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Goin' Down [Pyre: Festival]

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#1Adelaide Sokolov 

on Wed May 02, 2018 11:06 pm

There is so much a person can take, physically as well as mentally and even though at some point Alice seemed to have been balacing it rather well, it was enough sometimes. She needed a break, she needed air and with that she would make use of the festival that was around the town where she belonged the most. She had been arrived here again like three months ago, heavily pregnant with the twins and look at them now already two months old. And what had already happened and how she slightly missed her freedom because she felt guilty every time she left the apartment in Crocus without her children. It wasn't always fair to be a mother and it wouldn't be fair for her nerves as much as the red haired knight worried about their safety.

But in the safety of their manor and the saefety of them together would be sure as hell enough to protect the twins from any danger that would be come to them, they might need a nanny but she was too insecure to find one, what would people know better than her, her mother instinct, what if she missed something, first word, first step in months, or even magical abilities. She took a deep breath, she had to relax and she tried to do that with the spring festival that was around Orchidia. Her companions, except for Ceres were home. Jupiter had begged her practically to let him stay home, a moment with Hecate, he wouldn't even mind dealing with the twins that Hecate took care off when Alice was on her walks, that is, if Kon didn't stay home.

So she headed over there with the lilac creature walking closely next to her, she wondered how good Ceres would even listen to her, but that already proved her point, as soon as the crowd appeared with the festival, she lost her feline like companion in the crowd, "Sorry.. excuse me." she said as Alice tried to move her way through the people, "Ceres? she would call out, "Ceres where are you?" would she recognize the sound Ceres made, would it be the same like Jupiter did when he was but a cat?

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on Thu May 03, 2018 2:57 am

Pyre strolled casually down the roads of the flower festival. He felt alone, a part of him wished that he had stayed that extra month in the academy and come out as a fully fledged rune Knight. But he wanted to make sure that his lead on the Baurai family didn’t die out, he wanted to make them pay for his relatives death and end their long feud.

The flowered trees were one of the most beautiful things he had ever seen, he’d lift his hand up and tag it across one of the low hanging branches, causing a rain of petals. Nature was beautiful, it held a sort of weird sense to it, you had no idea how something like that came to be. How did evolution develop Vampyres or Lycans. Obviously there was some ethereal intervention going on in some spots, but still.

Pyre was still going on his mental philosophical discussion when something brushed against his legs. There was a feline creature brushed up against him, he didn’t realize who it happened to be until he took a closer look, “”Ceres?” He asked the creature questioningly. If he was right, the felines owner was none other than his trainer at the time knight academy, Alice Baskerville.

#3Adelaide Sokolov 

on Thu May 03, 2018 11:06 am

at moments like these, it was annoying that it was so buys, so Alice tried to weave her way between the people, looking at knee height to find her companion. She had promised to pay attention to Ceres, how bad could that be, she was a catlike creature, she was a purple, lilac colour, she would be a disaster of a mom if she brought her toddlers in the future here and would already have lost them within fifthy seconds. She looked around again and didn't know where to look because she doubt Ceres, the most energetic of the tree companions she had would even stand still for a second, unless.. she might jump up on a stall to just simply eat some food. She felt like a disaster. She surely had to raise Ceres better and not leave it be to Jupiter, who refused to be a human now that Ceres was around and wasn't able to do that.

When she moved closer to the stalls, she heard something purring and even though she had met other people with companions like her, she had not seen any of them on the festival, which was an easy one, as she had just arrived but still, hopefully it was Ceres. She noticed a split lilac tail between the people that made a distance around a happy enthusiastic perhaps looking like a dancing cat. She felt at least a bit of a relieve that someone stopped her, "Thank god you are here Ceres and.. Pyre?" she looked up surprised to one of her former students, he had never joined the Rune Knights in the end, she was surprised to see him here, she had actually wanted to thank the stranger but was now so confused in finding Pyre here that she didn't even say it at all. "Fancy seeing you here."

#ff9900 ~ Alice #ffcc33 ~ Jupiter #33ccff ~ Hecate

on Sat May 05, 2018 4:01 am

Ceres, slowly lead Pyre back to his old Trainer Alive Baskerville. She raised an eye at seeing him, and then said it was interesting to see him here. "I guess it is interesting it'd be weird to see you here, I didn't expect it. But I guess the flower festival in all, and you are engaged if im correct?" He asked. Then, in a rush to fill that awkward gap that existed because he never graduated. "Im terribly sorry all your training went to waste on me, I never meant to leave so suddenly, but some family issues arose quite suddenly." He said. He had never told anyone the exact reason he had held family so high up. But he felt a little bad for leaving. "What have you been doing in my absence?" He asked. He missed some of his friends at the academy. He took a breath and looked at the falling cherry blossoms, it was so aesthetic, he wished he could have lived here as a child. But he never had such luck. He had visited Orchidia once as a young child, but he hadn't ended up staying for that long.

#5Adelaide Sokolov 

on Sat May 05, 2018 7:46 pm

Alice gave him a soft smile, there were so many questions in her mind because she had heard that he had not joined the Rune knights and yet had finished the academy rather well or well she wasn't entirely sure if he had finished the whole training but she had done her very best to teach him well, as she had always had done no matter whose mentor she would be. Which made her wonder if Akira was here, she should probably apologize, but everytime she did or planned to there was a sarcastic answer that made her swallow her apology and be hit for her ego. "Yes, which is actually the reason why I am here, our house is in Orchidia and I came to the festival to have some fun." or more to like empty her mind on her own paranoid thoughts, which wasn't always going well, althoguh her mind had been swallowed by the short loss of Ceres and she stared at the lilac companion and rolled her eyes as Ceres sat herself down and started to lick her front paw.

Her curiousity was answered by Pyre himself and the smile disappeared from her face and a worried frown appeared, "I hope your family is good?" because the young mother understood very well that family came first, "Besides that, training never goes to waste, so don't worry about it. Just make sure that when you are ready to try again." she gave a short wink with her right eye and got the smile back on her face. He turned the conversation towards her and she accepted that easily, "It goes rather well, health wise and sleep wise, the kids are good at sleeping through the night now." because well it was obvious that she got her form back and was having her trained body again, which was sometimes a relieve, her pregnancy had not been very fancy, "Apart from all that, I'm just a bit stressing about the wedding but that's very normal." she grinned.

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on Sun May 06, 2018 2:36 am

It ended up being nice to see his old mentor, she had helped train him into the shape he was now. Seeing her now tempted him to draft him into the rune knights right here, right now. But like anything there were positives and negatives. By not being in the Rune knights he could still operate outside the law when he needed to. But if he had joined the rune knights he would have been able to extend the roots of the Aurelle family slowly into the government, giving his family a step up in the feud.

With the mention of his family issues Alice frowned a bit, immediately prompting Pyre to add a bit on to the bent truth, "My family is fine, as holder of the family will, I'm the one who must hand things out when someone dies. And that's why I was called up here." He said. In reality he did not hold the fmaily will, there was no family will. The Aurelle family was not well communicated, meeting in small groups secretly so they could avoid the Baurai. In his life time Pyre had barely met another aurelle, he was almost 100 percent sure he hadn't seen more than 20 members of his blood, excluding his mother obviously.

Afterwards she caught him up on her own life, she had managed to get the young ones to go to sleep, which was nice. He wasn't a father, but if he ever managed to end this feud, he'd try to be one. Pyre didn't even know who his father was, instead the man was just an enigma in Pyre's life. "So what do you plan on doing while you're here?" He asked.

#7Adelaide Sokolov 

on Mon May 07, 2018 12:12 pm

Alice was not always the real family person, with no memories at first and after that the heavy truth it had taken a few steps, not knowing she was pregnant at that time. However when she figured that out it was a bit of a thing to overcome her fear of beginning a horrible family, but with that fear and things in mind it could only prove that she was better and with that she tried her very best now, every day to do the best for her children. She nodded shortly glad to hear that it was okay with his family. She had no idea when she changed into such a weak hearted being but that didn't make it diffierent when it came to the point that she would have to protect them or others, which was the reason why she became a knight. She petted Ceres shortly.

She let out a sigh and gave Pyre a forced smile, "Emptying my mind and try to relax?" She gave a short chuckle because it was difficult for her to do so, again everytime she left her children behind for a short walk she would feel guilty and focus on her geass for as far as she could sense everything was right, a hard step when she was far away from them. In this case, she looked again at Ceres, Jupiter had asked her to bound with her new companion, which was a good thing to do, "Ceres and I here need to get more used to each other as well." Which was difficult at first when the other two were so hanged up on Ceres but it was not a bad plan truly.

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#8Adelaide Sokolov 

on Fri May 25, 2018 10:16 am

So as the conversation didn't go on for too long, she decided to leave. After all she came to bond with Ceres and not be distracted by other people. No matter how interesting they were or that she was sure something was wrong. As she waved goodbye to Pyre and told him to contact her if he needed anything, she went on. But she couldn't help to look over her shoulder and hoped that the family issues that he had would be fixed soon. If he wanted to join the Rune Knights, it would be a shame if he didn't. She took a deep breath and decided to go somewhere else with Ceres where the two of them wouldn't be ignored by the othe because of the crowd and the amount of distractions that were there.

It was perhaps best to leave the festival but not before she bought Ceres some food, there were some fish pastries and as Alice had to do it the old fashioned way, she had to make sure Ceres liked it, not like Hecate and Jupiter that she could speak. So once done the two of them seemed to agree and leave, it was perhaps better to do it at the courtyard of the manor because there would be little but no distractions and they could figure out something to do for fun anyway.


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