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A Quiet Festival Watcher.(Open)

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#1Priscilla Ivalice 

on Tue May 01, 2018 6:32 am

It seemed to be an interesting situation for Priscilla, She did not plan this part through well, she arrived here, with no plan or idea what she wanted to do. But so far the festival was actually quite nice in here well eye. It seemed like it brought out more people that she could figure out.

Maybe a bit too much more then she would actually tend to enjoy or even feel comfortable with. Who knows some one would know her in one name or another but for now she did not think about it.

Walking casually about the trees just outside where people were gathered she was seemed to mostly watch and listen to the people around her not overly interested in what was around her yet and what she wanted to do here.

Slowly thinking that she would actually go into the area where the festival would be she would fix up the placement of her hair, still to cover up the missing eye mostly she just did not want questions about it, In the end it was also mind over matter with her as well she kept her mind peaceful and quiet while she would slowly enter the festival.

seeing what fate had for her to arise Priscilla would continue to watch the people around her, quietly but surely watching the people around her just coming off as something who might be not be harmful but out of place in this area but the pink sakura trees where nice.


on Wed May 02, 2018 11:01 am

She had stood there, watching all of the petals fall, wondering how many bodies fell in the same manner. Lives were just temporary, legacies only lasted as long as the impact left behind. Once you were irrelevant, you were forgotten. Once you were forgotten, you had died a second time.

Here, mortals danced around each other finding other games and festivities to entertain their empty lives. Here, one would escape their obligations and duties for just a moment. But time would continue. Time only gathered them here, and time would tear them all apart.

She stood there, wondering and pondering all of the lives that walked around her. She tried to grasp all of the stories that moved around each other. Even her loyal pet had her own tale, but for today she would live between the feet of her master. Her white fur wouldn't dare be dirtied by the filth of this place. Even if the petals gave beauty, the dirt under them would always remain.

She stood there in the midst of the moving crowd, watching the petals fall. She smiled as she took in the aroma of the life around her. There was so much blood waiting to be spilled. She only hoped none would land on her new lavender dress.

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#3Priscilla Ivalice 

on Wed May 02, 2018 1:29 pm

Keeping to herself in thought and keep the control in her mind Priscilla would walk slowly out of the the sidelines into the groups of people, only thing kind of confusing her was the looking upon the pink flower pedals mostly with how these gets people interest, She could never understand, But Priscilla kept in mind the fact she did seem different and how different she was. Looking upon the people the only one who might have stood out was some one with lavender dress and appears to be partly cat, Priscilla had never encountered these rumored neko's before.

But Priscilla was unsure if she wanted to speak to her 100% yet if anything it was one of the many things being unsure of who you have known before if you did not keep track, Priscilla however doubted she had met a neko before so she would take her time slowly heading towards the neko lady just by waling with in the groups of people trying to seem to fit in with them, slowly gauging why she was interested in this neko lady when normally she wanted nothing to do with people over all.

But being as she would it would seemed weird for some one who normally watched just hopped into it now she did not consider this cat a target when more of just interested in seeing a cat lady. But she would not be rude and touch her if anything she would just continue to watch and wondering what people saw here, Maybe being a unknown unaccompanied people watcher would not see everything as the normal people around her.


on Wed May 02, 2018 1:53 pm

"Zuzu." she would speak, her eyes still watching the petals fall to their own demise to be stepped on an crushed. She was far too captivated on them, even if she seemed to watch it daily.

The animal that sat on her feet, trying to stay away from the dirt. Even if it had lived in the forest for most of its life, even it understood its new position of nobility.

The little white furred fox would hear the words, only to jump up on the lower part of the dress. She would then hop to her master's arm and finally landing on the top of her head. She would giggle when she would land, amused with the creature.

"What kind of people do you think we will find today, Zuzu?" she would say to her companion, only to get a small squeak from it, but with the moving crowds and people, none other than her would hear it.

"Oh?" she would laugh at the sound, "Humans? Now that would be a catastrophe!" she would laugh, taking her eyes off the petals for a moment to look around. "I wonder where Knaya went." she'd softly say to herself. But that would be for later.

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#5Priscilla Ivalice 

on Wed May 02, 2018 3:30 pm

Maybe it was the way it was said maybe it was because Priscilla did not have sense of pun humor but over hearing that she wanted to cringe but did not give away that was interested and following this cat lady and her pet as well, It was an interesting and pretty pet quite pleasing to the eyes much like the cat ladies well kept white fur.

Priscilla following the groups of people had her during the watching for the moment, ended up in the path in front of this cat lady but had to figured a way to get out of it and quickly so she had a plan, it might seem embarrassing to most people but Priscilla could act differently about it.

So with the group being not too far ahead Priscilla acted like she tripped and fell forward, not too far from this cat lady and her pet. But this fall allowed out of the fast moving group making sure it did not seen too bad of a fall while she fell she managed to make herself fall on her knees and make sure to use her hands as well like she had fell on her feet because she tried to get out too quickly while everyone else was on the move, It was quick enough rush she felt her heart beat rather quickly and she took a moment to let her self breath, slowly over time getting on to her own see and standing up, brushing off the dust from herself.


on Thu May 03, 2018 8:14 am

As the day went on, she began to wonder how anyone could simply set up a stall and begin work. This place was filthy. If only there was a way to get paid for bathing. Before she would exercise the thought, a woman would appear in front of her. Did she too know who she was? Did anyone know who she was?

She would fall, for what reason would be unknown. She would make her way to rush towards the woman, only to move around her. Her feet would make not a single sound as she would grab the woman by her collar. She was not one to catch people, nor would she start now. Perhaps Kanya would become an exception, but that would be a story for another day.

She would grab the woman, only to pull her back towards her feet, allowing her to stand.

"This is no place fur you to fall." she would speak, lightly like a child, but her words would hold a hint of hostility. She wasn't sure why she felt ill towards the woman, but she wouldn't look into it. Could have been instinct or simply pettiness.

When she would stand, Nameless would be standing to her left. She would stare at the woman wondering what would become of them now. Would they part ways, or was there more to say? Or could have this all been part of a more elaborate scheme to distract her for another reason?

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#7Priscilla Ivalice 

on Thu May 03, 2018 5:07 pm

With how the situation ended up it felt odd for her to be have the collar grabbed while she fell, was this how animals were treated by others? in that case she could consider how she would handle an animal if she ever owned one, But for now there was a different situation to deal with and it was the situation now she had to deal with and attend to.

Slowly getting up to think up what kind of person to act like she would just say."Guess I just hate being in large groups of people."She started while dusting herself off the help was actually not what she expected but she would at least be thankful."Thank you however darling."she had yet to looked at this cat lady after all she was still looking over her items, not even caring to cover up the missing eye she normally covers up her bright yellow lone eye was a vast contrast to her dark purple hair and the closed missing eye with a notable scar upon it, it seemed to match and fit well along with her outfit and pale skin.

"Even if I did not expect the help, I just wanted out of mess of people trying to move around to see what is interesting around here."
Priscilla started off to continue interaction by mentioning with that comment, while coming up with a fake name to call herself and a bit more of a fake act to make.


on Fri May 04, 2018 8:32 am

Humans were fickle ones. They always had somewhere else to be, but no where to go. They ran around mindlessly seeking fate and destiny to plant something in front of them. Even so, most of them couldn't even find what they were searching, even with it in reach. Not all of them were this way. . . . thankfully.

She would begin to dust herself off, getting back on her feet. The world around them would begin to flow again. They were nothing more than rocks in a river, the people being the rushing waters. Nameless would notice the difference in her eyes, the odd asymmetry between them. Maybe it was magic, or maybe it was misfortune.

Her next few words were odd, almost admitting she fell on purpose, for an exit. If that was the case then her being there was just an afterthought. Maybe she had more than meets the eye, or perhaps she was as mindless as Nameless expected her to be, or rather any human.

"Did or didn't expect my help?" she wondered, but in the end it didn't matter. Asking her would prove nothing. Either she would tell the truth, or lie. In the end whatever she said only had a fourth of a chance to be correct, but even so with half of it being the chance of a lie, she wouldn't believe her anyways.

"Then I hope you find what you are looking for then." she would say. Whatever the girl's real reason for being here, it didn't matter. She would never cross her path again, and if she did, maybe the next time the encounter would be more significant.

Her pet would jump down from her head, only to land in her master's arms to be carried like a small child. Nameless would smile.

What did the woman really want?

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#9Priscilla Ivalice 

on Fri May 04, 2018 3:18 pm

Priscilla would just simply state."I did not expect help, Nor did I expect some one to go for my collar first."Priscilla did not need to act for that admission she would even express what she personally felt."Makes me realize why collars are cruel for animals."Priscila could mention this part of her not putting on her act all, it was an honest opinion of hers."But I still thank you nonetheless."Priscilla mentioned still, Part of her was unsure how to treat a cat lady, Priscilla personally questioned if you could pet a cat lady and give it cat nip or tuna? Priscilla had never been a pet owner so she did not know at all in the end."I dislike large groups of people so i tried to get out by falling intentionally."Not mentioning if pushed any further she would most likely had killed a few people to make a point.

"I have yet too, I am trying to find something I find interesting, something to catch my eye, Just what that is I do not know."So she would act as she had been normally for the moment just seeking interesting items, But what she had to make up."Objects from the past could do nicely, maybe something like relics, old weapons or shiny objects."She would mention maybe to see what else she could say. "Maybe something to eat like maybe some fresh fish."She would mention as well to see a reaction about it, maybe if the cat lady want interested in fish she would offer to buy some.


on Fri May 04, 2018 3:30 pm

Humans wore collars too, however they referred to them as chokers. Some were into that sort of thing, the same with other nekos. Nameless had yet to explore that type of life. For now, she would listen to the woman and wonder what should, or would become of her.

"You could have also thinned the crowd, but I'd imagine you might take a life of someone important in doing so, like one of the food merchants." she would say it in reply to her first few words, finding the needs for people who actually served food.

"If you're interested in objects of the past, there is a marble shrine not far from here." Nameless would reach out and point outside of the city limits with her free hand. "There you will also find old men called monks who talk of an even older god and stuff."

She didn't really find any of her words convincing, nor intriguing. All of it seemed to be just another ploy for a human to test what a Neko really acted like. Perhaps there was more stigma around her than she had thought, or maybe no one even had an opinion about them to begin with. She wondered how the elves would feel. Were they treated the same as well?

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#11Priscilla Ivalice 

on Fri May 04, 2018 3:54 pm

This seemed to have turned into an interesting turn, like how she mentioned killing and mindless killing with bloodshed as well it seemed like she had one thing she worried about happen some one who might actually know Priscilla as the actual name or a very name she buried along a go she never mentioned, But she had to wonder how far this would go or if she could mention said name she buried long a go.

Such name was just a memory few people would actually know said name unless it was actually her family."You seemed to think that huh?"Priscilla mentioned in reply it seemed like it was lure for her and she was curious after all Priscilla sounded curious now."What makes you even assume that my dear?"So she would give into her own wonder even if it would lead to the dangerous road she never wanted to travel in again.

the lead was interesting but Priscilla also assumed it could easily be bait for some one like her to be lead to be robbed or some kind of crime, At least she thought at first until the mention of old men, But if she was going after objects she would assume the monk would attempt to stop her as well. so she would even point that out."How god crazed could monks be? I believe they would stop anyone would look through the ruins."she would ask her and see what all could be from this.

It could be worth her time having this conversation with her, even most likely pay the cat lady a compliment or two if they did anything positive for the cat lady if anything maybe actually buy her something nice as a thank you, After all she dangerous and shouldn't be in public but she wasn't rude.


on Sat May 05, 2018 9:29 am

Everyone was obsessed with their own title. Mage Kings. Lieutenants. Emperors. It didn't matter what you called yourself, but what the others would call you when your back was turned. In this world, in these lives, not even your name would matter.

The woman answered her comment with nothing more than curiosity. It was to be expected. If she was someone of stature and authority surely the conversation would have taken a different turn. That much she would assume was true. She would question the thought of death, one that Nameless would leave to no further comment, not even acknowledging her words.

"If you leave them an offering to their god, then they will gladly show you around, me thinks." she'd say, almost bursting out in laughter. How long could she hold her guise? "But I'll leave ya to it then. Lots of things going on around here."

It was not that she wanted to leave, but she did not wish ti impede on her wishes to divide herself from other groups of people. If she was going to take her leave and find a more secluded part of the celebration, she would leave her to her own business. After all, Nameless was on her way to her own plan to make the most of this festival.

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#13Priscilla Ivalice 

on Sun May 06, 2018 5:44 am

Interesting Priscilla really could not offer them anything."Sadly, I am unsure what all I could offer them."She could not think of what all she could offer them side from death or food. But unsure what else she could really think of.

But what else is there to go off of to do at this point? there seemed to be much more in thought."I guess I will stop playing coy with you." Priscilla was getting bored playing guessing games over interest of races she never met before."Of all things yet, i am more interested in a neko, Since I have never met one." Priscilla mentioned to even if it wasn't just entertaining she was more interesting in learning of more people at fall humans/man people were either boring, stupid or dangerous enough to consider to murder.

"Much like the other races, I have never talked to many of them nor have i met a single other race until today. So even if it might seem rude some manner or even annoying," It seemed like she would make her point eventually."So maybe I want to see or notice however different Neko's are compared to humans."Priscilla outed it finally even if annoying she was honest, If she wasn't interested then she would figured out something else to do or some one else to try and learn something from, or pick up a few things to give to some one who would need it.


on Sun May 06, 2018 8:47 am

"I've seen some people leave behind bread, or other things." she would answer in reply, of wondering what would fit. She didn't suggest any other things, however. She didn't want any of it to seem odd, or forced. But next she mentioned about how she never met a Neko, or any non-human for that matter. Perhaps elves were as scarce as she imagined. nekos were all but new in this world, and must have been seen as odd and strange, not for stigma, but for the reason none had met them before. She wasn't sure how to feel or react to it, but her tongue begun to weave its own response.

"We're no different than someone from a country you've never been to." she would say, "Every country has it's own culture." she spoke, looking around them all. This festival was the perfect example. Everyone would flood over to either things that reminded them of home, or things they've never seen before. She understood it now. She had an idea.

She would take her animal in her arms and begin to look for a small snack booth. "Well, maybe another time. I'm a bit late as is." she'd say to the woman, "I think I was supposed to meet with my friend fifteen minutes or so ago. I have no idea the time. Oh well. Next time!" and the cat-eared woman would turn away and duck into the crowd, disappearing.

"Yeah, I'm running late." she thought to herself, "It's the perfect excuse, no one has ever used that before!"


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#15Priscilla Ivalice 

on Mon May 07, 2018 4:30 pm

It was interesting, It seemed yet again she learnt very little, expected nothing and had that result. Maybe she was just assuming too much then again Priscilla would assume various different things because since she did not remember anyone who might know her the questions were a put off but until some one called her Priscilla since it was yet to happen."Still interesting none the less, I will keep it in mind still to maybe go."If Priscilla actually went she would choose eventually, for now there was other things to do.

it seemed yet again time and how different people were had people leave yet again so left to her own thoughts she was listening to her mind again."I guess it is time to fine something else to do."She did not sound disppointed by such events, it was time to learn and look upon more people quietly and plan what else to do later.

Not going back into the groups of people Priscilla just quietly walked towards one of the vendors and picked up something, Just something small to keep the food in her system since she did not eat much when she was thinking or trying to to seem normal.

After being left to wonder what to do next it seemed she would have to leave that to how fate would bring forth with her. Then again, Priscilla had to keep in mind that was the most interesting conversation she had in a while as well as being thankful it wasn't what she was scared would happen.


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