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The Tarot Stall [Invite][Festival]

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on Mon May 07, 2018 8:52 am

His request for food was denied but what he had obtained was interesting, a familiar expression like that of many of the women he had met. She had turned red in the face. He could have sworn it was some sort of magic to change colors like that, but he wouldn't question it... then again every blonde he had met had this particular ability: Turn red. Maybe it meant they were storing energy, or they were hiding some special strength that would get stored whenever they got all blushy. Not wanting to hold her up long though he'd repeat back a peculiar word to him, "Tarot Reading? Fortune telling?" he tilted his head.

Asmo had said something about that stuff, fortunes, and junk. They were kinda like the next day or something! Still holding the cup of noodle broth in his hand he sipped down the hot beverage and crushed the cup in his hand like it was nothing more than paper. "Sure! I'd like to have one of those! Will it make me stronger? Ooo, can they help me train? Please do me! Do me!" he kneeled down at the table looking at the cards in her hands his eyes peeking over the edge like an excited child. "Please, please, please." he bounced up and down excitedly, "Pleeeeease."

#27Vivianna Mystcreek 

on Sat May 12, 2018 3:43 am

Despite the fact that she had some peculiar customers that day, this man would kind of take the cake. His actions were high intensity, was that reflecting of his personality? She tilted her head and couldn't help but chuckle as the man went with his antics and vocalized his desire for a reading. However, at the back of Vivianna's mind, she couldn't help but notice that he was more interested in what the tarot would add to him. Now, of course, tarot was something you use to get answers, something that is supposed to help you learn more and act upon those things, something that guides you to do some introspective thinking, right? Well, Vivianna couldn't shake the feeling that this man was more interested in what it would do to him... physically. She gently opened her mouth a bit to speak, but then decided to simply let the man experience the reading himself. If he didn't like it, he wouldn't have to pay anyway! Or so she consoled herself.

"Please take a seat," Vivianna asked, with more composure than before. A string of desire to learn more about this man vibrated in her body and played a nice tune to her soul. She had nothing to lose. "I will shuffle the deck now, please focus on it aaaaaand, tell me to stop whenever you feel like it is right."

As she shuffled the deck, she looked at the man, his big body, arms and hands. The feminine side couldn't help but appreciate the attention given to his body. Smiling at her own thoughts, she stopped when the man said so. She then split the deck to three and asked the man to put the three small parts in any order, back into a singular deck. After that, it was time to spread the cards like a bow on the stall, and let him pick the cards. "Choose five."

The man wanted power, so the reading would be a mixdevelopmentd personal developement. She held her breath as she opened the first card. To her, it was fitting for such a situation, this card.


"Could it be possible that you are stuck in a rut?" Vivianna asked. She waved her hand at her trick candle by the stall to turn its flame to one of reddish orange for the mood. "This card suggests being in a place of making a choice: Take this stable base you have as your plane and use it, or, use it as a solid foundation to build upon it. The question here is the desire to take risks for better, but the chance of falling down high and hurting yourself. You have a stable place of power and fame, perhaps glory. All of these things have their own tint of influencing power, so you might be able to do some social engineering to bring yourself to the place of your desire."

She pondered for a bit.

"In a power, strength way, it means that in your current state, drastic things will be required for you to push forwards. It is easy to be lazy in our own little circle, be careful!" She expressed in a vivid way and smiled.


"This card speaks of an upcoming conflict, however since your question was very personal, I think this conflict is something... internal. Think of it as you being split into several different mental parts-" Vivianna had to stop there for a second. "Uh, yeah. Several different mental parts each of them with their own opinions and desires. You may be feeling or may feel very soon, indecisive regarding where you want to go on with life. I advise taking it easy, and realize that you don't have to do everything at once. Most of the time, our own worst enemy is the fight we have within ourselves."


"A card that symbolizes inner potential. To follow it up with the first card, you need to be able to realize all that is you have right now, and then how you can refine them further. This card tells you that you do not need a better weapon or a new fancy armor. It says that the goal idea you have in mind will be realized when you work on things that you have yourself. Magician has already gathered all the required components for his spell, now all that is left to cast it."


Vivianna gained a pained expression. "A card of relinquishment and escape from pain. This card shows the letting go phase of someone for their own sake and for ones around them. You must accept the pain that you are to live, endure it; but realize that when it is all said and done, you will be able to enter a new refreshing phase. Please take care of yourself during this time. More often than not, the required things we must to, actions we must take are apparent, but we shy away from them, from the pain that they will cast upon us, not realizing that they are exactly what we need."


"I see," she began to speak. "This is the advice card, the Ace of Swords. Swords are the suit that symbolizes intelligence, air, freedom, power, and communication. Aces show potentials, like seeds; opportunities even. This is a time where you must be receptive to your environments. There will come a chance to improve yourself, but you will have to catch this opportunity."

As the second part of the meaning of this card, I will say that most of your problems will slowly dissolve if you use your communication skills better. Perhaps.. express yourself in a more clear way. I don't know how this can... make you stronger, but I am seeing that it will win more battles this way. Interesting."

And with that would end the mysterious man's reading. Taking a breath, Vivianna looked at the man, leaving the spread open on the stall.
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on Tue May 15, 2018 4:19 pm

Barry blinked for a moment and watched her, he couldn't believe she could tell so much with just one card or five cards. He Poked them all and looked back at her, "You..." he cleared his throat, "Read all of that?" he zoned out and backed away a few inches. She told him all of that based on just a few cards. This was something new, he just had his world read and it seemed so simple. She did it with these cards. "Let me borrow this one." he picked up a card, the ace of swords. This one felt as if it had deep meaning, advice card.

Not only did he take that one but he also took that other one six swords. These two cards were the ones that stood out most to him, "We will meet again and I will give you these back for now I want to hold on to them because you seem certain about this and I want to... I want to know more about them and I want to make you come find me for them."

He cleared his throat, he couldn't wrap his mind around what she read it was all so true, but his heart was beating so quickly he couldn't get his finger on what she was doing. "Thank you." he walked away and took the cards with him. She\d get them one day.


#29Vivianna Mystcreek 

on Wed May 16, 2018 9:50 am

Honored by the compliments, Vivianna didn't find it in herself to stop the man from taking two of the cards. While it was very important that a deck was completed, the man seemed to be going through a lot of personal things that she didn't want to interrupt, and if two cards were to help him, what could she do to stop? Watching the man go, she sighed and took out her second deck. She hadn't used it in years so there was a tinge of worry that she couldn't connect well with the deck. Despite that, she took it out and took the two cards the man had taken to complete the deck again. It was good that she had taken them with her.

Stretching, she blew out the candle and sat down. Another customer was satisfied, and so was she. Looking at the sky, she saw it slowly start to darken. After a few more customers, it would be best if she left back to her hotel. Now that she had made some money, she would also probably stop by the wig shop to get one. She would need it for later on.

Other than the money, the tarot stall was a nice place for her to increase her reading skills as well. She felt as if every reading was better than the last one. Feeling a slight breeze pass by, she shuddered as she remembered her first customer... Well, perhaps it is better to say customers. A feeling inside her wouldn't leave her alone, but she couldn't name what it was.
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#30Adelaide Sokolov 

on Wed May 16, 2018 10:02 am

After everything that was going on in her mind and trying to calm down, she stopped in her walk as she had gone around mindlessly around the festival again. She noticed a fortune telling booth and raised her eyebrow. It could be fun to have a reading at this point, perhaps some good advice for the future. She didn't feel the need to let it influence her future but it could be fun anyway. Hopefully not give more stress on her anyway. So she watched a guy leave and turned to the tarot reader, "Hi," She wasn't sure if she could just sit down and be the next customer, though there didn't seem to be a line. "Can I have reading?" She felt suddenly a bit insecure to just step forward to do so.

It look really interesting so she waited for the response of the tarot reader before and hoping to get some explanation on to how it worked. She had to keep up her own mind in not freaking out, would she have been able to do couple reading, should she get.. nah. She just got here for fun. She would sit down if it was her turn and would wait for the tarot reader to give her instructions.

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#31Vivianna Mystcreek 

on Sat May 19, 2018 3:19 am

While still leaning on her stall, Vivianna had stopped following the diminishing crowd for a while now. The dark clouds in the sky had started to seem more interesting. Was it going to rain? She wasn't sure. She grabbed her deck and started to look at the cards when her attention was taken by a woman. Coming in direct eye contact with her, she straigthened up and smiled. The woman approached as she guessed and greeted her.

-"Hello," Vivianna said. She could really use a customer that was calmer after the last man. -"Of course you can have a reading," she said in a nice tone and gestured the woman to sit.

-"I have many kinds of readings," she started to explain while doing short bursts of deck shuffling. "I can do a general reading of five cards in a subject of your choice. I can do a three cards reading of past, present, and future. I can do a quick Yes and No along with a reading you want too, but people usually don't like such direct answers. I also have couples reading, for two people. However, I can do a relationship reading that goes into the emotions and thoughts of you and your partner. I also have the elemental guidance reading where we ask fire, water, air, earth and spirit about different aspects of your life."

Finishing her explanation, Vivianna drank some water and asked the woman if she wanted some. Looking at her more clearly now, she was quite nice looking and Vivianna felt a tinge of awe. Something about her was otherwordly, but she quickly dismissed the thought. However, no doubt, her aura was relaxing to her. She couldn't help but ask her for her name.

-"What's your name? I am Vivianna, feel free to call me Vivi."
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#32Adelaide Sokolov 

on Sat May 19, 2018 6:37 am

It must be tiring to do tarot reading the whole day, Alice believed that it would take quite some energy as well as energy for the contact with other beings. She had not seen her previous customers but considering that on the board it say that the reader would give money back in case of a not a reading as expected, must be tough. So she gave a smile back and nodded when she got the gesture to sit down, as she did.

She looked at the cards that looked very pretty and listened to the tarot reader. She nodded every time the reader explained a reading and she was actually quite interested in the first one, a general reading was nice, oh but a couple.. right she was alone. She bit her lip softly, wondering if Kon would even sit next to her if she asked, she was perhaps a bit afraid to go into the relationship reading all by herself, considering the pressure of the future wedding. It was perhaps safest, even if she didn't want to believe too much into this, she did, let's be fair, she would do the general reading.

So she thought about it shortly, wondering about what she should do but sticked to the first reasoning that she had, she looked up from the shuffling cards when she heard a name introduction. "Nice to meet you, I'm Alice." Soon to be married, she took a deep breath, "As much as I would like to know about the relationship reading, I will pick the general one." She said with a soft grin, she would not want more stress considering everything!

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#33Vivianna Mystcreek 

on Sat May 19, 2018 9:57 am

Smiling as she listened to the woman, Vivianna took a deep breath as she leaned back with deck in hand. "Well then," she said and chuckled. "Things seem to be interesting in your life then, general it is." In all honestly, Alice had felt like her second customer, the young boy who was curious about his future. While she wasn't as young, Vivianna felt a kinship with her, a woman trying to make the best of her like kind of kinship. She didn't ponder long on this thought however, and simply wanted to enjoy it. She didn't care if she was wrong at her assumptions, she needed to be right in her readings.

She told the woman the deal about how the reading would happen, how she shuffles as Alice focuses on the deck and tells her to stop, how she splits the deck in three and Alice would then put the three back in any order and then how she would spread the cards for her to pick five of them.

After all that was done, Vivianna spread the deck and put the cards Alice picked face down next in a straight line. When all five cards were picked, she collected the rest of the deck. Now only five cards with their back turned down remained on the stall counter. Vivianna flipped open the first one.


Pondering upon the meaning of the card a bit, she began to talk.

"This is a card of being reserved, anxiety and worry. Are you in a dilemma girl? Is someone pressuring you into something, or do you feel pressured? While this card doesn't mean that I just wanted to ask, for this card's main focus is the feeling of being watched, judged and the feel the need to protect yourself. The woman on the card is unsure of what she should do, but she is also afraid of doing anything in general. However, the background sea that is calm and the mountains show that she needs to listen to her heart more during these times and that whatever this is, will make her stronger once it is solved."


Vivianna flipped the second card slowly. Seeing it, her face became one of deep thought. She stood still for a few seconds, her gaze switching from the first card to this one.

"The Hanged Man here kinda compliments the first card we had. This card is of sacrifice, martyrdom, and stagnancy. Do you try to please too many people? Are you going out your way to help people who don't exactly deserve it? While this card suggests these kinds of things, it also suggests-- advice you to wait and look around for the wisdom that can simply be collected by being still. Life for you will be boring for a while, things might seem like they are going neither good or bad. While that sounds unpleasant, this card says that this is an excellent time to simply observe and learn, but remember to also not waste yourself on others too much. Help is not helping if you are not also helping yourself," Vivianna said. She then thought if that sentence she made sounded good, but it was too late now to take it back. She blushed a tiny, tiny amount.

"Why I said it compliments the first card, is that the situation described in the first card can be the exact reason for this. Two swords talked about a woman who was in a split road, while this card tells her that she need not go either way, and it is okay to rest at the split point for a while."


"Ah... what a wonderful card to follow up," the witch said with a tender smile. "Things will start to pick up very soon after that slow period! This is a card of non-stop action, a phase where you aim for your goals and are determined to bring your choices and wishes to reality. It also shows budding love! I am going to assume you are dating someone since you were interested in the relationship reading. If you want to touch upon that, I will say that it will enter a phase where things will be... fast so to speak, but fun!"

Vivianna looked at the card longingly for a second and then composed herself.

"However, one thing to take notice of this card is that it warns you about your decisions. The moment in time where this happens will start a phase in your life where you won't have time to change your mind. Whatever you choose, it will catch you up and bring you with it! But no worries, this is a busy time, but one of those fun busy times."


The Chariot appearing after the eight of wands was interesting. Like the first two cards, the third and fourth seemed to be determined to compliment each other as well.

"The chariot shows the struggle, decisions that are taken however also; victory," Vivianna said, more serious than before.

"The choices and actions you take during the eight wands phase will put you in a path of challenges. However, not any challenges that life brings, but one that you are overtaking yourself to reach your goal. There will be many ways to reach this goal, a short but hard one; and a long but easy one and so. You must determine your own values when you make decisions about how you will go about this. Remember that nothing is wrong unless it is wrong to you."

Well, there were laws of course, but Vivianna didn't want to ruin the atmosphere with a silly joke like that.

"The Chariot says that, if you are in a dilemma right now, oh wait, the first card said you were, didn't it... Anyway, if you are in one right now, how you solve it will be left to your hardworking and perseverance. If there is something you want to do but fear maybe you shouldn't, perhaps this is the sign that says you should."


With the last card of advice, Vivianna realized what the theme of the reading has become: Choices, goals, and pursuit of dreams. She smiled.

"Three of Pentacles is your advice card. While the card itself means that you have the necessary things in your hand and in the material world to reach your goals and start building your projects, the advice is more like a pat on the back. While it says that, it also reminds you to not be afraid to rely on the experience of others. If the hanged man suggests what I think, then perhaps you need to remember that it is also okay to get help from others.

Your inner and outer worlds work perfectly when they do, this isn't the case for everyone mind you."

She could vouch that it wasn't the same for herself. She did a quick smirk thinking about that self-depreciation.
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#34Adelaide Sokolov 

on Sat May 19, 2018 10:19 am

She fumbled a bit with her hair, holding on to a long piece and moving her hand back up every time again as she ended at the bottom to stroke her own hair and listen to Vivianna. She was a bit nervous but it could only be spotted thanks to the movement of her left hand through her hair. She didn't want to make a decision about one card only and she nodded every time and even though the card, each one of them said something already peculiar or particulair, she waited, a small smile still staying on her lips, especially with the last card came.

So she had a couple of decisions to make and to take it easy. That's also a bit of the advice that Alisa gave her and it was perhaps smart to finally start listening, she wasn't a particular believer of tarot reading but she wasn't also very scepticale about it and she would rather listen to it than to get into harder times. "Thank you very much Vivianna, it actually tells me a bit of what I should know. The first card made me realize that my hardship and stress will be over soon, I'm getting married soon and that is a choice that I would make every day again." She grinned without really knowing, glowing with a happy glow on her face because the decision did make her happy.

And with the children she intended to take it slow indeed, she would rather stay by their side for as long as possible instead of going away on a far job. So she stood up after paying Vivianna and thanked her again before walking off with a satisfied feeling.


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