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Mirror Mirror on the Wall [Odin & Lilja: Festival]

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#1Nastasya Crowe 

on Sun Apr 29, 2018 1:44 pm

When in Rome..

She arrived not long ago but everyone seemed to be in this festive mood and wearing clothing accordingly and everything that she couldn't help but find her own yukata yesterday or whatever that thing was called and use it. It was a strange thing and it had been a struggle to wear it but she wanted people not to see her or to stare at her and well.. when in Rome again.

Now that she had her hair tied up and her hands holding on to the mask that she had bought the minute she had arrived her, it was a kitsune mask, the reason why she bought it in the end was because there was a line going from the nose up to till the forehead that could look like a question mark. Well that was her life now, one big question mark, she actually hoped to bump into Esperia or Asmodeus to see if she could get more answers out of that Demon Lord. She wasn't wearing it though, she was actually simply looking around to figure out anything she could do because she definitely didn't feel like it. Most of all, the crowd was too much, too many children yelling and screaming and too many interrupting her thoughts.

But than she found a bar and finally ordered a simple drink to get rid of the annoyance, ha being drunk would perhaps be the most fun she could have again. Now that she was human again, but she didn't plan to get drunk. She simply took the cup that was made out of plastic and moved to a spot where it was quite empty. There was some show down the hill, near the river, some fire eaters or whatever you called it, jugglers with fire, spitting fire and all that sort of nonsense, but because of that people were now waiting down hill to see it and she sat there, up on the hill on the grass, having the best view for herself.


on Sun Apr 29, 2018 2:13 pm

A long sigh of relief escaped Odin's mouth as he entered the bar he had found, away from the craziness that was Orchidia during the flower festival. It was during the day, the prime time for children and families to enjoy the excitement that was the flower picking and various activities available. And none of them enjoyed the sight of a Lich walking among them, which had been the cause of Odin having to create a mask out of his own skull, making it look like he was just trying to be better than everyone else with his craft-making skills. His face had been tied around a black ball with a bit of string: the ball hidden in shadows to resemble a face covered with fabric. It was very primitive, but it got the job done and allowed him to walk through freely without too many people being terrified of him, although his black kimono with green lining may have also been partly the reason for that.

He sat at the front of the bar, explaining to everyone that his hollow voice was from a voice modulating lacrima, which everyone instantly believed, before his sight was drawn to someone else entering the bar. A sand coloured girl approached the bar and ordered a drink before moving away, and normally it would've meant nothing to Odin, who simply glanced at her then looked away, but he had to do a double take as he recognised the face of the girl. Taking his own drink: a bottle of sake with two plastic cups, Odin went to sit next to the girl, sitting down before speaking to her, the friendliest tone he could muster coming out of his mouth, despite his voice being almost a whisper.

"Nastasya, my friend, how are you doing? Has the transition back to human finished, are you feeling well?"

#3Nastasya Crowe 

on Mon Apr 30, 2018 2:37 am

Her lonely moment was for a short amount of time and even if she had come here to get answers for her mind and the thing was that she didn't feel like socializing. She noticed the person next to her was sort of wearing a mask and she wanted to hold up the kitsune mask now herself, but it would be of no use as he had already seen her face and she took a sip of the beer, the bottle holding on in her left hand. She frowned, even though there was a strange sensation of the name Nastasya, it didn't click in her mind and that was a pretty shame.

Holding on too much to the name Lilja, she simply didn't realize when she heard her real name as Lilja was the only name that she had remembered and the only thing she thought was real, her mind playing tricks on her. But than again the next thing he said, my friend, made her stare at him, her red eyes not sure where to look but her mind trying to see if this was the person from the sillhoutte in her mind, apart from that the other part, transistion back to human would make sense considering what Esperia told her. But did that mean that Nastasya was a name she lied about, "Well I don't know if Nastasya is me but I am quite okay with being a human."

Did she long for a friend? She did with Esperia but only because of answers, "Probably very rude but do I know you?"


on Mon Apr 30, 2018 4:26 am

The ethereal green flames that were Odin's eyes flared up, larger than they had ever been, due to his surprise, although the rest of his skull face betrayed no emotion. This woman, who's face was a perfect match to that of Odin's dearest friend and partner, had no idea who he was. There was no way he had made a mistake: this was the same woman with a different haircut, not a different person. Odin had spent too much time with Nastasya to ever make that mistake. That meant that she had lost her memory, but that didn't make any sense either. Nastasya had been with the guild until the end, they had both witnessed the disbanding by Arthurias at the same moment, so she couldn't have lost like the green haired boy had. She hadn't left the guild, so she must've gained some kind of amnesia from something, whether it was magical or physical Odin had no idea. The woman before him was not his friend, but it was her body, and she clearly had some memories, as she didn't seem too confused by the mention of transitioning to a human, although Odin hadn't mentioned vampire at any point. He needed to question her more, as he filled his plastic cup and drank the sake from it, marvelling at its odd taste: one he had never actually encountered before.

"Forgive my rudeness, you remind me of someone I know. Can I just ask if the words Nastasya Crowe, Victoire, Swineherd Pub or Lucifer mean anything to you?" There was a pause as the Lich thought of whether or not to say one more word, curious to see if it would have any effect, but he knew he had to say it. A word he himself had not said in years, but one that was the most likely to jog her memory in some way.

"Perhaps also... Odin?"

#5Nastasya Crowe 

on Mon Apr 30, 2018 5:47 am

Masks were annoying, Lilja didn't want to be obviously trying to fish for a face so she said still, but the urge to lower her head to the left to see was there but still. Perhaps there were answers, and that would be a lovely thing to get and she took another sip of her beer, trying not to ramble, shake, hit or do whatever to get answers from this person that seemed to call her a different name. Nastasya, it seemed to be in the same origin as Lilja. She looked at the kitsune mask, could she be Nastasya? What did she know? She knew she was mage, she didn't know her magic, she knew she belonged to Grimoire Heart and she had been a vampire, Esperia had told her that already.

She opened her mouth to ask something but shut it without saying anything, her red eyes looking, longing for that thing he would tell her that would realize her things, her past, something she didn't know yet. Which was a lot but than again if he reminded her of a girl named Nastasya, why call the name out again, "You think I am Nastasya?" she said but than why didn't it ring a bell? Why didn't anything start in the back of her mind, no feeling, no.. she almost half ignored the words he said.

Lilja Oswald didn't cry but her heart felt an aching pain that she wanted to scream out and that she wanted to cry about, what was Victoire.. "I.. I have been spending every single day in the Swineherd pub to find answers." she said softly, looking away from the mystery man, she bit her lip as she shook her head, why did nothing make a connection.. "O-odin?" Why did everything hurt, it did remind her of the moment that Thorn had mentioned necromancer, swineherd pub and dahlia at once and it felt like her brain was burning and overheating and this time it felt like ripping her soul out or something.

What a fun thing to be Lilja Oswald.


on Mon Apr 30, 2018 6:46 am

Every word that was uttered by the woman, who clearly didn't thin she was Nastasya, or at least used another's name, gave Odin pause to think before he spoke more. It wasn't that he 'thought' this woman was his former partner: he knew it. He knew that she didn't remember anything, but that didn't mean that she wasn't who he knew her to be. "Facts ignored feelings": it was a well known truth to Odin, and he knew the truth, even if he was the only one.

The only time Odin was truly surprised in this conversation, other than the realisation that she had amnesia, was the fact that not-Nastasya had spent days in the Swineherd Pub trying to get answers to who she was. Apparently not all her memories were gone, just hidden for now. She wasn't a different person, she was someone seeking answers as to her past: a goal that Odin could understand and wanted to assist in as much as possible. Every word he said had helped her, but also hurt her. Her memories were trying desperately to come forward, but she couldn't grasp hold of them, and Odin couldn't help. He had to start slow, not bombard her with words from her past. So he decided to do just that.

"Wait, let's start at the beginning. What's your name? If it's not Nastasya, you must go by something?"

#7Nastasya Crowe 

on Mon Apr 30, 2018 10:25 am

Did she want to be Nastasya? How could you say that if there was no feeling connected to the name and thus no memory of who it would have been and if she was any fun. But this person seemed to be really convinced that she was Nastasya, was that Nastasya a Grimoire Heart mage? Considering a lot, you couldn't just simply ask right? It all felt quite painful when she didn't understand and yet her mind tried to work hard and push hard to get answers back onto the surface of her long term memory. She didn't know what more to say, that the Swineherd pub was mentioned again was at least a clue, she had been there so many times, she had met Kurdran there and Esperia. She pressed her hands against her chest, at the place of her heart, holding on. If only the thoughts would order themselves and give her the answer instead of just giving a major headache.

She looked away, having dropped the beer bottle, thank god almost empty already it didn't seem to spill anything yet. She turned her red eyes back at the mystery man next to her. She nodded, let's start at the beginning indeed, "It's Lilja, Lilja Oswald."


on Wed May 02, 2018 12:41 am

Heh, now Odin knew for sure. Before now, there had been a chance, a minuscule chance but one nonetheless, that he had been mistaken and that this girl was just a perfect doppelganger. Weirder things had happened in the world so Odin couldn't have ignored the possibility. But now he knew it was Nastasya, simply by the name she went by. It would've been too easy for her to say Nastasya, but neither did she say a name that meant nothing. Some people chose names for themselves from the past without even realising it, and it seemed that had happened before.

Lilja Oswald was a name that Odin had heard Nastasya say before, although not often: it had been her secondary pseudonym. In Grimoire Heart, every member had been assigned a nickname in accordance with their powers: Lucifer to Odin, Malice to Nastasya. No one was allowed to speak of their true name outside of the guild: the reason Odin had only spoken his name once before years previous. However, Nastasya had intelligently given herself a second name, as Malice didn't sound like a true name at all. Lucifer could at least pass as a name, since it technically was, but not Malice. As such, Lilja Oswald had been created. And now, without realising it, she had likely remembered it as being her true name, as Nastasya hadn't come to her. Perhaps now it was time to press for more.

"Okay Lilja, my name is Lucifer. Whether you believe me or not, we've been friends for quite some time, and I'd dare say we are bes- Wait a second", Odin paused to take a drink of his sake before speaking again, "What did you do in the Swineherd Pub?"

#9Nastasya Crowe 

on Thu May 03, 2018 2:48 am

The thing that Lilja wanted was answers and it felt like she was getting them now, perhaps more than just the handfull that Asmodeus and Esperia had given her. But the thing was that she wanted to see a face, mostly because that might trigger memories, but it was not possible like this and she simply decided to look away, perhaps if this guy knew too much about her, his voice did sound familiar, than it might be better not to immediately get all the information in her brain and perhaps knock herself out. She remembered the pain she got thanks to her conversation with Thorn.

She looked up, at the little music show down the hill and tilted her head to the left, wondering, "Friends.." she mumbled and how much would change with her amnesia, how did they become friends and she turned to look back at Lucifer, a name that said her something but not enough and yet she wondered if she tried to surpress it, afraid she was not a nice person when she was herself, Lilja wasn't entirely sure if she dared to be this Nastasya. If they were friends, it was best to answer the question, "It was the first thing I recognized in my mind, someone mentioned it before and the first time I came inside, this barkeep looked at me as if he expected someone with me, I don't know who or what but like he knew me, yet said no word." She fiddled with the mask in her hands, she didn't know how much more she would have to tell Lucifer, "I tried to get there every day, to wait and ask and wait and ask again and at some point I almost hit him but I didn't want to, I just hoped that the idea of getting a punch would get me an answer in the end I bumped into someone else that got an answer."


on Thu May 03, 2018 6:28 am

So Lilja had apparently beeng around the Swineherd Pub a couple of times: something that Odin had not been aware of, but then again he hadn't spoken to his employee, Mac, in quite some time. Apparently someone had mentioned in, prompting a little bit of pride from Odin, who was glad to hear that his pub was getting the recognition it deserved, even if this wasn't the best time to be thinking such things. The mention of the pub had apparently been the first trigger for Lilja's memories at its mention, so she had headed there to find out more, only to be met by a barkeep who expected another to be with her. From then on, it all began to make some sense, since Mac had seen Nastasya and Odin together in the pub on numerous occasions, and was likely hoping that, with her return, he wouldn't be far behind, and finally able to pay his employees.

He would've realised that Lilja wasn't Nastasya, and was wanting to know things that she wasn't privy too. Mac was under instructions not to talk to anyone about Lucifer unless they showed knowledge of him in advance. While he knew Nastasya, Mac wouldn't have told Lilja anything, in case her allegiances had changed with the loss of her memories. But then the story got much more amusing, for Odin at least, as he heard of Lilja's antics in trying to get information out of him.

"Hold up, you almost attacked the bartender because he wasn't giving you the answers? Mac, you poor bastard. He was likely hoping you could lead him to me, but he wouldn't have helped out without knowing you beforehand. He's been looking for me for, I can only imagine, the better part of a year now. Actually, I wouldn't be surprised if he went so far as to foll-"

"There you are, you motherfucker!"

"Ah shit", was all Odin could manage before turning around to see, standing at the entrance to the bar they sat at, was the man himself.

"Hehe, hey Mac."

#11Nastasya Crowe 

on Fri May 04, 2018 3:13 am

It was best to just be honest, if this person was her friend, it was better not to hide anything to get the answers she so desperately wanted, it was only a shame that her mind didn't work with her and that it couldn't process the information that she was basically getting. "You know the guy?" She said surprised, perhaps the barkeep had been looking for him while she had returned. But that's already what Lucifer said after that and she slowly nodded as she had made that conclusion in the seconds she got as well.

She quickly turned her head as she heard someone speak that wasn't Lucifer and she stared with surprise at the guy whose name was Mac. She learned that only seconds ago, or relearned that seconds ago, "It's disgusting that you follow people but refuse to help them out." she muttered while watching the new play unfold, so he came here only for Lucifer who, according to they way they spoke, could more be like he was his employer? She had no idea how that really worked but it was surely amusing, had she not been the one that wanted this conversation, "Step in line there my friend, I was first." she stood up and looked at Mac, she didn't mind him, she sure didn't like him but that feeling would have to be mutual she guessed.

On one hand she wouldn't stand in the way of Lucifer and Mac to get what she wanted first, so instead she did a few steps away and looked at the small concert that was giving. Crossing her arms in front of her chest. Why did she only got feelings with the names but no memories yet, not like with Asmodeus, she looked over her shoulder shortly before turning back, she couldn't help but blush, but she had no idea why.


on Fri May 04, 2018 6:15 am

"You could say we're acquainted."

The last words Odin managed to get out before his employee appeared out of nowhere, causing quite a scene in the otherwise empty pub. Business hadn't been good in Orchidia, as everyone was in the festival spirit, not wanting to drink spirits. Currently there was only a bartender, Lilja, Mac and Odin himself. So not much of a scene for anyone to watch, but the Lich only shook his head at the situation he was in. His life was truly an unlucky one, and his best bartender definitely wasn't here for a hug and a reunion. He had papers in his hand, something that was likely supposed to be signed, but that had changed the moment he had made contact with his employer.

"Fifteen months, FIFTEEN since you randomly disappeared off the face of Fiore, with not even so much as a note, and I find you here with her again, drinking and making merry in the Orchidia flower festival? She gotten her memory back, because that's all you'll be once I'm finished."

Lilja then spoke herself, calling Mac out for not helping her, but instead deciding to follow her from Oak to Orchidia. While it was definitely something Mac could, and would, do, he was clearly here for other business too. Raising his hands to calm everyone, Odin looked to his employee and spoke, "In my defence I had things to take care of. And in his defence", Odin looked to Lilja before continuing, "I've instructed him not to speak of anything. If anything it's my fault he didn't help you. Anyway, ignoring that, what are you even doing here Mac? Who's running the shop?"

A brief interaction took place, with Mac explaining that he was here to set up a stall for the Swineherd Pub in Orchidia during the festival, and he had just now decided that Odin was going to be in charge of it while Mac enjoyed some downtime with his family. There was no business in Oak currently, so he had temporarily closed it to move here. Looking around and realising he had just been screwed over by his own employee, Odin remarked, "Does anyone else have anything they want to declare while we're here?"

#13Nastasya Crowe 

on Fri May 04, 2018 6:58 am

Perhaps it was good to get another bottle of beer now that there was no one really paying attention to her and she simply looked that way when she half listened to what was going on with the conversation, ignoring the fact that Mac was not allowed to say anything thanks to Lucifer, well than at least he did his job well. It was not really fair but she couldn't blame him either. She observed the bartender, wondering if they had been friends or something alike before. Fifteen months, what happened in those fifteen months, she clearly had been there considering the conversation. But when Odin spoke she simply nodded and walked over to the bar to grab another of the strange beer bottles, she sure had had better beer and simply placed some jewels there on the counter to turn around and listen in again. A Swineherd stand here, well that surely would be better beer but she didn't say anything yet in the conversation.

While he was in a conversation, Lilja tried to catch a glimpse of how he looked but it was impossible with how Lucifer had his clothing, masks or whatsover and she simply placed the fox face in front of her face and tried to find her reflection somewhere. No longer needing to fiddle it with yet able to drink beer; what a perfect combination. "Can I stay with you?" she blurted out the moment Lucifer asked if anyone else had something to declare. He had answers, Mac seemed to be saying something like that too, but what had happened and why wouldn't the memories come yet? Why would it be a knocking feeling in the back of her head instead of simply showing memories.

All with all, it actually felt worse than when it only was not knowing anything. She had another dying question but she didn't know how to ask it without offending anyone or without probably ripping open memories, perhaps she was afraid. Was she a fun person to be around? Only his answer now would tell her. But she had to ask another question, as it clearly had been a name.

"Who is Victoire?"


on Sun May 06, 2018 2:38 am

Now, when Odin had asked if anyone had something they wished to say, he had expected Mac to continue on his rant about how pissed off he was, and find some other way to screw over the Lich. Or, perhaps, maybe Lilja had some beef with Mac or Odin about the fact that one had chosen not to help her when he could have, and it was because the other had told him not to. There were many things he had expected, but Lilja blurting out a request to stay with Odin had not been one of them. In fact it had been one of the last things he had expected to hear, and yet it did make sense when he thought it through. Odin was potentially the first person, and likely the best person, to assist Lilja in getting her memories back, so it made sen that she would want to stay by his side to find out who she was, "Yeah sure that's not an issue. That all?"

He had to ask that damn question didn't he. He couldn't have just left it, he had to ask if there was anything else. Of course there was, and Lilja now asked about Victoire: the companion she had spent so much time with, and who had known Odin for as long as he had Lilja, give or take a few minutes. It was a difficult question to answer, but the only truthful answer was to be abrupt, and Odin wasn't really in the mood to sugar coat things, not today, "Victoire, or Vic, was a companion of yours, of Nastasya's, for many years. You found him in the forest outside Oak, and raised him from a tiny fox to a glorious force to be reckoned with. During the attack on Crocus, of which we were both participants, you lost your fight and were knocked unconscious. When you came to, you had lost Victoire. I don't know where he is, or even if he survived the assault."

#15Nastasya Crowe 

on Tue May 08, 2018 2:51 am

It came as a sense of relieve when Lucifer said that it was no issue that she would stay with him. Lilja Oswald didn't cry but if she would have, it would have been tears of joy. Her brain would slowly process but if she would stay near Lucifer, she would be fine, she would get answers, she would understand why she wanted to be called Nastasya again but also understand why she now was slightly afraid of the name or more of the person who was behind it. Was she a nice person? There were after all only two people that recognized her and than there was still the idea of the curse that was on her skin that Esperia had told her about or well Asmodeus for that matter. Lilja wondered if she rather stayed Lilja Oswald or Nastasya whatsoever. But there was another question burning on her tongue, actually two but she wasn't sure if Lucifer knew the answer to the second one, the one that Asmodeus didn't know either and thus she decided to go for the first question in her mind, a name he had mentioned before.

"Who is Victoire?"

Which was a question she might regret more than not having answers to the second one. She looked at him with a frown, of not understanding, if Vic was her companion than.. she felt her lip tremble, but Lilja Oswald didn't cry. Just because she lost, she clenched her right hand, just because she lost, she held on to her right hand with her left pressing it against her chest. Lilja Oswald didn't cry but would Nastasya have? "I have to go to Crocus." she muttered, if there was a possibility that she had lost Victoire just because of the fact that she was knocked unconcious, this meant that Nastaya was probably not a good fighter and Lilja.. well Lilja had no magic.

But she doubt she simply lost her companion, if they had been together for a long time, she was sure her companion wouldn't simply walk a way the moment she wasn't awake, there was only a thing in the world that would probably have separated them, not counting kidnapping and she felt this radiation in her mind, some broken bonds. That meant someone had killed Victoire and Lilja pushed her right hand against her forehead, trying to wipe away the one lonely tear that came, but in the end, something strange happened.

She teleported to just outside the bar in which they were standing. People yelled at her sudden appearance and she lost her balance and fell backwards on her bum, the hell had just happened?


on Tue May 08, 2018 3:01 pm

"I have to go to Crocus."

That was not a good way for this conversation to go, definitely not for Odin and especially not for Lilja herself, as the Lich would describe the situation, no longer caring about anyone who could be eavesdropping. He was a dark mage, anyone could try and fight him if they really wanted to, he wouldn't care and they would all join the many souls he had already collected. Mac knew who he was, or who he had been, so there was literally no reason to hide it, as the Lich spoke, "Yeah, maybe it would be best to avoid Crocus for a time. You might be recognised for the Crocus attack, which would already be awkward even if you did remember it. Some people aren't overly happy at how that went down, so give it time. I'm sure we'll find Vic in time." It would also be annoying for Odin, as the people in Crocus weren't going to instantly forget the face of a Lich. If they could avoid it, probably better they do for the time being.

The next interesting thing to happen was that, from what it seemed, Lilja had finally discovered what her magic was, and holy shit was it an odd one. Lilja disappeared out of nowhere, something that instantly got Odin on edge, thinking they were under attack, until he heard the hubbub outside. Walking outside, he found the girl on the floor, having fallen over, with no one suggesting evil intent. Taking a deep breath, which was ironic considering Odin had no lungs, the Lich offered a hand to help her up as he spoke, "If that was you, then it seems you've found your magic. In case it wasn't, be ready to fight."

#17Nastasya Crowe 

on Thu May 10, 2018 8:27 am

She had to go there and she was sure that she would find Victoire, they had no other choice, she remembered that girl, Rishi with her fox and she remembered Victoire, the beauty was snow white and so precious and she had been like that before, a vulpix but now a ninetails. How could they lose each other, but before she would go she would have to find Asmodeus to ask her. She looked at the floor, so they oculdn't go to Crocus and she felt a bit dsisappointed but also confused because Lucifer said that they would find Vic and she got a bit happier about the idea, this meant that indeed, she wouldn't be alone anymore, "Right yes that sounds bad." But wouldn't it be just as bad to be here and be spotted on the event such as this crowded festival, is that why Odin wore a mask because she surely had done well to buy the fox mask, she should wear it now though.

She looked around herself, how did she get here? There were already a lot of questions but at this point this was the biggest. She looked up surprised at Lucifer, she had noticed she cast her magic, or well that she had used it, it was some sort of electric feeling in the air but than made by magic, she took Odin his hand and stood up. "Yea not sure but I am actually aware that it could be me. I felt that I used magic but I never intended to well teleport." And nor had she ever had the idea she could do that, so she looked back at her friend, "Considering your question I can assume I never did this before."


on Thu May 10, 2018 8:46 am

Odin breathed a sigh of relief at the fact that Lilja had teleported of her own, relative, accord. She hadn't meant to do it, but at the same time she knew that it had been caused by her own power. Teleportation was not something Odin had ever seen, as it was a magic that many thought either didn't exist, or was too powerful to possibly be the case. Manipulation of space was an interesting power, and definitely one that Lilja would wish to cultivate and get more used to. if she mastered this magic, there was no telling how powerful she could become. Perhaps she could even give Odin a run for his money.

"No, I can say with quite a lot of certainty that this is not something you've ever been capable of. After the battle in Crocus, when you became human, you felt strange and couldn't use blood magic anymore. Back then, you weren't sure what your powers were, but it seems that they have finally manifested themselves." Odin began walking back into the pub, ordering himself a drink and offering one to Lilja. He didn't plan on staying in the pub for much longer, as that stunt had gained them a lot of unwanted attention. Nodding at Mac, the bartender would leave and cause a distraction, suggesting the girl had teleported again elsewhere, and moving the focus from Odin and Lilja to something, he certainly came in handy when he wanted to.

"Only one thing to do now. Let's take some jobs, get some more experience under our belts. In time, you'll become more accustomed to the magic, but until then, I'll be there to watch over you and make sure you don't get yourself killed. You'll owe me one after this."

#19Nastasya Crowe 

on Thu May 10, 2018 9:26 am

She was still a bit flabbergasted by the idea that she did that herself, in Oak a Phantom Lord mage had said he would help her. However that didn't happen and she didn't blame Miah for it but well, she also didn't knew what to think about it else. She simply let it go, she wasn't herself and she would become herself soon enough again. Lilja felt it, the power that had asked to teleport and she would to train that, to complete that and be okay with that, it would be the best of fun when she would get that power back. She followed Odin back inside and grabbed that drink. She thought about blood magic and nodded about that slowly as she could vaguely remember, a connection to being a vampire. "Well that explains a lot. It is nice to have a magic though." But what kind, something spaceious, something, she didn't have words for it but she moved her right hand around her neck, "Do you think it has to do with the magic light line on my skin?" The rune line that went from her left breast up till her jawline, Asmodeus said it was a curse but perhaps that was wrong.

She took a sip of the drink and looked at Lucifer, "Sounds like a smart plan, but what kind of work did you have in mind?" Because well she had done the odd job but that had been rather boring, perhaps doing it together with her good friend from the past and now the present it could only be more fun.


on Fri May 11, 2018 1:35 am

Odin couldn't blame Lilja for what she said initially. He didn't think she was overly bothered at this point about how rare or powerful her magic could be, instead she was just happy to finally have magical power again. For someone to have spent their entire lives with magic, then to suddenly lose it and not remember how or why, it must've been awful for the girl to go through. Odin had felt powerless of course, most people had, but he had never been without magic. The thought of it was enough to send a shiver down his spine.

Lilja then brought attention to the light run that ran up her skin: something that Odin had completely forgotten about the existence of. Whatever the rune signified, its origin was light magic , so it was possible her magic had somehow stemmed from that, "From what I recall, you received that in between the battle for Crocus and the aftermath. I can't remember how it happened, but it's entirely possible that it has resulted in your magic taking on a new form." What a strange thing it was: for a rune placed upon one by another having such an impact as this one did. The possibilities of someone who could harness a power like that were endless, but that was not something that interested Odin.

Lilja asked what kind of work they could do to get her magic to a usable level, and the answer was relatively straightforward. "Now that we aren't represented by Grimoire Heart, we can request jobs that the light guilds would otherwise do. We take the most difficult of both batches, complete them, and see how much you improve by. Sound good?" If she said yes, Odin would finish his drink and begin making his way towards the request board, hoping to pick up a good one for them both.

#21Nastasya Crowe 

on Fri May 11, 2018 3:17 am

Asmodeus had said something about that as well, she apparently had not had it directly after the battle as she had not had it with Asmodeus, which was immediately after, if not she might have not even been here. She might have been killed, a stake through her heart if she was still a vampire in that case. Lilja didn't know and actually she didn't feel the need to know either so it was all fine, she would have to figure out if the magic came from that and if it indeed was a light magic curse, if she could teleport because of that, she wasn't sure if she would consider it still a bad thing. "I bet that if someone put it on me, the idea wasn't to give me a magic that could teleport me." She said with a happy grin, before continueing on with the conversation and asking Odin what he had in mind.

She pouted though with the thoughts of jobs for the light mages, they do sound dull but she wouldn't complain yet, if it would give her a certain power and such over her new magic than why would she. She nodded, "I sure hope they aren't dull." But she would see, there had also been dull quests before,s he was sure of that, she couldn't recall any but she was sure she had done equal stupid jobs as getting flowers out of a catacomb of someone's home, he could have done that clearly himself. So she said it was fine and would follow Lucifer to go and look for a job immediately.


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