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Only Time [Bianca][Festival]

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Only Time [Bianca][Festival] Empty on Mon Apr 30, 2018 10:47 am

Leyaria Venerak


The Struggling Demon

Time had seemed to fly by, it feeling as though it had not even been so much as a day earlier that the two of them had been in Magnolia, having reunited again with Bianca, the one woman who perhaps more than anything, Leyaria had hoped to seek out and reach before the demonic taint within her inevitably claimed her life. Though she hoped that the symptoms would not show, she worried that as time went, they would be unmistakable, such that even Bianca would be able to identify them. At the same time too, so much had changed that Leyaria even struggled to wrap her head around it.

Had things changed so drastically since the last time they had met?

Leyaria was hardly the same as she once was, while perhaps not as broken on the inside as she once was, there was a level of guilt that remained inside of her for what she had done to Bianca. Though, it may have been secondary to her more physical change, the literal change to her body, her hair having been the memorable and recognizable blue with the lone green strand to that of a pale, almost ghostly white. Though, maybe that would not be too great of a shocker for Bianca to wrap her head around. After all, Bianca had seemed to have changed drastically as well, her appearance looking nothing like that of what Leyaria recalled. It had been such a change that at first, Leyaria had never even considered that it may have been her, but with how much had changed with her, it was impossible not to believe the same was not possible for others.

Those concerns, the questions, they persisted within her mind, as did the reason for why she wanted to see Bianca in the first place. The letters. Her epilogue as she came to more view them. They stood as her confessions to the woman, a hope that should anything have happened to her before meeting with Bianca again, that at least she would be able to know how she truly felt. Though their chance encounter, greater than anything she would have initially expected to have been, seemed like it no longer made it necessary, she still felt it important to give them to Bianca, before anything further afflicted her.

But that would be for another time. Now they were in Orchidia, within the festival that Leyaria could not have imagined, either in scope or how it seemed to wholly dominate Fiore seemingly. She was always a fan in the past as far as festivals went, going back to when she was growing up in Hargeon Town. In that city alone, she always had a blast there, regardless of how large they were, and this one, it dwarved anything which she could remember from her childhood.

To be honest, she was a bit overwhelmed.

While she did attend the festival with Bianca, she wasn't sure as to what to do first, where to go or anything. To be honest, she had not even envisioned going here initially, but now having arrived - and with Bianca at her side - she was so thrilled to be there. But more, it was the excitement of which the woman beside her conveyed that more than anything else excited her. Bianca was clearly excited for this, and Leyaria, for whatever reservations and worries she may have had as far as the festival went and what would follow later on, she was willing to put those concerns aside. Right now, she was determined to ensure that the two of them enjoyed themselves.

For all that had happened to the two of them, for all which had taken place in the time since they had last met, she was determined to see that these would be the memories they could look back upon.

She looked around, unsure of just what to do first. Instead, she turned her head towards her dear friend, a smile upon her face. "Well Bianca, what shall we do first?"

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Only Time [Bianca][Festival] Empty on Wed May 02, 2018 2:55 am

Bianca Fleur
The duo took no time to rest upon arriving in Orchidia Town. After finding a place to stay, Joan took Leyaria out into town to purchase suitable outfits for them to wear to the festival. If you knew Joan and saw her now, it was like seeing a completely new person, you wouldn’t recognize her. The reason for this was Leyaria’s presence. She brought out a different side to the vampyress, one that was happy and hopeful and affectionate.

Before they left for the festival, of course they prepared for it together. Joan helped Ley do her makeup after doing her own makeup, and even applied some blush on Geth’s tiny blue cheeks without consent from the little creature, giggling afterwards. Once they were done, they headed to the location of the festival. To tell the truth, Joan had not expected Orchidia to hold a festival of this scale. It was that small town that wasn’t really popular. The only thing that it was known for was the Lamia Scale guild, pretty much.

As they arrived on festival grounds, Joan took a moment to take in everything that was happening. The cheerfulness that floated around the venue reflected Joan’s current mood. She dragged Leyaria along with her since she had her hand latched onto Ley’s arm. “I don’t know, there’s so much to do!” replied Joan. There really was a lot to do and she couldn’t really decide on what to do first. “Let’s get something to eat? I’m kind of hungry,” she said, pointing at a food stall while tugging at Ley’s arm.

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Only Time [Bianca][Festival] Empty on Wed May 02, 2018 10:26 am

Leyaria Venerak


The Struggling Demon

While the festival seemed rather large at first, it was upon looking further, realizing that the length of the artifical alleyways extended far further down, with no shortage of alternative paths in which one could have traveled, it began to dawn on Leyaria just how much grander in scope this festival was to what she figured it would have been. Merchants lined up stall upon stall, bartering goods from throughout Fiore and areas beyond. Numerous chefs and artisan cooks, all of whom had their own signature dish or sought to produce one and have it become a household name set up shop in Orchidia, the vibrant aromas of hot, fresh food filling the air to the point of intoxication. It was wholly believable that someone could have been consumed by everything going on. Dazzling new trinkets being dangle about in front of someone while the sound of comrodery filled the air and the smells of a grand feast overwhelming a person's sense of scent and taste.

Some might have equated it to a moment of bliss.

To some degree, Leyaria would be inclined to agree, though she was also a bit overwhelmed. Most of what she had heard of this festival outside of what Bianca had conveyed to her on the way from Magnolia were some whispers and a bit of excitement from the people there. But none of it gave her any reason to believe that it would have been to this scope, neither the one of first appearance, and certainly nothing that may have compared to just how large it actually was. Had she known, even perhaps a fraction of just what this thing would be like, she would have made a far more conscious attempt to act amongst the more engaged. Perhaps it was a miracle then that she had been travelling with Bianca, as it was highly unlikely that Leyaria could have been able to put together an outfit and appearance as well as her dear friend had managed to.

Leyaria had only managed to catch glances of herself at points throughout their leading to the festival to now, and she had to credit Bianca. She certainly did have good taste, and for a moment upon seeing herself, Leyaria felt like a completely new person. She only wished that that could have carried over further. But that was for later that she would give it more credence and thought. Not right now though. Rather, food was the main thing upon her's and likely Bianca's mind. It was hard not to be given the scent of everything around them.

Feeling a slight tug on her arm, Leyaria found herself being dragged towards one of the stalls by Bianca, there being an interesting scent of roasted meats mixed with a medley of flavors, making it nearly irresistible. She might not have considered getting one herself at first, but she had to give Bianca credit where it was due. These looked damn good. "Please, allow me," Leyaria insisted, pulling out several jewels and trading them to the merchant in favor of two of the dishes, first to Bianca and then one for herself. "Listen, Bianca, there's something..." Her words began, but very quickly trailed off, realizing the mistake she was making.

Taking a quick bite in hopes to recover, Leyaria's eyes widened at the realization of just how good it was. "Oh wow..." She was genuinely left speechless, surprised at just how good it actually was. Granted, it did smell good, but often times smells were deceiving. This though, it was every bit as good as it smelled, and Leyaria had to credit Bianca for it. "This was a good find! You like it?"

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Only Time [Bianca][Festival] Empty on Fri May 04, 2018 1:22 pm

Bianca Fleur
The two of them ended up eating at the stall that Joan was pointing at. It seemed Leyaria couldn’t resist the alluring scent of what was being sold there as well. Of course, how could she? After traveling all the way from Magnolia Town and coming straight to the festival without even getting some rest, the two of them were bound for hunger. Joan, being a creature of night, suffered less from fatigue. However, she had yet to find out that Leyaria was also one. After taking a seat next and making her order, she giggled, jet-black tresses jumping wildly around her as she her attention flitted around uncontrollably.

Joan was brought back to reality when she noticed from the corner of her eyes that Ley was paying for her order. Although the vampyress wanted to be the one treating Ley, she allowed this since she didn’t want to appear rude and unappreciative. “Thanks Ley,” she said with a wide grin on her face. Joan had already begun stuffing her face with the delicious food when she heard Ley say something, but was cut off for some reason. She heard it, but since Ley didn’t continue, Joan decided to just let it go and ask her at a different time.

“I’m loving it!” said Joan, though it was kind of hard to understand what she said with a mouthful of food, but she was pretty sure Ley could understand just by seeing the expression on her face. The vampyress finished her food quickly, prompting her companion to do so as well since there was a lot to do at the festival.

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Only Time [Bianca][Festival] Empty on Fri May 04, 2018 5:12 pm

Leyaria Venerak


The Struggling Demon

She was enjoying herself, that was no doubt. Though Leyaria might have had some reservations about attending the festival, namely that her appearance here was neither one that she anticipated or particularly had any say in, she quickly put those to rest. After all, the circumstances of her arriving were much to her delight, a personal request of Bianca, who in her own appearance caused a great cloud of worry to lift from Leyaria's shoulders. And to be honest, there always stood the chance that she would have attended the festival after she had arrived and made an effort to find Bianca in Oak Town. Though, much of that was also reliant on that she were to find out about the festival whilst there or while in Magnolia. Up until Bianca had mentioned it to her, never had Leyaria even heard of the Flower Festival, nor of the scale and magnitude of attraction that it had managed to generate in seemingly no time at all.

It honestly left Leyaria a bit like a sheep among wolves, not sure of just what to do. Had it not been for her friend, who evidently had a far greater understanding and more of an idea of what to expect from here, Leyaria might have found herself a bit frightened, just at how she could have been left so vulnerable and oblivous to what was going on. Even just looking around at the various stalls, it left her in awe at how well structured everything seemed to have been. She thought back to her time growing up in Hargeon Town, with the festivals and events that would be held there. Leyaria had thought that those were the most incredible things in the world, how everyone could just enjoy themselves, especially her. Now, as she sat alongside Bianca enjoying the delicious food before them, she could not help but feel a bit disappointed; had things been different, had she not been corrupted by this demonic taint, she may have been able to have a far more enjoyable time.

But for Bianca's sake, she was determined to enjoy it as much as she could. Looking back to Bianca, she was surprised to see that she had pretty much eaten her meal in what must have been a single bite. This brought a large smile upon Leyaria's face. "I guess so!" She quickly glanced down at her own meal, still more than half of it remaining. "You want some of mine? I... I'm honestly not sure I could finish it all," she partially lied. She was certainly hungry, but in recent days, it had been harder and harder for her to really eat, more attributed to a bit of depression than anything else. Likely, she could have finished this, but there was no telling if it would upset her stomach later, and given how fast Bianca had devoured her's, it was a safe bet that she might have been still hungry for more.

The stall that they had just ordered from was quickly filled with people, all hoping now to have gotten the same thing that they had, which more than anything else left Leyaria surprised. No doubt that there were some people who were just looking around, grabbing the first thing that came into focus or where they might have gravitated towards, similar to how they had. But there may have also been people knew what might have been around here, whether it was food, drink, or entertainment, which presented a unique problem that Leyaria couldn't really answer to. What to do next? Some thoughts crossed within her head, but this was not the time or place for them.

"So Bianca, I gotta be honest with you. All of this, I'm in the dark as to it all," she said, her imagination and suspicions of what might be going on here far outweighing what she could tell was actually to do. "There anything in particular you wanna see or do? For tonight, whatever you'd like, I'd be happy to oblige!"

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Only Time [Bianca][Festival] Empty on Sun May 06, 2018 1:20 pm

Bianca Fleur
Ley offered her food to the vampyress, saying that she wasn’t sure if she could finish it all on her own. Joan tilted her head, giving Ley a look of disbelief. A woman of her build not being able to finish a meal of this proportion? She couldn’t believe it, but she simply smiled and took her food. “You’re lucky I have five stomachs, otherwise you would’ve wasted some good food!” she said with a laugh and finished it quickly so that they could go on and have fun.

After leaving the food stall, Joan linked arms with Ley and dragged her around the festival. She decided that they play games now. She wanted to win some prizes for Ley. Looking for a game stall that had the shortest queue, Joan caught sight of what looked like a Ferris wheel. This was about the same moment Ley was talking about how she wasn’t familiar with these kinds of events, and that she didn’t mind doing whatever Joan wanted to do.

Pointing at her discovery with her free hand, the vampyress turned to face her friend. “I didn’t know they were going to have that here!” she exclaimed. Joan was the kid who went on the Ferris wheel alone countless times when she was younger, because she liked the thrill of it. Of course the Ferris wheels she had been on were smaller in comparison to the one she was seeing right now.

Joan made sure that Leyaria was holding onto her as they made their way to the Ferris wheel. Since there was a lot of people at the festival, she didn’t want to lose Ley. Once they got there, she bought tickets for the both of them. Holding tightly onto the tickets, she brought Ley to the queue that was kind of long, but for a Ferris wheel ride, Joan had the patience, and hopefully Ley did too. “I wonder what the view is gonna be like at the top,” she giggled.

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Only Time [Bianca][Festival] Empty on Mon May 07, 2018 1:49 pm

Leyaria Venerak


The Struggling Demon

To see Bianca enjoying herself as much as she was, it brought a smile on Leyaria's face. If she were to have her life taken away here, she was glad that she at least had a chance to make her last encounter Bianca one that the two of them could remember. She tensed her muscles slightly as the ripple of pain rushed through her again. It had only begun a little bit earlier, back right at the beginning when she had been eating. She knew what it had been, but she didn't want to say. Now was not the time, but from what she could tell, there wasn't much time left.

Walking in stride with Bianca, it seemed to have made all the difference. Leyaria wasn't feeling the pain, it having seemingly stopped while her own heart raced. This was the ideallic fantasy that she had come to wish for herself, what she imagined way back when she was a child in Hargeon, of being able to enjoy herself knowing that her best friend, her sister - or in this case, Bianca - was there with her to enjoy it. Holding back tears, Leyaria took towards what Bianca was pointing at, a large Ferris wheel, far greater than any that Leyaria had ever seen in her time. She shared Bianca's enthusiasm about going on it for a ride, though as they proceeded towards it again, the pain rushed back through her body, causing her to almost let out a small cry. But she fought through it, determined not to allow Bianca to see her like this.

Not like this.

The line was long to get on the Ferris wheel. From where they had originally seen it, it seemed much closer, though as they moved through the crowds, it became apparent what they were really looking was a very, very large Ferris wheel that was quite a distance away. Even on line just beneath it, it seemingly towered over anything and everything that was in eyeline of the Festival. While standing, Leyaria caught glimpses of Bianca, eagerly awaiting a chance to get on the ride, though with each ripple of pain that rushed through her, Leyaria found herself clenching and tightening her body as though to minimize the impact it was taking. It was getting worse and worse with each time it came about, to the point where Leyaria truly wondered just how much she could have endured.

It unfortunately meant as well that time was no longer a luxury that she had. She had hoped to have made this day one that Bianca would have forever loved, a chance for them to have even just a single day together as friends, as the sister Leyaria wished that she could have had. Reaching into the small satchel that she carried with her, Leyaria took out the two envelopes that had the 'B' written on them. She held them tightly for a moment, wondering when best to have her look at them. Hearing the sound of the people on the Ferris wheel, she realized the perfect time. Tapping Bianca on the shoulder, she handed both of the letters to Bianca, "I want you to read these. Please. But not until after we've been at the top," she pointed to the Ferris wheel, indicating at what point she should have a chance to look at them. Leyaria hoped that Bianca would understand.

As their turn came to be, Leyaria stepped away from Bianca for just a brief second to issue a request to the man operating the ride, to which he made a small nod as to not be too obvious. Leyaria smiled and nodded her head in appreciation and returned to Bianca, taking a seat right beside her. She waited with anticipation as the Ferris wheel carried the two of them up, more and more of the Festival Grounds being visible with every inclining motion the wheel made. The Grounds, though Leyaria knew to be expansive, were far greater than even what she could have dreamed it. The amount of land that it was occupying, it may as well have been its own city outside of Orchidia rather than an extension of it.

Then the ferris wheel stopped with them at the top. Just as Leyaria had asked to.

From there, seemingly everything in miles were viable. The Festival, Orchidia, the lands that extended far beyond that, it was though the two of them, Leyaria and Bianca, were sitting a top of the world. And to grace them as well, there was the sun, fleeing behind the mountains giving the two of them a truly memorable sight in the eve of a sunset coming down upon them. In all of her days, she could not have imagined a more beautiful image than this, in a scenario that seemed more akin to a fantasy than actual real life. That it was happening, she could not believe it.

"Bianca..." She began, her eyes beginning to tear up as the setting and her feelings right now found themselves manifesting within Leyaria. "Thank you. To have met you again, to be here next to you looking at something like... I'm just glad our last time together, I'm glad I could take part in something as beautiful as this with you."

She turned towards Bianca, pulling her in to a tight hug, her emotions extending the hug for as long as she was possibly able, the tears now beginning to fall down her cheeks. Not releasing her grip, she adjusted her head just enough such that she could have easily whispered into Bianca's ear. "I love you Bianca. I just want you to know that."

Leyaria did not know Bianca would react to that, but she felt that she had to tell her. Here. Now. She knew that the closest thing she had to a sister might not have understood just what Leyaria was hinting at, but at least she would have a chance to know Leyaria's true feelings. She hoped that maybe the letters would one day provide a bit of a better explanation than she.

First Letter's Contents:


"I had wished that I could have seen you in person, to come to Oak Town like you asked to see you again. But I can't. Something happened to me, Bianca, and I don't know what it is or how to deal with it. I'm scared. I feel trapped, like I'm locked in a room. No doors. No way out and nothing but a faint lantern saving me from the blindness of it all. And it's like every day, every day the light is dimming more and more."

"Even as I try my absolute hardest, the darkness doesn't stop becoming more and more. I sometimes think that Oak is exactly where I need to be. Maybe... Maybe if I were there, at least knowing I was with you, maybe I wouldn't be as scared. Maybe I'm just crazy. That's possible. I think back to the last time we met, maybe this is my punishment for putting you through such pain. Maybe I'm meant to suffer alone."

"Bianca, I hope that the last time we met isn't the last. I owe you more than perhaps I could ever hope to convey to you. You've given me something that I hadn't felt for what seems like years. Love. I had forgotten what the feeling was like. Please, when we do eventually meet, I hope to see you smile, to be able to hold you like a sister, to show me, even for a faintest second, even if a lie, the compassion you had always shown towards me."

"I hope this letter reaches you. I long to hear from you. To see you again, the closest thing to a sister that remains."

"With My Love, Leyaria"

Second Letter's Contents:


"I had hoped... I had hoped that after meeting you, that I was being given a second chance. A chance to make up for my failings with my sister. I wasted what time I had with her, only to only now appreciate just what she meant to me. I wish I had seen that with you."

"I hoped to have made you happy, to make you proud. I longed that you would have loved me like a sister, like how I loved you. It brings me to tears knowing that to continue hoping that is wrong. For as much as I hope, as much as I may pray or beg whatever sort of God there may be, I could never amount to filling that special place in your heart like you've filled in mine."

"I ask myself, how much time do I have left? How much before I die and the corruption destroys what's left of my body, or perhaps when my mind becomes an empty slate. When the love I hold for you is nothing more than a fragment, like a beautiful piece of jewelry reduced to nothing more than a frail rock. Perhaps... Perhaps that is why I now know I could never again see you. To know a time may come where I may look upon your face and not know what I'm looking at, or know why I should care, I think that terrifies me more than anything else."

"All I can do is hope that you get this letter, and that you do not hate me for what I have written. You deserve better than to see my own destruction with your eyes."

"I ask two things of you. First, that you know that I truly do love you. And second, that should my time come before this letter reach you, it would be only to ensure that I do not lose the memories, the love in which you instill in me."

"With You in My Heart, Leyaria"

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Only Time [Bianca][Festival] Empty on Mon May 07, 2018 9:06 pm

Bianca Fleur
Although the queue was long, it was their turn in a matter of minutes, and with every second that passed, Joan grew more and more excited for the ride. Of course she wasn’t prepared for what was about to happen. When Leyaria tapped on her shoulder, the vampyress turned to face her, saying, “Hm?” She then looked down at the letters she was being handed, then raised her eyes to meet Ley’s. She wasn’t sure what this was about, taking the letters into her own hands. Ley wanted her to read them, but only when they reached the top of the wheel. This caused her to grow even more curious about what was written in the letters, but she suppressed the urge and nodded, not sure of what she was supposed to feel at that moment.

When it was their turn to get on the wheel, Joan was too exhilarated to notice Ley speak to the man who operated the ride. She giggled as she took her seat opposite to Ley’s, forgetting for just a while about the letters. Once the wheel started to move, Joan was grinning from ear to ear as she looked around. It took a while for them to arrive at the very top since this Ferris wheel was quite a big one – the biggest Joan had ever been on anyway. The view from their current position was breathtaking to say the least, and Joan was so glad she got to share this moment with Leyaria. That was when she noticed that they had stopped and remembered about the letters which she unfolded and began reading.

Her eyes glided over the words quickly and with every sentence, her chest felt heavier and heavier, as if something was breaking slowly inside her body. She felt a million emotions all at the same time, and her heart couldn’t handle it. She felt the guilt and the regret. She wasn’t there when Leyaria needed her, when Leyaria was there for her at her darkest time. And then she felt the love. To think that anyone could love her. It was impossible. Even though it was evident how much she cared for Leyaria, she couldn’t understand that either, until now.

Leyaria spoke as Joan read the letters, tears streaming down her cheeks as she did so. The vampyress had never felt so much, it felt suffocating. This was unlike the time Vance left her. She felt broken, but it was different and much more intense this time. Her vision was slightly blurred by the tears that were welling up in her eyes. At this moment, Leyaria expressed her love for Joan, and it took everything in the vampyress to keep it together, but only for a few moments longer, after which she would fall apart and melt into Ley’s arms. She tightened her grip onto the letters as she held Ley closely, attempting to speak even though it was hard.

“I’m here now,” she managed in between sobs. “I’m here…” Joan didn’t know what to say, to properly convey her feelings to Ley. “I…I love you, too, Leyaria,” she said finally, then continued to cry into Ley’s shoulder as the sun dipped behind the horizon and darkness enveloped the town.

[ END ]

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Leyaria Venerak


The Struggling Demon

Leyaria clenched her arms around Bianca, for in this moment, no matter what would happen beyond now, whether or not they would last forever, it was all that she wanted. Her life had devolved into nothing, little more than a progressive and steady decline into nothing, but this, as Leyaria reflected upon it, upon everything, it made her life, the mistakes, the pain she had endured, to have come to this, she would not have turned it down if it had meant erasing this.

She knew her fate. She knew what was to happen next. But until that happened, the only thing she cared about was Bianca. As the sun set in the distance, Leyaria found herself crying alongside Bianca. It was a bittersweet pill to swallow, for the two women to be together, only for fate to tear them apart.

But Leyaria had proven herself to be a fighter. She lived on for Bianca's sake. She survived for love.

And Bianca? If there were anyone who Leyaria had faith and trust in to live on for the both of them, it would be her.

It broke her, to know that in what would follow this moment would be little more than a memory and a lifetime's worth of heartache. Though at the same time, to provide even the slightest moment of happiness to Bianca, to give to Bianca the love and affection that Leyaria had adorn towards her, Leyaria would have been willing to suffer the agony of this corruption time and time again.

If it meant being able to experience the beauty of this moment even just one more time with Bianca, Leyaria would have done anything.

For the moment though, she just focused on the woman sitting next to her.

The woman she loved.


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