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Oops [Victor, Michelle & Phoebe: Festival]

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Oops [Victor, Michelle & Phoebe: Festival] Empty on Tue May 01, 2018 11:47 am

Phoebe Rainsworth
Her return to home had already had its ups and downs. But she tried to please Mary, she tried to please her father by her return and would wait for the right moment to tell them about Silver, to tell them about the death of their mother, the death of his wife. She gribbed the crate that she was holding very harshly and felt a piercing short moment of pain. When she placed the crate down in front of the stand that her father had, she noticed the splinter in her finger and sighed. Could only happen today, as usual. It had already started with a fight of her sister going immediately through all her personal belongings and asking what some things were and why she bought it. Like the scarf from King or well, more things she didn't want to think about it.

She took the splinter out and made sure the little needle wound was clear before taking up the crate and stalling the items, little bits of jewellery, the last books her father told her to get from the store and a couple of more things that the antique shop that her father owned in down town Orchidia sold. Phoebe offered to help him out today so he could enjoy the festival as she had done yesterday, not that it greatly improved her mood but she tried to forget the tarot reading from yesteday. She was playing the game of life and that would mean that she would have to win and lose at the same time by offering things and her offer was right in front of her. She leaned with her elbow on the surface of the shop stand and sipped from a straw, a bottle of water. Her sister was in front of the stand talking to her friends about how annoying someone was and she sometimes glanced a shot at Phoebe that the black haired mage could only guess. "If she goes on like that, I don't mind the sacrifice." But Phoebe ignored the Goddess in the back of her mind, it didn't matter, it wasn't ready yet, Phase 2 of the game had not started, but it would, soon enough.

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Oops [Victor, Michelle & Phoebe: Festival] Empty on Tue May 01, 2018 1:58 pm

Victor Garrett
So the duo had finally arrived. Having spaced their journey well they made it to their destination at noon. There was a bit of an additional leg still left in the journey as the two traversed through the town to reach the obscure area where the event was being conducted. 'Pretty far out...' Victor mused as he strolled down the path that was slowly being overtaken by creepers and climbers. He kicked a green vine that snaked in his way, to break it, so he could continue undeterred. At least others who had taken the same route had left a makeshift walkway in their wake. While he preferred to walk and be a trailblazer, he was also practical So, the Garrett settled for the mediocrity and stuck to the worn path to avoid unnecessary effort and inconvenience.

The peace and quiet that the outskirts of Orchidia were supposed to offer, was completely destroyed by the bustle of people. There was a lot of screaming as people set up their stalls and tried to attract customers. There were a few that yelled about the various activities one could indulge in while partaking in the festival, something about fishes and flowers... Those two didn't sit well together, the blonde had probably missed the details. Finally, all this was over the general din of the assembled motley crowd. Victor shook his head and chuckled, this was going to be an interesting study. Lucifer had had his reservations about the event, but upon laying his eyes on the collected people, he too seemed less averse to the idea of spending time here.

It was human nature to scan an area for familiarity, in this case, he found himself searching for a familiar face. Upon finding it though, he swiftly made an about turn and put his hand on the dark woman's shoulder. 'Let us go anywhere... except your ten o' clock.' he said simply and bluntly. The two had come to know each other well enough for him not to have to make excuses, although he would probably find himself explaining and for that he'd need to weave his lies carefully. He wasn't sure if Michelle needed to know about his deal. Vic found himself wondering if the vessel of the goddess had seen him already. It was never good to run into someone you'd left hanging because no strings attached rarely ever meant that... 'Is anyone coming are way?'

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Oops [Victor, Michelle & Phoebe: Festival] Empty on Tue May 01, 2018 3:25 pm

Michelle Hunter
It was a wonderful spring afternoon. Michelle was in an oddly cheerful mood as she left the main town of Orchidia with Victor, heading towards the location where they held the famous flower festival. Ever since Benjamin took off to some god-knows-what country on some business, the woman had been taking it a lot easier than usual. Sure, the only reason she came to Orchidia was to find that Rune Knight girl. But, for the moment, she was more interested in the festivities than her actual mission. Maybe that will change once she actually has confirmation that the one she was after was indeed present at the festival.

The dark-skinned woman stretched her arms as they walked down the path cleared up for tourists. In a few minutes, the presence of a crowd became apparent. Tents of various sizes were scattered around the large clearing, and of course, there was the occasional trash strewn on the ground. The classic marker of the presence of humans. Michelle rolled her eyes, but chose to not let it spoil her mood.

In fact, she was offered the perfect opportunity to find entertainment in something else.

Just as the two crossed the tents and entered the vicinity of the rows and rows of stalls, Victor did a complete one-eighty and made a very odd request. She had never heard such desperation in his voice. Looking at the direction he asked not to go, Michelle’s eyes fell upon a pretty girl. A bit short, but with that flawless skin, beautiful eyes and perfect black hair, she was definitely a headturner. A smirk crept onto Michelle’s face as she realized what was going on. There was no need to ask… It was obvious the guy messed up pretty bad and was now trying to wriggle his way out.

Well… Time to put him in a sticky situation and then call it part of the training. Because, why not?

With one hand, she held Victor’s hand, like she was his girlfriend and dragged him along, straight towards the raven-haired girl. “Time to introduce us to each other, DARLING,” she said, emphasizing the last word loud enough to get the girl’s attention. This was definitely going to be a funny afternoon.

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Oops [Victor, Michelle & Phoebe: Festival] Empty on Thu May 03, 2018 4:13 am

Phoebe Rainsworth
She had not want to only watch Mary, her sister being the annoyed little twat that she had been lately, so full of herself and her arrogance and selfishness was worse now that Phoebe was back and remained a mystery. Perhaps jealous of her freedom, she turned another page in the magazine that she had hidden behind some articles and was trying to read, but the glances of her sister, kept giving her some weird vibe and made her look up from time to time again. "Well well, look who we have here." It was strange how Persephone sometimes saw things that Phoebe didn't even if they still used the same spectrum to watch through.

Just when she looked up again, her eyes looking where Persephone guided her, she already lost the power of her body, "Anthos." The Goddess forcing her to say the word, she felt a furious sense in her body, a pit of angry in her stomach and a serious heavy feeling in her mind thanks to Persephone and than she finally saw what Persephone saw. It was because someone flipped the attention to them, the word darling ringing in her mind. She didn't know why Persephone was so angry, she was only angry about being left behind but she had definitely no feelings for Victor, right?

"Once a monkey always a monkey." The Goddess mentioned, her eyes green now instead of lilac as it was Persephone holding the power of Phoebe her body and a flick of her wrist, all she wanted was to throw some roots at him, make him turn upside down and laugh at it, but she was sure Victor would be too smart for that, but when they finally reached the stand, Persephone pulled the roots back to her, ready but not near him, the easiness of Orchidia, covered in vines all over. This place was a blessing for the Goddess of Nature, "My my, look who we have here." She now said out loud, immitating Phoebe her slightly higher voice, "Remind me of your name again?" Which she knew that he knew she would remember. But he had wanted to avoid them, he had turned around but his girlfriend or whatsoever had dragged him over, must have talked about her?

Phoebe felt angry, being left behind again didn't work well on the vessel but it was Persephone now in the lead of the game, slight streaks of red hair showing if you knew how to look, the black hair hiding it well enough, Persephone tried to surpress her power well enough.

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Oops [Victor, Michelle & Phoebe: Festival] Empty on Sun May 06, 2018 9:33 pm

Victor Garrett
He rolled his eyes as Michelle did the exact opposite of what he beckoned her to do. I told you, if you let the women run wild, they will walk all over you. a dismayed voice in his head uttered a more sophisticated version of I told you so Victor tried to walk along after her with an air of panache. As though the conversation had never taken place and he'd intended to go where she took him, all along. He'd have to put the dark-skinned assassin in her place when he got the chance. Even though his lips were stretched with a smirk, his jaw was set and his teeth grit. 'Of course.' he responded, refusing to use the term of endearment in response. He wanted to shake her and ask her what the purpose of disobeying him like this was, but that'd just serve to give her some more satisfaction.

Upon reaching, Phoebe, or rather gauged him with a seemingly schizophrenic attitude. 'Clearly, you recognize me, offering my name would be futile.' Victor remarked, keeping his tone even and light. 'I'm sure an intelligent being as yourself would be able to figure it out.' he added clearing his throat. He swore he could have seen some vines flying around prior to their arrival, so of course, he was on his guard, but it wasn't like Victor could do much against the woman, in his present state, which was the reason that Lucifer and he and agreed upon avoiding the goddess for the time being. Of course, Michelle had decided to tempt fate today and so here they were.

Victor possessed a keen eye now, to notice the subtle differences in Phoebe's appearance, which gave him a clue as to who was in charge. Lucifer too was now itching to handle this himself. But of course, Michelle's presence was inhibiting that possibility greatly. Maybe, they could converse, in a manner that didn't allow the dark-skinned woman to fathom their words with ease. Would Persephone be able to follow? 'Percy, surely would not forget the warm embers... that preceded the scorching heat...'  The voice was Victor's but he was simply channeling the words of the fallen angel. Their mutual agreement had settled that the encounter would be choreographed by Lucifer. It was a joke between the nature wielding deity, to be nicknamed after a man, while ever so occasionally she was granted the pleasure of referring to the demon as Lucy, the gender swap served as something to scoff at... But today, would it serve to jog the woman's memory?

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Oops [Victor, Michelle & Phoebe: Festival] Empty on Thu May 10, 2018 11:08 am

Michelle Hunter
The mischievous Michelle was having a field day. The tension and annoyance in Victor was quite obvious as they walked towards Phoebe. It really was getting a lot harder to not burst into a laugh. But she wasn’t going to give in just yet. The purple-haired assassin kept a squinting eye-contact with the lady they were approaching, nailing the jealous-girlfriend attitude. Sure, she was the kind who would have done this for no reason at all; just for the laughs probably. But, with Victor, she had a reason. If he was to control the demon inside him, known for his tall pride, the best thing he could learn was humility. To face difficult situations and learn to apologize when he messed up. Would he actually do that was a totally different question; she doubted he would. Nevertheless, she wanted to offer him the opportunity to surprise her.

As they closed the distance, Michelle noticed something very odd. She thought she saw a change in the girl’s demeanour, but the most noticeable one was the change in her eye-colour. Is she charging a spell to hit him with? the wind-mage wondered, as her brows furrowed in contemplation. Surely, the two wouldn’t go overboard at the festival? She wouldn’t mind if the girl whacked him a bit to get her aggression out. But before all that, she needed to know the full story.

Sparks flew as the two began conversing, partly in coded references. Michelle figured Victor was doing that deliberately to keep her out of the loop. So, she decided to make things a little more awkward for him, and also learn about the interaction between the two in the process. When the blonde man spoke of warmth and heat, Michelle clung a little closer to him and spoke in a naughty voice, “Hot! Isn’t he?” She then took a step away thoughtfully… “Percy? You never spoke of any Percy, dear. How did you two meet?” she asked, turning her head to look at the two of them, one after another.

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Oops [Victor, Michelle & Phoebe: Festival] Empty on Thu May 17, 2018 11:15 am

Phoebe Rainsworth
Actually at first it was all very amusing for the Goddess, the human feelings of Phoebe and well the reaction of those two, she wasn't sure if this girl was Victor his girlfriend, she was actually almost a hundred percent sure that he couldn't keep one even if he wanted to and her exaggerating behaviour made it laughable, but the smile quickly disappeared from her lips.

The conversation started about mocking him, she knew, he knew as she asked for his name again because she had not forgotten and well flattery didn't help this time, she already knew she was smart and Phoebe too, tell her something she didn't know. It felt as if her heart hidden under the ground and roots of the nature that she loved and possessed, tried to burst out from underneath that moss surface and jump forwards, if she would have moved, her head would have fallen backwards and her body surged forward out of sheer power what that man had over her, but even the Goddess knew how to remain standing and unmoving, the only thing that changed was the grip on the stand, her perfect manicure nails digging into the wood of the stand surface.

Her green eyes turned cold as she turned to Michelle, "It's Phoebe, but some people stick to a nickname." He couldn't be here, no she had been long gone out of that loop and running, she would have the scars if she had that prevous body only from the burns that were created because.. because she couldn't let go, "But how could I forget.." She couldn't call him Lucy because it didn't look close to Victor his own name but how did he, she never noticed before, it was making her almost go crazy, Was it about stupid nicknames that you randomly left me?" Because that way she could just ask if that was around the time Lucifer showed up and that she obviously didn't forget him at all and understand the situation.

If she would cling much harder on the desk, she might break a nail, so she had to let go.

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Oops [Victor, Michelle & Phoebe: Festival] Empty on Sat May 19, 2018 12:32 pm

Victor Garrett
Since Phoebe decided to not be too phased by the act that Michelle put up, Vic himself decided to play a part to test out the mettle of the woman that Persephone had inhabited. 'Hot...' he said, emphatically, eyeing the woman who held the nature goddess within her. He nodded playfully though and put an arm around Michelle's waist, to tag along in this game of hers. His grip was uncomfortable though, but he couldn't tell if that was the reason why she stepped away or not as she decided to make matters worse and deliberately try and get him to slip up and decipher their code. Phoebe responded, confirming that she'd got the reference. He pinned her down with his gaze, while maintaining a nonchalant demeanor, but when he spoke again, his words were for Michelle as he decided to make things a little more obvious for the nature goddess. 'Percy, is what I call her as a joke, because she had this very strange friend by that name, he was close to this girl called Lucy...' he said, with a wink. 'Very close.' he added, smirking just a little bit.

He cleared his throat, he didn't want animosity. This was him trying to show her that they could be even tempered and tackle things together. Victor remained out of the way, so long as there were no real indication that Lucifer was about to reveal his identity to the wind-wielder next to them. 'But somehow, Lucy always pushed Percy too much, sometimes beyond his limits... It was all for a good reason though.' He added, chuckling as though there was a private joke there. He was trying to simply imply that Phoebe was very close to this Percy and that while Victor and Phoebe had history, Lucifer and Persephone had their own stories too.

'Percy started keeping his distance, but maybe one day that'll change... But perhaps, it shouldn't. Not just yet... They must grow apart, before they grow together.' he warned. This now served as a way to tell Phoebe and Persephone both to bide their times for the moment. If Persephone understood the perils of trusting a vessel, she'd understand that it'd take time for Lucifer to reach the full extent of his power and that it'd be unfair to expect him to meet her in circumstances that were any less fair than those. With that he gave the reigns back to Victor, who had silently observed how the prideful, fallen angel had dealt with the situation. Since Michelle had already made her moves, and drawn him into this situations, he thought it was best to use her own tactics for an out. H

'Well, darling now that I've stopped by and greeted my old friend you wanted to see so bad, should we take our leave? Or you could stay, but try not keep her from the festivities too long...' he prompted and nodded curtly at the two ladies, before turning on his heel and strolling away. Frankly, he did not want to be in the vicinity of either at the moment. His final decision did spark a small debate with the fallen angel, since he did think leaving them together was a recipe for disaster, but now that the deed was done, they'd just have to wait and see.


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Oops [Victor, Michelle & Phoebe: Festival] Empty on Tue May 22, 2018 9:01 am

Michelle Hunter
Michelle was a lot of things, but she wasn’t dumb. She had to fight the urge to roll her eyes several times and keep up the stupid jealous girlfriend act. It was getting really difficult with the way Victor spoke in codes, thinking it was going to go over the assassin’s head. Or maybe he knew she would understand and was trying to explain without having to give her the information about Lucifer. In any case, since she already knew of the devil’s existence within the blonde man, it was obvious that this ‘Lucy’ was the entity within. Now, that brought the question… Who was Percy?

Unfortunately, Michelle had never seen Victor transform. If she had witnessed that, then she might have had a clue with the way her eye colour changed. But since she had no idea about how the transformations worked, all she got right now was speculations. It did stir up her curiosity for sure.

Just as she expected, Victor proved to be a slippery man. After his coded, convoluted explanation, he just walked away. His tendency to escape any situation that may not possibly go exactly according to his plan was worrying, to say the least. But that was not something she could change overnight. It was definitely going to take years, if at all.

The moment the man was out of their vicinity, Michelle’s demeanour changed completely. She finally rolled her eyes and shook her head. “A piece of work, isn’t he?” she asked, turning to Phoebe. “Michelle, by the way,” she said, extending her hand, before adding, “And no! I’m not his girlfriend.”

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Oops [Victor, Michelle & Phoebe: Festival] Empty on Thu May 24, 2018 2:01 am

Phoebe Rainsworth
That arm around Michelle, whose name was still unknown to Persephone and Phoebe made her nostrills flair, what game was he playing this time because she hated it and she wanted him to leave. Vivianna had warned her, which was the only reason she didn't immediately explode out of surprise, but that Victor was Lucifer, that was beyond their believes in the first moment but Persephone was better at hiding that than Phoebe, so it was better that the Goddess had taken over. Her green eyes stared at Victor, they had not hidden their swifting very well as it had not been necessary but she had been sure that he had not been able to use the soul of Lucifer when they met for the first time. She wasn't that dumb and she stared with her jaw clenched and absolutely no happy expression on her face.

Where Phoebe felt this jealousy, Persephone just wanted him to be far away from her. She lowered her hand, she wanted to grab him and clench the vines around his wrists or ankles or anything, especially when he continued to talk like that to  the girl, it was none of her business, it wasn't even Phoebe or Victor's business. "Yes a real piece of.." She didn't finish her sentence but simply stared with the scold on her face towards Victor, not only had she made him a monkey again in her mind when he ran off, Lucifer was there too and she wanted him off this earth surface, her aching heart hurt too much in this human body. She couldn't get rid of that pain now that she had not her own body. "I'm not sure Percy would be ready for that or if she would want that." She moved her eyes back to the stall and let go of the magical motion and pushed the long hair out of her face to do something with it. She also heard that he would leave but she didn't look up and waited shortly before she let out the breath she had been holding, actually it did hurt but her eyes turned lilac again and the red disappeared from her hair.

Now that Phoebe was back in action she looked up at Michelle and nodded shortly, she didn't look all to happy, she accepted her hand, "Phoebe." she said and it was bad how glad she was for the news that she wasn't his girlfriend, "It's-it's not as if I cared. Everyone that is his girlfriend or likes him, needs pity." But she had stopped, she had repeated a word and she gave this wry smile to Michelle, "Would you want to drink something?" she tried to be polite to Michelle, that Victor or Lucifer hurt them wasn't Michelle's fault.

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Oops [Victor, Michelle & Phoebe: Festival] Empty on Sat May 26, 2018 9:37 am

Michelle Hunter
It was obvious that there was this mixture of tension and chemistry between the two takeover mages. Although it still wasn’t clear why Victor was avoiding this girl, there were several guesses that she could take. Her first one was the supposed influence of the devil inside and she had a feeling she didn’t need to ponder any further than that. Maybe there was something about this short beautiful lady that Lucifer didn’t like… or did like. She could go on with the presumptions, but she was aware she didn’t have enough pieces to solve the puzzle. That’s where Phoebe would be helpful.

When the dark-skinned lady cleared up that she was not in a romantic relationship with Victor, she noticed Phoebe get on the defensive very quickly. Classic marker! she thought, sticking her tongue to the side of her inner cheek to conceal the condescending smirk. When she saw Pheobe smile, she couldn’t control it anymore and grinned widely. She knew when not to say things; this was one such occasion.

“Sure! I would love one. Thanks,” she said, pulling herself up onto the nearby bar stool. Michelle couldn’t help but notice the change in Phoebe’s eye colour again, not to mention the slight changes to her hair. “If you don’t mind me asking… How do you change your appearance like that?” she asked, curiously.

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Oops [Victor, Michelle & Phoebe: Festival] Empty on Sun May 27, 2018 10:03 am

Phoebe Rainsworth
Michelle wasn't so bad, of course Phoebe had instantly disliked her but that was nonesense, she wasn't jealous, she should be glad that that part of the game was over and that Victor was out of sight and hopefully soon out of mind. That would make things better, and thank heaven Vivianna had told Persephone to be prepared for Lucifer, else she would well, there would have been a lot of things that could have happened. Phoebe looked underneath the counter of the stall to get a two bottles of anything, there were a few varieties that she had so she asked Michelle what she wanted after naming the short list and handed her a bottle before deciding that she could sit on the other side as well, which was nicer and politer than sitting on the other side with the counter between them.

So she got away from behind the stall and took the other stool to sit next to Michelle, she had heard the question and considered one thing shortly with Persephone, by remembering Victor his cryptic talk, it seemed that the two of them didn't want to tell about the two of her, so why not tell Michelle, suddenly a smile appeared on her lips and grew a bit wider, "If you don't mind, first my question, why wouldn't Victor tell you out right about me? I mean I can tell you how this works, I believe you understand what he meant, with the take over and all?" It was a slight hint of her ability and the reason why she changed eye colours. She would explain a bit further, it was a gamble but if they were playing against Victor with Lucifer, they needed to up their game anyway and considering Vivianna her other reading to Phoebe, there would soon be nothing left to lose.

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Oops [Victor, Michelle & Phoebe: Festival] Empty on Sun May 27, 2018 11:50 am

Michelle Hunter
Although she would never admit it to herself, the little child within her jumped in excitement when she was given a choice in the drink. Her grin widened as she looked over the two bottles held in front of her. Of course, she told herself it didn’t matter which drink it was. After all, she couldn’t have ‘preferences’ as an assassin, right? Surely, not. The contradiction within this one was real. She couldn’t help but pick the fancier vodka. “This one!” she said, pointing at the larger, fancier bottle. It was the middle of the day, but it wasn’t like she had much to do. So, why not stretch her legs and enjoy the festival for a moment?

Michelle was pleasantly surprised when Phoebe came to sit beside her. Her opinion of the girl was immediately elevated. She had to wonder why Victor had to be a douche to such a nice girl. The dark-skinned beauty placed a glass in front of each of them and awaited Phoebe to pour the drinks while she responded to her question. “He couldn’t speak openly because he thinks I don’t know about his little secret. I’m sure you are familiar with it?” she asked, speaking softly. The girl didn’t want anyone else to overhear their conversation. Even though she knew about the devil inside him, she had never seen him transform. So, her knowledge when it came to the nitty-gritties of the takeover itself was minimal. “So, he had never used his magic in front of me,” she finished.

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Phoebe Rainsworth
Phoebe looked at the bottle and shrugged with a smile on her lips, "Hm, at least she has better taste than I expected." Persephone mentioned and Phoebe was glad that Michelle wouldn't hear the Goddess in her mind, because there was something with the tone of the red head her voice that might make not sound it like a compliment, she didn't exactly know what it was but later she would figure it out while telling Michelle exactly what she knew. She went to sit down on the other side of the stall and watched Michelle take the glasses which she filled with the right amount with the vodka. Now she wasn't a drinker, wine was the worst she got so this was going to be a challenge but if it helped bounding with this lady, she absolutely didn't mind.

Michelle seemed to know more than Victor anticipated which was only more fun and she was glad that Michelle kept her voice low because they mostly didn't tell anyone about the other being within the one body, Vivianna being the first one that spoke to Persephone directly and that was at this point everyone that they had told in that fashion, sometimes they had dropped some hints. She nodded though, "I didn't know. We met a few months back in Hargeon, it clicked, we did a couple of jobs together." it clicked, more like locked; lips locked but better not think about that, that was behind. Interesting so he was keeping it hidden, there was only one reason Persephone could think why he would, and she whispered that of course to Phoebe; he must have just joined and have not full control of his former power because of the vessel. His pride would hurt his ego too much because of that and kept it rather well hidden.

"Well I could tell you, I share the body with a Goddess, his nicknames are based on the opposite gender names, Percy as he called it and Lucy but I share the body with Persephone," again most people only knew her as the Goddess of Nature, Vivianna had made that mistake too, her first role had been Goddess of the Underworld and who was to blame for that. "when I tap into her power or when she takes fully over, my eyes turn into her original colour, so green." Was the first thing she told Michelle, she shouldn't get too far, she was now risking a lot too, she didn't even know Michelle but if it could annoy Lucifer and Victor, she might risk it.

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Oops [Victor, Michelle & Phoebe: Festival] Empty on Thu May 31, 2018 11:12 am

Michelle Hunter
Victor had kept Lucifer a secret from this girl too, apparently. She could understand why he wouldn’t go about openly announcing to everyone about having a devil inside him, especially to Pheobe once she explained the cause for her change in appearance. Surely, Lucifer wasn’t going to be comfortable collaborating with a goddess. Or maybe they would… Michelle had no idea what the relationship was like between these beings. She took a sip of the vodka and as the fluid burned down through her throat, she shook her head slightly. It was a lot stronger than she expected. That or the fact that she was sitting next to another person who had ties with a being from another dimension finally got to her.

She truly was hoping to stay longer and befriend Phoebe. But now that she was aware of the power this girl possessed, it was no longer in her hands to decide that. Her master had given her clear instructions to not interact with anyone with special powers unless he had instructed to do so. Hanging around with Lucifer without his consent was bad enough and the young lady dreaded the consequences of that already. Hopefully, she could train Victor into gaining control over Lucifer and convince the blonde man to join forces with them, and that would please Benjamin. It was her theory; but surely it wasn’t going to be that easy. She would love to do the same with Phoebe, but that would have to wait.

“I see… Very interesting!” she said, downing the last bit of the vodka. It was now time to make an act to exit without causing suspicion, if at all that was possible. Michelle shook her head more and acted a lot more drunk than she was. “That was a lot stronger than I expected,” she said, slurring a bit. “Guess I overdid it! I better get to my tent. Thanks again for the drink,” she added, as she got off the stool. “Lovely seeing you Phoebe! I hope we meet again.” After saying her goodbye with a smile, the dark-skinned beauty left the stall and began walking towards the direction where Victor went. She didn’t wish to lose him in the crowded festival, after all. From what she had learned of him that day, he had no trouble just absconding without a word.


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Phoebe Rainsworth
Perhaps they made a mistake, perhaps she should have just shut her cakehole and not say a single thing, she hated herself. She made a mistake and now either Victor and Lucifer would do something about it or the universe would give her a nice shiny new kick. Because she wasn't a drinker and had not even had a sip yet because well she didn't actually drink but it was best to make a strategy of bonding and Michelle had picked this, so she nodded slightly when the other woman told her that the drink had been to strong and she gave her a sort of apologizing smile, mistakes, were normal, but that didn't mean that she didn't feel a bit hurt by the idea. Persephone found her whiny now but didn't say most of it in that case, she simply let it be.

"Yes, hopefully we meet again. Take care, Michelle." she said, she wasn't even sure if Michelle was lying, she was just afraid that she made a mistake by talking about Persephone. After all they were a team or something else why would Victor and Michelle pretend to be a couple, talk in code and the like. She sighed and cleaned up the glasses and put the barstools back in place to head to the other side of her little stall and be exactly the same before those two showed up, bored and reading a magazine behind the little items that stood there.


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