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Stooping Low [Festival | Kurdran, Zyra & Keryth]

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#1Keryth Torvan 

Social on Tue May 01, 2018 12:28 pm

Keryth had worried himself too much for no reason. This flower festival was great. He was actually glad Zyra rushed this journey. The bad news was that, like he suspected, there were plenty of cops around. But, the good news was, they were all too busy celebrating and enjoying the various stalls and shows at the festival that they seldom did their actual patrol duty. There was no shortage of merchants to loot and overly enthusiastic tourists to scam. By the time someone realized they had lost their belongings, it would already be too late. In short, this festival was a paradise for thieves.

So far, the day had been going really well for the dark-haired elf. So well in fact that Keryth was beaming with confidence. He was sure he could nick anything from anyone. As the day progressed, he had constantly picked more and more difficult targets, even going so far as to pickpocket an oblivious Rune Knight. A mixture of his experience, skill, and luck had kept him going so far. However, all that success was getting to his head, making him take risks that he usually wouldn’t. If he didn’t stop, it was only a matter of time before he would do something stupid to get caught.

And he wasn’t going to stop.

Zyra was so excited for this flower festival that she had gone off to make a checklist of things that she wished to do, leaving Keryth alone to do his thievery. It was almost sun down and he promised the princess that he would meet her at the central garden before the sun sets to watch the fireworks with her. There was still a little bit of time left for that. Surely, he could pick at least one more pocket before that. Or could he?

#2Kurdran Briggs 

Social on Wed May 02, 2018 9:01 am

Kurdran was in a rare mood... It was not exactly the sort of mood that one would expect from a dwarf, especially during a festival full of fun and drinks to be had. He had removed his designer kimono, now dirtied from all the fun he had had in the previous days, as it sat over his shoulder like a towel, other half of it hidden under his mane of hair. He just walked forward, looking at the different stands, occasionally picking up some confectionary to brighten up his mood.

"Sigh... They don`t want me home, huh?" The result of the tarot card reading was spinning in his head. It had told him that going back home would be a bad decision, as he would propably be judged and feel caged there... But on the other hand, Sylvia, his main dwarven contact back to the caravan had told him, that his parents missed him! For a mind as simple as Kurdrans, this was a tall order for him to connect the dots for. "Admittedly, hard to say what the big forces behind those cards know but... I mean, the caravan was who kicked me out but..." He proceeded to groan a bit, as he sank his hand into his hair in thought, and with a loud *Cronch!* munched on the candied apple. Delicious and sweet as it should be. Atleast some things were good and simple.

Then there was the whole deal with him making a new friend or outright finding a soulmate. Admittedly, those ones used to be laughed at before, but now, it was like a weird hook to safety. "Whoever that lady is... I hope she has some dang guts in her! Someone muscular!. Like Sylvia but man sized! Though thats propably a tall order, hehe!" For a moment, he proceeded to think about the girls he had met. Surprisingly enough there were quite many!

Guess that meant there was no problem with his style and charms atleast! He laughed pridefully to himself, as he sat at a bench near the stand selling the candy apples, and continued munching on his sweets.

Dwarves kimono for reference:

#3Zyra Elroth 

Social on Thu May 03, 2018 9:19 am

She heaved a long sigh, as she jotted down another activity for the elven younglings to engage in. She read the long list again, wondering if they would have the time to do all of it. It reminded her of her folly in wasting so many days in getting here... Her expression soured along with her mood, ever so briefly. Satisfied with the current items on her list, she paused amidst the crowd and narrowed her eyes to scour the faces in an attempt to look for her dark-haired elf. It would've been much easier to find him if everyone here had been elves, his appearance stood out like a sore thumb amidst others of their kind. But, he was lost between a crowd of humans and others... Made it much more difficult.

Her stomach growled, she needed food. Looking for Keryth was going to have to wait. She spotted a stall selling caramelized apples and she skipped her way to it. After making her order, she spotted a bench nearby, it'd make for a perfect vantage point to look for her elven partner. Merrily, she now hopped her way to the bench and noticed a child with a strange hairstyle sitting there. Too distracted by her own thoughts, she didn't care to look carefully enough till she had propped herself on the wooden structure.

Now that she was close enough another cursory glance downwards, as she stood on the bench, at the child revealed that the creature was not a child at all. She drew in a long breath and then squealed! 'Oh oh oh! They didn't tell me there was a circus, here?!' she chirped excitedly having never laid eyes on a dwarf before, but knowing of their fabled existence. Zyra assumed he was hired to entertain the guests here. 'Or do you do solo performances?' she noticed the striped fabric that hung bunched up on his shoulder, her eyes widened excitedly. 'Is that your costume?' she asked and before he had a chance to respond she placed her hands by her lips and yelled for her friend. 'KERYTH! KERYTH! You won't believe what I found!' she exclaimed.

#4Keryth Torvan 

Social on Fri May 04, 2018 10:14 am

The dark-haired elven thief was growing rather impatient with the lack of good targets in such a crowded street. All he could see was a bunch of late arrivals with near-empty wallets. Well, it was almost the end of the day; so, it made sense that people’s purses were a lot less heavy than it would have been in the morning. Still, it was annoying that he found no one worthy enough to invest his time and effort into robbing them.

It was finally time to meet with Zyra, and he did not wish to keep her waiting. The girl had been so hyper lately that even if he was a few seconds late, she runs off somewhere, leaving him to chase her around the entire festival.

With his hands in his pocket, the slightly annoyed Keryth walked leisurely towards the meeting spot, all the while kicking a small pebble along the way. He still kept an eye out for anyone who seemed wealthy, but had mostly given up at that point. Finally, when he turned a corner and reached the makeshift main lane lined with stalls, he spotted his lavender-haired partner. There she was being the centre of attention, again.

He had told her several times to keep a low profile, but of course she didn’t listen to him. He wanted to roll his eyes and look disappointed, but what if she got annoyed and asked for the golden dagger back? Keryth couldn’t risk that. So, he smiled and waved. She was always excited to see him whenever they met after parting ways (even if it was just a few seconds), but this time, it was a lot more exaggerated than usual. And when he saw the figure sitting on the bench she was standing on.

Woah! A dwarf?!

The target alert in his brain flared. Keryth had never seen a dwarf before, but knew of their existence from stories recounted back in the elven outpost. From what he heard, they were loaded with gold. The realization brought a wide smile upon the thief’s face. Finally, he hit the jackpot, or so he thought.

Walking up to the bench, Keryth introduced himself politely, unknowing that Zyra had already accidentally insulted the man by presuming he was from a circus. “Oh my! What a rare sight?!” he said, expressing his pleasant surprise. “Forgive my manners. I’m Keryth,” he said, extending his hand for a shake, all the while wondering where the dwarf could be hiding all his gold. Maybe in that thing that was bunched up over his shoulder?

#5Kurdran Briggs 

Social on Fri May 04, 2018 11:55 am

Honestly, the sugar in the apple was already getting the dwarf in a better mood, as it washed away his worries for a moment. He couldn`t help smiling, as he took a wondrous look at it, with small bits of caramel coating on his beard. Cheap yet so great. Perfect snack for the mood he was in. Best of all, he could propably hold one in each hand! "Gotta try to make these myself sometime... Wonder if a campfire will suffice..." and wonder if the stand owner would mind, if he asked the intricacies... He stood up a bit, As he turned his head towards the stand, and opened his mouth. "HEY!"

And then all of a sudden this high pitched scream like sound emitted right next to him, making him visibly flinch. He looked around all sorts of confused for a moment. "Wha, wha, wha?" His eyes locked onto the weirdly revealingly dressed elf right next to him... He wasn`t exactly psyched, as she asked a question from him. "Solo what now?" Then she pointed at his kimono, as he himself glanced over at it, and gave a disgruntled look. "What do you think clothes are for, Bathing?" However, the girls attention seemed to shift to the next target each time he tried to get a word in...

And then she shouted again! Kurdran, had to shove a finger in his ear just to make sure he had not gone deaf! "Can ye stop for a minute and explain to me what the heck ye want from me!?" He actually raised his voice a bit at the elf this time...

Only for another voice to come from behind him, and making him flinch again, as his poor apple dropped to the ground... Thank god it was almost finished, or othervise he would have been quite angry. Or well, angrier.

The dark haired scamp of an elven boy offered a hand in greeting. Guess these two elves were somehow related since they were so quick to jump on him. "Minding yer manners is a bit late after ye`ve done something ye know..." He pointed at the apple briefly as he hopped off the bench, without shaking the friendly hand. "Here I am just minding my own business, and then two kids assault me..." Admittedly, by dwarven standards he himself was a teenager, so this came off as sort of hypocritical...

He scratched his tall mohawk for a moment as he turned towards the boy. "If ye wanna apologize proper, you could by me a new one. It`s not like these are golden!" He squatted over to the apple on the ground and sighed, as he picked it up. All sorts of dirty. He chucked it over his shoulder without really looking where it would land. "It`s not like this day could get much more annoying..." He mumbled.

#6Zyra Elroth 

Social on Sun May 06, 2018 2:40 pm

Her deduction about the intelligence of this lesser being seemed to be correct. Everything she said, left the tiny man flabbergasted. At least so she thought. She couldn't fathom that he'd be upset by her assumption, it only made sense for a creature as rare as him but also apparently as daft as him to be hired for entertainment purposes. She responded slowly, deliberately extending her words and spacing them out. 'So-lo. Per-for-mance.' she said, tapping her feet and extending her hands as though she was dancing to signify what she meant, as Keryth approached the duo.

Ironically, the sarcasm was missed by Zyra as he asked what she thought the clothes were for, she simply shrugged as though she wasn't really sure what he meant. 'I don't know... could be?' she asked, looking at him quizzically. Meanwhile, Keryth reached them and treated the dwarf like he was royalty, Zyra maintained her confused expression as she stepped off the bench, to inch closer to the other elf. Meanwhile, the dwarf inquired about their intentions. 'I... er... don't know, what can you do?' Zyra asked, she didn't mean to sound demeaning, but with the condescension that laced her voice she probably did. She still watched the creature curiously.

When Keryth was all super nice to the dwarf, Zyra nudged him in the rib and let her eyebrows rise. 'Why are you treating him like royalty? I thought I was the princess?' she whispered, slightly huffily, while keeping a wary lookout for the tiny man as he complained about the fallen apple. 'Do what!? Assault you?!' her voice was pretty, high and sharp, clearly she hadn't understood that it was causing distressed to the deeper voiced, tiny man. 'We didn't assault anyone!' she exclaimed, her voice steadily reaching higher pitches as she argued her case.

Then he had the temerity to go on and complain about an apple that he clearly let go off. All of his own accord. 'Why'd you let it fall over?' she squealed, lifting her hands into the air, to signify innocence, like she had no part to play in the disaster that was... the fallen apple. She rolled her eyes at the dusty treat as she blamed the dwarf for the occurrence. 'We don't need to buy you anything!' she exclaimed now staring down at Keryth to get him to agree with her, little did she know that that probably wasn't going to happen. 'We should find his manager...' she muttered.

#7Keryth Torvan 

Social on Tue May 08, 2018 12:26 pm

As always, the lavender-haired princess had already stacked the odds against him by the time the dark-haired elf reached the scene. However, he obviously couldn’t be angry at her or the situation. After all, she was the princess and his trump card if and when the elven guards finally catch up to them. All the time he spent keeping a close eye on her would be a waste if she begun actively running away from him.

Keryth gave a nervous smile when the dwarf was visibly annoyed after being startled by his sudden appearance. If the short being was this jumpy, it would prove very difficult to slip his hands in and find the jewel purse without being caught. He might have to come up with a different strategy. After all, he did ask for a challenge.

The thief felt the nudge in his rib and the question that followed from Zyra. He ignored it for the time being. But, when Kurdran hopped off the bench and went to pick up the snack he dropped, Keryth took that opportunity to answer the princess. Clearly, he knew he couldn’t just say ‘I want to pickpocket the loaded dwarf’. So, he had come up with something else; an excuse that will make Zyra not jeopardize the situation more than it already had been.

“Dwarves perform for free if you are nice to them,” he whispered in her ear urgently. An obvious lie he cooked up out of nowhere. But will the naïve princess figure it out? He doubted it.

Keryth ducked slightly to avoid the flying piece of caramelized apple that the dwarf threw behind, almost straight at his face. The thief was annoyed, but he was a professional. He couldn’t let silly personal emotions hinder the goal. So, next came the even bigger lie. “No no! He is right. We owe him a proper apology,” he said, swiftly winking at his partner before walking towards Kurdran with a wide smile.

“I’ll do better than buy you this cheap apple. This is stuff that you can get no matter where you are in the world. I know of a stall that sells authentic, seasonal Orchidian confectioneries. Stuff that you can find only here and only at the time of the festival,” he said, sweetening the deal with every word. “And tell you what? The stall owner is a close friend of mine. And as a proper apology, I’ll put in a word so that he gives you massive discounts. What do you say?” he asked, raising his eyebrows.

This was all an elaborate plan. First, he needed the dwarf to ease up to him. Second, he needed to know where he kept the bloody gold. If he agreed, the thief would have the chance to do both. Of course, Keryth knew of no authentic confectionery stall, let alone have a friend that ran one. Those were details that he would have to improvise on the go.

#8Kurdran Briggs 

Social on Wed May 09, 2018 10:15 am

As much as he could agree on the fact, that Kimonos purpose was confusing (heck, he himself found out about it only last week), The way the dang girl interacted with him was pretty dang insulting. It felt like she was playing dumber just to get out of trouble! He glared at her with a face that was getting a bit angrier by the second, like daggers pointing at her.

"Yeah yeah, it`s no assault. But you did ruin me meal! Though I guess you don`t care for such a thing, you dang Peapole!" Besides, his opinion on elves overall wasn`t exactly great. They tended to be all high and mighty from what he had heard. And since dwarves were all down to earth, they felt the need to point that stuff out. The fact that the girls voice was starting to stuff itself into her ears harder and harder didn`t help too much. "Because you came in like a banshee to scream your gibberish into my ears! You blind or something!?" Overall, the girl had the perfect combination to piss him off. And it was working.

However, the girls "manager", or thats what he assumed, seemed to atleast try to be civil about it. Kurdran scratched his ear, trying to get his hearing back as he looked at the weird fellow. "Eh?" He himself was a bit surprised by it. People didn`t usually try to be so friendly when he was getting annoyed.

Then, he started speaking smoothly towards him. Apparently he had a good friend in town, who would have way better confectionaries than "a cheap apple". Kurdran listened intently, in a surprising silence. He shuffled his mohawk a bit from the top, as he wondered... "Best local stuff, eh?" His head nodded to the side. "Knowing what local beer is like... I hope they actually put sugar in their stuff. You tried the things here? Its like they put some fizzles in dishwater." There was this genuine feeling to his speech. He wasn`t really holding anything back in that regard.

"Though admittedly... If an apples that great, some proper cake must be even better logically, right?" He lifted his arms to the side to seemingly emphasize the point. "Though..." It was perhaps a bit unfair to get something so pricy for losing something so cheap. "Eh, whatever. If you wanna spend your money on something of that quality fine by me!" Heck, he had already gotten a free meal once. Why not twice? After all, the saying went "third times the charm" or something?

He gave a bit gentler look towards the girl, as he turned back towards the boy. "Though tell yer primadonna, that I ain`t gonna be her monkey for any show anytime soon. I am a bit too loud for that." He chuckled to himself.

#9Zyra Elroth 

Social on Mon May 14, 2018 6:15 pm

'For free?!' she said squeakily, interrupting her partner before he whispered the catch. 'Ohhhhh' she added, and nodded fervently, she'd play along if being nice is what it took to get this guy to give them a little spin and a twirl. Her response to the little piece of advice that Keryth bestowed upon her, she thought was a hushed and secretive enough, of course, it wasn't. The dwarf would've probably heard it, if he was paying any attention to her. Sometimes, tact was not her strongest suit, definitely not when the ropes were not in her hand.

Perhaps the elf would have better luck, if she was the was the one planning. Maybe with a prank or something. But alas, Keryth was too nice and would usually advice against it. She kind of understood why, humans had shorter lives, lesser time to deal with and get over the embarrassment that came attached with beings victims of a prank... But dwarves on the other hand... she thought, wickedly. Maybe when he did finally perform, she could make it just a tiny bit tougher for the short man.

She noticed how Keryth immediately dove into a persona that would lead to her wishes and she decided to follow suit. She nodded and feigned guilt. 'Yeah... You're right.' she said, to the dark-haired elf, then she turned to the little man. Keeping her eyes down cast, trained to the foot that was idly tracing arcs in front of her. She let her head hang in shame to hide the smirk that split her lips. 'I'm sorry Mr. Dwarf.' she said, in a soft singsong voice, much like a young child repeats after an adult when chastised and beckoned to do so. 'I'm sorry for screaming in your ears.' she added, wondering if the specificity would add credibility and serve to let him know just how apologetic she was. Maybe he could see through the overacting, hopefully, he wouldn't.

Keryth's second offer confused her a little bit. 'You didn't tell me you had friends here!' she exclaimed, in a slightly whiny tone. briefly she broke her assumed character. The Torvan elaborately created the idea of this beautiful stall and described treats that made Zyra's mouth water. 'Why wouldn't you tell me?!' she interjected again. 'I'd like to get something on discount too!' she said, hopefully aiding his little plan, without even realizing it, or maybe she was blowing it all up again. She quickly flipped out the notes she had on things they needed to do and proceeded to add this confectionery stall to it. The dwarf seemed pretty happy with the idea too, so maybe that would end up being the first thing they did.

But just then the little man mentioned he wasn't going to do any shows. She wasn't sure what primadonna meant, but he had to be referring to her since she was the only female around. Zyra turned away from the dwarf, since she'd gone a little red with rage. She inched closer to her partner. 'I'm trying so hard to be nice to this guy and he still won't do his damn job!' she said, to Keryth and hissing softly in his ears, hoping that he had a way to make the shorty change his mind. 'If the discounts don't cut it, I'm going to give him a piece of my mind.' she added, before turning to the dwarf and giving him a very fake saccharine smile, that displayed her grit teeth. 'Let's go to this cake stall.' she announced, loud and clear for everyone.

#10Keryth Torvan 

Social on Wed May 16, 2018 2:38 pm

The dwarf seemed disproportionately angry regarding that small piece of apple candy. Keryth figured he must either be an extremely short-tempered one or must really love sweets. Maybe both. He put his money on the second and that seemed to work. At the mention of introducing him to authentic stuff, he calmed down quite a bit. That and probably also because the elven princess apologized; not too genuinely, but it was too innocent, childish and cute to be discarded. The first plan was a success and it made Keryth grin even wider. It didn’t last long however, as Zyra began questioning why he didn’t tell her about this ‘friend’ of his. Although it was hard, he still kept his smile and answered as calmly as he could. “Oh! I was keeping it as a surprise for you, my lady,” he said, not bothering to make any indication that he was actually lying. The thief couldn’t risk the dwarf noticing and growing suspicious.

As he began directing the two towards this imaginary cake stall, Kurdran made it clear that he was no performer. This may not be good news to Zyra, but Keryth couldn’t care less. He simply wanted the gold. However, for now, he will have to pacify the girl before she literally chews his ear off. “Just wait… He will change his mind after eating,” he whispered back quickly.

Now that they were all ready to go this ‘cake stall’, it was time to improvise. There were plenty of stalls still open, but he obviously couldn’t take him to any of those places. He said he knew the stall owner; his bluff will be called quite easily if he did that. So, Keryth guided the two around the makeshift alleys of tents and carts, until he finally spotted a bar. He remembered the dwarf mention beer; maybe that’s all that was required to make the man loosen up and pull out his money purse.

Internally grinning, but making a very sad face, he came to a stop near one of the closed stalls. “Oh no! My friend had closed up early today…” he said. It was after sun down; so, it wasn’t such a bad lie. Maybe Kurdran wouldn’t be too suspicious. To ensure he didn’t have enough time to ponder over it, the dark-haired elf quickly added. “I’m so sorry! I feel terrible bringing your hopes up like that and not delivering. Please let me treat you to some drinks at the bar there,” he said, pointing towards the nearby bar that he saw before. While Keryth and Zyra are technically underage, it was always easy to sneak in, blaming their race for the young appearance.

A few strong drinks should do it…Who knows? Maybe he will even dance like Zyra wanted.

#11Kurdran Briggs 

Social on Thu May 17, 2018 1:24 pm

The girly elf proceeded to apologize to Kurdran for her actions. And he himself surprisingly proceeded to just shrug with a hairy smile in her direction. "Eh... I was not exactly nice either, so... All these things blaring in me head is not exactly fun." He proceeded to pick his ear. Honestly, he needed to shout a bit, so atleast he could thank her for getting it out of him.

Besides, when the girl started whining to the boy about him not telling her about the stall, Kurdran couldn`t help but be a bit blown back by it. "You didn`t tell yer girl about a sweets place?!" He proceeded to scratch his chin with this look of mild dissapointment, as his stache hairs looked down on him. "Absolutely rude." If the girl wants to gain some weight, she should be allowed to do so! What a mean way of keeping her in shape indeed. "Tell ye what, I might buy the girl a freebie meself after ye`ve bought something for me! She needs some meat on her bones!" ...It was a weird word combination, but to him, it was a positive notion. It was followed by a motion of him patting the front of his pants, with this brief sound of coins clashing together.

While they were walking towards this promised place though, his surroundings were filled with whispers behind him. He couldn`t exactly be sure what they were talking about aside from the girls "oooh":s and "Aaaah":s... "Whatcha talking about back there?" He asked... though he didn`t exactly get an answer, just the girl shouting "Cake stall!" "Oooh, so you were deciding WHAT sweets we getting, eh!?" He was awfully jolly about the idea of cake. All that cream on top of it, chocolate flavour... man, he didn`t get to eat` em often... "TO THE CAKE STALL!" He shouted loud and clear!

...Only for the boy to go "whoops its closed"...

There was clear dissapointed look in his eyes. He outright reached towards the boys shirt to pull him down to his eye level. "Look, ye promised us sweets. Told us they were the best around... and you telling me and your girl that we ain`t getting any...?" He had been hyped up, only to get his dreams dashed. He looked at the girl. "You agree with me right?" ...and proceeded to look at the boy again. "That this guy should atleast get us something sweet instead of leaving us hanging?"

He briefly thought more on it, as his hold on the shirt, or look for that matter got much softer. "Though I can appreciate a free drink afterwards. Would be real nice of ya." Like dad always said, never say no to free beer!

#12Zyra Elroth 

Social on Sat May 19, 2018 5:41 am

When the dwarf actually returned an apology instead of simply accepting hers, Zyra's eyes widened, somewhat in guilt. She was quick to judge people and react, but she was also very quick to forgive and embrace. His admittance that he had a part to play in this encounter heading south, had her smiling a little more genuinely, although he still did blame her for her high pitched voice, the Elroth's smile just assumed a more sheepish character. 'Let's just put it behind us, I really want my sweets...'

The short man went so far as the then become agreeable, he sided with the lavender-haired elfling as they both turned on Keryth for his lack of manners when it came to keeping his lady informed. All in all, Zyra was just happy with the way the dwarf repeatedly implied that she and Keryth were more than friends and that the dark-haired one didn't refute it. Keryth's explanation had her feeling guilty all over again, she shouldn't have burst out like that, the Torvan always had a reason. 'Oh, that's so sweet of you!' she said, girlishly, clasping her hands together and swaying a little.

Keryth went on to drop his voice and explain that the dwarf might give her the performance she wanted after he ate. To which Zyra just nodded, if Keryth was willing to go as far as the get discounts for all of them, just so the princess could get what she wanted, she'd give him the time to do whatever he needed, to set the stage. For the moment though, she had to let the little man know that Keryth was the best and he always had his reasons.

'See, he actually treats me very well.' she said, turning towards the dwarf and grinning, she had to pacify the dwarf, since she was the one who had led the short guy to believe her friend was in the wrong. But then he went onto offer freebies, as some sort of a condolence, not to mention he called her thin. Elves naturally had a lean build and she was a young one, getting her to fatten up a little was going to be a tough task. 'Really? Really really?' she asked as though she couldn't believe the offer. 'Can it be whatever I want? Can it be more than just one?' she twittered excitedly, trying to make sure she didn't talk too loud though, in fear that she might upset the shorty and get him to rescind his offer. '...CAKE STALL.' she joined him in harmony as they started off.

But then it was all lost. 'What?! Nooo...' she said, cursing her luck when they stopped in front of a closed stall. She nodded earnestly in agreement, pouting a little at Keryth for being a little careless with their feelings. But she did tweak the agreed upon request a little bit, so it was in sync with what was available around them. 'I'm not having any other sweets, except the best ones that were promised, I'll wait till tomorrow if I have to.' she said, folding her hands stubbornly. A princess deserves the very best, a princess will not settle.

'Drinks for me are on you, right?' she asked the dwarf plucking up the bright attitude again. Without realizing, she was trying to take the light away from Keryth owing the two anything. Perhaps, her secretly stingy partner ought to be glad that she wasn't being a hindrance for once, but she'd never know. 'And snacks? So I can get' she added and made a gesture that indicated her getting fatter. She peered at the dwarf intently, hoping he wouldn't deny her and then dramatically finished with 'You're not going to break your promise too... are ya? I won't be able to take it anymore.'

#13Keryth Torvan 

Social on Mon May 21, 2018 7:45 am

The dwarf and the princess reconciled with apologies and Keryth was glad he didn’t have to walk a minefield around them anymore. He would soon realize how wrong he was. The two rather quickly teamed up against him and accused him only short of treachery for not telling Zyra about the sweet shop. How could he tell her, if he made it up just mere moments ago? He gave an apologetic smile and hoped his excuse of keeping it a surprise would work. It seemed to work, at least on Zyra. He could always count on her naivety.

The dwarf went so far as to offer buying her a piece of cake as consolation for Keryth’s apparent mishap. The dark-haired elf found that to be a very sweet gesture, but a dangerous one. The girl was deceptively thin for the amount of sugar she consumed. Of course, he wasn’t going to warn the man about it; he didn’t want Zyra to know he thinks she eats too much dessert. She would probably presume he called her fat and wail in the middle of the street. So, he kept quiet and gave the usual smile in response. But, a good thing came out of the offer. The dwarf patted his front pant pockets and Keryth’s sharp ears caught the familiar jingling of coins. His smile widened.

Both of the them seemed very excited about the cake stall, but the thief had to do what he had to do. After he announced that the stall was closed, he was almost instantly pulled down by his shirt by the dwarf before he could apologize. Caught by shock, the elf found himself kneeling in one leg awkwardly as the disappointed dwarf spoke straight into his face. Keryth should have expected this from the man who was so upset over losing a small piece of apple candy; it was on him for not anticipating this reaction. Well, thankfully, he was good at improvising, and hence came the offer of free drinks.

“Yeah… All you can drink. Allow me to properly apologize… And I’m sure they have some pastries too,” he said, trying to get out of his grip as it softened. Zyra seemed pretty upset about the cake stall being closed too, but he wasn’t too worried about her. She was much easier to pacify and distract. Right now, all his concentration was on the dwarf and his front pockets. “Yes! We’ll definitely come back tomorrow,” he said to the princess with a smile before heading towards the bar.

Once the three of them were at the bar, Keryth would pull the chairs near the end of the counter. He would offer the stools to his two companions first before taking his seat. After they settled in, he slapped the counter and hollered at the bartender, adding a heavy accent to his voice to make it seem as though he was older than he looked. “House special! Three,” he said, before turning to grin at Kurdran.

#14Kurdran Briggs 

Social on Tue May 22, 2018 1:17 am

The girl proceeded to get excited like a hungry hound immediately, when Kurdran offered her a free confectionary. Don`t get cocky now. We`ll see what yer boyfriends getting me first, hehe!" He said, bumping the boy on his side a bit with his elbow. Admittedly, he had imagined elves to be a bit more proud about etiquette than she was, with her outright buzzing near him. However, In this case, the difference was a good thing. Just imagining having to eat things with long eared wusses with peapoles stuck up their arses sounded tiring.

But of course, his bit jolly mood had been soured by the boy. And the lass was nodding in agreement. Although... "Tomorrow? Yer gonna die out of malnutrition by that point. Besides, my bellys hungry right now!" Besides that though, he couldnt agree more with her. As the boy said, that they would come back tomorrow, Kurdran looked at him with all crumpled up eyebrows. "But I might not! So ye compensate to me this instant."

It almost felt like the boys concentration was completely somewhere else. However, at this point, Kurdran let the disappointment go. Although, a question did linger in his mind... He scratched his head as his eyes wandered. "Besides, I`ve never heard of bars selling confectionaries... That some elven teahouse thing?" The question had clear taste of confusion. He did know orchideans made bland drinks out of flowers, and with his knowledge of elves, they might as well squeeze leaves to make coffee and eat them on the side...

However, the girl immediately proceeded to ask Kurdran for free drinks as compensation for her disappointment. Kurdrans reaction was pretty priceless, as his face brightened up from hilarity as he looked at her with a side eye. "Ye sure ye can handle even one drink lass?!" He laughed and tapped on his stomach. "Don`t take me wrong, but ye look more like a straw somebody would sip the drink through!" She poked her belly out of the blue. However, as she proceeded to show how her belly would grow from all the snacks and what not, Kurdran tipped his head to the side for a bit with a befuddled look, As he smacked his fist into his hand like to say "Oh, I get it!"

"Ye wanna become a proper drinker then? Get the guts and muscles of a dwarven caliber?" The memory of Fia ran in his head. The girl might have been way softer than he was drinkvise, but atleast she had the spirit! She didn`t back down from a challenge. If this girl was anything like her, maybe these two weren`t so bad after all. He just needed to cultivate her a bit is all. "Tell ya what, If yer standing after yer free drink from your boy, next ones are on me! Ye will be the the strongest elf on this side of the country, after we`re done!" He pulled the girl by the waste closer to him, almost like a proud brother. Besides, like the girl said, who was he to disappoint someone interested in doing the thing he loved?

As they entered the bar, they sat down. However, immediately as Keryth ordered the drinks, Kurdran had a question. "House special? Look, the stuff in orchidea is pretty dang light." He pointed towards Zyra with his thumb, while leaning onto his elbow, while his mohawk swung about with his head. "Ye don`t wanna make it TOO easy for her, do ya?" He also placed his hands on the table. "Besides, you said that this place had some sweets! Bring us something like that!" He waved his hand towards the bartender, trying to get his attention.

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Zyra was a little taken aback by the gruff manner in which the tiny being manhandled or rather dwarf-handled her fellow elf. Her fingers had flown up to her face in shock, but while the gesture was quite provoking, things did not escalate beyond that. Props to her lovely friend for handling things so well. Surprisingly, a small part of her was glad for it, Keryth had squashed her hopes, after all, this minor consequence felt fair. 'Don't tell me what to do, small man!' she exclaimed, but it was far more playful than before, this was just her good-natured rebellion striking.

The dwarf wasn't too keen on postponing the confectionary consumption for an entire other day, she frowned the girl really wasn't used to disagreement, let along having her form criticized. 'I'm just of a lean build... okay?! Don't let my looks decieve you!' she said squealing and balling up her fists defensively upon being called malnourished. She looked at Keryth, hoping for support but he merely smiled awkwardly, she threw him a scathing look before folding her hands stubbornly. He meanwhile, was more interested in convincing the dwarf of the possibility of desserts in the bar. In all fairness, Zyra didn't know that much about the human world, so she had no option but to trust the dark-haired elf.  

What she did know, was the details about the elven outpost, having grown up there... Or rather, having been practically imprisoned there for most of her life. It was strange how she still came to the defense of her race, it was almost mechanical. 'Obviously, the teahouse doesn't serve alcohol, it does have sweet treats though...' she answered very seriously, perhaps missing the jest there. Next, she found it prudent to add that the elves made some of the best alcoholic beverages. Unfortunately, she'd only ever sneaked a sip or two to confirm at the gatherings her maternal family hosted. 'And for your information, the elves make some of the best brews, we know just the right fruits to pick and just when to pick them and just how long to ferment them...' she elaborated, haughtily snapping her head between the two males so her silken lavender pony swung itself over her shoulder and the strands draped themselves over her chest.

Dwarf man didn't think she could handle her liquor. He was right, but she didn't know that herself. She was quite easily pulled towards him, which didn't help her case. Zyra was a lanky girl, she wasn't too tall within her own race, but definitely among the taller ones amidst the humans. She arched her spine so her chest wasn't in the dwarf-man's face. 'Pfft. I just told you, the elven stuff is the real thing, I had it all the time growing up.' she lied, while her words were smooth, but it throws a lot of shade on the elves, it'd be mighty irresponsible of them to let a young girl such as herself consume alcohol in copious quantities. Unlike the dwarves, elves were definitely not infamous for being reckless that way. 'I don't need to be a fat little man to drink you outta the bar, dwarf-man, I'm in, don't blame me when you singlehandedly help the guy make great profits!' she added, jerking her chin towards the rather bemused bartender, with her hands on her hips now.

While Keryth took it upon himself to make the order the dwarf disagreed calling the Orchidian meads too light, Zyra simply nodded sagely as she wriggled out of the dwarf's hold and sat herself down. The elf pretended to have superior knowledge about this liqour stuff too. 'Yeah Keryth! I want to beat him fair and square. Take a look at what they offer and get us the strongest stuff.' she said, narrowing her eyes and staring down at the dwarf with a smirk as she emphasized. 'Before we start, gimme your name, so I have something to forget later' she teased and smiled, the idea of a competition and made her giddy, her glee was likely to be infectious. 'Or I could just call you stout-man all night.' she said, waving her hand playfully and bravely proclaiming that she'd be able to last all evening long and through the night too. Her eyebrows rose as she waited for Keryth to fetch their special drinks.

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Things looked rather tense there for a moment when he broke the apparently unfortunate news of the stall being closed. But, thankfully, he got away with just a soft elbow bump and it was easy to excite the two of them about something different. The dark-haired elf had no idea whether the bar sold sweets. He just added that information in a moment of desperation to convince the dwarf to let his shirt go. The thief would have to improvise again in case the bar had absolutely nothing sweet to offer. He did take the opportunity when Zyra responded, to set the groundwork if it turned out otherwise. “Yeah! We have the best wine in all of Fiore. And we do love a well-baked cake along with it,” he lied. “Not sure how the humans do it here,” he added.

Before even they reached the bar, the two engaged in a drinking challenge. Keryth wanted only one of the two to be wasted that night and it was not the elven princess. Uh oh! He had to find a way to ensure Zyra did not get too inebriated, for he did not trust her to say the right things in that state. What if she gave up that they were two elves on the run from their land and he was wanted for stealing an important artefact from them? Even worse would be if she yelled about her heritage amidst the crowd and attracted the guards. The trio had reached the bar and the young elf had no plan yet to stop this mishap. So, he attempted to start off easy with the easy Orchidian sweet wine. Unfortunately, however, the dwarf caught on real quick and the naïve elf echoed his concern.

“Alright… Alright! Jeez… I’ll go tell the bartender to give us his strongest and ask if they have any sweets,” he said, getting off the stool and walking towards the bartender who was several feet away from them, busy getting their drinks ready. In the few seconds that it took for him to reach the bartender, he had concocted a brilliant plan. Tapping the bar softly, he hissed at the bartender and motioned for him to come closer. The bartender found it very suspicious and began muttering something about how they don’t sell any drugs. “No… I’m not asking for drugs. In fact, I’m helping you out here,” he whispered. “You see, the girl is underage but she will throw a tantrum if you don’t make her think she is drinking. On the other hand, if you don’t give your strongest drink to the dwarf there, he is going to go berserk and destroy your bar. So, you know what to do… Oh! And you will face both if you don't give something sweet along with the drinks,” he said, winking at the bartender.

Hearing the dark-haired elf’s words, the bartender went pale and nodded vigorously. With a satisfied smile on his face, Keryth walked back to his stool and sat down. “All set! He is giving us all the strongest drink he has got and also some sweets. As I said, first round is on me!” he said, grinning at the two of them.

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