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Family Festival Trip.(Arisa and Judina.)

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on Tue May 01, 2018 3:46 pm

As it seemed it did not take long for Judina to arrive to Orchidia, But not alone she was quietly talking with some one while walking around. The person with her seemed to be some one she was really comfortable with and someone closely trusted by Judina you could tell by the fact Judina seemed to be quite happy currently talking to with them.

This said person seemed to be a woman a bit older then Judina in looks, With lavender purple hair that was really long, Dark purple eyes this ladies dress also matched her hair with one small necklace with that faded but gold on her, She seemed to be a very peaceful and happy woman, they seemed to be peacefully talking about life in general while both walking slowly with each others company, almost seemed like reality and the world around them was either gone or slowed down.

Aside from that Judina seemed taller then this lady. By a pretty decent amount this woman went to Judina's shoulder. Walking along the public where everyone was Judina and her company seemed to actually be having a peaceful and good time for once in a long while rare case for Judina.

Judina would look around every once and a while to see who was around her to see who was around here, thinking she would encounter some one she knew maybe Alice, Phoebe,Lacie, Arisa. The list was various in which she did not mind that or some one else new as well but for now she did not mind talking to who she was with.


on Wed May 02, 2018 5:20 am

Still has she been able to stay away from the people who are trying to take her back. Her hands held together as she long see-through lilac sleeves covered her whole arm and her hands. She walked like a bride from Sin as she wore a traditional kimono that was gifted to her by who-knows-who. It was lilac from sleeves and the bottom area of the kimono that was separated by a tang colored silk ribbon. The top area was cream colored with floral designs and her silk thick sheathe was tang colored as well as the hair piece sticking out of her hair.

She wasn't sure how long this festival will last, but till the end of it she decided to enjoy it as when it ended... perhaps her journey here was going to end as well. Slowly she walked gently in her bamboo sandals through the path of the unknown, thinking of her lover and her friends that she have met during this journey. 'I hope that I am prepared for whatever battle comes for me.' she thought gently as her peaceful golden eyes gazed at the area that was filled with lanterns of red, gold and green patterned dragons. They lit up the area like stars or those lanterns that people let go during a time they let go of someone's soul that left a body of a loved one. If she ever died, she'd want her body burned on a bed made of wood from different countries... For many reasons she has yet to understand.


on Wed May 02, 2018 2:18 pm

While slowly gazing upon the pedals the voice would be familiar to both Judina and Arisa."We do not have such flowers or trees at home."only she sounded older like age catching up to her it was the connection of Judina's mother and the lady that hidden what she did but raised Arisa herself."Yes mother but different trees can exist in different areas."Judina laughed about it slightly about it but knew her mother just admired various flowers and trees.

"Maybe I am just being too interested in the pedals and not how the tree would live.
" Judith would laugh about it too."I wonder if any of your brothers or Arisa is here..."Judith said slowly heading towards the way of Arisa. Judith would not noticed because her attention was towards Judith while walking and talking with her, Judina was the only one looking forward just in case.

Judina's face seemed slightly worried when mentioning of brother."After we are done here, I have something to you about with one of brothers, I haven't seen Waylon in a while and recently just finished talking to Regis." Just finished talking to would be an understatement, But left at that. "But Arisa has been a far bit, If any of the three Arisa i would assume would be some where around here."Judina said with a smile to her mother.

Judith seemed worried the peaceful content smile was gone for a moment like in her mind she knew something was a miss with Waylon being gone, Not picking up how Regis was the one to be worried about."Let me just hope Waylon, Regis and Arisa are safe."She seemed to go back to her content smile.

Judina seemed to slowly turn her gaze for a moment and pick up some one upon her eyes she also would point out."I will also have to mention mother Arisa in looks is different then you last saw her, But I think even with that you would be happy with how she has changed." That way of talking seem to almost panic Judith with out Judina noticing. What had changed with Arisa that Judith did not know? she would play it off for a moment by asking a polite request.

"Can you get me something to drink Judi?"Judina looked at her mother and nodded yes."I will not be too far away."It would be while she was getting a drink for her mother she would finally encounter Arisa, Like how Judina was always she did not seemed to be any different.

"All if it isn't Arisa herself." Judina said with a smile."Enjoying the festival?"mentioning while she was picking up a few drinks from a vendor. varying different kinds of juices she actually bought three cups. One apple, One Orange and One peach. She would stand to Arisa's right side not too far away two steps away if anything with that normal peaceful smile she had waiting to hear what she would say.


on Wed May 02, 2018 9:48 pm

Arisa gently walked through the path in front of her as she saw people with families, couples and some with their companions, but not her it seemed. She was alone for now till it seemed she got to see someone she knew - Judina and Judith not so far ahead. 'Haven't seen her since that small talk...' she thought and walked still towards Judina who was talking to her. ''The festival has been alright - quite lively I may say...'' she spoke softly with a genuine smile and at this time she was side by side with Judina. ''I will say that the flock of cranes are hiding among the people...these days.'' she spoke casually and chuckled.

Rather or not they understood that, it was said and done. ''How are you two fellow birds doing?'' she giggled playfully again. Her golden mirror eyes glanced at them both, left and right. Her glossed pink lips shined with a simple graze from her tongue so they were not dry. ''Anything special that caught your guys' eyes in this Festival of flowers?'' she wondered once more. She has done quite a lot already. She had a pet fish, sung songs, went camping and the list could go on. If they wanted to do something though, Arisa didn't mind doing so.


on Thu May 03, 2018 2:08 am

She did not quite understand such phrases but it did not matter to Judina in the end she assume she did mean anything demeaning, So she would just say."Well, I am fine after a few encounters in Crocus."Judina mentioned about it while holding her cup of juice."I have not told my mother such of what has been going on in my life...it would worry her."with that she would turn around and continue the way to her mother, But also mentioned."She had been worried about you, she had not seen you in a while. Hopefully she isn't too nervous with how she last remember you."Then again Judina should not have been around for their last encounter.

Judith did not seem very far away. If anything a few feet away. Judith looked upon Arisa and realize she was much taller, but the golden eyes remained the same she still thought Arisa in the end. But realize how much higher she needed to looked up Judith would be shorter then Arisa and for the most part Judith did not mention. "Hello dear child."Even if they were all adults Judith called considered them her kids and would adress Arisa as such."It seems the ages has passed a lot longer since I recall seeing you."With them being in enough distance from one another Judina just quietly handed the cup of peach juice of her mother.

While Judith seemed to be quietly enjoying her drink Judina spoke up and said."Mother seems to be interested in keeping one of these trees at the house, who wishes to keep one now to keep herself busy with something else then the flowers."Judina mentioned.

But Judith just seemed to smile about it say."Hopefully it would live in the area I live. But For now I need to be happy with the company of my children."Judith mentioned keeping the small things in her mind to enjoy, she had not drank much of the peach juice. With Judina seemingly slowly drinking the cup of apple juice, Judith seemed to find peace in these moment for who long she had not been around them both.


on Thu May 03, 2018 2:49 am

It seemed that she didn't know what Arisa was talking about. She shook her head with a smile, passing it by as if she was going to forget all about it for now. Her golden eyes gazed at the two women between all the people that were here as the two were like family. Sure they weren't her real family by blood, but they were an acceptation - blood made no matters when it came to family as she had hope Noel will be her family too someday. Her mind thought of long months ago when he told her those sweet words, more than one. The day she joined Lamia scale... "Where you truly belong huh. Why not... with me?" She belonged with him as he was with her - right?

She listened to both of them - yet not at the same time, no. Her attention went towards them as she shook the idea of him out of her head. ''Yes, it has been awhile. You should stop by my Cafe sometime now that I own a business.'' she spoke with a smile. ''For now, shall we go get food and some drinks? There is a small train as a ride that goes across Orchidia. It'd be nice and relaxing.'' Arisa insisted.


on Thu May 03, 2018 1:05 pm

It seemed like the suggestion was made that might good with them. Judina seemed to nod yes while Judith said."I am not familiar with the places here, would you suggest where to go?"Judith said while she had to look up at Arisa to try and not seem rude speaking to her. In her mind she never thought one of her children would be that large."But keep in mind, I am not my husband, I will not be picky in what we eat."Judith said with a smile, But it seemed her life had not changed a lot.

Judina seemed to had turned around for a moment to look at the pink flower pedals for the moment with them falling nicely and enjoying how they seemed to float in the air."Mother, I am sure we both are not as picky as Father. Judina mentioned to her mother with Judith looking back at her saying."Maybe I was just trying to see where we would be lead."Judith said to her in return."I figured I would let Arisa guide us somewhere and see where it goes."It seemed she was playing a game of fate still like Judith normally did, like she how Judina often mentioned fate.

"So it just seems Mother wants to see what you choose because she is more interested in what you want to eat and where you want to go."Judina said with a slight chuckle in her voice, it seemed like the peaceful moment Judith wished for was happening, it seemed to put her mind at rest for the moment, But Judith seemed to wait to see where they would good while Judina did not seem like anything would bug her today. It was the peace of the moment.


on Fri May 04, 2018 2:56 am

Judith wasn't familiar with this place which made sense since she hasn't heard of Judith really going to many places. A small smile was placed on Arisa's lips as she nodded towards the right and gestured to go towards there. ''Let's go there then. I hope you enjoy some good wasabi with some sushi. They also have grand sugar covered bonbons.'' she spoke and went towards where she gestured. There was so much on her mind as she walked there. Her face kept calm and sweet as men gazed at her angelic beauty. Her fair skin glowed by the lights were surrounded her and traced the glint alongside her cheek as she passed each lighted object.

Soon enough after going towards the stall with stools they then sat if they did decide to join her. In front -- past the sushi tender were dancers and singers for entertainment. Next her eyes saw a poster a Geisha that seemed beautiful. ''Who is that?'' she wondered out loud and the tender looked at her and then the poster. ''Oh her? She traveled here from Sin to do the honors of having us see their ways of dancing.'' he said and then looked at her as well as the other two - Judith and Judina. ''Anything I can get you?'' he spoke and started to wash a glass with a handkerchief of checkered pattern. ''I'll have a snowball, some wasabi on the side and a moonlit margarita.'' she said her share.


on Fri May 04, 2018 3:02 pm

Both seemed to have peaceful smile upon their faces while Judina seemed to quietly followed along quietly Judith just said."What exactly is wasabi?"She heard her mother mentioned, It seemed to be something she had not recalled having before if not in years."I barely even know what sushi is."Judith seemed to admit Judina on the other hand."You many enjoy it, If you like spicy food mother."Judina went on to following up her mother's question.

Judith seemed interested."Well,I guess it wouldn't be too bad to have."Then again Judith must have hidden herself away that many years could easily be asked why by all but one of her children she raised, But Judith did not know if Arisa learnt what Judith did to in her eyes save Arisa from troubles in life, She would never talk about it around Judina or her sons.

with being seated Judina just seemed to say. "Jasmine tea will work for me, I need to learn names of the kind of foods here."Judina was mentioning and Judith seemed to be slightly zoned out and staring at the Geisha admiring the various things she saw with her, It was a new experience for her to watch.

Judina not seeming to want to bother her mind would place the book she picked up while on her way here on the table."I guess mother seems to admire something about this place so far."Judina said with a peaceful smile on her face. Maybe if her mother spaced out too much she would get her back on track but Judith seemed to be able to relax here and smile."Should make that two cups since my mother is a bit....side tracked by other things for the moment."Judina mentioned as well while she settled in her chair.


on Fri May 04, 2018 10:50 pm

She giggled, ''It's a spread you use on sushi to give it a little kick - not a lot though... It'll make your nose burn.'' she said with a nervous smile. With that she saw the man make the sushi ball and make the drinks as in, pour them. She looked at the two with questions - some questions she wasn't so sure to ask. ''So how's Waylon? Haven't seen him in awhile.''. It was true, they were close friends till months ago as they went their separate ways. So far she hung out with Judina more now than she does with Waylon. Her mind was still getting use to these memories - some were fading as some others were just blur. How does one ask about their mother figure about their mother who wasn't really their mother, but someone who kidnapped her?

She kept this a secret as she hasn't really told anyone besides perhaps one on the night she found out. The vision of the memory didn't give out much details on what her family really looked like, but she was called something else, another name when she was at least five. Within time, she saw her sushi ball in front of her - the size of a huge man's fists together stuffed with crab and some other things. ''Here we go.~'' she spoke happily and forked some with some wasabi and ate it. Her insides purred as it was hungry yet it enjoyed the taste of the food. ''So good...'' she spoke happily.


on Fri May 04, 2018 11:49 pm

It seemed Judith just finally understood what it was. Judith seems to not seen sushi is either a longer period of time or never before but seemed to try and join in to see if she would enjoy it. Judith however seemed to be looking for a fork not realizing what she actually needed to do to eat it, also looking around for something else because she felt weird eating with her hands unless it is needed to be done that way."Do...you use forks for this or something else?"Judith asked what to do, She seemed like she just did not want to be rude about it.

Judina seemed to understand however how to do it picking up chop stick."It will be a bit tricky mother, but watch closely."Judina said while she slowly showed Judith how to do it. The rare moment it was. When it came the time for the answer about Waylon both just said the same thing, At different times "I have not seen him in months. Last I heard anything from him I just missed seeing him by a few hours."Judina said.

Judith on the other hand seemed worried."I have not seen or heard anything from, Both my sons in months they are adding up quickly and i am getting worried."Judina for the moment quietly seemed to have her normal slightly happy expression fade slightly it seemed like she did not want to talk about were this could lead and realize the book she had out could lead to what she was looking into. So Judina would then carry on normally by saying."Hopefully while i am one the field and working I will see Waylon one of these days."In Judina's mind it was her thinking the words. Do not mention Regis.

While Judith seemed to actually managed to to get the chop sticks to work, She felt strange using them."This is interesting in flavor and taste."Judith admitted with a wide smile on her face.


on Sat May 05, 2018 1:01 am

Was it quite possible that Waylon just disappeared off the face of he earth? It was quite possible as she then continued to eat her snowball while listening to them talk rather it be Judith or Judina. Arisa answered all she could as she continued on with her own food and drink. ''You may eat with a fork or chop sticks, but for large sushi balls like a snowball, I'd recommend a fork so it doesn't fall apart.'' she insisted as she took another fork full of the snowball she was eating, stuck the food inside her mouth and nommed it slowly.

It was surprising that the show hasn't started as she then saw some people wander around, looking all about until eyes were set on her. Slowly they walked up to her and bowed their head. ''Are you perhaps the owner of the Sinese/??? Cafe?'' they asked as if they were in a hurry but still trying to be kind. Arisa swallowed her food and cleared her throat. ''I am indeed. Is there a problem?'' Arisa asked softly and scanned this person's face to see if they meant trouble, but so far it didn't. The person explained that they needed someone to take the geisha's place and they were told about Arisa being from Sin. ''I was taught dancing bu-'' she was about to say before her hand was grabbed and taken towards the dressing area. ''I'll be back!'' she waved to the two she was with to then get ready.


on Sat May 05, 2018 2:23 pm

It seemed help was in favor for Judith in the end, But still felt odd doing so but tried to fit in how it was eaten anyway, But Judith seemed to be enjoying her meal anyway. But slowly watched Arisa leave for a moment after conversation happen Judith wondered where she was going the meal had just started.

Before Judith spoke up Judina did."I am sure she will be back mother, She just had something to deal with."Judina said with a smile while she continued eating for a moment. So alas mother and daughter continue a peaceful meal while they waited it would seem fate would make a turn for Judina in which she did not wish.

"Judi, Why is there a book on the table?"
Judith asked looking it between the things she ate and while was looked at it for a moment. "Why is this book so important that you need it out on the table while you eat?"Judina seemed to be slowly taking a drink of her cup of teal while doing so and slightly started to choke while she drank it she would think to play it off as an mistake but her mother knew she had never put a book on the table ate at before so there was a reason.

It was brown leather, no title on the front of it and the pages looked fairly old and worn. Judina would seem to have to wait to explain because she was coughing to breath again.


on Mon May 07, 2018 11:02 pm

She felt her body being dragged with a grasp of a hand from whomever this was. The Geisha that was supposed to be here didn't make it so she was going to? Arisa didn't understand how they knew her or any information about her since she was sure her fame wasn't that grand. Her heart was pacing quickly as she then was brought to the dressing room. Quickly her head turned at the sound of a clap to hear a woman speaking. ''Alright everyone, we have to get this woman ready within five minutes. Quick quick!''. Her body felt like a doll as she was being tossed and turned all the while she was confused.

Her hair was brushed, picked through and put up in style of old fashion in the older times. Her face was painted like a canvas with white, red and black colors from her eyes, lips and face. The paint felt creamy and like oil panting which technically it was. As a little girl - because of getting some memories rather they are true or false, she could see females walking so elegantly and now it was her turn for a moment. Next Arisa got undressed and some females helped her put on some special occasion kimono of red, gold and black. When the five minutes were up, so was ready. 'I...' she thought as the curtains opened and people gazed at her in awe. Softly she gripped onto the bells of fate and cleansing, jingling them in sync with her dancing. The people placed music as she did one step at a time.


on Tue May 08, 2018 3:39 am

It seemed to be the right kind of distraction needed for Judina, She had remembered placing the book there and had intentions of reading it but forgot that habit was picked up from being on her own and not around family, small mistake that almost was going to lead to a bad situation for Judina that it might have ruined the moment she did not want to talk about yet.

"Well this is interesting."Judina mentioned and pointed out to her mother about what was going on with Arisa, Which seems to catch their mother's attention."Wait, I did not think she knew how to do this."Judith mentioned quietly looking over at what was going on now, Slowly looking in awe about the dancing and music the kind of stuff Judith long before the varying things she had done long before she even wanted to really anything, this was something that was once one of her dreams next to singing at one point.

"This must have been something done and set up a long time a go before you and I had arrived here mother."
Judina mentioned with a bit of a smile using the time while her mother distracted by the dancing and the new interesting event, Judina quickly put her book away.

They both seemed to quietly have settled down shortly to enjoy and watch the show, Both believing she would do well, it would have been something had Judith been younger she would been jealous about it, but she was proud of this moment for Arisa.


on Thu May 10, 2018 8:44 am

Her hands were gripping the bell's golden handle that had designs of green dragons. Her left foot stepped forward elegantly yet loosely as if a spirit was carrying her. The stroke of the strings that the harp created made each beat of the step she has done. Her blonde hair that was up was bouncing slowly with her dancing. The light shined on both sides of her as they made her cream flawless skin shine. Arisa's golden eyes were like symbols of fortune. The bells symbolized melodic hope and the dance symbolized with grace and harmony. Swiftly she twirled once and leaned back as if the air was holding the arch of her back as she did so. Her body then leaned up and twirled the other way and did the same thing.

Once more she then cat-walked elegantly with one foot forward, the other foot forward afterwards and repeat. After five times she brought her hands towards the left, jingled the bells. Next it was towards the right and once again she jingled the bells. She was in her own world as she danced for these people that either lost faith, hope or even lost their love. She thought of then of how she would feel if she lost her lover, the friends she held close and her children. Once the music stopped, she let out her arms towards each of their own side with one final jingle of the bells. Her head bowed for the holy beings that she felt was watching. With that being said, Arisa walked out and got dressed once more. ''Bravo, dear lady. I must say that was the best I've seen.'' spoke a man with a high pitched voice that belonged in styling. He clapped with exaggeration as he then stopped with a bow of his head. Arisa's head turned and made a faint smile. ''Thank you...'' she said as she tried to get the makeup oil off.


on Thu May 10, 2018 2:04 pm

It seemed the both of them would join the group in clapping in what seemed as a good and joyous show. Judina and their mother had no idea if it was or not. While Judina continued her clapping Judith their mother had a different idea.

after it passed Judith seemed to excused wanting to step outside for the moment. Judina just made sure her mother was okay, in the short conversation it seemed Judith just had been sitting down too long."Alright mother just make sure you are not too long."Judina said to make sure.

Judith seemed to take a moment to be happy with that smile alone and too herself, mostly being a bit smile and prideful about how Arisa managed this maybe just seeing whom ever being braver then what she would image Judith wished the singing she had always done was in front of people. So while looking along and keeping in mind she mentioned with herself."If only more of my children could do such things." Judith smiled to herself and just take such a moment into her mind, keeping in her mind for a moment what she had done.

Sitting there Judina looked around since she was a lone she felt weird then, Quietly opened the book of mind curses and took into mind what she was reading was kind of wrong to ever attempt if monsters to that exist that use these spell but Judina wasn't one of them."I hope they are both okay."Judina wonder to herself with the chopsticks in her hand would quietly eat a few more pieces of sushi while she was reading and waiting for them both to return, until then reading was to be done.


on Sat May 12, 2018 2:04 am

Arisa slowly wiped off her makeup with a thin cloth and some special water mixed with chemicals. The makeup felt thick so it took a few to several cloths to fully get it all off. Sighing softly she felt eyes gaze at her, making her twist and turn upon each side. ''What?'' she asked nervously to these strange people. Her hands clenched the chair as she was waiting. They looked at each other and then back at the golden eyed angel. ''We were kinda wondering if ya wouldn't mind to do that again till the festival is over.'' the girl spoke with some strange accent.

Arisa looked away and thought to herself. 'They want me to dance for them...?' she wondered and then looked back at them. ''I mean, I don't see any harm in that.'' she replied. They both smiled, leaned over to shake her hand and waved. ''We'll see you tomorrow at the same time then.'' the man instructed kindly. Arisa nodded and with that, she got off the chair and walked out. Arisa wondered if they were still there, Judina and Judith - the names that were such alike. Her eyes spotted Judina before Judith. ''Hey, where did your mom go?'' she wondered and grabbed a piece of her sushi, eating it.


on Sat May 12, 2018 2:31 am

Turning her eyes from her book Judina answered almost like she felt partly unsure with how she worded."I believe she went out in front for some air, I often forget that our mother often can not sit in one spot for a while." Did Judina missed something with Arisa just keeping herself out for the moment, Arisa was a sister to her. Judith considered her a daughter. But in the end Judina did not seemed to press the problem."So she went outside for a moment for some air. She however seemed to enjoy what happen here to a large degree."Judina would also mention.

"I am considering to check on her shortly, unless you would like too."
She waited to hear what Arisa would say. After all maybe her mother had something on her mind she wanted to just deal with herself. But Judina could not tell really their mother was really hard to read always had been.

Judina then placed her finger on a spot in her book in what she was reading."But I must say it was wonderful, Mother seemed to take a lot more enjoyment from it then most others around."She said with a rather joyful smile on her face. With that she then mention."Maybe I should learn something like that to see how I would do, But I am more of a monk then a dancer."Judina said with a bit of chuckle for the moment but it was her being honest, She was a monk like lady learning to fight, meditate and balance of mind over all with such goal, as much Judina never seemed to dress overly pretty of even considered dressing pretty at any point at all, just her robes, hair pin, various metal part and objects, pants, gloves and boots. She was not very stylish or the type to try and looking pretty at all often, she would have to try one day.


on Sat May 12, 2018 5:34 am

She just got done dancing away like some person who's been practicing for years. She remembered when she was taught by some Sinese women who were practicing to be some Geishas. She was quite adored which made her wonder why were they acting like she was the traitor? She frowned at the past as she didn't know quite everything there is to know, she knew it. Whispering among the crowd could be heard as she felt a spike of paranoia. 'Was it about me', 'Is it someone I know' and 'What was it about' were the questions arriving in her thoughts.

The night she was camping with Lucifer made her really think that all this paranoia was for naught, but then the things that happened to Fye dug into her soul. She could've saved her, been there for her and fought off the bad men that tortured her. They were from Sin, she knew that by much due to their symbol on Fye's head and the handy work was just like them - in the shadows. There was another Country like that, but she doesn't know it by name - just by stories. Her head turned to look at Judina who was speaking to her. ''You go ahead... I'll sit here and perhaps collect my thoughts...'' she said with an innocent smile. Was she ever going to be at peace and how old was she... really.


on Sat May 12, 2018 8:25 pm

It seemed just as Judina was about to get up Judith showed up again, Just as it seemed to all return to normal."Here I was just about to check up on you."Judina made a remark putting a book mark at where she had read. But got up herself."But I need the ladies room so I shall return myself."Judina must have not payed too attention to her own needs because she seemed to had went off in a bit more of a hurry.

Judith seemed to however been settling in quite quietly and then with a smile and asked."Are you okay Arisa? Or is something troubling you?"It just seemed back to normal for them but it was a chance of them both just by themselves for the moment.

As the mother she was Judith had not such a moment in years, But took it into account all that she had done to ensure Arisa such the life she had now and all she had done in the past, Made her wondered what day she would tell Judina, Waylon and Regis what all she did in her life back then."I must say for seeing such a dance and event, Brings me a smile that brightens my life."No idea in the end why Judith herself felt like she would mention that. Mostly because Judith herself could not believe that the one thing she had happen for seemed to have happen.

Mentioning as such she would continued the conversation."I have not smiled as such since the day I learned Regis was married and I heard I am a grandmother."Judith mention she was still under the thought of that granddaughter was a live and healthy as well, It seemed to keep her happy for the moment as well."It seemed the lives I hope would move forward so far have with the tides of fate."Judith mentioned that point seemed just allow herself to keep that smile.


on Sun May 13, 2018 4:18 am

Was she okay... Was she ever okay to begin with? She wondered this silly question as it was a question that couldn't be typically answered fully. There were words to describe how one was feeling with being mysterious on it. 'What was it?... Right.' she thought and looked at Judith. ''I am fine, but further more, I'm glad you enjoyed the dancing.'' she replied the best she could without saying much detail. She made her typical smile that she has noticed herself making. She stopped suddenly and faced away from her. The person who treated her, took her in and possibly lied to her about where she was from, who the woman was.

All these memory changes, these false accusations that are put into pictures in her thoughts were driving her crazy. Sometimes she wondered what was real, what was fake... who really was there for her and was the love Noel gave real even? The child, the children... were they real? She was freaking out mentally, but on the outside she stayed calm and looked as such. Her golden eyes were bright, filled with hope and light that most people wouldn't even think she felt like this. ''Shall we go walk around to see what's around here then?'' she questioned them both once they were both in hearing distance.


on Sun May 13, 2018 1:20 pm

It seemed Arisa was good at guessing."I would like too."Judith seemed to say with a small follow up of Judina."I am good to depart as well."Judina said she almost seemed and felt like something was troubling them both just by a small feel with in her gut and the spaced out look of them both. Maybe they all needed to speak about after they left here.

Judina seemed to pick up their few things and actually leave some kind of money in return, Even if her sister not even in blood was the owner workers still needed some kind of money. Judina seemed to have just been ready to deal with what she had on her mind at this moment just when they were less public."Also I have something I should talk to you soon about mother."Judina said she played coy with her mind too long about it and just gave into needing to tell her."Most likely better when we are a less public and would be prefered." Arisa could pick up what Judina said worried that she was just about to break her mothers heart but had to be spoken about now.

It seemed Judith was ready to depart, as well but puzzled by Judina admission while she even placed some money much like her own child did at one point."What could be troubling her so much she needs to speak about it without many people around? did she learn that from her father?"Judith mentioned troubled by it but slowly would take a few step forwards.

But she stopped and turned around and looked for Arisa to check if she was still here as well and if not just to allow a moment of peace for herself,Like her mind was wondering in an area of paranoia.


on Sun May 13, 2018 11:40 pm

They walked away from the light that came from the square shaped stall where the tenderman was in the middle opening of the square. After they paid for their dues, Arisa walked with Judith and Judina as they went further away from the public of the people. While they walked her eyes gazed and wandered to make sure the people were not around as she feared people from Sin. 'No, I'll be fine... I'm around people...' she kept telling herself to calm her mind. She winced in pain as a pulse of pain erupted throughout her mind. 'Ugh...'. Her right hand palmed against the crease of her forehead and the top of her head.

The two were in front of her, luckily not noticing as she then tried to act normal before they did look back. With a fake smile, Arisa gazed back at Judina pretending everything was okay. This was drama that her - herself did not want to bring down other people with her. If she was going to slowly die or even be part of insanity then she wanted to go alone. Lucifer, Alisa, Alice, her lover Noel... any friend, she didn't want to seem petty and have a chance in losing them. Once it was those three alone, Arisa looked at Judina with patience in wondering which news she wanted to talk about.


on Mon May 14, 2018 12:43 am

Judina seemed to look slightly around since they were away from people but not so far they did not lose themselves anywhere."I have mentioned this to Arisa before but, since we are here now and things have been progressing slowly I figured I need to tell you at least mother."Judina mentioned, It would make her feel better soon. Judith seemed curious but also looking back at Arisa every once and a while she seemed okay but almost wanted to know why they needed to be away from people."Why do we need to be this far Judi? Why do people need to not hear this?"Judith asked.

Judina then quietly pulled out that book she had and patted it a few times."This book is the history of mind altering or mind trap spells."Judina mention to her seemingly unsure."That kind of magic isn't with in our use...why do you need to know its history?"Judith asked she so far seemed okay."I will explain in a moment, But Mother...I need to stay away from Regis if you see him. Stay far away from him."Judina started off this talk to her."He is cursed, He may attack you, He already killed his wife and daughter."Judith seemed to have that slightly sorrow expression on her face."I am currently even with my work as a rune knight trying to learn what curse or spell this is a fix this situation but until then, Stay far away from him."Judina then walked over to her mother while putting that book away stare at her closely."He has a broken mind, he barely remembers anything if confused or provoked in some manner he may harm you, I need to be sure yourself and Dad know to keep an eye out for him."Judina seemed at this point to have made her point.

"You will not realize it is him by looking for him face wise he is covered in withered and tarnished metal same with a sword." The heart broken mother just seemed to nod in agreement."I will do my best to."It seemed like Judina believed her mother but the tone was off key like she had something different in her mind of what she wanted to do or A thought she did not wanted Judina to know either.

"I last saw him before I arrived here, he was just barely able to speak a piece a thought together, I do not know where he or Waylon is so I need you to not only keep an eye out for your safety. But for dad and Waylon as well."With that Judina seemed relieved like that burden with in her mind was now off her chest."I doubt Regis would find his way here so for now, Unless anyone else has anything they wish to speak about let us go back."Judina seemed to be able to relax a bit more now and seemed ready to depart again but waited.

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