shit that complicated things for him. He wondered for a moment if Lacie knew about the relationship, but even if she had, why would she tell Odin? There was no reason she would know about his friendship, so why would she tell him.

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Adelaide Sokolov
She simply smiled at Lucifer, no idea what was going on in his mind or what her sister had found as a solution to get rid of her. But in the end she simply asked him out of her own curiousity if he knew Kon, how else would he have been asking about the name right, pretty much of an obvious question if she would say so herself. Now that she had climed back upon the chair and forgot the five seconds problem about the alcohol she took another sip through the straw. Staring at the pink drink to see what the problem was, which obviously wasn't visible.

Fishing in Hargeon? That was when she had been missing or after that, after all she had stayed there a while too for recovery. "Oh how nice." she said very happy, carefree attitude, either it was the alcohol that made her satisfied without the stress in her mind.. stress she felt minutes ago. "Even when it's a lot of preparations, I can't wait for it to happen." She said with a satisfied smile on her face, swirling the straw around in her glass, soon enough though. She didn't meant to rush things. She tapped her chin as Lucifer mentioned close friend.. perhaps it was her being tired, alcohol, not connecting the dots on a name because most people could be called that but (yes it was the alcohol) it made her blush.

"Oh my, you must be the best man." She gave him a silly grin, "I mean we discussed a lot for the wedding, sorry I didn't connect the dots."


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Alice was excited for her wedding, of course she would be given the nature of the occasion, but Odin wasn't paying attention to her thoughts. She was thinking about how nice it was that Odin knew Kon, but that was the exact reason Odin was silent. His face betrayed nothing, hidden behind the mask as it was, and yet his mind was racing, thinking about how difficult his situation had just become. Of all the women in the world, why did you have to pick the one person I promised to kill. Fuck sake Kon. His thoughts echoed in his mind, as he came to terms with the truth of his situation. He wouldn't be able to just not kill Alice, it was a soul bound pact that he had to honour. He was going to have to kill her, and Kon was going to have to go from his friend to his enemy. The only question that remained was how, and when. He couldn't do it before the wedding, that would be too obvious, it would have to be after.

Her words then brought Odin back into the present, as she seemed to recognise his name, placing him as the best man of the wedding, to which the Lich nodded his confirmation before answering in words, maintaining the friendly tone in his voice despite the frustration he felt, "Oh, he's mentioned me has he? He's never actually told me your name before, what a surprise that you'd walk into my pub and we'd meet like this. Imagine if the first time you'd met me was the wedding, how funny would that have been."

Yeah, fucking hilarious.

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Adelaide Sokolov
Alice could talk for hours about the wedding, not always possitive as it did stress her out as well but after her good conversation with Alisa she was getting a little better at it and trying to relax and well let things go the way it would go and man it was a lot of work to keep up that facade and tell herself all the time. So she would not even notice that Odin was lost in thoughts and just tell him a little bit more, "It's good to meet before hand." She said and nodded. But she first asked him if he was the person that Kon mentioned before, I mean they talked a lot about the wedding, it was a lot of work together and as they saw each other every day it wasn't so difficult, the flowers had to be arranged, wedding invitations and of course they talked about the best man and the maid of honour.

She nodded shortly when Lucifer mentioned that Konstantin mentioned him, of course he did, they shared everything.. or well, almost everything. "Oh yeah that would not be the best idea, I actually thought about a good dinner beforehand, but not sure what Kon thinks about that, anyway, it would be nicer indeed. I mean we met now but there's also the maid of honour on my side, perhaps you know her? Alisa Vollan?"


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If there was a god, that is, if Illumin did indeed exist and could control the actions of the humans as an omnipotent force that could not be stopped, Odin knew one thing for sure: Illumin loved fucking with him. It was already bad enough that his best friend was marrying a woman who's sister had literally sold her soul for Odin to murder, but now she had gone and mentioned the maid of honour, and of course it was going to be Alisa. The one other mage that had a bone to pick with Odin. Alisa and Odin had been friends, or at least friendly, once. And then Grimoire Heart attacked Blue Pegasus, and Alisa defeated Odin. If anything, it was thanks to her that Odin was the Lich he now was, as she started him on the path to more power. But she probably still wasn't overly fond of the group that tried to destroy her guild, which was fair to be honest.

Odin needed time to think, to process all the ridiculous coincidences that had led to the mess he was now in. Pouring Alice one more drink, Odin spoke, "One more, to celebrate good times to come. Now I'm gonna go on my lunch break, I'll see you at the wedding though." With that, Odin allowed one of the other servers, Mac, to deal with Alice.

By lunch break, Odin meant he was getting the fuck out of there, before he found out that Alice's uncle's cousin was Bishop Santos and he'd be at the wedding. After what had just happened, nothing could surprise him.


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She wasn't sure if the meeting had gone splendid but this was the guy that Konstantin liked a lot, in a best friend manner, she thought shortly about Selena again and swirled the straw in her glass. There was nothing she could do at the moment and perhaps she was freaking about this as she told herself not to freak out about a wedding, things got pretty cramped in her mind from time to time. Anyway she got a new drink again from the bar to celebrate the happy time, so it must have gone well. She smiled at the glass and couldn't actually also wait for the wedding. Two mixed up messages to just celebrate the time being that she was well not yet wed.

Soon enough she would have that party with Alisa and whomever she had invited along. She actually wondered what they would do and if there was a dress code and so on, she would only see later. For now she finished her drink, hopped off the stool; a bit too wobbly, which was definitely more than she had expected and not the whole plan. She hoped she would get home without a scratch. So much for drinking a little bit, was she that easy with three drinks? That was bad too.


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