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Pledge your loyalty once more [Festival/Baron]

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on Sun Apr 29, 2018 9:49 pm

Although they had only recently arrived within Orchidia, the festivities had left Esperia in quite a pleasant mood. However, there was no doubt that this was likely caused due to the company of her lover Fia. Ever since the reunion between Fia and her father she felt that her fiance had truly blossomed, the happiness in the young woman's face and the liveliness she radiated like an aura clearly warming the young Eisenberg's heart. However, she had given Fia a little bit of time to catch up with her father, in the end, she and Baldo had plenty to catch up with.

And so the kimono-clad lass wandered along the various vendor stalls in the companionship of her butler, humming a soft melody. It was clear that the festival was a period of celebration, and the lush scenery and the way the city coexisted with nature made it much different from any city she seen before. There was no doubt that Liana...

Wait... why was she thinking about her again? Feeling an unpleasant weight pressing against her chest she felt that familiar discomfort rise within her heart, but quickly shook it off. She had Fia now, the two were even about to get married, so why should she be bothered by something like this? It was Liana's choice about who she desired and longed for, and Esperia had long come to terms with the fact that the one her childhood crush desired was not her.

A soft sigh escaped the girl's lips as she stopped before a vendor stall selling cups of noodles, and as if a bout of irony was about to present itself she spotted a familiar figure among the crowd. "Fenrir?"


on Sun Apr 29, 2018 10:00 pm

Fenrir's mind was amiss since he had left Magnolia. Every thought that entered his mind had begun in one ear and had gone out the other without so much as a second's worth of registration. Things didn't feel right in short. Perhaps his stirring feelings could be attributed to his newfound lack of magic, given he hadn't tried to transform in weeks since his small spat with Akira. Since that day he hadn't thought of changing or even fighting. Instead, he took his mind off of such things will typical, meager tasks like eating noodles or spending time with those he was close to. Not only did he enjoy those two things, but from time to time he'd take a moment to meditate instead of training, a new hobby that helped his mind quite a bit.

Pacifism was doing him wonders.

With no sign of trouble, there was nothing happening for or against him. All was peaceful, and now he was going to celebrate his new self with some noodles. It was the Flower Festival after all, and it seemed people had come from far and wide in fancy outfits to enjoy the festivities. Fenrir did no such thing. Instead, he wore his gi assuming it was festive enough.

Joining a crowd around the stall for noodles Fenrir managed to order himself a cup, though before his noodles would be ready, a familiar voice would chime in the midst of the noise.

Looking to his right, he spotted a young woman, one he hadn't seen in quite a while. An eye of crimson and one of gold, it was no other than Espy! "Esperia? What're you doing here?" he questioned, as rude as it may have sounded the smile on his face should have told of an opposite reaction as he paced up to the girl with a wide grin.

"I don't think I've seen you since the war!" he laughed stepping forward to hug his friend.


on Sun Apr 29, 2018 10:08 pm

As cheerful and easygoing as she was used to seeing him, and perhaps it was for that reason that it was difficult for her to hold such negative feelings toward him for longer than a few moments. When he gleefully asked her what she had been doing in Orchidia the girl smiled briefly, explaining in her usual soft voice that contained a flavor of playfulness. "I am here to attend the festival with my lover~ Although she is meeting her father right now."

A short pause followed as she seemingly clarified further. "Remember the girl who transformed into a Titan during the war? That's Fia, my fiance~" The girl hummed softly yet was rather surprised at the sudden embrace he offered her, the lack of personal space making her cheeks flush up lightly as she raised a hand to pat his back lightly. "Yeah... Let's just say I heard some rumors that made me require some time alone. But I'm doing better now! Because I and Fia are going to get married!" The girl exclaimed happily as she waited for Fenrir to finally release the embrace so she could resume her explanation.

"How about you? Considering you're in Orchidia I guess Liana is also here? At least according to Asmodeus' servants, she was last seeing getting quite... 'comfortable' with you."


on Mon Apr 30, 2018 6:53 pm

Barry sort of just... Fizzled out mentally for a moment. He would let the girl go and sort of drown out everything around him. He saw her lips move but he couldn't really do much. He just felt, bleh, all of a sudden. He saw alot of grey, but this is something else. He felt different, "I see, that's pretty interesting lovers and all." he remembered his 'lover' he had for a breif moment though he wouldn't know in all honesty. Just whatever at this point. Sure, he did do some things with a she elf but what did it matter he may as well just drone for a bit.

"I wouldn't know, she and I haven't spoken in a moment, she dissapeared after a while I think she needed some time to herself given all of the slurping I did." he nodded to Espy before looking back at the noodle stall, he took his bowl and handed it to Espy, "Want some? We can try a quick meal while we catch up." he sniffed the air, his sense of smell was just about gone, or it was dulling it seemed he may have lost lycan abilities he hadn't transformed in a while.


on Mon Apr 30, 2018 7:03 pm

A hand raised to her cheek as she tapped it lightly. "Hmm~ Heh, guess you slurped her too much." A sheepish laugh escaped her lips as she nodded in agreement while she took a seat at his side. After getting an order made for some noodles herself the lass watched the bowl be served, leading her to smile as she started to raise the chopsticks to her lips, savoring some of the food. "Hmm~ so what happened after Crocus? I didn't hear much afterwards considering Fia was called to Oak to fight in a stupid battle the council demanded she'd participate in. However, after that we decided we're both done with fighting for greater causes. Me and Fia are going to be selfish and only fight for our own desires and those we care for!"

The girl declared confidently as she took a nice sip of the noodles and soon looked at Baron once more. "How about you? Did you continue training or something? Hehe knowing you it likely would have been either training or eating~" A little snicker followed at the statement, clearly amused at the thought. Indeed, she found it incredibly difficult to remain upset at Fenrir with how he acted.


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