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Girls like Vegeta, guys like Piccolo (Open)

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Girls like Vegeta, guys like Piccolo (Open) Empty on Tue May 01, 2018 2:29 pm

Christian Zane
Though Christian knew that a festival set in spring would be quite beautiful, he wasn't expecting for the people of Orchidia to pull through THIS much. Honestly, the place looked a lot better than the last time he was here. Though, imagining the committee that had to put this together gave him a headache. How those people got through every day was a mystery to Christian. And so he walked down the path of the festival, looking at all the various booths that went by his elven eyes. There were stands selling clothes, soaps, and most importantly food. While it did smell great, Christian decided that he would save the eating for a bit later, after all it was still early in the day and he may find a stand that would appeal to him a lot more than most of the ones in this section.

That being said, of all the places to catch the eyes of Christian there was one - a book stand of all things. What really brought his attention was that they were selling what they called "comics", some new thing he had never heard before. These were treading the line between painting and novel, and to be honest they looked pretty cool. Thus, the young man opened up one of the pages and started to look through. Damn, why didn't they have this when he was just a kid? It would of been great growing up with these. Enthralled, Christian bought one of them and sat down on a nearby bench, reading a story about a young monkey who would one day become a hero.

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Girls like Vegeta, guys like Piccolo (Open) Empty on Tue May 01, 2018 5:30 pm

The Flower Festival more than lived up to the hype given by his fellow peers in Crocus. The colorful plants stretched out for hundreds of yards along the town almost as if it was like a rainbow road. Caius had just arrived at the town after a long walk so the first thing he was looking for was a food stand. He needed to recharge his stamina so he could enjoy the rest of the festival until the sun went down. Most of the stands were packed but there was a smaller stand that had no line called Fiddle. Not wanting to wait, Caius walked over and greeted the shopkeeper. The stand specialized in breadsticks so Caius placed an order.

After a few minutes, Caius received his food and started to munch on it as he walked and enjoyed the sights. Suddenly, he heard some flapping noises above him. CAW CAW CAW. A group of crows started to swoop down on him trying to grab his Fiddle sticks. Caius stumbled as he swatted his hand in the air to shoo them away. Not looking where he was going, he fell onto a bench next to a feminine looking man reading some sort of colorful paper. The crows flew away as Caius looked over to man and tried to salvage the situation . "Sorry about that these crows are crazy. Say what are you reading? That looks interesting" he would ask

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