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Young & The Restless [Alisa]

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on Sun May 13, 2018 4:58 pm

Alisa seemed quite confused with the issue that was able to test her heart and mind. The girl, Xandra was able to do this as she seemed to make her sisterly friend develop feelings. ''A million years is a long time...'' she started and closed her eyes for a spare moment. Softly she breathed in some fresh flowery scent from the air surrounding her and throughout the distance. It was very refreshing compared to the smells she was casually smelling; food, death and destruction. Even after all the showers she takes daily the smell never goes away. Only a few seconds later she finished it as her eyes opened slightly. ''I'd take advantage of the time you do have if I was you.'' she said seriously before they were about to walk off.

Her eyes opened in shock as she saw who was next to her. A string was plucked as it sent off flash of strange emotions. Slowly she turned to looked at him (unsure if he's taller or shorter). Before her words could escape her lips she heard Alisa answer him. He looked the same as ever; tall, muscular with an outlook of a battle god and if she wanted to know anything, it'd be -... She looked away for a moment with painted cheeks of pink as she blushed. 'Stop thinking such things...' she told herself and squinted. She could hear a dark chuckle in the back of her mind as she then looked back at the man. 'Can't help it...' she heard her demonic voice speak. The last time she saw him another part of her just took over- unknown knowledge of what all happened till the end.

The first and last words she heard from Zade made her really think. '"I don't hate you, we were just standing on opposing sides. I'm sure if you ever took the time to understand us, most of us in here would be on the same side."' Were they now on the same side? She had to speak of course as being silent felt awkward. ''The party is here, but it depends on what party you're into.~'' She smiled her casual motherly smile as she didn't notice her voice changing in mid-part of that sentence. ''Pardon the manners, but I must agree with my friend. Are you here to perhaps drink booze and enjoy the dance tonight or what do you enjoy?'' she asked lastly so the man can answer them.


on Mon May 14, 2018 4:03 am


"What are you talking about? I love flowers an- wait a minute." Zade paused his sentence and started to stare at the girl with the flower comment. Somehow he recognized her but he was not sure how. Zade then turned his face around to the other girl to observe her while hearing her out. When she finished her sentence, Zade's eyebrows raised all of a sudden. "I remember! We met in Crocus. How have you two been?"

#28Alisa Vollan 

on Mon May 14, 2018 1:18 pm


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Indeed, a million years was a long time, but perhaps to short for such whimsical commitment issues. Alisa knew this though, and judging from Arisa's words, the blonde did too: Alisa knew better than letting someone she cared about expect something she could never give. Perhaps that in a way could be called love...? She wasn't nearly as faithful as Arisa. But then even with a loyalty second to none - enough for the sculptress to envy her lover - she clearly had her limits. One couldn't so easily their passion, a force far too fickle and impetuous...

Fortunately, Zade hardly seemed to return Arisa's interest beyond her generous, expansive magic power, otherwise Alisa just know the ravishing Seraph would inevitably regret whatever happened. The crystal user spared a cursory glance to her friend, but scarcely betrayed those concerns. Hell, apparently he didn't even remember them:

"What do you know, we learn something new every day... Araa~?", She raised an eyebrow, crossing her arms as amusement grew - almost as surprised by his look as she was by his sudden arrival.

Had he really not recognized them? If he'd approached and met them again completely out of the blue, this could make Alisa rethink her views on coincidences. But she didn't believe a warrior could get that far without trusting his instincts, and therefore she felt pretty sure he had on some level noticed something familiar about the two of them. Zade's thoughs were his own in the end, and Alisa could only wonder and speculate like she obviously enjoyed.

"Well enough, just business as usual.", smiling gracefully, she brought one hand to her cheek as she looked into his only visible eye, "How about you...? I hear you've been quite busy nowadays."

Regardless of her opinions on the war, Zade had been doing what he could do dismantle the old system and hopefully fight for a better one in its place. She didn't regret standing against Grimoire for a single moment, but she defenitely regretting having needed them to see and tear down a the rotten rule right before them.

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"With Spring comes renewal..."
- Alisa Vollan

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on Mon May 14, 2018 2:23 pm

Her sparkling eyes of golden mirrors gazed up at Zade as he stood tall and rather careless. Her expression was clam while she felt wild-up inside because some part of her felt triggered by his presence. Softly her top right canine bit on her lower lip, listening to them both till he questioned something. She saw him look at Alisa and then back at her who then giggled with the place of her right pointing finger rimming against her lower lip. 'Did he just realize who we were?' she wondered and obviously guessed correctly. The area was getting warmer and lit up as the area was dimming.

''I suppose I am quite alright.'' she answered suspiciously. Her hip swayed to to right as she still held the same calming yet now thoughtful pose. 'Wonder what he's up to...' she wondered. 'Who cares, he's here to entertain us. Just go with it. Not like any harm can come from it.' spoke a darkened voice in her mind. Arisa waited for him to speak, reply to Alisa as Arisa herself was thinking of so many things that it could make several movies. She couldn't stop, but in reality she seemed normal and relaxed. ''Shall we go find a party then, stranger?~'' she joked and giggled at it.


on Tue May 15, 2018 3:18 pm


Zade quickly recalled the girl on his right as the fierce lady who was willing to brawl head on in a close combat confrontation. A wide grin appeared on his face as he recalled that day and the fruits that it bore. She seemed to be in a good mood, Zade thought. She mentioned how her time had passed casually and even asked about Zade's ongoing activities. Before he could answer, the girl on his left replied as well. Luckily, she was doing fine as well after that unfortunate encounter of theirs. Zade placed his hands on their shoulders and laughed out loudly. "Hahaha, wonderful! I'm happy to hear that you two have been managing to survive in this new world." He then turned his face towards to the girl on his right again, while still having his hands placed on their shoulders. "After everything that we went through, it was hard for me to fatho-," Zade suddenly halted his sentence, realizing that Arthurias' death was still kept hidden from the public. He then continued with a jolly tone to distract them from what he was about to say with a completely different sentence. "Fathom that our dream finally became a reality. Slaves all across the country have been saved, but enough about that." Zade then looked to the girl at his left with a genuine smile on his face. "Stranger? Call me Zade." He then shifted his gaze towards both their faces, looking left and right. "What are your names, if I may ask? I feel like that should be known before we find a party, as she mentioned."

#31Alisa Vollan 

on Tue May 15, 2018 4:31 pm


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Though unable to directly hear her inner conflict, Alisa knew her best friend, well enough to understand what breed of thoughts crossed her mind. She never issued an invitation like that to anybody, especially not someone who was, in her own words, a stranger. Indeed, that would't stop the ever elegant sculptress from speaking politely, even against a former foe. But in the end, he laughed jovially and tapped their shoulders with the kind of familiarity only a genuinely straightforward person could pull off.

"My... I hope you weren't thinking we'd lose our work or anything~", chuckled the crystal user, nonchalantly flipping that long strand of hair behind her other shoulder

Being hired by a monarchy she held no real love towards had been but one of many source of income. But where she loathed the previous monarchy for their incompetence and later, she found, corruption; she held a personal grudge against the current one, for ordering the death of her guildmaster. Little did she know somebody had already beaten her to the punch, and the leadership she held responsible deceased.

Despite her lack of knowledge, his interruption caught her attention.

They'd done battle, and that moment, he'd never shown the slightest shred of hesitation: Perhaps she found it easier to relate to one against whom she'd crossed swords, and at this moment, she suspected whatever he initially felt like saying stood beyond what he casually disclose.

Until not so long they had been enemies, she couldn't blame him for not trusting them. She definitely wouldn't were she in his shoes...

She'd tell him how there was more to ending slavery than simply killing the most blatant offenders... Former slaves had to learn to be free, and the general public needed education against exploiting those worse off than them. But just as he refrained from discussing politics beyond his immediate affairs, she too decided against it. Such serious topics could easily blind them all to the colorful beauty around them, a sight all three obviously appreciated.

"Alisa. I'd say pleasure to meet you, but that's about three months too late~", accepting his cue to choose a lighter, she returned the smile, formally offering a hand as an acquaintance proper. She'd await for Arisa to give her name before smirking temptingly, her own interest peering through all too easily, "If you join us, you'll get to witness Arisa in all her dancing glory."

In the end, Alisa was a selfish woman: She knew Zade's presence would bring out the fullest extent of Ari's dancing skills, and she wanted to see them for herself; even throwing her sisterly friend a playful wink. Of course, speaking casually to a former enemy without a blades inbetween them felt equally refreshing. She doubted they'd grow into best of friends, let alone allies; but she definitely felt interested in understanding one who reputedly fought for the freedom of others, not the rule of a kingdom.

Strength is also Beauty

"With Spring comes renewal..."
- Alisa Vollan

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on Wed May 16, 2018 10:49 am

This man was so cheerful - even out of battle. It made her feel warm and happy to see that even after war - a man of battle can feel satisfied. Arisa's eyes gazed and studied him up and down and then back up as she crossed her arms against her chest. She felt the air turn rather crisp as the area was getting dry. She could feel it on her skin, taste the dryness as it just made her thirsty - it sure wasn't this guy. When it came to height; she was taller than Alisa - most people, but not 'Zade' as he now introduced himself as.

Arisa let go of her own right hand from the crossing arms part to lift up her hand and shrug off - not in that mannerism. ''I am glad that there will be no longer slaves in this Country.'' she started and looked away at first to think. Sure there were different ways in changing rules than killing, but she knew how people can get when they don't want to change for the better good. Her eyes looked back at him and put her arms down against her own side to dangle. 'He's asking for my name?' she wondered and then shook her head mentally. 'It's a normal thing to be wondering about names.' she thought once more. ''Name's Arisa. A pleasure, Zade.'' she responded with her foreign accent that she still has no clue where it's from. ''Shall we go then?~'' she spoke playfully to them both as she twirled once in her kimono and a clap of her hands.


on Thu May 17, 2018 3:32 pm


"That never crossed my mind, a courageous girl like yourself could probably land a job easily in one of the many guilds of the country." Zade said as he lightly patted the girl on her shoulder a few times. He then took his hands off their shoulders and placed them on his hips as he continued to listen to them. "Alisa huh? Nice to meet you. Better late than never, right?" Zade replied with another one of his infamous wide grins. Alisa concluded the conversation with a rather odd but interesting comment about her friend's dancing skills. Zade wanted to ask her what she meant but the other girl brought up something about prior events that touched Zade deeply. "Me too." This time, Zade's reply was not followed by another wide grin. Instead, a calm and sensitive smile could be seen as he said those words. Zade's most earnest feelings could be read at that moment with that brief expression. He quickly collected himself when she told her name and asked him to partake into the festival with them. "I see, Arisa. Your names are quite similar but beautiful in their own way." Zade placed his hands on their shoulders once again and decided to hang around with them. Fortunately, the war in which they all had participated never burdened them with a deepened hatred towards each other. In the end, Zade knew that once most people would hear Arthurias' words explaining what they fought for without being silenced by the fabrications of the previous emperor, they'd be understood to some extent. Now it was time for Zade to try to learn to understand them. "I'd love to accompany you two. Thanks for inviting me, I haven't been in Orchidia before."

#34Alisa Vollan 

on Fri May 18, 2018 4:45 pm


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Yes, her invitation certainly got Zade's attention, though not for the reason Alisa hoped: She'd only gotten it by being cryptic instead of tempting, but in the end it mattered little, she'd fully explain it to him when asked, which she expected might happen soon enough. That was, until Arisa herself spoke up, and the sculptress held her peace. With a faint smile on her lips, she figured it might be best to show him where the two girls' plans would lead them next, instead of actually explainining it.

"My, you flatter me~", answered the sculptress, smiled widening as waved her hand before her. But now that the slaves had been freed, guild mages like Alisa herself had a whole new host of potential clients, those who could now hire help to solve their problems so long as they could afford it, "If anything, we have more clients now than ever before."

Alisa had a problem with a authority. Being bossed around annoyed her like few other things, and she'd seldom feel any sympathy towards any breed of restrictive rule. How the Rune Knights put up with that life was beyond her, with her cynicsm towards the good intention of rulers. Especially those who seize the country by force. But on the other hand, she had yet to find one who could possibly rule and not be even worse than Arthurias. Certainly none who supported his predecessor... For now at least.

"Such a charmer~", she praised, rubbing behind her neck in a humbled fashion, smile widening visibly and revealing the dark haired woman's weakness to praise. Nonetheless, she couldn't help winking in appreciation, throwing a witty little reply along the way, "Though us getting along so well has nothing to do with that, I assure you~"

Nodding at Arisa, the crystal user left it to her best friend to guide them all to the stage she'd soon stand upon, while she took this moment to better know the only one of two warriors who ever pushed her beyond her limits in battle. What did he do to pass the time when not busy battling? Visiting Orchidia's flower festivals wasn't one of those things

"Surely after this festival, you'll consider coming back every year; perhaps more than once a year~?", she asked, raising an eyebrow and a hand over her mouth, and finally letting her arms dangle free as she looked around and took in all the lovely pink hues of blooming cherry blossoms. Breathing in that soothing scent, she thought back to the first time she visited this festival as a child, with her family, "After all, they put a lot of effort in making each year's festival more memorable than the last."

Strength is also Beauty

"With Spring comes renewal..."
- Alisa Vollan

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on Sun May 20, 2018 6:21 pm

Soemthing within her felt all jittery, but another part made her feel quite collected. At this point Arisa was use to her emotions going wild and now had the ability to control them better. Her golden mirrored eyes were set on the man who wore the eye patch - quite the pirate. Zade replied with genuine niceness as he said how pretty their names were which made Arisa nod simply with a small smile. With Alisa's reply about clients, she clapped with a cheerful grin. ''Correct, Alisa.~ So tons of pros over the...'' she started and thought for a moment about how in a way it wasn't great with how many were hurt, killed. ''Over the possibilities that could occur if it never did happen...'' she finished. 'Like me turning into a slave... Who knows... I'm not from here and as far as I know... Most of those slaves were from different Countries.' she thought.

Zade accepted their 'invitation', meaning he was going to watch her dance? He was okay to waste his time with that? Her face blushed a light red, bringing her right hand to her temple to scratch it nervously. ''Are you sure you're okay with just sitting there? We don't have to watch me dance later tonight if you don't want to... I could cancel it and perhaps go else where?'' she spoke nervously, unsure and softly. She gulped and looked away before she spoke as she couldn't look at neither of them. Her head turned to look up back at him and then looked at Alisa. ''Alright, let's go.'' she said after they responded -if they did.

Arisa followed them both as she tried to have fun with what was given. She knew the holy ones were watching as she was never going to give up. In the end though all she could hope was friendship and perhaps a long term harmony.


#36Alisa Vollan 

on Sun Jul 22, 2018 3:19 pm


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Certainly this time together could be better spent discussing something beyond business...? So far, Zade had only been the second member of the former Grimoire Heart who Alisa actually respected, to an extent. Indeed, Alisa too knew the origins of those slaves might have put her at risk due to her mixed heritage, but doubted many hopeful slave owners could actually contain her. Should they have tried, the woman could have bode her time, feigned weakness while plotting to murder them as gruesomely as possible... And this assuming the trader could have managed to strap chains to her wrists... Few in the country should have that ability...

As they pushed aside all thoughts of politics and work, they actually managed to spend quite an enjoyable time, "I'd defenitely recommend it. For all you may have seen of this festival, I guarantee there's even more you haven't~", encouraged the sculptress, smiling as she rested one hand on the shoulder of her suddenly bashful best friend.

Supporting her, like any good sister should. As she predicted, Alisa delighted in watching the ravishing Ari's lovely dance, watching it through the whole way, not even managing to peel her eyes away to look at Zade; despite feeling somewhat curious about his interest in her. When the show ended and they finally parted, she'd have left not knowing whether Ari's affections were reciprocated, but considering her serious relationship with another man, perhaps its good if they weren't.


Strength is also Beauty

"With Spring comes renewal..."
- Alisa Vollan

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