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Preparing for festivities

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#26Alisa Vollan 

on Thu May 03, 2018 10:37 am


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As she looked between Esperia and whatever else she could spot on the horizon, Alisa kept her eyes peeled, just in case they'd once again run into the girl's fiancé, and have no choice but to chase after her hoping they'd catch up before she disappeared once more. After those brief minutes, Alisa now had a decent idea of what the girl looked like - enough to seek her out on her own - but unlike Esperia she'd likely struggle with spotting her from afar, swimming around amidst a larger crowd.

That thought alone brough a hint of anxiety to the outwardly cool sculptress, but it'd take a far bigger crowd before she felt unable to keeping going through all of this.

"Oh? Where are you seeing her...?", she inquired, neck turning left and right as she narrowed her eyes, wondering where she'd missed the somewhat familiar figure. Without any obvious flair in Fia's choice of wardrobe, Alisa just couldn't spot her as easily amidst all this people. Before Alisa could hurry after the little lewdling, Esperia stopped and turned around, instead pointing towards the (thankfully less crowded) festival stalls, "A family reunion huh...? If so, she chose a lovely setting~"

Soon, she'd finally spotted the same figure as Esperia. What kind of girl was she really; behind that tough exterior...? Brimming with curiosity, no way Alisa could push that thought out of her head.

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- Alisa Vollan

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on Thu May 03, 2018 10:47 am

"Mhmm~ Fia has been working really hard to bring her father back to her family. Certain 'complications' forced him away from their side for years." Her shoulders dropped for a moment, and if Alisa had seen her expression she would likely see a shadow of depression cloud her visage, but just as quickly as it appeared, it had disappeared once more. "But after all her hard work he is finally allowed to go home~ So we asked him for his blessing on terms of our marriage and he happily approved!" A cheerful smile emerged onto her lips as she approached the figure, clearly excited to finally be reunited with Fia again.

However, it was during her approach that she started to slow down her walking pace, seemingly moving on the tip of her toes as she tried to sneakily approach her fiance, stealthily drawing closer till she was behind her, deciding to greet her in a manner that was truly typical of the obsidian-haired trickster.

"Fia~" With the same excitable nature of a child on a sugar-rush Esperia bounced toward her lover, arms attempting to wrap around her fiance as she hummed happily. "I thought you would be waiting in the lobby for me~ You kept making us chase you all over the place!"

#28Alisa Vollan 

on Thu May 03, 2018 12:29 pm


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 "Complications hmm...?", hearing this, Alisa simply raised her eyebrow but held her peace. No point poking the girl about her fiancé's family history, not when anybody could tell she'd rather not discuss it, and especially when she'd be meeting the girl herself very soon. But if he managed to give his blessing, whatever serious issues he might have been struggling with (Alisa could only imagine) must have come to an end, or at least come close to, "Well, it seems as if he's thankfully gotten over the worst of them."

No doubt Alisa would find her chance to ask Fia whatever she felt curious about, but she'd most likely not start with her father and whatever happened to him. Even assuming she'd answer (which she probably wouldn't) Alisa had more pressing matters to ask her about, plenty of nifty little details with which to entertain her curiosity. And now, she finally had her chance. With Esperia launching herself into the girl's arms, Alisa actually struggled to get a proper look at her, let alone introduce herself, but her chance came eventually, and with that she took a single step forward:

"So lovely to finally meet you, Fia~", greeted the sculptress, in a classy, elegant fashion; a cool, welcoming smile on her her plush lips. Nonetheless, she couldn't help but narrow her eyes as she cast a brief, impish glance sideways, "Esperia has told me oh so much about you~"

Whether or not Esperia's reaction got a graceful little chuckle out of the tall woman, she'd rest that wine red gaze on Fia quickly enough, offering a hand:

"Alisa Vollan.", she introduced herself, before returning that hand to her right hip as she took a moment to look over her junior's future spouse, her mood and demeanor, not to mention her choice of style. One could learn much about a person simply from this first impression, but only time would tell if those impressions would be on point.

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"With Spring comes renewal..."
- Alisa Vollan

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#29Fiammetta Barone 

on Fri May 04, 2018 5:58 pm

As it turned out, the festival could be a little boring without company.

Following a debriefing and farewell with her (now former) Rune Knight coworkers, Fiammetta Barone had found herself with more time to kill than she'd thought before she could be certain Baldo or Esperia were free again. As such, she'd just been wandering aimlessly around the expansive festival, no particular goal in mind, hoping she'd perhaps bump into her fiance or another friend.

But fortunately, it was Esperia who bumped into her.

That soft calling of her name was unmistakable, and music to Fia's ears. Before she could even reply, that lithe figure was wrapped around her, painting a wide smile on Fia's face. "Hey there, Princess." She uttered simply, before hearing Esperia's lamentations. Maybe she'd got the timing wrong. "Sorry, had some Knight shit to attend to... But that's done now." Fia said with finality, a bit glad to know that her employment with them could now be behind her.

Fia's own arms found themselves returning Esperia's embrace, as the Barone girl gazed lovingly down at her future wife. She hadn't even noticed the other female until her greeting.

Glancing up, Fia's first thought was that she had no idea who the hell this was. "Uh, hi?" Fia muttered in confusion. It soon became clear that she was a friend of Esperia's, but that didn't exactly narrow things down. The raven-trickster was a sociable sort, to say the least.

It wasn't until the name left her lips that Fia knew which of Esperia's allies this was.

"Oh, shit, right! Yeah, Espy's told me 'bout ya before. Yer like her senior or somethin', yeah?" Fia said, her voice tinged by recent realization as she took the hand extended toward her in a firm and calloused grip as she shook it. It was also easier for Fia to meet people who she already shared a common connection with, so she was actually rather curious about this Alisa Vollan.


on Fri May 04, 2018 6:09 pm

"Mhmm~" A cheerful hum escaped Esperia's lips as she nodded her head briefly, nuzzling it against Fia's kimono while replying to her statement in a soft tone. "I'm glad to hear that~ It means I'll have you all for myself now~" A little giggle escaped her lips while she turned her gaze at Alisa. It seemed the first introduction was going positively so far, and obviously the girl couldn't help but smile cheerfully as she explained in an excited tone. "Mhmm~ When Asmodeus' power first awakened she helped me out by figuring out what she was up to, and Ali has helped me a lot with training!"

Of course, she didn't mention it out loud yet what type of training, considering it likely would give the two women too much fuel to tease her about right away. "hehe~ But yes, she is a member of Blue Pegasus." Returning her focus briefly back onto Fia the girl found herself nuzzling against the fabric of her fiance's kimono once more, letting out a content little sigh. "Hehe~ so soft~ Oh!" Seemingly coming to realize something the girl inquired with an excited tone. "How about we talk some more somewhere else? I'm sure there are more pleasant places to hold a conversation than the streets~"

#31Alisa Vollan 

on Fri May 04, 2018 6:53 pm


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That radiant, idyllic scene of romance unfolding before Alisa's eyes filled her with a fuzzy, cozy sense of warmth. Like the flowers that come to bloom in the spring, so did their love blossom into something worth admiring like a natural masterpiece, when the aimless brush strokes of fate paint the prettiest of pictures. For the most part, Fia matched the image Alisa had already built of her: rough and self reliant, with a roguish streak to her. What brought her into the Rune Knight's was anyone's guess, but the sculptress hardly imagined she did so out of a deep seethed sense of justice. Most likely, she'd done so out of loyalty for someone else than her own choice... Perhaps the sculptress might learn the real reason sometime soon, rendering all those assumptions obsolete:

"Indeed", she nodded, that delicate sense of touch taking in every outline of the girl's hand, how much care she put into her skin. But even a vain woman like Alisa had no way of hiding those callused knuckles betraying her as a martial artist, "I'd like to say I taught her much of what she knows, but she has her own merit to thank for most of it~"

Espy took it a step further and explained a bit more of what exactly had Alisa helped her with, and the artist approached her in turn, resting a hand on her junior's shoulder as her smile became an impish smirk, shooting a cursory glance at the pervert inbetween looking at her fiancée:

"Oh, if only you knew all the trials and tribulations she put herself through in your name~", she teased, thinking back to that training in the hot springs, and how amusingly easy it proved to simply knock the girl unconscious without having to cross any boundaries they shouldn't

It wasn't easy, but Esperia had come a long way since she seized Asmodeus' power for the first time, controlling her more indecent urges whenever she saw another girl show a bit more skin than usual. Alisa knew she struggled to get here, and knew she yet had a long way to go... But most of all, she understood the little lewdling went to all that trouble to be faithful to her lover.

Even now, proximity and height difference between them gave her a clear angle into the vast canyon of the taller woman's cleavage, and she had yet to look. No way she'd look right? If she did, her own lover could punish her for once:

"And we've left poor Lumen all alone too~", noted the sculptress, the saddened frown more playful than anything for she knew her partner was safe and didn't really mind being left to her own devices for a couple minutes.

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"With Spring comes renewal..."
- Alisa Vollan

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#32Fiammetta Barone 

on Sat May 05, 2018 9:10 am

Turned out, there was more to Alisa than just being Esperia's guildmate. "Ya helped deal with Asmo?" Fia said almost surprisedly. The woman must certainly have more patience than she to deal with that demon. The Barone lass, in spite of all this time, still wasn't entirely trusting of the demon lord.

The mention of trials and tribulations went straight over Fia's head, though that sly look the woman gave her fiance made the Titan a bit wary. Ah well, it was probably nothing. "Guess I oughta thank ya sometime then. Round o' drinks or some shit." Fia said casually, figuring it was as good a way as any to show gratitude. That, and she'd started building up a knowledge of the best establishments in Fiore, and was keen to show that off.

Already, Esperia was nuzzling against the soft fabric of Fia's kimono again, prompting the corners of the Barone girl's lips to turn up in amusement as she put an arm around her lover, holding her closer. She merely shrugged at the girl's inquiry.

"You 'ave anywhere in mind?" Fia asked in kind, before looking to Alisa to see if she'd an opinion on the matter. The girl muttered something about a 'Lumen', making Fia just a bit curious.

"Huh? There someone else with ya or somethin'?"[/color]


on Sat May 05, 2018 11:27 am

Hearing Alisa's teasing remark Esperia felt her cheeks flush up into a crimson hue, trying her best to conceal her flustered state by hiding her face against Fia's bust. "Mhmm, I've worked really hard to become the perfect princess for Fia~" A sheepish giggle escaped her lips while she looked up at Fia and nodded her head lightly in return. "Mhmm Lumy is at the inn! She is Alisa's companion, a magical being that can shapeshift into a pretty pink-haired girl!"

A soft chuckle followed as she playfully wrapped her arms Fia's own while shifting her body sideways so that she was facing Alisa from Fia's side. "We could pick her up and then go somewhere~ Perhaps we'll get some ice-cream! and then we can take a walk~"

A little nod came from the girl as she gazed from one girl to another, although when her gaze shifted toward Alisa her body tensed for a moment and she swiftly attempted to distract herself by snuggling against Fia's arm, musing softly. "Be careful Fia~ Alisa is a tricky one!" A sheepish giggle followed as she whispered softly. "Don't listen to her when she makes weird suggestions about tying me up as a form of punishment~"

#34Alisa Vollan 

on Sat May 05, 2018 1:20 pm


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"I did. Hardly a troublesome endeavor once you know how to deal with her~", she affirmed, stylishly flipping her long hair behind her. She wasn't sure whether or not she ought feel proud about being the one to deal with the Demon Lord of lust, but feeling confident about her sexuality came naturally to Alisa, and she trusted her ability to keep Asmodeus wrapped around her finger.

Between Fia's casual speech and Espy's ladylike eloquence, Alisa found that contrast thoroughly charming, and enjoyed the two girls' company more and more as time went on:

"What a delightful thought~ I'll take you up on that offer.", and probably sooner rather than later, as when Fia asked for an idea, Alisa nodded back towards her hotel... Towards the same place they'd just exited from. Granted, she proabably wouldn't have otherwise, but she happened to have a cute companion and a nearly full bottle of sake awaiting them. Though they could probably get a new one, "My partner. She's keeping guard on a lovely shaded spot and a full cup of sake."

Her smile turned almost tempting when she looked at the brunette, expectantly, surely she'd appreciate lazing around in the shade with drinks? Esperia offered a good alternative, but one that had the sculptress giggling gracefully at the thought of drunk Espy. An amusing sight for onlookers, but probably not for the girl herself. She was vulnerable to a lot of external influneces apparently:

"Ufufu~ Not my fault you're so very susceptible~", quipped the sculptress, ruffling the younger girl's hair... However, her warning earned her an indignant look from Alisa, who rested both hands on her hips now, "Now, however would you feel displeased with such a splendid idea~...?", she looked truly serious, and the transforming mage was especially easy to fool. But the sculptress laughed it off eventually, turning around on one heel and heading towards the way they came from, "Just joking~"

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"With Spring comes renewal..."
- Alisa Vollan

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#35Fiammetta Barone 

on Tue May 08, 2018 6:57 am

It was rather adorable seeing Esperia so proud of hard she'd worked, declaring her efforts in a childish yet endearing manner. A fair reaction, however, given that Fiammetta was genuinely proud of her lover for taming the demon lord's power, regardless of the help Alisa had provided. On that note, it was looking like that same help would be rewarded sooner rather than later, as Esperia pointed out that the extra person missing from their party was a shape-shifting companion of Alisa's. One with sake on hand.

"Sake, huh? Not usually my style, but I can dig it. We can grab some drinks then head out, how 'bout that?" Fia stated firmly, nodding in agreement with both Esperia and Alisa's plans for spending time at the festival. Though she wasn't particularly interested in getting too heavily intoxicated so soon after another incident, a bit of liquor on her lips would make enjoying the festival that much easier.

As they'd walk along, a sudden clinging from Esperia and an odd little comment about what Alisa might suggest painted a confused look on Fia's face. "C-Come again?" She uttered in bewilderment, though things soon started to click in to place for Fiammetta.

Esperia was, put bluntly, a bit of a pervert. Made sense some of her friends would be too.

Alisa seemed to teasingly brush off the comments, giving Fia a bit of a conflicted reaction. On one hand, it was just a little amusing seeing Esperia be the one teased for a change. On the other, the flirtation with her fiance - whether serious or not - did irk Fia just a little, though she acknowledged it was a foolish little thing. But, she couldn't deny holding Esperia just a bit more closely as they approached the hotel, in order to keep her safe from being tied up by the mysterious sculptress.


on Tue May 08, 2018 8:01 am

Feeling Fia gently pull her a bit more closer the obsidian-haired trickster found her cheeks flush up lightly, a sheepish smile on her lips as she nuzzled against her protective fiance. "Good idea~ Some juice to keep me going would make the trip a lot easier." Esperia declared with a hint of playfulness in her voice, although the teasing remark from her senior made Esperia pout playfully in return. "Nu-uh~ I don't like being restrained! I'm all about enjoying some hands-on experience."

And as if to confirm those words she pulled one of her arms around Fia, her fingers playfully caressing the fabric that covered her lover's hip. "Hehe~ Although being temporarily restrained by you wouldn't be that bad Fia~" The girl hummed softly as she thought out loud. "It could make you lower your guard, and then BAM Attack on Fia's pillows~"

She did remember that one time she had used those cosplay handcuffs to restrain Fia, and one could easily say that it was quite a memorable experience, seeing her fiance squirming so helplessly in her grasp. Already her face was turning red as they reached the garden of the hotel and she looked up at her fiance. "Although what type of drink will Fia have? I'm going for some lemonade~ I'll keep the really fun juice for later." She added with a little mischievous snicker.

#37Alisa Vollan 

on Tue May 08, 2018 9:25 am


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 "For example. Then let us meet up with Lumen, and we'll see where to go afterwards~", smiling and nodding, the three walked mostly side by side, with Alisa obvious indecisive as to whether take in her surroundings or focusing solely on the lovesome couple by her side

Alisa's cool, collected demeanor gave her a perfectly refined control over her baser impulses such as lust, and therein laid the secret for her ability to deal with Asmodeus. Yet this control didn't exist out of shame for her own sexuality; quite the opposite, she had every reason to feel confident about and knew it just as well. If she were to forget those reasons, times like these would promptly remind her, as she now had a new friendly companion with all those unknown reactions yet to show~

"Araa... Don't tell me the though never crossed your mind~?", inquired the sculptress, cupping her cheek, the faintest modicum of curiosity peeking past that playful hint as her eyebrow rose, "...Not even once?"

Unwittingly or otherwise, Esperia wound up helping her, throwing more wood onto the fire, admitting how she herself wouldn't mind if Fia tied her up, even as her fiancée clung tighter to her:

"Oh, in public?", she quipped, chuckling, nonetheless focused mostly on her new acquaintance, "How forward Espy~"

Soon enough Fia might realize on her own how despite their strong friendship, Esperia hardly fit into Alisa's type. Until she did though, she'd definitely enjoy teasing the girl, only an innocent little bit. Motivated purely by equally innocent curiosity of course, just to see how she reacted, what kind of chemistry these two had. What other reason could she possibly have, right?

"I'll share some of my Sake if you'd like. Eastern tradition would have us share a cup in way of bonding~", she'd flash that cool, radiant smile at Fia, tucking a stray lock behind her ear as a faint gust blew it loose, "But, it's whichever you choose really."

Strength is also Beauty

"With Spring comes renewal..."
- Alisa Vollan

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#38Fiammetta Barone 

on Sun May 13, 2018 1:38 am

Much to the Barone girl's satisfaction, they all seemed to be in agreement on how to spend their time together. Though Fia hadn't been the most social girl for much of her life, it was a dance that had become much easier around Esperia and her acquaintances. The mutual connection broke down a lot of the initial barriers that made things awkward for Fia.

And as wary as Fiammetta was of the sexually confident sculptress, there was no denying she was good company. Even if she was just as merciless in her teasing as some of Fia's other traveling companions.

"E-Er, I mean..." Fia stammered out at Alisa's query on whether she'd considered it before, turning her head away and rubbing the back of her neck. "Could be fun, I guess..." She murmured quietly, recalling an incident involving a pair of handcuffs back in Crocus... She still had to get Esperia back for that one.

The black haired trickster also didn't seem to shy away from the idea, painting a salacious grin on Fiammetta's face... Until it was revealed as nothing more than a ploy to grope the Titaness. "Always aimin' fer the pillows..." Fia lamented playfully, smirking at Alisa's tease of the Eisenberg lass. Always good to see someone who could have even Esperia feeling a little flustered.

As they reached the hotel they'd been heading toward, Esperia inquired what Fia's poison of choice would be - with her own little naughty spin, of course. Snickering at her fiance with a tempted look, Fia would receive a recommendation from Alisa that didn't sound too bad at all.

"I'll take ya up on that. My old man's from out East, taste a bit o' his culture. Well, liquor." Fia said heartily, nodding with a friendly grin toward Alisa. Hopefully, this sculptress wasn't as bold as her last drinking partner.


on Sun May 13, 2018 2:18 am

Esperia grinned sheepishly at Alisa's playful quip, shaking her head lightly as she nuzzled further against her fiance, clearly pleased by all the attention. "It's because I love Fia so much that I want the entire world to know~"

The girl exclaimed with an adorable little smile yet hearing Fia's reaction to Alisa's query the girl felt her cheeks flush up lightly, whispering softly. "I guess it's revenge for that time in Crocus hmm? No wonder you kept those handcuffs with you..." Yet as the playful lament came from Fia the girl was quick to correct herself. "It's not just your pillows that I like! but they are super soft and fun to snuggle into so... and... umm..."

Seemingly lost for a proper excuse she smiled at her fiance and declared with a playful smile. "I love every part of Fia! although her pillows are the largest part of her."

A teasing poke of her tongue followed as they discussed the drinks of choice, but hearing Alisa's suggestion the girl chimed in softly. "Oooy ooy~ are you trying to indirectly kiss Fia?"

A hand raised to her chin as she mused softly. "Although, Asmodeus says traditions are important to upkeep, especially if it involves getting Fia tipsy..."

Thinking back to the encounter with the dwarf a salacious grin emerged on her lips as she hummed softly. "Hehe~ I wouldn't mind having you nuzzle up to me again~ A reverse of roles is quite refreshing sometimes~"

#40Alisa Vollan 

on Sun May 13, 2018 5:43 am


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That look spoke volumes... Alisa snickered at the sight, recognizing it anywhere as an acknowledgement that she'd not only thought about it, but propably done it to an extent.

"Had a feeling you'd approve~", she winked knowingly at the girl, but before she could wonder about it further, the ever eager Esperia said it all, and the sulptress narrowed her eyes. Picking up Fia's hesitation to mention that, she couldn't help but narrow her eyes at her, smirking as she teased the girl a bit more, "So Handcuffs are your weapon of choice~? How kinky~"

Seemed like Esperia could grow to like a lot more things, hopefully broadening her horizons so long as Fia alone did the broadening... And the horizoning too. But every time Fia looked to get her confidence back, the little lewdling would be all over her again, unconcerned with how many people looked at them:

"That is a lovely reasoning for exhibitionism, I'll give you that much credit.", nodded Alisa, raising a finger to her chin, as if reaching the exact smae conclusion after a few moments of thought on the matter. Esperia felt far more worring about something more menial, the sharing of sake cups they'd already done before meeting up with the titan mage, "Oh...? We've done that before already, no sense keeping Fia out of the loop."

They had now reached pretty close to the hotel where they started from, but as they did so, Alisa saw something displeasing her. The crowd at the door had gotten bigger now, all but urging her to seek a distraction from this uneasy by chatting with the two lovers:

"I can see what kind of traditions Asmodeus is after... Sounds like something I'd like to hear more about, Fia.", indeed, only one of these traditions held a measure of mystic for Alisa, as the sculptress already knew the Demon Lord's much too well. But first, they needed a place to drink in, one that didn't involve having random people crowding all over their spot. Thus, she turned back and smiled at her friends, offering a better suggestion, "Hmmm... Warm up festival is getting more crowded than I'd like. I'll go grab Lumen and I'll meet you back here. Hopefully we can find a more quiet place to laze around soon."


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"With Spring comes renewal..."
- Alisa Vollan

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#41Fiammetta Barone 

on Tue May 15, 2018 8:14 am

Fia could only groan and mumble in embarrassment at the continued mention of handcuffs, her face reddening at the nonchalant sharing of her, er, intrigues and the memories they brought up. "C'mon, handcuffs ain't that kinky..." Fia lamented, immediately regretting having said that loud in the knowledge of the admission it entailed.

Putting that aside, at least Fia wasn't the only getting teased and flustered, as Esperia scrambled about in a rather endearing way on the topic of Fia's 'pillows'. As Alisa had said, at was quite the excuse for exhibitionism, and Fia couldn't help but smirk at the breast-loving pervert. Even that side of her could become quite cute, it seemed.

As they arrived at the hotel, Esperia seemed to be quite interested in the possibility of getting Fia a bit intoxicated, prompting another blush by the Titaness. She'd only heard from others what she'd been like after that devilish dwarven liquor, and it was more than a little embarassing to her... And such traditions were apparently something she'd have to explain to Alisa, apparently.

"I'd say ya don't wanna know, but I'm kinda guessin' ya do..." Fia mused with a smirk, starting to catch on to the sculptress' particular brand of casual sexuality, only a bit different from Esperia's. Hopefully it'd get to a point where two perverts weren't too much harder to handle than one.

Alisa left for a moment, to go retrieve their drinks and extra company, leaving Esperia clinging to Fia as they awaited her return.

"Ya really do got a lotta interestin' friends, Princess..." Fia observed, smiling down at her lover and pulling her closer. She was glad for her fiance's social nature, for it had brought out a capacity for making friends in Fiammetta herself. Though, she was still nowhere near as well-connected as the dark-haired trickster.


on Fri May 18, 2018 11:56 am

"Mhmm~ handcuffs aren't kinky, it's the things you do AFTER they are used that are an entirely different thing." The girl commented with a little smirk, clearly amused at Fia's reaction toward the mentioning of the handcuffs. However, in the wake of the conversation, Alisa seemingly gave her credit for the lovely choice of a reason for... exhibitionism?! Her cheeks flushing up a scarlet hue again she couldn't help but recall a certain trip to the hot springs, but the mentioning of drinks afterward did an easy job at getting her even more flustered, making the girl mutter in protest.

"I was just accepting that cup out of politeness, not because I wanted to indirectly smooch you! If there is anyone I want to smooch its Fia!" She quickly corrected herself, like making a safe during a tricky baseball match.

"See you soon Ali~"

However, as she was gently pulled closer to her fiance Esperia smiled sheepishly at her lover's words, nodding her head in agreement. "Interesting is one way to call her~" Esperia mused happily, yet taking the opportunity she leaned a bit closer to give her lover a peck on the cheek as she hummed happily. "But you're even more interesting~"

Now to figure out if Alisa already found Lumen.

(to be continued later)

#43Fiammetta Barone 

on Thu May 24, 2018 4:59 am

Fia smirked at Esperia’s hurried clarification on who exactly it was she wanted to kiss, her cheeks flushing slightly at her adorable lover’s insistence on who it was she actually wanted to smooch. It never failed to tickle Fia, how easily flustered her perverted partner could be.

Once Alisa made her departure, the two were left alone for a little tender time together, with Fia musing on the intriguing and interesting senior that Alisa had. Esperia mused that interesting was but one word for it, with Fiammetta huffing in amusement. ”Yeah, guess I coulda called her perverted as hell too... She murmured as her girlfriend shuffled closer to her, blessing the Titaness with a pressing of lips against her cheek. Fia smiled happily as Esperia told her that she was even more interesting. Fia raised her hand to Esperia’s head, nuzzling her against the Titaness. ”Likewise, princess” She uttered softly.

Now, it was just time to await Alisa’s return, hopefully with booze on hand. Fia was quite looking forward to sharing drinks with her girlfriend’s senior, and hopefully with her girlfriend too. Given the Barone girl’s last experience with alcohol, she hoped this time that she wasn’t the only one enjoying it this time. And definitely not to the same degree as the last occasion...

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