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I don't want to leave the congo (open)

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I don't want to leave the congo (open) Empty on Sun Apr 29, 2018 1:15 pm



Noel had other plans for today. But a large ruckus throughout the town changed those plans. Nearly every person that was traveling towards Orchidia today had one destination. Some sort of Flower Festival; and this was quite odd, since Noel wasn't aware that this was being held someplace in Orchidia. From what he could gather, most people gathered in a part of Orchidia that wasn't inhabited by people. He knew the reason why, of course, but he wondered if the rest knew as well. It didn't matter this time, Noel started heading there as well. Wondering what sorts of people he will meet today.

The sun was shining quite bright, a few nights ago it had been raining a lot. Giving the flowers room to grow, and generally keep people indoors. Perhaps this contributed to why Noel didn't know of this festival. After arriving, the noticed that there were some locals with stands. The flowers here had  a nice aroma. Noel wasn't too outdoorsy, but this is  something he'd make an exception for. He forgot his combat gear at home, so nobody should feel awkward coming close to him and entering dialogue should they want to. Noel stood on an near empty field, not a single soul around him had ill intentions, as far he could tell.

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I don't want to leave the congo (open) Empty on Mon Apr 30, 2018 7:52 pm

There was having a good time, and then there as having an experience. Requiem had wandered about through the crowds as various things caught her attention only for her to be pulled away to another thing. The bright sun made the flower blooms seem even more vibrant as she walked around.

Her thoughts were distracted by a guy who seemed to be...not aloof, but sort of close to it. She walked over, determined to add to her experiences. She was wearing a dressed down version of her mission clothes. Basically her black pants, shirt and detached sleeves without her leathers.With the Rune Knight symbol on her chest and back.technically on duty in case of emergency but she wouldn't act unless she absolutely had to.

As she approached the man who seemed...uncomfortable? It was kinda hard to tell at the moment since he didn't seem openly agitated, "Enjoying yourself so far" She asked as she approached him with a smile, I don't think I've ever seen anything like this, it certainly makes places like Era seem cold."

She would watch his reaction and see what buttons to push. Requiem's juvenile streak reared it's head and wouldn't go away. Some things just had to be fed.

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