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Camping Time [Festival: Arisa]

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on Sun Apr 29, 2018 1:35 pm

Flower, festivals, and families. Three things that didn't really fit with Odin's opinions on the world. Everyone was happy here, eating from the public barbecues, sitting and talking with loved ones, and enjoying the scenery, which was the one thing that Odin had to admit, he was rather mesmerised by. He had been in Orchidia before of course, although in the past he had usually just passed through. However, he had never seen it look anything quite like it did now: with cherry blossoms sprouting beautiful pinks throughout the town, and everyone was walking about in kimonos: an attire Odin had never worn before but knew of. He had succumbed to the peace of Orchidia, and had bought himself a kimono: a simple black number with a forest green cloak to cover himself from the wind. He had seen multiple vendors selling masks throughout the festival, which had given him an idea to show his face without scaring the festival. Not that he had ever cared about other people, but in this peaceful time he didn't want to be the one responsible for ruining it, partly because he knew it wouldn't last long. Having tied a bit of string around his face, and creating a black 'lump' behind the skull that was his true face, Odin had managed to make it look like he was just walking about in a very elaborate, rather out of place mask, which seemed to work for him.

As for what he was doing today, well at that moment he was waiting. He had sent a letter to his friend, Arisa, who had told him to meet her in Orchidia, telling her to meet him in a rather secluded spot away from the hubbub of the main streets, yet close enough to enjoy the views that would inevitably come when the sun fell. He was looking forward to spending time with her, something he hadn't expected to occur when he first met her, so many years ago.


on Sun Apr 29, 2018 2:14 pm


More friends~
☬The better. ☬

She had her funs with Esperia, but now it was time to get ready for some camping upon the nights of yonder. She received a letter from her dear friend Lucifer that he was finally here and ready to finish business with camping. ''Let me see... We have my large tent that comes with two spaces of rooms. Matches for flames cause I doubt Lucifer has any fire tricks now... Errr....'' she listed off her check list in her mind yet spoke out loud. With that she picked the bottles out of the freezer and stacked them nicely in a separate bag from some other things.

Today she was wearing hiking shorts and a black tank top. Chains resided alongside the right side as it connected from the back loop of her jean hiking shorts to the right. Her necklace she wore were designed of silver wires till the stone of blood red that was against the mid-section of her chest. Around that stone was a golden sun design. For her socks, they were just regular white socks as she today was wearing hiking brown boots. She had to be prepared. ''Maybe I should bring my kimono in case he wanted to go to the festival as well...'' she told herself as she stuffed that shit in her bag. Finally, with that she went out of the cafe door, locked it and jogged off to find Lucifer.

A few minutes later she spied the guy who was obviously him. The way he was built, the mask was also too obvious. Once she was about ten feet away, she walked slowly up to him and poked his shoulder. ''Nice get up for camping.'' she joked and giggled at him. Her pout-like full lips made a side-crooked smile as her head tilted a little. Her arms crossed against her chest with her huge bag against her back. ''You ready for it then? The festival and camping?'' she implied towards him wearing a kimono yet she was wearing her camping gear that she bought right as she got here.
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on Mon Apr 30, 2018 12:51 am

Odin had not even noticed Arisa's approach and subsequent poke, simply because he was lost in thought at seeing the happiness in Orchidia. All the families: parents walking around with their children to see one attraction after another; getting food at the barbecues , and even trying some of the games to win prizes. It made Odin think about his own parents, about the father that beat him to make him strong enough for the demon he had placed inside of him, and about the mother that he had never known: the demon Lucifer having killed her the moment he had been placed in Odin's body as payment for the power he would grant the family. Odin had never been allowed to have a normal childhood, but he wondered how different he would've turned out if he had. For one, he would never have formed a pact with Lucifer, likely wouldn't have joined Grimoire Heart, wouldn't have met those who had changed his life, for better or worse.

One of those people, the ones that had changed his life for the better, broke him out of his thought process, giggling at his look as it was obvious that he wasn't wearing a mask or anything. Arisa wasn't wearing a kimono, unlike Odin, but instead was dressed for camping and hiking, which made sense. She asked if Odin was ready to leave and enjoy the day, which the Lich certainly was. Getting up and brushing his kimono down, the hollow voice came out of his mouth.

"Of course, let's go. There's a nice location at the top of a nearby hill that would be perfect to see the sights, it's a bit of a climb though. Then again", Odin paused for a moment, chuckling to himself before he continued, seeing the folly in his words, "As someone lacking muscle who won't feel any pain from the walk, it won't be an issue for me. And as for you, well you can fly." He had said the final part rather quietly, just in case anyone took him seriously. But then Odin then did something he had never done in all his time as a Lich. After making the comment about flying, he winked at her: one of the green flames that formed his eyes going out for a moment before relighting.


on Mon Apr 30, 2018 11:14 am


More friends~
☬The better. ☬

She enjoyed the small humor they shared. Nodding with a smile she gazed towards him and chuckled. ''Did you just wink at me?'' she laughed with her eyes closed for a second afterwards as she found it hard to believe. First, she straightened out her bags on her back that were rather heavy and then walked towards the mountain path. ''Alright, Lucifer... let's get started so we can hurry and set up our stuff before it gets too dark.'' she insisted. Secondly she skipped up the path and twirled every so often to look at Lucifer. ''So after setting up, we'll perhaps go -- nevermind.. Err... 'Don't think he'd be into swimming since...' she thought and stopped to look at him by the corners of her eyes. ''We could err... How does everything work - now that I think about it... Do you taste things still? Feel?'' she questioned.

Arisa stood there as her body turned to look up at him in mid-way from where they needed to go. Soon Arisa and Lucifer will be at the spring camping area with a Spring Lake and waterfall pouring. It was supposed to be really beautiful during these times - mostly during the festival because of fireworks later. After he did answer, she thought of answers and continued on her way up. Bushes, hidden vines - after all that they were to be there. ''Alright, let's set up.~'' she spoke playfully and went on to do so.
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on Wed May 02, 2018 1:18 am

"I hope so, that's what I was trying to do. Never winked as a Lich before."

Odin enjoyed spending time with Arisa, and liked her laugh when she did. Life was peaceful now, and Odin could ignore the things that made him dark. He watched as Arisa slung the bags she was carrying onto her shoulders, which made him feel terrible for not offering a hand, "Come on, give me some of them, I've got no bags. It's not fair that you carry them all." Whether she passed any or not, they would both begin to make their way to the top of a mountain to get the best view of the fireworks that were shot up every evening to celebrate the flower festival. While they walked, they considered what they could do once they got to the top, but a lot wouldn't work, or wouldn't make sense, with Odin's form. In many ways, he was lacking at a proper chance in life: the price of his immortality.

Then came the question of how it worked, whether Odin could still feel, taste, how his senses had been affected. A question Odin wasn't asked all that often, but mostly because there weren't many people to ask him. It was a simple enough question, however, "Sort of, it's strange. I don't get hungry or thirsty, but I still feel the taste of foods. I can still smell. I can still feel touch and pain, and as for emotions, I've been feeling them more now than I ever had before. Maybe its the climate." The walk was then mostly questions about Odin's look, as well as just general chatter that didn't die. Once they reached the camp site, they both got ready to set up, with Odin helping lay out the tent, and where it was all going to go. Realising the scope of the work, Odin raised his hands, chuckling to himself as he spoke, "This should make it easier."

Within moments, five skeleton warriors appeared, capable of menial tasks like setting up the tent with perfect efficiency. They weren't the strongest, but they were good for simple tasks such as this. It also gave both Odin and Arisa time to talk and do other things as the camp site was set up for them.


on Wed May 02, 2018 11:27 am

Arisa was stubborn and felt like she shouldn't depend on a guy to carry things - like most people view. The thing that is most accounted for, was the thought and gesture Lucifer made to at least say and offer to take them. Even so, Arisa didn't give him any of the bags. She carried them all up with him with all her strength till they got to the perfect spot on top of the hill. Her blonde hair was started to get quite messy due to the wind. As soon as they did get to the top, she let down all the stuff that needed to be place.

Before she could touch anything Lucifer summoned some skeleton guys to set it up, giving out a sweet giggle. ''Oh, Lucifer.~ What else can they do?'' she wondered and clapped her hand in small excitement. Her bright golden eyes shined like melting gold plates made into mirrors. Her tent was big enough for a family due to being separate rooms in one large tent. Their own quarters were separated by each corner after skipping one - so there were four rooms total. The height of it was large enough for them to stand in the main area of it, but the rooms you'd have to crawl inside. The room area is about 3x3 meters and the main room was 10x10 - enough for a table and whatever shenanigans people wish to bring. The other things she brought were her clothes, typical camping things such as food, drinks and etc. As she waited patiently, she walked to the cooler and got a bottle of water, now thinking of things that happened before this. They wouldn't dare to come after her here, right?


on Wed May 02, 2018 1:02 pm

Arisa didn't allow Odin to take any of the bags, but that wouldn't matter much as, once they reached the summit of the mountain, he would repay her kindness by setting everything up. Or, at least, by being the cause of everything getting set up, despite doing nothing himself except summoning his minions. Due to the sheer size of the tent, which Odin hadn't been prepared for, it took the skeletons a little longer than expected, but eventually they all managed to put the tent up and get everything ready. Just before he was going to disperse them, Arisa asked what else they could do, prompting a light chuckle from the Lich's mouth as he spoke, "They are primarily meant for combat: to swarm an unaware enemy and take them out before they can do anything, but realistically you can use them for just about any manual task. Hell, I'd have them working in my bar if it wasn't for how people would react."

As Arisa went to grab a bottle from the cooler she had brought, Odin remembered something he had been meaning to ask before they had arrived at the mountain. He dispelled his skeletons before asking, thinking it was likely they wouldn't be required, "Oh, did you bring Khalash's 'special brew'? Was hoping we could try them out and see what happens." The mad old wizard had given Arisa some odd concoctions that the two had planned to enjoy in Magnolia, but now that they were in Orchidia for camping, now was as good a time as any.


on Wed May 02, 2018 1:26 pm

She put a hand on her wide hips as her golden eyes gaze at him. Their heights were not so different, but still enough as his head would be under her nose. Listening to him, she smiled still with patience as he told her about the skeletons, the bar and how people were to react if he did so. It was quite funny since Oak was to be where the bad guild was located. Next, Lucifer questioned about the bottles. ''Yes.~'' she said happily as she started to kneel to grab one of them and then turned towards him. ''I brought all of them - should we start with this one?'' she wondered and saw the fire start by the large tent. Slowly she turned towards the fire and walked towards it to sit about a foot away from it. ''Let's sit and start enjoying it then as the night turns it's darkest.~'' sweetly she spoke and smiled happily at him.

Once he sat wherever it may be, she put down the bottle and grabbed a poker, a steak and put it in the fire. ''There... might as well prep food while we drink to find out what kind of drinks these are.'' she insisted and grabbed the cork opener. The opener started to screw into the cork and with one pull it opened. ''Here goes nothing...'' she sighed and took a couple of gulps before passing it along. She waited to feel something, anything, but so far she couldn't quite think of an explanation. She looked at him and then wondered what this did. ''I feel nothing, odd...'' she said.


on Wed May 02, 2018 2:52 pm

It was only now, as they stood and spoke, that Odin realised just how much taller Arisa was than he. Easily standing above six feet, they had only really conversed with one, or both, of them sitting down, so a true comparison was never really drawn, but Arisa was extremely tall, especially for a female, who were naturally shorter. Perhaps it was part of her seraphic powers, they had given her the imposing figure that she possessed. What was perhaps even more impressive was that she was well proportioned for her height, very well proportioned depending on where you looked, not that anything like that had ever concerned Odin however.

When Arisa took out a bottle and moved towards the fire, Odin did the same, picking out another bottle so they had one each before sitting next to Arisa by the fire, nodding in agreement as she placed food onto the fire, "Good call, completely forgot about food. I guess you could call that a perk?" She uncorked the first of the bottles before taking a large gulp, probably wanting to make sure she felt all the effects of whatever magical concoction was inside the bottle. She then passed it onto Odin, who held up his hand, the other bottle opened sitting upon it, "Might as well see what they can all do. Besides, if yours has a delayed effect I'd like to know what it is before I try it." With a light chuckle, Odin drank the contents of his bottle, which gave him a strange sensation. It was the first drink he had tried which actually tasted of something. Any other time, a drink would pass through his lips, and disappear into the void of his insides, with only leaving a trace of the taste on Odin's mouth. This was different, the taste enveloped him, and he couldn't work out why, not until he looked down, and saw his hands... real hands.

In the time that Odin spent drinking the potion, a strange light spread throughout his body, with the Lich himself not even noticing it happened until he saw the effects. Arisa would see muscle, flesh and blood begin to knot itself around Odin, forming into the man that now saw where a skeleton once had.

"What the fuck!?"


on Wed May 02, 2018 3:08 pm

Her eyes pierced towards Lucifer who was drinking that bottle like his life depended on it - literally. She scanned him as something was happening with his body... 'Whoa...' she thought softly as she let her eyes scan a little more while skin... areas were starting to form as if he was becoming human again. He too seemed really surprised as she had a facial expression of surprise. ''What the fuck is right, damn. It uh.. turned you back to human... Probably for one night. How does it feel?'' she said and chuckled nervously with her right hand itching the back of her head.

After a second she grabbed the third bottle and was curious on what that will do. She was somewhat scared of what it'll do, but it was going to be done, had to be done as she opened it up. ''Well, bottoms up!'' she said and started to drink it all up. A few drinks she then dropped it slowly against the dirt. Out of no where she began to develop cat ears and a fluffy white tail. ''Meow.~'' she said. Her hands slapped against her own mouth as her eyes widened surprised. Her teeth were a little sharper than usual and a collar appears around her neck. 'What the hell?!' she blushed all flustered.


on Wed May 02, 2018 11:54 pm

The three words that escaped Odin's mouth, lips, came out as a normal man's voice. It was deep, but definitely human, and he didn't know how to react. He put his hands to his cheeks, feeling the warmth of skin as he moved his jaw, something he hadn't been able to do before. As a Lich, his face had been stuck in a permanent smile, but now he could choose it. And of it all, the weirdest thing was still to come. The warm hands on his cheeks began to get cold, wet. With it having been so long since he last felt them, it took Odin a few moments to realise that he was crying. He was a human again, even if only for the evening, and he was crying from joy. He didn't hate his Lich form, but this was familiar, and yet so different. He missed smiling, he missed eating, the simple things he could do as a human that were no longer available to him as a Lich.

As Arisa drank the third bottle, with Odin having taken the first off her hands to finish it, the mage took the steak off of the fire, cut it in half, and placed each half on a separate plate. Instantly, Odin wolfed down his half, remarking that it was the most delicious thing he had ever eaten in his life, and it stayed with him the entire time. Not wanting to waste any moment, Odin drank the rest of the contents of the first bottle, before placing it back on the ground and looking at Arisa: who had since turned into a strange cat girl, with two ears and a fluffy tail. A hearty chuckle was had by Odin as he looked at her confused expressions.

"Well that's certainly not something you see every day. How does this feel?"

Without warning, Odin moved his hand to pinch Arisa's tail, curious to see if it was just for show or an actually connected appendage. Tonight had started off strangely, but it was starting to get much more fun.


on Thu May 03, 2018 12:21 am

She felt weird at the fact that she grew cat ears, a tail and the first thing that came out of her mouth was a meow. Her tongue traced along her teeth to feel two sharp ones where her regular canines were. The tail could feel the tense small winds that tickled the strands of each patch of furr. Her ears tickled yet got cold first and easily. Out of no where Lucifer started to speak and ask a question, a question she didn't want to answer as he touched her tail. Her face was hot and bothered as she felt super flustered. Her body squirmed. ''I- It feels so good.~'' she groaned as the tail was super sensitive - just like her wings. She wanted to lie and tell him to stop, but something stopped her from doing so - the first bottle perhaps?

She glared at Lucifer with her golden eyes and twisted her hip away from him with the tail as well. ''S-stop it! Do you enjoy teasing me?'' she spoke with watery eyes and pout-ful lips. Slowly she lowered her gaze and grabbed quickly for her plate of steak to eat. ''Th-thank you....'' she mumbled and hoped that the cat potion will end soon... but for now she wondered if the truth bottle did anything to him...


on Thu May 03, 2018 1:32 am

Odin's eyes widened and he started blushed uncontrollably when Arisa's moaned and told him that touching her tail made her feel really good. It seemed to have a similar effect to her wings, as Odin remembered a much more reserved reaction, but one not unlike what he was seeing. He couldn't stop himself from blushing either. All the time spent as a Lich had allowed him to not worry about controlling emotions, as no one could see them through his skull face unless he made it obvious. Having never bothered hiding emotions as a Lich, he was out of practice doing it as a human, and had no idea what he was doing. But Arisa's reaction was a lot more open than Odin had expected, even if it was an intense feeling of arousal.

She moved out of the way to make Odin stop, before asking him if he enjoyed teasing her: a question Odin had to think about answering. There were many different ways to approach such a question, and he had to be sure not to

"I'm enjoying it as much as you are, and you can't deny that you really enjoy it."

Not to say something that would make him sound like an idiot or a fool... Wait what just happened!?

Odin paused, realising that he had spoken without meaning to, and just stated the exact truth without hiding anything from Arisa. Both of them couldn't help but tell the truth, meaning there could only be one cause, "The bottle, the one that didn't do anything, it must be forcing us to tell the truth." A sly smile came over Odin's face as he quickly spoke once more, wanting to test the theory. "So Arisa, what exactly do you think of me?" He was very intrigued to know the answer...


on Thu May 03, 2018 10:34 am

This situation was getting quite awkward and not a bad awkward, but more like when you're married to someone, but start to get closer to your close friend awkward. Partly was true, but which one? It was quite obvious. She coughed and just started to eat the steak slowly, nomming and blushing at the feeling that was once felt and then he started to say silly things like enjoying it too. She stopped eating and dropped the steak on the black plate that shined like a marble. ''Wh-what?'' she stammered and cornered her eyes to look at his skin which looked like he was blushing - this was new.

Next thing that was said was how the first bottle was a bottle of truth - a no brainier after what she said earlier. Lastly, he asked the question that made her shocked as he usually didn't care what she thought - or anyone for that matter. ''I wondered the same thing - but with you.'' was her automatic thought, but was spoken. ''I use to think of you as a cold asshole who only cared about himself and his goals. I felt like you hid a lot of things from me so I never gave up wanting to be friends with you because my curiosity about you grew. Now? I like how we laugh and joke around now. I like this you, but I feel like you hide so much from me... How do you feel and think of me?'' she rambled on and when she noticed she covered her mouth and turned away. ''Ignore all that. '' she said stubbornly... The thing she didn't know is that he couldn't ignore the questions - he had to answer. Now there was him and his answer - thank god he didn't ask how she felt about him.


on Thu May 03, 2018 10:58 am

Arisa really outmanoeuvred Odin with her response to his question. While she had to tell the truth due to the potion, having ingested it earlier meant she was getting more accustomed to dealing with it, and she could still tell the truth without saying everything, unlike Odin who said the first thing that came into his mind, which happened to be the raw truth, without any filter.

It started off a little rough for Odin, as Arisa talked about how much of an asshole he had been, not caring about anyone and never really allowing anyone in, which was entirely true. Odin often thought back to the person he had been then, comparing the two and they were almost two entirely different people. That Odin had been a manipulative bastard, this Odin was at least a little more fun with it. Arisa, thought the same too, saying that she liked the new Odin, although she still felt that he hid things from her.

Oh shit no..

Those were the only thoughts Odin had time for before his mouth started moving, truth pouring from his lips with every word, "Funny that I only became more alive after dying. And I haven't had that much from you recently. I think the only important things you don't know about me are that I was once in Grimoire Heart and that my real name is Odin, not Lucifer." The shock of what he had just said didn't have any time to settle in before he automatically started answering her next question, "If I'm honest, and I have to be right now, I'm worried that one day we'll have to fight because we stand on different sides of the world. You're an angel and I'm an undead. The church that your existence represents: they detest my existence. You're one of my closest friends, and I'll admit I've always wondered if, were things different and I looked like this all the time, if perhaps we might've been more than friends. But I'm a skeleton, I have nothing to offer you, nor would I ever ask you to be with me, not with what I am."

The silence that followed was painful, and only once more did Odin's mouth open, a very light, single laugh coming out before he spoke, "Heh, well I guess now you know. Your turn..."


on Thu May 03, 2018 11:41 am

She waited patiently for the answers that he had to speak. The moon was shining light towards them as the trees motioned left and right by the wind. The fire continued to flick off ashes and specks of wood every-so-often as they sat in the silence till he finally opened up and told her a truth that needed to be known and another truth that shocked her. She knew -or had guessed that Lucifer wasn't his real name, but being in the dark guild that she fought against? Never. Her eyes cornered to the left - away from him as she frowned. The flames in front of them made her fair smooth skin shine as her golden eyes were filled with the fire in front.

Her heart was beating fast as she clenched her hands as he told her how he felt and added it with a non-question question. It was her turn to answer, but before she could think about it - she spoke. ''If things were different; I wasn't already with another man - already in love with him - we could've possibly. I don't judge you for being on their side, I judge you because you never said anything to me... but perhaps it was because you were threatened or something, but I don't see you as the type to enjoy being threatened. I care about you a lot and perhaps my only close male friend. I do hope we don't fight each other... it'd... end badly, unless you have some vodo thing that brings you back. Do you?'' she wondered curiously and then spoke quietly. ''Plus, I thought you and Nas would be together..'' she spoke and frowned more. ''Are there any questions that you've ever wanted to ask but wouldn't ask for some reasons unknown to me?'' she questioned and looked at him.


on Fri May 04, 2018 12:25 am

Rather surprisingly, no pain or sadness came from Odin as Arisa told him she was in love with another man and that they couldn't. Odin had not been professing love hoping for a Lich and Seraph to be together, that was ridiculous. The potion made him state that he had considered feelings, but Odin had pushed them to one side and buried them a long time ago. Since the moment he became a Lich, Odin knew love was not a thing he would ever achieve. It was now his destiny to walk the world alone for eternity, he was just ignoring it to enjoy the simple joys in life while he still could. Because, if he ever stopped to consider what his life had planned out for him, he would stop being the man that everyone knew him to be.

Speaking his true name for the first time in an age felt so strange to the Lich. He was now Lucifer, Odin had died the moment that he had joined Grimoire Heart. Was he free of the name Lucifer, or was it Odin that had passed on when the guild had been disbanded, there was no way to know. Arisa didn't judge Odin for being a member of Grimoire Heart: instead he was judged for the fact that he hadn't told her, and told that she didn't want to fight him, "You and Kon, both of you act like it was my choice to hide the truth. Any talk of the guild, hell any mere mention of the name would've resulted in an unpleasant death. I'd seen it before, and I'd rather not have brought it upon myself." The questions then went on for Arisa to talk about whether or not Odin could bring himself back with some 'voodoo thing'. At this point, the Lich had become more accustomed to the potion, and he could play around with it a little bit, "I wish, but no, I've got nothing like that."

She then asked if there was any question that Odin had always wanted to ask her, but hadn't for whatever reason, and the Lich could only think of one, which he then proceeded to ask.

"What was death like for you?"


on Fri May 04, 2018 1:22 am

She heard of Lucifer's explanation on why, but what caught her attention is about Kon, her cousin. 'That asshole...' she darkly thought as she remembered him inviting her to the rune knights and afterwards never contacting her ever again nor could she find him. All she heard about him was from Alice who was now getting married to him and that was about it. The second thing that got to her was how he pretty much had to which then she gave an assuring smile as if it was okay then. Her cat tail moved left and right slowly as her right cat ear twitched. Her nose was smelling the other drink making her grab it and opened it.

Before she took a drink, she heard his question, about her 'death'. Her eyes became cold and her smile disappeared into an expressionless fashion. ''That night...'' she started as she still remembered the feeling of the raindrops falling and the light beaming into her back. ''I wouldn't call it death when you survived it in the end, but you want to know how it felt to be held down and then.. '' she started and out of no where laughed manically. '' And then have all the innocence you had left taken from you?'' she questioned, tilted her head to look right at him with a large smile. ''You see... The pain was agonizing, I felt like I was worth nothing anymore as if a jewel has been scratched to non-repair.'' she started once more and looked down at the ground, hair strands now covering her face. ''The sun, the knives, them violating my old body... I wanted to die and sometimes I want to still.... but I feel I should be happy for people even if it means to pretend. I'm just a tool to fight for people who I believed were good and to make people happy.'' she finally finished and then started to drink the bottle in her hand. There she did, drinking it to the last drop.


on Fri May 04, 2018 5:15 am

Odin knew the question would be a difficult one for Arisa to answer. After all, he was asking about the details of the night she had been raped and murdered: a night that she probably preferred not to revisit if she could avoid it. Something strange did occur in her, however, as Odin noted her voice changed slightly in tone just before she laughed. Whether it was an after effect of the potion, or perhaps just a deeper layer to Arisa's psyche that he had never encountered, the woman now spoke abruptly about how it had felt, the pain, the self loathing, the wish for death to just hurry up. After a moment it passed, and Arisa's normal voice returned and finished the story, but Odin wouldn't forget that odd persona that had just taken over.

The story took a different turn than Odin had expected. He had expected Arisa to have hated the pain, the rape, the death, naturally, but then she came back and she was happy to have been granted new powers by the divine, or some other such feelings. But that wasn't it, she sometimes wished that she had just died, but now she was stuck as a tool for the faith, something Odin hadn't considered. The Seraphs were, unlike Odin, born from and tied to the church, which made them slaves to their own powers in a way. Where Odin was free as he was, Arisa had ascended just to become someone else's lapdog.

After finishing, she drank from the next bottle, much like someone drinking alcohol after telling a difficult story. She finished the bottle, but it didn't seem like anything had yet occurred. Odin did the same, going over to grab another bottle. They didn't have many left, but this had been good for both of them it seemed. Opening the bottle, but without drinking it, Odin decided to ask the same question, "This truth potion likely won't last much longer, so it's now your chance. Is there anything you've always wanted to ask me? After my question, I don't think we can get a topic that'd be too tough."


on Fri May 04, 2018 1:41 pm

It was almost time that the drinks will run out, but the potion she just got down guzzling did nothing again - was it another surprise? Arisa gazed at Lucifer's eyes as she wanted to enjoy the last time that they may look at each other the same as they do, but she knew that it won't matter. Lucifer will be himself rather he had skin or not. Without much words to speak about all she said, he asked if she had any more questions. Softly she placed her pointing finger against her soft full lips. Her eyes looked up as she was thinking. 'Do I have any?...' she wondered and then looked at him.

''Will you promise and keep that you won't lie to me anymore...? Also... if...'' she started and looked away for a moment - over thinking this question and then gazed right back at him with a hopeful look of clarity. ''If... '' she stopped. ''Nevermind... Forget I asked.'' she then said. 'It's better that I don't find out if he'd fight me or not... As I don't think I could.' she thought sadly. Once that was over, her tail and ears disappeared, but a shock in the head arrived. ''Ugh...'' she motioned forward as her head went downward with her hands rubbing against her forehead. The pain was real and everything since the beginning flashed before her within seconds. Once it was over some tears fell as if she saw a movie filled with love, sadness and betrayal. Her eyes looked at the bottle. ''I may want to keep this bottle...'' she said exhaustively. Her eyes looked at Lucifer. ''Well.. that bottle was a memory gain... literally.'' she said with a ghostly smile as she knew that most likely... she'll forget it again. All that information was too much to really think if over right now.


on Sun May 06, 2018 2:49 am

The final question Arisa asked him was easily the worst thing she could've, as it forced Odin into a situation he had never been in before. He now had to promise he wouldn't lie, while under the influence of a potion that forced him to tell the truth. The consequences of this answer would be terrible, and Odin realised in horror what this meant as he spoke, "If I say yes, even if this potion runs out, its magic will never allow me to lie to you. I must tell the truth, so answering your question would force me to tell the truth, and that's something I can't break. No matter how hard I try, I will never be able to lie to you." He laughed at his ridiculous situation, laughed at how trapped he now had been by this woman, and then he answered, "I promise you, I will never lie ti you again." The magic of the potion then began to swirl around Odin, infecting him with the curse that he was now stuck with. At the same time, the flesh and muscle began to break, and turn to dust. Underneath, the bone reformed, and Odin once more became the Lich that he was. He may have lost the ability to, but Odin knew that tears would be streaming down his face right now. His face betrayed, as ever, no emotion: that maniacal smile once more taking hold of his skull.

During this time, it seemed Arisa had also gone through an odd time, as she also cried. The potion she drank had given the seraph her memories back, although she didn't know how long they would last for. Trying to help if he could, Odin spoke, "You could tell me what you remembered, and I could remind you once you forget?" It was worth a shot, even if the magic caused Odin to forget as well. He took a deep breath, realising the power of the pact he had signed, before asking, "So how many of those bottles do we have left? Can't be many."


on Mon May 07, 2018 10:12 am

She felt satisfied that he was never going to lie to her again as it was now like a curse. He was stuck or she knew her heart couldn't take it if he did lie to her afterwards. She doesn't take dishonesty kindly so it was a huge deal. It was almost time to sleep as she felt like her body was going to collapse from mental and health-wise exhaustion. Her energy felt like draining and sleep just sounded lovely, but the night as not over yet. ''I appreciate it, Lucifer.~'' she said softly with a sweet smile. She used her sleeves of the jacket she had by her to wipe her tears that were now no longer there as they burned away from the heat of her skin.

Next he asked about her memories if she wanted to share them so he could remind her later on if she forgot... ''Heh... honestly... these.. memories don't even seem real to me. Like some part of a fantasy. These imagines and stuff..'' she tried to explain - second guessing an explanation. Her body twisted as she looked in the bag to see one more bottle and handed it to him with a pass. ''Here you go. Last one. You try it first this time.'' she spoke curiously.


on Tue May 08, 2018 2:47 am

Arisa thanked Odin for the curse he had been placed under. It didn't make it any better for the Lich to come to terms with it, but at least someone was happy about the new state of affairs. But she also didn't seem convinced about her memories. Whether they were truly moments from her past or not, there was no way to know for sure, which caused her not to share them. Perhaps she didn't want to remember whatever it was that had appeared in her mind, or perhaps there were other reasons, but Odin decided not to press on the matter any more. After all, they had both enjoyed their time together, there was no reason to push any touchy subject matter for no reason. Instead, there were much more fun matters to attend to, such as that of the final bottle, which they decided to share, with Odin trying it first though.

Drinking the bottle, like many of the others, had provided no immediate effect, leaving Odin to wonder if one of them had been defunct after all. But he felt a bubbling in his chest, which made no sense as he was lacking any organs or blood to boil. A burp was forming, a powerful one at that, which again made no logical sense due to the nature of Odin's body. And yet, despite all that, the burp was released, and with it came a plume of fire, like that of a dragon's breath, which shot off the hill and evaporated into the starry night. Odin passed the bottle to Arisa for her to try, but the moment he spoke, his usually hollow voice became that of a pre-pubescent child: still hollow but much higher in pitch, "Oh man, that's certainly an odd pot- what the hell has happened to my voice? This is ridiculous, how can I sound intimidating now?"


on Wed May 09, 2018 11:34 pm

All was done and over with the past bottles of alcohol besides this one. She wondered which one it was as Lucifer grabbed, opened and started to drink it. Her eyes gazed at him with curiosity - like a cat. Her head tilted a little towards the right as she licked her full glossed lips to moisturize them. The cool winds howled and caressed against her skin as it felt quite lovely. Out-of-nowhere he burped, making her burst into laughter. ''What the.. Are you alright?'' she asked within her laughter. She stopped and had a straight face as she grabbed the bottle and he started.

His voice was like when someone huffed helium. Such a high pitched voice, childish and honestly it was humorous. To make it fair Arisa drank the rest of it and looked at him. She was waiting for the burp which never arrived. ''I guess it's not workin-'' She blinked and laughed in a tiny voice as if she was a smurf. She heard about them. It was a cartoon of tiny people that lived in a forest, but they looked like trolls of colored skin. She swore that was the name, but Arisa wasn't sure. Her eyes watered as she yawned with her arms stretching out. She noticed the wood was almost out and they still haven't gone to the festival. Hiccup~ ''Lucifer.~ Wanna go down the hill and see what's there? Or...'' she started to say and then heard bristle noises from trees and the bushes.


on Thu May 10, 2018 8:10 am

Their fire was dying, but the two sat around it were far from finished with the night. After Odin's initial fire breath, he felt no more such burps forming, and yet his voice was not dying down from the ridiculously high pitch that it seemed to sit at. Thankfully, as she could've easily just enjoyed the hilarity of Odin's voice, Arisa took the final half of the bottle's contents and, although no burp came from her, her voice was definitely much higher than it usually was. They were an interesting pair for definite: the Lich and the Angel, best friends yet who they represented were bitter rivals. The church of Illumin hated the existence of Odin, but none of that mattered right now.

Right now, they were just two friends drinking around the fire, but Arisa had plans for them to continue the night. She suggested that they head down to the festival proper and see what was there, as they still had some time before the fireworks lit up the night sky. She also had another thought for something else they could do, but she stopped herself, having heard something from the nearby trees. Tensing for a moment and readying himself in case of an ambush, as Odin had done so many times in his past, he spoke to his friend, in a hushed voice that only she would hear, with anyone else thinking it was simply the wind. Unfortunately, it was still a ridiculous high pitched voice, and definitely didn't represent the severity of the situation which they may have been about to enter.

"Did you hear something?"

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