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A spring cleaning in her mind [Aurelion & invite: Festival]

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#1Nastasya Crowe 

on Sun Apr 29, 2018 9:03 pm

She just arrived, a small backpack slung over her left shoulder, her left hand sgrongly holding on to the strap of the bag as she walked over the path of the pink cherry blossom petals. She didn't know where she should go or what she was actually doing here. People were having fun probably and it would annoy her. Lilja was with that not sure if she had made the right decision and walked on to find a place to stay.

She walked to the side of the road, so many people, she didn't mind but she didn't like it either. She simply stared at them as they seemed to be making their fun and having their moments of the children running past her to yell what games they would play and what food they would buy. Lilja wouldn't mind something to eat but she also didn't feel very well at this point, she simply wished for a place to be able to rent a room. She had never been in Orchidia, how could someone forget how a town like Orchidia looked with their plants everywhere. Not only the cherry blossom, ivy, other plants she actually couldn't recall and she felt lonely.

She had that more often lately, understanding that she was looking for someone that she couldn't hold on to, she was looking for answers that no one seemed to be able to give her for the full hundred percent. This made her grumpy, harsh and lonely but she had to pretend, so she walked on and stood in front of a stall where she could buy masks. What would make it more fun? To buy the face of a kitsune, the lying fox and the smart one, the eyes of red that would only been shown, she could be everyone she wanted but she would never become who she had been.


on Sun Apr 29, 2018 9:49 pm

The sun was almost setting, the colors in the sky all the blue, purple and orange. Aurelion turned his head upwards and cherished this sight, together with the pink scenery of the cherry trees it signified one of the most entrancing moments in his life. His eyes wide open staring partially at the sky and partially at the trees, such a magnificent spectacle, he thought. He took a deep breath letting all of the now familiar scents get into his lungs, this was one of the most eventful days he had yet, but the festival would still last for hours.

Aurelion had already ate and drunk a fair amount but his stamina kept him sobber, after all a few drinks were nothing for him. He had spent quite some time in the festival making friends and whatnot, he still however didn't really check the other wares offered at the festival, he was curious to see what kind of trinkets would be offered for sale.

While walking through the event area he noticed a stall with masks hanging around it, different faces, different attributes, he saw one of them, the oni -the demons with red faces and long teeth-, he looked slightly to the right, the tengu -the fearsome demigods of the mountains-, he walked closer. Aurelion was a fan of tradition, his father taught him arts and history, partially, those masks were used for dances or performing a role on stage. Getting closer with each step more memories of his father came to his mind --he almost shed a tear. Trying to get a hold of himself Aurelion slightly pat himself on the back of the head, now isn't the time to get all dramatic, he thought. Finally arriving to the counter he saw a girl standing in front and examining a kitsune mask, "Ah, the kitsune, the shapeshifter fox, are you maybe looking to change to something else?" he said in a calm tone fixing his gaze in the girl's eyes.

#3Nastasya Crowe 

on Sun Apr 29, 2018 10:16 pm

A smart fox, a lying fox and as she believed most legends a beautiful one for the kitsune. What was it like to be one? Was she prettier when she was a redhead? When she had long hair and bright red? That's what she remembered, the wine colour that she stopped using after she turned human. Somehow she vaguely had the idea that she didn't turn human and got the amnesia at the same time. Perhaps it was a side effect that came later. She didn't know and she wondered how long it would take before she would finally know.

She pushed her index finger against her lip, wondering still, she had completely ignored the person selling the masks who was now moving on to another customer or simply sitting behind the counter to wait for her to make a decision. Actually she didn't ignore this person on purpose, he apparently didn't give her enough to force her out of her bubble of thoughts. It was the person that came after that, that did. Her red eyes stared at the young man, around her age she guessed, nothing very special, not that she did mind the contact but nothing special that triggered her memory. The way he spoke to her, he didn't seem to be familiar with her and thus she could almost be sure that they didn't know each other. There was always a risk, she had been apparently Grimoire Heart and even if the king had declared them free of charges from the past, she bet not every... not everyone thought that. She got triggered but had to pull herself together to let it wash over her and not show up like a freak.

She put a smile on her face as if she was the innocent being herself, "Doesn't it sound like fun to be something or someone else once in a while? Without anyone knowing it is you, you could do whatever you want without harm." She added the last words to make sure she gave an innocent show as well.


on Mon Apr 30, 2018 11:27 am

The girl's words ringged in Aurelion's head as he was taken back to the day he and his mother were hunted by the dark guild. Changing appearances would prove quite useful, it meant they would have lived a peaceful life and his mother would still be alive now instead of leaving Aurelion to fend for himself at the age of sixteen. But what was he thinking, of course his mother didn't leave him like that, she prepared him each and every day, how to take care of the house, the chores, the cooking, he was already working at that age, and most of all she prepared him for his legacy -his magic-, so no it wasn't selfish of her to day at the hands of those men, she prepared him and then made the ultimate sacrifice so he could live his life.

As his mind latched back into reality he found himself staring at the girl's eyes for a while now without having said a single thing. Realizing this he slightly blushed and offered the girl a warm smile, "The way you put it, it definitely sounds fun!" he exclaimed and chuckled "As long as you don't have anything harmful in mind." he said with a serious tone now, looking at the girl dead in the eyes only to burst in laughter a second later. "I'm only joking, I'm Aurelion and I'd love to learn this beautiful maiden's name." he said as he winked at the girl and extending his hand forward. Listening to the girl's reply he then offered to take her for a walk should she not want to buy anything from the stall.

#5Nastasya Crowe 

on Mon Apr 30, 2018 7:19 pm

Human beings were interesting things, shame she was one now too and she probably belonged in the subject of something that stupid. She didn't know what it was, surely it was annoying but still there might be something nice to be a human. She looked at the man that talked to her and sort of spaced out. She wasn't sure what was going on and what he was thinking about, surely they were strangers so that made it easier. She needed answers but perhaps it was nice to also be another Lilja for once in a while. She had been a Grimoire Heart mage, that much she knew and she was sure about as someone confirmed. She had only forget to ask Asmodeus about the title that she wanted to know about, after all Jeremiah had mentioned something about it and she was sure there was something about it.

It didn't take long for the young man to be back on this earth surface so she leaned with her head a bit to the left and looked with her bright red eyes to the person. He was pretty, but she was still again sure that she didn't look for anything like that, only for answers and the person behind the sillhoutte. She would have taken a step back when he mentioned the no harm rule again, or well more or less and she felt like people didn't understand the fun of doing whatever you wanted to do without any trouble. "Nah that would ruin it though." She said with a little laugh to keep it in that situation. She took the Kitsune mask of the stands and would buy it soon. But first she would just get through this meeting.

"Lilja," She said with a firm handshake to return and she gave a smile back, when Aurelion asked her to take a walk, she would first pay for the mask before following along. "I have never been in Orchidia before. It looks wonderful."


on Tue May 01, 2018 10:50 am

Aurelion was skeptical, why was that girl so keen on doing things that would cause harm and she supported it again, what fun would there be in causing someone trouble, he thought. The girl was definitely mysterious but Aurelion wasn't quick to judge and decided to dispel those thoughts from his head while continuing in a friendly manner, "I've been living in Orchidia for some time now, but it's the first time I'm seeing this much beauty gathered in one place." he said while pointing at the cherry trees all around them. While walking slowly around the festival Aurelion asked the girl for the reason she came to Orchidia, was it merely for the event or she had some other business as well. Hearing her answer he stopped in front of an ice cream stall and was now looking at the different flavours ordering two scoops of ice cream vanilla and mango, he then turned to Lilja "Will you have anything? I'll pay for it as a welcoming treat." Aurelion said and chuckled as he looked at the girl's eyes waiting for her answer.

Red eyes, he thought, Pyre had identical red eyes but their difference was that his were full of passion and life, while Lilja's seemed a bit lost, sad at least in Aurelion's mind, maybe the girl was just tired from walking, after all she had a small backpack with her. He snapped out of his thoughts just as Lilja was answering to his question if she wanted some ice cream he'd pay for it and if not he would just nod with a smile.

#7Nastasya Crowe 

on Tue May 01, 2018 11:41 am

She raised her eyebrow, perhaps she wasn't as good with socializing as she always thought. After all at this point she only got drunk or well ended up in a bed with that person. Which was probably not a good thing to think about as she might blush, stupidly enough she could do that now as she was human. Was it fun to be a vampire? She needed to focus on socializing, "It really looks beautiful." Lilja nodded, she wasn't really a nature type so she would just see it, she couldn't deny that it looked pretty though so that much was true. Lilja decided that pershaps it was fun to buy something for her hotel room, if she planned to stay there for a long time, it would be fun to have something personal. For it didn't feel personal, as if she lost all her personal belongings for some reason.

She followed Aurelion around and didn't know exactly what to say but looked around at the people, thank god it wasn't so busy yet, perhaps that would change the longer the festival would go on. She didn't like crowds that much but she would be able to handle it. Her hands holding on to the kitsune mask, soon enough she would get enough answers to know who she was and people would cower in fear to know that Lilja Oswald had returned. She smiled with that track of thoughts and looked at the ice cream that Aurelion ordered, "Oh how very sweet of you, I would like strawberry please, with chocolate?" pretending to be bothered by ordering two scoops that would cost more than one but who cared, if he offered.

She watched the person behind the stand make the ice scoops and take it gladly, when was the last time she did eat ice cream? Did she even eat anything else as a vampire than blood?


on Tue May 01, 2018 12:31 pm

The girl didn't seem to bother with answering Aurelion's question, maybe she didn't want other people up in her business or she just was too lost in thought to notice. Aurelion decided to give it another try and if it proved unsuccessful once more then he would give up on it. "So what brings you to Orchidia, is it simply the festival or some other reason?" he asked while paying for the ice cream and giving Lilja hers, "There you go." he said with a smile. Waiting for the girl to speak he took a small bite from his ice cream, mango, ah how I've missed that, he thought and made a slight grin of pleasure.

The ice cream took him back to his childhood years when he attended all kinds of festivals with his parents, causing them trouble constantly just because he wanted to try every food that was offered, he was a glutton from a young age but his constant activities kept him in great shape. Turning his attention to Lilja he asked her whether she would like to go with him to the lake, "The place is beautiful and it's perfect for clearing your mind, it's also less crowded from what I can see." Aurelion said pointing towards the place. The truth is that it was only the first day of the festival and not many people had attended it yet, making it an ideal place for people who want to avoid large crowds.

#9Nastasya Crowe 

on Tue May 01, 2018 12:56 pm

She had not noticed his question before, probably too much thinking in that pretty little head of hers and she quickly looked back up at Aurelion, "Oh I came here because of the festival. It sounded like something very pretty and a lot of fun. A good opportunity to meet new people." Wew, she sounded as if she was making an advertisment about the festival, so she forced herself to make this awkward giggle and take a quick lick of the ice cream, "I'm not very good at the social stuff." she muttered, making herself more the awkward shy girl than the real deal that she was. It had to be easy this way but she had of course no idea with who she was dealing and who she would become herself at some point.

She took another lick of her chocolate ice cream and she was actually glad to have such a sweet thing to enjoy. Perhaps she should stop hammering herself on the bad side of this amnesia and focus on good things as well. Such as just enjoying this ice cream. So she nodded, "Sure let's gooo~" she said with a little sing a song voice. Okay today she was the kitsune of fun, but who would see what she would do tomorrow. Besides no crowd was a very pleasant idea.


on Tue May 01, 2018 3:12 pm

Aurelion liked Lilja's answer, visiting the town for the festival and meeting new people. That's what he wanted himself, meet new people and make acquaintances or even better, friends. As she told him about her not being very good at socializing Aurelion felt somewhat bad for pushing her, apologizing at the girl as they were walking. Looking at her licking her ice cream in peace made Aurelion wonder whether she grew a tad bit closer to him or not, obviously they met not long ago but still he was used to people getting close to him rather fast, maybe cause of his personality, his carefree attitude or his smiles. Why was Aurelion get all worked up about it though, maybe it was the girl's previous words that made him feel as though something is amiss, but thinking all this now wouldn't really help, after all she was still there and maybe things could change.

As that thought was complete he heard her agree to his suggestion of taking a walk towards the lake. Her mood seemed to have brighten up a bit, letting the words out of her mouth like lyrics from a song. "Great! This way then!" Aurelion exclaimed with a warm smile offering his hand to the girl, "See? There are some stones over there, if you want you can hold on to me so you won't trip.". Aurelion waited a bit for the girl's reply then the two proceeded to walk towards the lake, the afternoon sun was making the colors in the lake trully remarkable, and the cherry petals had filled the lake giving it a soft pink coat for the afternoon breeze.

#11Nastasya Crowe 

on Tue May 01, 2018 8:34 pm

Right she had strict herself in the webs of being a kitsune, a spider anything else that could be smart, yet lying and making a whole show about it. Lilja used to be a good liar, she didn't need to have memories to know that, perhaps that explained why people called her different names even though Esperia and Asmodeus had called her Lilja as well, would her real name in that case be Nastasya and was everything a lie of what she thought? Had she been lying to the demon of lust and now she had forgotten the real life that she had been leading? It was a lot to consider and she had no time for that when she tried to hang out and be a social awkward person, on one hand, she could be socially extra awkward if she forgot to pay attention. "Oh please, don't apologize. I liked the conversation we were having and I don't mind at socializing at all, I just wish I was sometimes better at it." Good excuse for saying this in case he had missunderstood her at the first part.

She liked the chocolate of the ice cream and wouldn't mind to start the flavour of strawberry, she was pretty curious about it but the flavour was amazing, it still made her mind trail off wondering when was the last time she actually ate ice cream. She answered Aurelion positively to come along to the lake and stared at his hand that he offered, looking at where he pointed and nodding, quickly holding his hand. Lilja her pretendance would be too awkward and probably fall, the real Lilja hated to hold someone's hate and tried her best not to feel clammy hands or think the worst about it, soon it would be over again. "It looks beautiful." she said once she got the view of the water of the lake, it looked like a concert of colours and the sounds of the birds, crickets and frogs around the lake made it a better concert too, shame she didn't really like this things but you wouldn't be able to read that on the expression of her face, which looked satisfied and happy.


on Wed May 02, 2018 2:42 pm

Aurelion was happy that Lilja accepted his offer and as they both headed for the lake together he made sure to not trip himself, while holding Lilja's hand, if he did the both of them would fall or at least that's what Aurelion was afraid of. Taking careful steps they made it to the lake, Aurelion was captivated by its beauty, the waters were calm and he could see his reflection in them. As he turned to Lilja he saw her admiring the lake, admittedly there was some "noise" as the birds, the crickets and the frogs seemed to be holding a concert courtesy of nature. He heard the girl speak about the beauty of the sight and he replied with a nod, closing his eyes and staying still for a few seconds, this noise was welcomed in his ears, it was a beautiful tune that made Aurelion calm.

He turned to the girl a moment later "Tell me about yourself, Lilja. Where are you from? Are you a mage? Perhaps you belong in one of the guilds spead throughout Fiore?". The girl had an aura around her, she couldn't be just a plain human, before giving her answer, Aurelion added that if any of his questions made her uncomfortable she could tell him and he'd understand, he didn't want to pry in her personal matters, he just wanted to get to know the girl. Bitting into his vanilla ice cream now, he listened carefully to what the red-eyed girl had to say.

#13Nastasya Crowe 

on Thu May 03, 2018 12:07 pm

Physical contact felt weird to the red eyed lady, she didn't like it, she didn't logn for it and it actually made her feel dirty. That wasn't because of this guy, Aurelion did nothing wrong, there was this sense in her, a feeling from the past that made it that she felt that way. As if her clothing sticked to her body, made her clammy and sweaty and it was only in her mind it didn't really happen and it was too difficult to figure out where the feelings came from. Amnesias definitely not on her list of favourite things in her life, there was this sort of insecurity creeping up on her, wondering if she would be a better person with this amnesia going on or if she was a better person when she was, whoever she was.

He was a friendly one, this person, she was sure she didn't meet too many nice people in her life, based on the jobs she did perhaps based on the rumours she heard about Grimoire Heart. The questions that he asked her though, made her realize that denying an amnesia issue was a very difficult one, "My life is a bit upside down at this point." But she would figure out a way, it was nice to be able to play and be whomever you want at a moment whenever you want. "I left my family to become whatever I wanted, that hadn't gone really well yet, even made me disable my magic because of the turmoil in my mind." She shook her head slightly because she didn't mind telling him, it wasn't true after all but she gave him a wry smile and looked away, "Here I am, Lilja Oswald, ready for an adventure, realizing how much I suck in making contact with other people." She gave a short giggle, "I bet it is something I will get used to in the end."


on Thu May 03, 2018 4:47 pm

Aurelion heard the woman talk, her words and her story made him feel pity for her. So young and yet so many things on her mind, he thought as he kept looking at Lilja speak. Aurelion was left alone since his sixteenth year but the girl decided on her own to leave her parents and pursue her own destiny, "This must have taken a great amount of courage to pull off, leaving your family like that." he said with a melancholic look. Whether he should or shouldn't pry further he didn't know, maybe she wanted to get away from an oppressive family, or maybe she just wanted to see the world on her own.

Another matter was that even her magic was rendered useless now that her mind was in disarray, "Maybe you need to search inside you and find the source of your magic again." he said trying to encourage Lilja on that matter. He wasn't even aware of what her abilities could be but whatever it was, "The problem might lie inside your heart, instead of your mind. Your emotions could be what's keeping your magic locked up." he said while scratching his chin, his eyes on the lake's surface.

"Now come on, you don't suck at socialising, we all have to start somewhere!" he exclaimed with a chuckle after hearing the girl joke about that matter. The stars could already be seen in the sky, it would get dark soon, "Look at the sky." Aurelion said as he pointed up, "All those stars, so beautiful and mysterious, they watch over everything that occurs and know all." he said with a calm yet serious tone as his eyes traced the countless stars hanging on the heavens. Those were his mother's words, "the stars know all", maybe someday he could find the answers he was looking for himself, somewhere among them.

#15Nastasya Crowe 

on Sat May 05, 2018 10:30 pm

She looked through her dark eyelashes at Aurelion and nodded with a solem face, yes well at least it worked and he believed her, "Sometimes I want to run back but than I remind myself that it wasn't fun either at home." she pulled on her gray hair with her free hand as if to show that she was uncomfortable about the situation, the conversation but in truth, she wondered how her parents had really been because she obviously didn't know. Lilja nodded, yes she actually believed that her magic had gotten a curse on its well potential, with her changing back to human and well she believed to have some magic relating to the blood need for being a vampire, her guess was blood magic but Lilja had no idea to be honest. "It is definitely on my plan to do list, something like sit with myself or meditate or something. It isn't a priority at this point, I need to get myself figured out and living and the things, make sure I have enough jewels to get food." Okay this lie was going to far.

She wondered though if it could be her heart, but she doubted that, she didn't change personality after all but she looked up at Aurelion with the surprised expression on her face, "I never thought about that but it might be yeah. I should definitely think about that when I try."

She gave a short chuckle as Aurelion said that she didn't suck. No she knew, she knew how to play this game but it wouldn't work for the character that she played right now. She looked up as he pointed up and had realized that she actually never really looked up at the sky, it had never been really a point of interest. They knew all, ha! Well if only they would speak but no, they didn't. "That's beautiful." She said softly and she was truly impressed that was no lie.


on Tue May 08, 2018 11:59 am

Aurelion was looking at Lilja as she mentioned that sometimes she wanted to run back home, it couldn't have been an easy choice, that's certain but she's a strong individual, he thought. Seeing how she nervously pulled on her gray hair Aurelion realised that he was making her uncomfortable, blushed slighty for his mistake and giving her a nod of understanding he looked at the sky. Hearing her talk about surviving first instead of searching more about her magic, Aurelion realised they were in the same situation, he had his job at the bar just so he could survive but it was taking its toll on his magic as he wasn't able to train or -for that matter- didn't have anyone to train with in the first place.

Now looking at the stars -after his prompt- and seeing Lilja enjoying the view, Aurelion realised it was getting late. "I really enjoyed your company Lilja, but it's nighttime already and I have some business to attend to." he said with a sigh and prompted her to get back to the festival street, still holding her hand so she wouldn't trip from the rocks in the lake area. Whether she wished to follow him or not, Aurelion thanked her for spending the afternoon with him, eating ice cream together and looking at the lake and the sky, he was happy that he made a friend a that day. "I'll see you again if you stay for the rest of the festival and maybe we can spend some more time." he said with a smile and looking around he spotted a stall with food, purchasing a skewered chicken for him and one for Lilja and giving it to her, he continued "Don't forget me, alright? Maybe we could have some adventures together in the future!" he exclaimed and winked at the girl, gesturing her goodbye, he left the festival grounds and headed home to change for his appointment.


#17Nastasya Crowe 

on Thu May 10, 2018 7:20 pm

She didn't understand human beings, almost forgetting she was one herself, how would they work, giving and taken and sometimes giving more and sometimes taking more. Being blinded for the world that showed them anger and power and yet they were actually too stupid to be cowering in the light and not afraid in the dark. She didn't want them to be afraid, she didn't mind Aurelion in that matter, she wasn't exactly sure what she thought, sometimes too complicated for a lady with amnesia. "Oh that's fine," she said politely though, "Don't feel bothered by me, thank you very much for spending your evening with me." She would still hold on to his hand, something she still couldn't get used to and she only did it because she would find herself clumsy enough to fall over and she wanted to refrain from that.

"Sure, I look forward to that." Lilja answered as he said he might see her again, at this point with no friends and no answers, it wouldn't be bad to spend her days with Aurelion. She twirled the fox mask between her fingers, who knew what would happen. She was surprised he bought her more food, was she too skinny or was it something humans simply did, thank god she ate normal food again. She watched Aurelion go and waved him goodbye before she headed back to her inn.


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