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Kids will be kids [Private/Festival: Aki and Hatsu]

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on Tue May 01, 2018 3:21 pm

The Festival had taken an interesting turn; it had gone from a dull gathering of civilians to a sort of union or old and new friends. Of course, there was food to keep him occupied, but in truth not even that could save Barry's mind long enough for him not to feel bored. Sure, he was coming off an 'interesting' experience with a she-elf, but because of her, he was confident that he no longer could transform into a Lycan anymore. Perhaps a small consequence for having a serving of noodles. She did not seem mad at him, but alas she also was pretty steamed at first given he had to make so many promises.

Enough, his mind belonged to different matters; he needed to keep focused on the things in front of him! A friend she was, but there was so much more on his plate now, literally.

Having taken up refuge at a stall, Barry had been helping himself to goodies that had been stored in the hollow innards of the table beneath it. Of course, it belonged to someone else, but after an hour of waiting, he decided to keep it for himself. It was said it belonged to a young man who was here to only try his hand at selling produce but after a brief campaign he had given up, and now it belonged to the Lycan or well, former Lycan.

Stuffing his face with sweets, Barry hadn't realized he was eating someone's lively hood.

#2Akira Shimada 

on Tue May 01, 2018 3:57 pm

She should have deduced that the existence of the event meant that she was bound to run into familiar faces. The face she spotted now, was none other than Fenrir. She elbowed her partner, to get him to follow her, while she led him. She snuck in between the crowd and towards the man who was childishly stuffing his face with candy. Both of these things were something she would have avoided at all costs, just a few months ago... Now, not so much. While she still detested the crowd, she no longer feared walking among the people.

After engaging in several skirmishes and a few larger confrontations, Aki had enough control over her magic to not attract undue attention by suddenly letting wisps of darkness trickle out of her like they once did. Ironically, despite the internal conflict of the two elements, the two leashed and reigned each other in, allowing Aki to play the part of the neutral wielder, the referee between the forces... So, she no longer felt like people were a threat to her since they no longer simply assumed she was evil spawn.  

Before joining the Rune Knights, she only had her mother and a few others she was close to in her family, who would understand her. They used to be the only people she wanted to meet. Now, here she was, streaking through the crowd to actively seek out and engage in conversation with another being. Usually, that honor was reserved for Asura and Tsuru, but had just faced a bit of a tough time, so surprisingly, for this once, Aki really wasn't discriminating, she was actually looking forward to sharing her experiences with the lycan.

Apart from the fact that she'd oddly grown fond of the oddball that Fenrir was, Aki had taken responsibility for him. The problem was, after vouching for him, she was called away and she'd been worried that neglect on her part, may have caused him to get into trouble again, seeing him here assuaged that anxiety and filled her with some joy.  She was glad that he was here and not doing anything too notorious, to get himself into trouble, it seemed as though she'd done the right thing in standing up for him. 'Fenrirrrrrr!' she exclaimed as she skipped towards him, the healer in step, just after her.


on Tue May 01, 2018 4:20 pm


Oh the change in attitudes. Haru hated the crowd! He hated how so many people were buzzing around in so little space. He actively avoided coming into physical contact with anyone around him, like they were carrying the plague. This was not a problem of discrimination. He was annoyed at everyone equally. Of course, no Rune Knight did their job right. A bunch of Pages that he was asked to command decided to vanish on him completely, never to return. So, he was left to deal with an entire section of the stalls all by himself.

And boy, did people complain. ‘Oh! He bumped into me.’ ‘Oh! She dropped my icecream.’ ‘Oh! I lost my purse. Nevermind, I was holding it in my hand all along.’ These monsters drained his desire to assist those who were actually in need of help.

Now that they were finally done with their duty and was allowed a short break, the healer was in a far better mood than before. The frown still didn’t leave his face, however. That happened only when Aki nudged him and he saw her heading towards… Fenrir!

For a moment there, Haru’s frown completely vanished and he was actually glad to see the dark-haired lycan. But then, he remembered their last encounter. Oh shit! There were two very important problems here. One. He had not gained much weight, which was supposed to be a prerequisite before Fenrir could train him. And two… He said he would tell Aki that Haru likes her if didn’t do number one.

The realization drained the blood in his face and completely froze him. So, one second he was walking towards Fenrir with much excitement. The next, he instantly stopped, smiling nervously at the man who seemed to be busy eating sweets. Maybe, if I keep encouraging him to eat, he wouldn’t find the time to actually speak. Now, that was a plan that could work.

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on Tue May 01, 2018 4:29 pm

Barry, er, Fenrir was in the zone! His lips were glazed with light sugars and other candy coatings as he wolfed down what seemed to be a never-ending plethora of doughy goodness. He knew full well this was bad for him, but it was the Flower Festival! He had a responsibility to himself to eat as much as possible. Hopefully, he'd tack on a few extra pounds so he can have a reason to shred the extra mass later on. Nothing could have stopped him from going mad at the table; his cheeks were indulged like that of a chipmunk after all everytime he swallowed something else took place in his mouth.

Though, during his feeding frenzy, the doggo's ears perked up at the sound of a familiar voice. Like a dog, he had looked up from his meal with a light, warm smile as he swallowed what was left of his food, in doing so his ears weren't the only thing perky about him as he looked around the place for the voice of his friend. Though, oddly enough it seemed particularly happy today... Strangely happy. Looking around He would soon catch Aki in his eye, and with a smile, he stood up from the table and hopped over it to greet his friend wasting little time to meet the girl half way for a hug.

If she accepted it would be a friendly embrace before he would keep an eye out for a familiar tuft of red hair, he was certain he was probably huge by now! Knowing that guy he had probably became ripped from head to toe, then they could really train!

Swallowing what was left in his mouth he'd look down at his once broody friend and smiled, "Hey Aki! you seem happy almost like you've been spending time with a special someone." he emphasized the last bit as he nudged her.

#5Akira Shimada 

on Tue May 01, 2018 4:50 pm

She would have been happy to just hang out with Tsuru as well, but he'd been a bit prickly lately and she was struggling with that. She could empathize, but the days when the pieces of her shattered idealism cut her, were long gone. She'd blunted those edges and moved on... Now, she was never unprepared, the realization that the Rune Knights served an organization which cared more about the picture than the individual pieces of the puzzle, was one that Aki had come to ages ago. It was only now that Tsuru reflected the grimness that she used to carry around with her and she wanted nothing more than to change it. So she subconsciously looked for a third-party to diffuse the tension. Fenrir was just the man.

Oh. was all she had the time to think of before she half collided half fell into the friendly embrace of the lycan. Well, this was much better than him trying to kill her, or to get her to hurt him, really... That entire deal had been one she was happy to put behind her, it reeked of some crazy and abusive nonsense. She hadn't really expected a hug, but she had obliged. Aki was an awkward hugger, with or without it being sudden and now there was the added issue that the bony, petite girl could barely get her hands around his wide barrel-like chest... Some people made the strangest of places feel a bit like home. 'You've got powdered sugar on your nose.' she said, with a soft chortle.

She turned to Tsuru, a little warily, wondering if he was going to get Fenrir into trouble for eating all these sweet goodies. Maybe the healer would indulge his own sweet-tooth and join him? It'd technically be a bribe, to basically look the other way while he emptied the treats... But for some reason, the scarlet hair man stood there looking a bit sheepish. Contrary to what Aki had expected, he didn't stop Fenrir at all. Before she could deliberate, he asked her how she'd been and things, so she responded politely. 'Er... Oh yeah! I guess you could say that, but mostly I'm neglecting my duties and enjoying a well-deserved break.' she answered rather naively and frankly. Somehow, the Shimada managed to miss the implication in his words, at least for the time being. 'So... How have you been?' she asked, brightening up, skipping to the stall and perching herself onto one of the stools there.


on Tue May 01, 2018 5:31 pm


Haru’s metabolism was way too high for his own good. It wasn’t like he had completely ignored Fenrir’s advice. He had been eating a lot more than usual. He even opted to have noodles whenever he had the option, like suggested. The only thing he didn’t do, was eat meat. No matter how much he tried, he could never bring himself to do that. Hopefully, the lycan can give him an alternative and still train him. But he didn’t wish to bring up that conversation right then.

Especially not after Fenrir attempted to sneak in his little secret as he greeted Akira. Standing behind her, all Haru could do was shake his head violently to stop the man from saying any more. Thankfully, his first remark went unnoticed by the Lunar mage and he wished to keep it that way.

Still smiling nervously, Haru walked towards the stall, picked up a box of sweets, offered one to Akira and all of the rest to Fenrir. With his back towards his partner and being a few feet away from her, he whispered urgently to the lycan while handing him the sweets. “Please, no!” he said, scrunching up his face to make the man understand how desperate he was.

His friendship with Akira was the only thing that had kept him sane over the multitude of negative feelings that he had been put through over the past few weeks. The last thing he wanted was for them to get awkward with each other.

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on Tue May 01, 2018 5:41 pm

The joy he felt speaking to the woman who at one point shot him in his leg was almost overwhelming. She was so kind, bubbly even! Or at least she seemed like it to him. Her question of his he was doing did further curb his desire for sweet goodness, "I've been great! Been meeting lots of new people and lemme tell you this place is awesome! There's so much to eat here! Wait, neglecting your duties?"

He nearly bellowed the words, maybe he was going through the motions of a sugar rush already, but Akira's presence was undoubtedly giving him a little high of sheer happiness. Still her not being on the job sounded strange to him, she was normally cut throat and ready to go but hey as long as she's happy!

"Here let me get you a..." his words trailed off as he looked back at his table, it seemed a small red-headed man had snuck past them and was trying to get his hands on their grub. It took Fenrir a moment to process this but if he wasn't mistaken the sound of that 'please no' and the look of this guy was an awful like Hatsu, but that couldn't be Fenrir told Hatsu to eat and pack on some weight...

The gears slowly turned, and without hesitation, Fenrir took the candies and hugged the boy. "I see you've been neglecting my directions." he joked with a chuckle before leaning in, "Did you tell her yet?"

Fenrir looked back at Aki, "Hey can we have a second? Enjoy some candy!" with those words rather the healer wanted to go or not the beserker guided him behind the stall for some more private conversation.

#8Akira Shimada 

on Tue May 01, 2018 6:02 pm

'Yeah, the place looks pretty damn good!' Aki exclaimed agreeably. It was strange how the lycan and the lunar mage had managed to get along. It was a bumpy ride, but she was glad that things didn't drive a permanent wedge in their relationship. She had a bucket load of empathy for the guy and upon having a peek into his story, she couldn't help but extend some consideration and understanding. She piped down a little, when he asked about her neglecting her duties. 'Yep, some stuff happened and for the moment, I just don't give a crap, I mean I'm here and I'm going to be paid either way... I'm guessing.' She muttered, she was gambling with the knowledge she possessed about the council. It could go two ways, they could try and keep things quiet by extending Aki some rope, or they could try hold her accountable for something and get her fired... The were not to hesitant with such decisions, Fenrir was case and point.

She did want to talk a little bit more about what she had witnessed and gone through, with their attack, but she wasn't sure how classified that information was. It was moments like those, that people like Fenrir, would truly understand. She bit her lip though, if at all she'd get to broach the topic, she'd have to do so cautiously. The matter at hand though, was the healer. For some reason, Tsuru's sheepish behavior stuck, her eyebrows furrowed together and she cocked her head and the scarlet haired Knight picked up another box of chocolates and oddly offered them to her. 'Er... Ok...' she said, picking one and before she even had the chance to assess the flavor and maybe take another, he'd already offered the rest to Fenrir, while briefly exchanging some inaudible words. What the hell was going on? Tsuru had always been outgoing, definitely more than her, but she didn't know that he and Fenrir had things to discuss that were exclusive to them.

She slumped and sat there rolling her eyes as Fenrir attempted to direct Tsuru away from her. 'Let me know when you guys are done... I'll be right here, waiting...' she said in a mock sing song voice.


on Tue May 01, 2018 7:02 pm


The healer was quite startled when he was suddenly pulled into a hug, but he quickly recovered and hugged the man back. It was really good to see a familiar face in this otherwise annoying crowd. He quickly shook his head when Fenrir joked about him neglecting his advice. “No! I ate a lot of noodles. Seriously. Just not meat…” he said, a bit of guilt riddled in that last sentence.

What followed next was an even more sensitive topic and he was glad Fenrir took him away from Akira before discussing it further. “I… don’t know what to say to her. It hasn’t been a smooth ride, to put it mildly,” he said. Both of those statements couldn’t have been any truer. He really did not know what to say to Akira for he himself does not understand what it is that he felt for her. And not to mention, he had been having these crazy freak-outs, which he was sure she didn’t want to deal with. Heck! He didn’t want to deal with it himself. How could he expect her to?

And to top it all off, the Rune Knights have been sending them on these nightmarish missions. This festival was essentially the first time the duo had been able to take it easy. Probably why he wasn’t too harsh on Aki when she shirked off her patrol duty. After what they went through at Oak, he wouldn’t blame anyone if they wanted a break.

Looking up at Fenrir, he spoke softly, but clearly. “I’ll tell her when I am confident that I can protect her. So, you gotto help me get stronger,” he said.

WC: 277


on Tue May 01, 2018 7:16 pm

All went well so far! Akira didn't suspect a thing; in fact, she was none the wiser. He had duped her, tricked her even! Yes, yes, Fenrir was a genius in his own right. Taking Hatsu just a few meters away, unaware that she could likely hear their conversation the Berserker listened as his buddy explained his cold feet and boy were they freezing. Was he nervous? No wait, there was more to it than that, there was a reason, and Barry respected that reason because he felt the same about someone else. He had known what it meant to feel like he was in love, in fact, Ferry (Fenrir Barry) had felt it before and was still suffering.

"Listen, son," he'd separate from Hatsu just a tad, his hands had found the boy's shoulders and gently clasped the cloth over them, a severe and paternal look was in his eye, it had felt like he was talking to his son, his child, no, his spawn here. Which Hatsu kinda was, he was probably like ten years younger and all.

"Don't be like your old man, don't be like me, you have to tell that girl how you feel no matter how strong you are because what makes you strong isn't this." he retracted his right arm and flexed it before putting it back on the younger male's shoulder, "That won't be the answer to everything, you gotta use what's in here." he poked his chest.

"I know love son, I am in love, but I can never tell that person out of fear of strength, you gotta slurp those noodles boy, you tell her that you can do it and by gods if you can't make it you fake your way there..." there were tears in his eyes at this point, "Asu-Lia... Why?!" he sobbed hugging Hatsu again.

#11Akira Shimada 

on Tue May 01, 2018 8:11 pm

It was all super strange, Tsuru was playing along too, for whatever reason. She had hoped that the healer wouldn't indulge this strange behavior, but alas, that wasn't the case. They continued whispering, something about girls something about strength, she couldn't really make out, but given the Lycan's proclivities, that was probably for the best. Were the two guys discussing females, similar to the way she and Asura had briefly discussed boys? It piqued the girl's interest but they were being careful about not really letting her eavesdrop. Then out of nowhere, Fenrir flexed his arm to show-off his muscles to Tsuru or something. Aki watched with interest to see if the healer would take the bait and attempt showing off as well, she already knew his ectomorphic build left him a little bare in that category.

Hatsuharu was the lithe sort, he wasn't a bulky hulk like their wolfy friend. Apparently, all this was attached to some deep discussion. It couldn't have lasted more than a couple of minutes but Aki was an impatient young girl. 'What. Are. You. Two. On. About?' she asked emphatically, finally getting off her stool to begin making her way towards them when she noticed Fenrir hugging the healer a second time and crying. She paused and recoiled a little, did Tsuru know something she didn't which wasn't just some frivolous personal detail, had Fenrir lost someone. Tentatively, she continued to approach the boys and placed her small hand on the lycan's large arm. 'A-are you ok?' she said, looking up at the healer for an explanation.


on Wed May 02, 2018 8:07 am


From being flustered, the discussion took a rather emotional turn. Apparently, it was not a great idea to wait to express your feelings. Fenrir being much older and experienced in this sort of thing, Haru saw no reason to not believe him. But that didn’t mean he had the courage to immediately turn to Akira and confess. Besides, the first point still stood. He himself wasn’t sure. If he was going to say anything, he wanted to be sure.

It would seem all this talk had brought the lycan’s own feelings out. He was pulled into a hug again, but this time he had to wonder who Fenrir was thinking of when he hugged Haru. He said ‘Asu’, if Haru heard him right. Is he referring to Asura? he wondered. The red-headed Knight had no clue as to the relationship the two shared. In fact, he never knew the two had met for neither of them had talked about the other to him. Now, this definitely was an interesting turn of events. And also a wonderful opportunity to turn the spotlight away from him, as he saw Akira approach them rather impatiently.

“Er…” was all he could say before turning to look at his partner. He did not wish to speak for Fenrir, and would allow him to explain. Anyway, he wasn’t sure if he really was referring to Asura. What if it was some other ‘Asu’ or if he never said that and Haru misheard him. Better not to create any confusion. Not to mention, Haru knew Akira and Asura were real close friends. Maybe Fenrir didn’t want the blonde to know through the Lunar mage. Maybe he wanted to tell her himself. In that case, this conversation must come to an end very quickly.

WC: 296


on Wed May 02, 2018 9:27 am

What on Earth was he doing? Why was he crying? Men didn't cry, but he was so overwhelmed by the pain in his heart that the tears just kept flowing he didn't know why his heart was aching so, this young mage should have known better than to bait Barry like this. It was such a volatile situation, he... He might have to leave the festival for a few hours to get his mind right before he did something he'd regret later. "Oh Hatsu, why can't I get over it all-" he wiped his face into his buddy's kimono, tears and other unsavory things getting dried on it.

When Akira approached Barry put on a brave face, he couldn't let them see him like this, so weak, he was a man after all. "Yes, I'm fine, just the pollen in the air making me all sweaty and making my eyes water, you know stuff that makes you not feel so fresh this time of year."

Patting his face dry with gi he'd try his best to conceal himself as he shook his head, "You know what to do son, no matter how you feel it's better to take that band-aid and rip it off, even if you take some of the skin with it."

Moving opening the box of sweets he'd force them down as tears streamed down his face, he was falling apart... SHit. It was dark chocolate, "So sweet, so bitter, so... So much like her." he cried once again this time raising the box of chocolates up to his face to conceal his shame.

#14Akira Shimada 

on Wed May 02, 2018 1:55 pm

Aki really couldn't tell what on earth was going on. But she simply chose to believe the pollen thing because it was the only one that made sense. Not to mention her mother did have such an allergy too. 'Stupid pollen allergies, that's gonna suck the fun right out of the festival for you... Fenrir.' she muttered, her tone rather empathetic. She picked up a candy from one of the boxes as well and toyed with it, Aki really wasn't a fan of sweet things... desserts she could make an exception for, but candies and chocolates, not so much.

'Bandaids?' she asked quizzically, for some reason taking the metaphor quite literally. 'Are you hurt, Tsuru? How?' she asked a sense of annoyed concern betrayed by her tone. 'Why don't you ever tell me anything?!' she exclaimed. More than irritation it showed how the two expected to know everything about one another and felt it was ok to be righteously annoyed if that wasn't the case. More than anything, it depicted Aki's worry for her healing partner, even when it came to small cuts and wounds. 'And don't listen to him, might make it worse! Ease it off...' she continued, rambling nonsensically about an injury that didn't exist.

The lycan spoke again and Aki glared at him, then back at Tsuru, then back at the larger man again. Finally, she gave up and decided to try to get some more information from her partner. Aki hissed at Tsuru for clarification. 'Were the candies spiked or something? Who is this "her" he is talking about?' she finished, using her fingers to make quotation marks in the air, to emphasize the pronoun.


on Wed May 02, 2018 9:39 pm


Haru couldn’t help but feel guilty for putting Fenrir in a pinch like this, but he saw no other option. The healer had to find a way to make up for this later. Hopefully, the lycan wouldn’t remember this while training him. Or maybe he will and notch it up to the next level as a way of getting back at him. He wasn’t sure if he preferred the first or the second.

The red-headed Knight could do nothing but stand and watch as Fenrir dried his tears on his robe. He awkwardly patted the man’s back, trying to console him. But that didn’t seem to work. Meanwhile, Akira had closed the gap and had assumed things after hearing only part of their conversation. At least, Fenrir managed to convince her it was some kind of allergy that got his eyes to water.

Haru wanted to say he wasn’t injured, but then he knew he would have to come up with an explanation for the presence of the word ‘bandaid’ in their conversation. It was better to just take the opportunity to let it slide while he could. “Nothing much! Just a small cut on my thigh I got while training with my sword. It’s very shallow. Don’t worry,” he said, stammering. He didn’t like lying to her, but what option did he have here? Besides, he liked the concern he heard in her voice.

The man rolled his purple eyes and shook his head in disbelief when Fenrir compared the dark chocolate to the women who broke his heart. “Yeah! Maybe all the sugar is messing with his hormones,” he said, practically pulling the box of sweets away from Fenrir. “Let’s go find a ramen stall, shall we?” he asked, knowing that he was never going to say no to noodles.

WC: 300


on Fri May 11, 2018 7:26 am

"No time for Ramen guys." he rubbed his eyes as he sniffled, all of the blonde women in his life were messing with him bad. First Asu, then Lia, then he saw the pretty blonde at that one stall... Man, he was just going through some sort of blonde phase. "I gotta go, guys, I gotta find a stall for myself." he poked Hatsu in the chest, "You meet me t the river a few clicks from here, we're gonna train you well." with tears still in his eyes he dragged himself away from his two young, very young, friends and walked away into the crowd.

He'd look back at the two, they were so perfect, one was adorable the other was adorable too, just a pair of kids who were in love and didn't even know it. What a shame, he needed what they had. Awkward love. Looking over at a stall he'd pick up something and walked further into the crowd. Those damn kids were so cute together, you know who else is cute? That little elf he trained with a few days ago, he needed to train with someone for a bit before he trained Hatsu.

Noodles where are you?


#17Akira Shimada 

on Fri May 11, 2018 10:32 am

Aki raised her eyebrows, wondering what the hell could have cut Tsuru on his thigh... Maybe he walked into vines. Her face reddened as she almost let slip that she wanted to see the wound, before realising it was probably too close to intimate regions. She opened her mouth and then closed it. No wonder he was being all hush-hush about it.  Fenrir was probably helping him with tips on making it better or something, although Tsuru was a healer himself, he could just fix it, couldn't he?  Sugar? Hormones? Did Tsuru have a clue of what he was talking about?

She decided to give up on trying to make sense of this interaction. She rolled her eyes, feeling a little left out. The girl shuffled awkwardly before clearing her throat, just before she could make her speech about wanting to take her leave, perhaps even as a subconscious tantrum, Fenrir interrupted her. The lycan was a bit awkward about it too, as he decided to leave the two Knights to it. She'd been hoping to ask him how everything was and if he'd made any progress towards petitioning his return and things, but today really didn't seem to be the day. He did ask Tsuru to meet him elsewhere, so clearly those two had some more to catch up on and she wasn't invited. Way to go, this is what I get for sticking my neck out for him... she thought a little petulantly. Without actually offering any words, she stalked off, away from the direction Tsuru intended on leading them and away from where Barry was headed too... She'd think twice about randomly approaching someone again...



on Sat May 12, 2018 2:03 pm


To say that this meeting was an awkward one, would be an understatement. Haru was a terrible liar and he was surprised he managed to evade the usually perceptive Akira. That, or she knew what was going on and still chose to let it go. He wondered what she intended on saying before she decided not to. But the young man knew when not to prod; it was a miracle he got out of this without causing much suspicion.

The healer hoped the trio could go to a ramen stand and have a normal conversation, but it would seem the interaction had left the lycan very emotional. So much in fact that he said no to ramen. That was quite a surprise for Haru; he didn’t expect the man to ever say no to food, especially ramen. He pondered for a moment if he should follow Fenrir and try to comfort him, but he saw that almost at the same time, Akira stomped off in a different direction too.

The poor Knight stood there, scratching his head, wondering whom to go to. Well, at least, despite everything, Fenrir agreed to train him. So, he thought it would be best to go get ready for that and sort out the little wrinkles later, in case time didn’t heal them already.

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