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Hasty Spring! [Keryth & Zyra]

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Hasty Spring! [Keryth & Zyra] Empty on Mon Apr 30, 2018 2:54 pm

Zyra Elroth
The journey had truly been exhausting. Zyra pretty much went into a sort of trance and in an auto-pilot mode the young elf showered, put on her fine nightgown and rolled into bed. She'd only wake up the next evening, flustered with herself for wasting the entire day. As usual, she'd carefully groom herself and put on her airy flowing dresses, to embrace the beauty of spring.

First order of business was to get something to eat. The girl was starving. Having skipped meals on their way and almost crashing for more than eighteen hours, she felt like she would die if she didn't find something to eat. There was no time to go attempt waking up Keryth and forcing him to come out with her. All the lavender-haired elf needed to do was explore and find a nice stall for some fast food. It didn't have to be fancy, that could wait, for now, she just needed a quick-fix method to satiate herself. Her arms wrapped themselves around her slender waist as she headed out of her room and into the small clearing outside the shack that had been set up for travelers like her.

The festival was held far away from the main town. In the clearing between the wild trees, stood various little shops and stalls. A sense of wonder guided the girl as she scuttled along to find a meal she'd like. Zyra found herself in a cue for a special salad made of rare edible blooms. Despite the simplicity of the dish, it was rare and fancy, simply because there were only certain times of the year that the flowers would all grow together...

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Hasty Spring! [Keryth & Zyra] Empty on Mon Apr 30, 2018 2:55 pm

Keryth Torvan
That rushed travel took its toll. Keryth entire body ached; from head to toe. He almost slept for an entire twenty hours like a log after reaching the town. Any thieving and mischief had to wait until much later and he wouldn’t budge even if Zyra had an elephant trumpet in his ears. When he did finally wake up, however, he didn’t find his partner in crime at the hotel room they rented. She usually didn’t leave his side; they had had this conversation before. It would be really bad if he lost her again. Especially because the town was now particularly crowded and was infested with those pesky Rune Knights. What if the elves went ahead and complained to these idiot cops and they were looking for Zyra?

The realization woke him up real fast, and he got dressed up, ready to leave the hotel in search of the elven princess. As he ran down the corridor, towards the exit, he noticed something. He was terribly hungry, and he knew Zyra would have been too. The girl was royalty and wasn’t used to hunger. He wouldn’t be surprised if that was what forced her to leave him. The dark-haired elf ran down to the restaurant within the hotel, but that was unfortunately closed as it was still too early in the evening. Now, that made things a lot more complicated. Sighing heavily, he walked out the building, looking for the next closest place that sold food.

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Hasty Spring! [Keryth & Zyra] Empty on Sun May 27, 2018 7:24 am

Zyra Elroth
Finally, it was her turn at the stall. She noticed the tiny containers wedged into the wood that held the eclectic flowers that could be mixed in various proportions for the exotic salad. Beside the flower petals, were the fruits that were used as the base of the salad and then finally an array of nectars, different kind of honey and other sweet and sour sauces to accentuate the explosion of flavors. Zyra looked at it all in wonder, placing her hands on the counter and arching herself over it to scan all the possibilities. 'Will ya hurry up knife ears? You gotta a cue behind ya, ya know?' the salad maker and presumably stall owner spoke rather curtly.

Safe to say this instantly caused a huge dip in Zyra's mood and honestly only served to make matters worse for the poor overworked man. 'Knife ears! KNIFE EARS?!' Zyra yelled, for some reason finding the term very derogatory. Did this man have a problem with elves or something? This was racism, there could be a war over this. she thought, in a rather naive manner. 'Do you know who you're talking to mister?' she asked, almost out of some sort of habit, she wasn't used to anyone talking to her this way. She narrowed her eyes and her fingers dug into her hips.

'Oh who would that be?' the man replied snarkily. This was not boding well, she had been really keen on trying the salad, but not at the cost of her pride being injured this way. She opened her mouth and was just about to introduce herself. The commotion hopefully served as an attraction for her partner, otherwise, if she managed to complete her savvy intro, the two could be in a lot of trouble.

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Keryth Torvan
It was rather difficult to distinguish the stalls at the festival. There really wasn’t much difference between those that sold bouquets and the ones that sold food. They all carried the damn colourful flowery theme of the event. Frowning in annoyance, he jerked his head from one direction to another constantly, trying to look for the lavender-haired elf.

Keryth wouldn’t have found her had he not heard the familiar shrill voice that yelled ‘knife ears’. The dark-haired elf rolled his eyes and immediately jogged towards the flower salad stall. And just as he expected, he found Zyra there arguing with the owner. He knew he had to step in when he heard her ask the question that typically ended with her declaring her status as a princess. His eyes widened in shock and he darted through the crowd towards the elven girl, ignoring the complaints from the rest of the queue.

“Hey! What do you think you are doing? You can’t just cut the line. Damn elves,” the stall owner bellowed, now turning his attention towards Keryth. The thief couldn’t care less about the opinion this human for his race; all he wanted to do was get Zyra out of there as soon as possible before things got out of hand. “My lady! This is no place for someone like you. It’s best we leave,” he said, catching her hand and urging her to follow him out and away.

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Zyra Elroth
'Yeah! Yeah, you're right.' she said, not sweetly or apologetically but with supreme arrogance and a lot of grumpiness. She hadn't even recognized yet that she was about to sell herself and her trustee friend out, simply because of the habitual pride. Of course, she wasn't done with just that, she had to have the last word. 'They're not worthy of me, not even of knowing my name.' she announced haughtily as she turned away and allowed Keryth to steer her from the crowd and the human she believed to be a nasty piece of work. Ever so often she'd turn around and narrow her eyes at the man who waved his hands towards her, encouraging her to get going already.

Once they were far away from the stall she pouted. 'I do want that though! I want that particular salad.' she said as she sat herself down on the stump of a tree someone had cut to make this clearing. The intent was to use it as a stool no doubt, because it had been sandpapered, which was very lucky for Zyra otherwise her light silk dress would get caught and probably tear. 'We must find another stall that sells the same thing, or something even better!' she said folding her arms and looking away, now burdening Keryth, like it was his job to shoulder the responsibility of Zyra's wishes. While she tasked the dark-haired elf to look for another place to eat, she began scheming of ways to make this human pay for his mistake... He'd definitely have to brave through a mean prank now.

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Hasty Spring! [Keryth & Zyra] Empty on Sun Oct 14, 2018 1:03 pm

Keryth Torvan
Keryth knew very well what was coming as he watched Zyra sit on the stump with her typical adamant expression. As much as he found it to be bothersome, he couldn’t help but admit that she was also extremely cute when she threw a tantrum like this. The thief knelt beside his princess and listened patiently as she declared her wishes. Even as he was still working out whether he should oblige with her requests, his brain was already planning the prankful way to get her what she wanted. He watched a small roach skirt its way around the stump Zyra was sitting on. Keryth knew if the princess saw the roach, she would freak out. So, he casually put his right palm over the insect and held her hand with his other to distract her. “My princess gets what she wants. You stay right here. I’ll be back with the salad you want,” he said, smiling.

Closing his fist around the insect, he swiftly got onto his feet and walked back towards the salad stall where he found Zyra. This time, however, he was careful to not attract any attention from those in the queue or the shopkeeper. Instead, he innocuously walked towards those who had already got the salad and was enjoying it. It was now time to pick the right target. Keryth noticed that one of the customers was a Rune Knight. Perfect! The thief walked close to the Rune Knight and bumped into him softly, immediately apologizing after, acting like it was an accident. “Oh! So sorry,” he said, as he rushed out. “Hey! Watch where you are going,” the Rune Knight yelled, looking up. Unknowing to the cop, Keryth dropped the insect he caught previously into the Knight’s salad bowl before he hurried into the crowd to escape his vicinity.

When the Knight finally gave up on spotting Keryth, he went back to his meal. Looking down, he saw the roach in his bowl and yelled even more louder, this time at the shopkeeper, assuming it was his fault. “You! Is this part of your recipe?” he asked, shoving the bowl at the shopkeeper and holding him up by his collar. By now, the entire crowd had realized what the commotion was about and more than half the crowd left, while the other half remained to curse the scold the shopkeeper for his carelessness. One thing was certain; the man just lost his license to sell anything edible within the festival. Keryth stood at the edge of the commotion and enjoyed his handiwork.

Once the Rune Knight took the shopkeeper away, Keryth walked to the stall, picked up a bowl of perfectly good salad and brought it back to Zyra. “There you go!” he said, handing the bowl to her with a smile. “Now, let’s get back to the room, shall we?” he asked, politely stepping aside to let her take the lead.


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