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Family Festival Trip.(Arisa and Judina.)

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on Wed May 16, 2018 10:59 am

Judina spoke about her bother who was going crazy for some reason. She felt like there was a good reason for it too since she knew him. He was a happy fellow who enjoyed life, but was so happy to meet that girl - who turned out to later be his wife. Arisa gazed at them both in a calm mannerism as she had her eyes also wander around. Her heart and mind was on what she remembered a few days ago when she was drinking with Lucifer. She had a family who was before 'Kuriana'. Was she just stolen/kidnapped then? Her eyes then gazed at Judith. 'Could she have known?'...

She hasn't brought it up to anyone because this too could be a false tale. Apart of her started to not be able to tell what was real and what was fake as memories seem to just seep in a lot and turn out a lie - or just not detailed enough. So was what happened in Sin real? It felt like it - mostly with these people chasing after her. All those deaths, she could smell it as she thought about it as if it was happening right now. ''I'm going to get something sweet to eat.'' she spoke and put on a smile that seemed so real that no one would know it was fake. With that she slowly left to find some stall with sweets.


on Thu May 17, 2018 5:14 am

The tension was gone now from Judina, naturally Judina and Judith both seemed to slowly settled and in some manner content Judith was unhappy in her mind to what happen to her eldest son but it seemed like people were trying to deal with it."I wonder how many different kinds of sweets we can find in such a place."Judith seemed curious now while Judina did not seem to follow too far away but seemed to be slightly behind she finally seem to manage slightly leave herself in thought and in some case slow relief.

Maybe it just showed what life Judith had before really hiding away."Maybe Ice cream..."Judith said excitingly she did not really remember that ice cream was common in these areas and most likely not as costly as she was use too."I personally feel ice cream would be really nice right about now."That or Judith was not the type to explore new things often.

"I am sure it is really easy to find ice cream around here mother."
Judina said assuring with a smile to her mother about it."There is almost a lot more kinds of flavors as well, there are many things here sweets wise."Judina seemed to encourage her mother to explore the area and what sweets she could get like Judina seemed in her mind slightly depressing she left her house rarely for whatever reason. "I see, maybe Arisa could suggest something to try."It seemed Judith also did want to keep in mind she was also still trying to interact with Arisa as well since it had been many years.

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