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Another Friend Another Drunken spirit [Esperia:Festival]

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on Wed May 02, 2018 7:05 pm

A soft gasp of excitement escaped Esperia's lips as she felt Arisa gently embrace her, the sudden materialization of Arisa's wings making her eyes widen in surprise as they were pulled into the air. However, after they reached the seclusion of a nearby area Esperia mused softly. "You deserve to be told~" Esperia hummed softly as she spun back and forth, clearly excited in the wake of her song. "I usually don't sing~ But the reason they act like that is because of Asmodeus' magic. When I start to sing my song while being in my hybrid form it tends to affect most people."

She paused for a moment, her smile faltering a little as she continued. "The reason Asmodeus was so feared during the reign of the seven lords of the abyss was because her presence drove everyone into a lust-induced daze, pursuing their desires and ambitions without restrain."

She sighed briefly while shaking her head lightly. "I wish I could sing my song to my fiance without her getting affected by it, but right now I don't have enough control over it." She chuckled briefly, explaining further. "But I was stirred into singing after hearing your performance~"

Yet when she was asked about something the lass continued. "Yeah, we might need to go somewhere else for a while till my magic fades~ But thank you for getting us out of here."


on Wed May 02, 2018 9:19 pm

She listened to her saying how she wished things were somewhat different when it came to singing. Esperia wanted to sing for her lover, but something that had to do with Lily made it quite difficult. Her eyes cornered to where the stage far away was located. She could hear things happening, some yells perhaps some screams, but she started to dim out the noise. ''I wanted to sing to my lover someday, but I doubt he'd actually sit long enough for me to sing. Me and him... rarely per-say do many activities together other than well...'' she started to say and blushed as she looked away.

Something then hit her and so her head and eyes looked at her. ''Surprised you aren't surprised about my wings - asking any questions at all...'' she drifted off and looked around to see if there was anything else to do that wasn't particularly in the festival. Slowly she walked away, arms crossed against her chest and the wind making the strands flail. ''We could perhaps go to the mini party some adults are having by the hill'' she said to give out an option. Up the hill, not so far was people - adults drinking and dancing as well as some chanting. Seemed fun.


on Wed May 02, 2018 9:33 pm

"When you have the essence of a Demon Lord inside you, you tend to get used to a lot of things that might shock people. Although your wings are pretty~" Esperia declared with a little smile as she listened to Arisa's talk about her lover, making the girl tilt her head slightly to the side in confusion. "To be honest, I wouldn't be able to live like that. Every moment I spend away from Fia makes me feel as if something is missing. We almost always do everything together~ But she had to attend to a debriefing today..."

Esperia's shoulders dropped a little at the revelation but soon cheered up as she resumed speaking. "Fia is a Rune Knight, but she is about to leave them, after they forced her to leave me behind to fight in Oak against Phantom Lord we had enough... So now we're going to be selfish and just live for ourselves and for those we love~"

Esperia hummed happily before she resumed her explanation. "I always feel the most alive when Fia is there with me, it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy just seeing her and I can't resist trying to get her all flustered~ She really is adorable when she gets all shy and timid!"

A sheepish giggle escaped her lips as she looked at the direction Arisa's offer came from. "Hmm, I don't really like alcohol that much. But considering the time~" Gesturing lightly at the sky as dusk started to settle in she motioned toward the distant lake and inquired with a hint of interest. "How about we go and take a trip to the lake? I hear there is a small peer there, and people are about to shoot fireworks once the sun is gone, so we might be able to see the fireworks both in the sky and in the reflection of the water~"


on Thu May 03, 2018 12:14 am

Her head turned and tilted so her face was towards the sky. The area was getting even darker as she could see the stars hiding among the dark. She knew that stars hid when there was light around the area in which case, there was light for the festival so the stars were no where to be found over here. After hearing Esperia speak she nodded and looked at her. ''Alright, lead the way.~'' she spoke softly and quite sweetly. The air started to get a small crisp of coolness against the face as the first thing that'd get cold was her nose.

The cold didn't really bother her as it did most people, but she never knew why. Arisa followed Esperia's path towards the lake to watch some fireworks, but what'd it be like? She wanted to watch the fireworks on her first time with Noel, but he was no where to be seen as of right now. It twas more than true that she missed him and when they weren't together it made her question on where and what. Did she trust him? Yes, but there was a slid of thought of 'what if' that came to mind and slowly will corrupt her mind.


on Thu May 03, 2018 8:27 am

An excitable little hum escaped her lips as she guided Arisa toward the destination they had agreed upon. Fortunately the path toward the lake was quite easy to take, and they had not needed to worry about encountering a lot of people on the way either! Once they reached the edge of the lake various lanterns were lit to provide a festive mood to the area, even the pier was well-lit. With that childish excitement that seemed typical of her the lass darted off toward the pier and happily spun around, looking at Arisa while making a light sway upwards with her hand, gesturing into the air above them.

"Look Ari~ it's about to start~" And indeed, as if on cue the sky above erupted into a flurry of lights, various fireworks being lit above the area of Orchidia where the festival was held. Even around the lake the fireworks reached and as she had promised the entire surface of the water was lit up, almost as if by magic, but this awe-inspiring sight was simply the result of the fireworks above being reflected onto the water. "I wish peaceful days like this could last forever~ now that would make life itself an everyday festival~"


on Thu May 03, 2018 12:05 pm

She walked with Esperia towards the lake that the trees were hiding the view of right now. The path was guarded by trees alongside them winding back and forth due to the wind. Some leafs were growing and holding onto the branch strongly like her holding onto her sanity, her lover and close friends. Her golden eyes gazed forward towards what was the lake itself, sparkling by the moon's light. It was almost a full moon, but not quite. The reflection in the lake of the moon was hazing with rhythm as her head then tilted upward to see the fireworks start. ''They are starting... Indeed.'' she drifted off as she gently sat down so her butt was on the edge of the dock that was placed for those with boats.

She listened to Esperia speak of war/fighting as they went up making her corner her eyes to gaze at her for a second and then looked back up at the fireworks. Some were shapes of hearts, designs of symbols for this Country and so forth. ''Most of us do wish that, but... War never changes. We most likely will have war soon enough if not later in the future.'' she spoke calmly and sweetly. Finally, the fireworks kept going and so would their friendship yet not end.


on Thu May 03, 2018 6:12 pm

A little nod of agreement came from the girl to Arisa's wise words, making Esperia muse softly. "Mhmm~ but unless it becomes my war I doubt I'll be participating in it. I merely want to spend time with Fia and enjoy our upcoming wedding and the honeymoon that follows after it." However, she cast her gaze upwards as the fireworks started to come in their full glory, leading her to continue speaking. "Of course, should the war affect her or our family then I got no doubt I'll be forced to participate. but I'm done with us fighting battles that aren't our own. Especially those that separate us from each other. It's why I asked her to leave the Rune Knights in the first place."

A little nod followed as she cast her gaze toward Arisa and smiled briefly. "I hope things will work out between you and your fiance soon also~ If not, just give him a good hug and push him into the soft embrace of your pillows! There is nobody who calls himself a real man who would be able to resist that!"

Nodding her head a few times as if she had said some very wise sage-like words she looked at Arisa to gauge her reaction.


on Fri May 04, 2018 1:32 am

Wedding? Honeymoon? It sounded so grand to her. She put on a smile as she clapped her hands together. ''You're so lucky. Quite a good thing indeed. If you ever need a role filled - I'm your angel. I don't judge if you're a demonic lord/mistress or anything as long as you don't harm those I love.'' she spoke with a quite mischievous smile that disappeared as quick as it appeared. Her arms fell downward against her sides as she looked at all the colors. ''He's quite too tall for me to do that - but I will keep that in mind.'' she responded to the advice Esperia was giving.

''And I suppose I will try it when things become bad - if he fails and not accept it... I suppose that's that.'' she simply said disheartened and lowered her gaze at the water. 'Will you leave him? The love of your life if he doesn't accept your embrace?' questioned the darker toned voice. It was hard to think on that as it was hard to answer. 'If he does reject it... doesn't it mean he doesn't really love me nor my affections?' she wondered. There was silence between her mind and reality as the fireworks continued to go on.


on Fri May 04, 2018 1:54 am

"Make love, not war is a saying Asmodeus is fond of~" Esperia hummed with a sheepish grin, as if to reassure Arisa that as long as those she loved didn't seek to harm those she herself loved, she would have no reason to worry. However, hearing Arisa's troubled words she raised a hand to her chin, seemingly pondering intensely about the sorrowful statement of the angel.

"I don't know... Every person is different, although it would be a bit odd if he doesn't respond to your affections. While Fia is more reserved when it comes to showing her affection, she secretly enjoys it when I show how much I love and adore her, and she wouldn't hesitate twice to return the favor when we're in private~" A bright smile appeared on her blushing face as she answered Arisa's earlier offer. "I can't say for sure what Fia has in mind for the wedding, but I'll make sure to voice the idea~" She stated cheerfully before turning her attention back to the sky.

"But I think if someone loves you, they will answer your feelings, else... it's just setting yourself up for a painful future full of regrets..." And judging from how she spoke, it seemed she was talking from personal experience also.


on Fri May 04, 2018 1:18 pm

She wondered about love, feelings and much more. The angel felt confused on all of this and wondered if Noel truly loved her. Were they ever meant to have the 'heavenly bondage' that she was instructed when she was stuck in some void? She was taught certain things by a shadow covered angel as they wouldn't show their faces or anything. They said that there was a magical bond angels had with their lovers or the one they fall in love with. The person lingers in their minds and it becomes toxic in the end unless otherwise. 'Was that Seraph telling the truth though?' she wondered and then saw the finale of the fireworks.

They boomed up fast, quick and they were then finished. Her head tilted to look at Esperia. ''Those were quite beautiful.'' she randomly said and then looked back at the sky. ''Do you ever wonder what will come to you in the end due to your bond to a demon lord?'' she asked curiously. It was sure not the same as being an actual demon of course, but there had to be something about it. Within, she hopes it won't interfere with her love life more than what she was already told. It made her think as well what heaven was really like and what the top people were like.


on Fri May 04, 2018 4:44 pm

An excitable little series of nods came from Esperia, clearly having enjoyed the fireworks a lot also. However, in the wake of those Arisa asked a question that made her wonder for a bit. What sort of future would await her as the vessel, and successor of Asmodeus? Of course, someone religious might zealously believe that as Asmodeus' vessel she would be a sinner doomed for an eternity of damnation, but she genuinely believed that wasn't the case.

"It's the actions of a person and not their powers that decide if someone is good or evil~" She answered before grinning sheepishly. "Those were words my elder sister used to say. But I believe that being the vessel for Asmodeus doesn't decide my future or the end to my life. Fia loves me for who I am, and I will be judged for what I did, rather than who joined me for the ride~" A soft giggle escaped her lips, as if she was amused at the way she had voiced her response, but as the lights died down Esperia realized that dusk had passed and it was now officially nighttime. "Hmm~ I guess we should go back~ Else Fia might get worried and start seeking for me~"


on Fri May 04, 2018 6:26 pm

Yawning and stretching after standing up, Arisa felt her bones crack and muscles ache as she started to feel sleepy. Her eyes felt tired, but the night was not over yet. She heard Esperia speak for herself and herself only as she explained that it shouldn't really matter on who joined the ride as she wouldn't be judged by so. Arisa understood as she too had someone join the ride, but it wasn't quite the same. She still didn't know Kuriana's existence and why it even still existed. She itched the back of her head and yawned once more as she walked with Esperia back to where it was once chaotic in its own way.

Her eyes wandered to make sure no one died and thankfully no dead bodies hit the floor. ''Well, at least it wasn't too chaotic, right?'' she questioned with her eyebrow cocked upward. It was like the area went back to normal after all the singing and with that she then saw areas that were empty... ''Guessing those spaces are for businesses that wish to open up. Interesting.'' she said softly and then stormed around to find a pen and paper. ''Alright then... I guess I should open up my business here as well.'' she said to herself even though Esperia was most likely right there. Once she was done writing a letter to the co-manager, she put it in the mail box for it to be sent. ''I'm going to open up my business here even though it'd not be here till tomorrow.'' she spoke and finally spoke once last time before some silence. ''So what next, Esperia?'' Arisa smiled.


on Fri May 04, 2018 6:33 pm

"Oh~ You're planning to set up a booth?" Seemingly rather interested in the decision that Arisa had made the obsidian-haired trickster looked around the area and mused softly. "Although, Asmodeus' power is the power of lust, and considering the festive nature it's likely those people who were affected either went to have fun or... have a different 'kind of fun'" the girl hummed, seemingly a bit amused although when asked about what was up next the girl had to admit she wasn't sure.

"It's getting pretty late~ so I should return to the inn I and Fia are staying at~ Want me to show you the way? It's pretty cheap but really comfortable to stay at. If you're lucky you might even find Alisa, since she was staying there also recently." A little smile lingered on her lips as she took a few steps away from the box that Arisa had placed her application in and mused softly. "I really hope this festival will last for a while longer~ I'm quite fond of this mood." It was true, festive occasions like this suited the young lady much better than participating in a violent thing like a war. So she truly hoped things would remain peaceful for a long time... Even if that might be wishful thinking.


on Fri May 04, 2018 6:56 pm

She smiled sweetly, ''I am. My cafe is here in town so it might be good to advertise.'' A small chuckle escaped her pretty lips. She knew it was time to go soon as she was sure Esperia wanted to go back to her lover as Arisa missed hers. She wasn't sure if he'd be in Orchidia by now or not, but it didn't hurt to find out. The girl started to ask if she wanted an escort to the motel/hotel nearby which would allow them to hang out a little bit longer. Did she want to though? Of course she did. Arisa may question people, but as of tonight there was no reason to question this one.

''Alright, perhaps we'll walk past the cafe so I can show you it.''
she offered. If so, they started to walk down the street away from the lanterns of paper with colors of red, gold and green and into the cobblestone and halo-like lights. A small smile appeared as the went past the businesses that were closed and soon they were to hit a corner and another and then straight and soon enough the cafe. ''The cafe has karaoke, foods from different Countries - as most of the friends that work here bring their own Country-made recipes. They'll dress in any attire you wish - but certain ones require you to be in the other section of the cafe as the kids have the front area. We wouldn't want a kid to see something rather... erotic.'' she joked and chukled.


on Sat May 05, 2018 3:18 am

"Oh? You own a cafe? That's pretty fascinating~" Of course she was surprised, in the end she had not been in Orchidia before, so when Arisa revealed she owned an establishment in the city she was genuinely interested in the matter. "I see~ I did notice a lot of the stalls are selling foreign dishes." She couldn't help but remember the Takoyaki that she had sampled alongside Fia during the walk around the festival alongside her fiance's father. However, listening further toward the nature of the cafe soon led Esperia to let out a little giggle of amusement.

"I don't think wearing something erotic during a meal is a good idea either way~ I mean, you might be too distracted wanting to have a different meal, and end up making your food get cold!" She could already imagine it, considering how Fia reacted when she was wearing a maid outfit, imagine if she was wearing something more erotic and revealing? At that rate Fia might end up getting too distracted and want to order her as the main dish~ Then again, it wasn't like Esperia would mind that in the slightest!

"Isn't it tough to run an establishment when you travel around so much?"


on Mon May 07, 2018 1:37 pm

Esperia and Arisa were walking on the cobbled stone path to the side of the town where the businesses were; including her cafe and the hotel establishment. The cafe's lights were out of course and the area seemed quite beautiful with the potted flowers, plants that seem from tropical islands and windows nicely cleaned. the inside was blocked by white and pink curtains that had a long half-circle curve with the middle having a cut out heart shape. The area was for those ladies who wished to enjoy tea with beautiful/handsome men and for men who liked to see beautiful ladies work - it all depended on appeal these days.

Appearances seemed important to people... Mostly when one chooses a mate or even friends. Her mind was then set on Noel who was handsome, cute and yet sexy with his shirt off of course, but his mysterious personality was what caught her attention. He was so sweet, loving and seemed to be the type where people will misunderstand him, but perhaps she was misunderstanding him. She remembered when he broke her heart, ran off on her from that date with the rain of tears and the ocean water waves. It wasn't till she found him in the rain... She sighed and shook her head as she saw a hotel. ''Is this it?'' she questioned and looked up. ''Is it nice? I've only been to the hotels in mainly all the other towns and cities.'' she giggled and smiled at her friend.


on Thu May 10, 2018 1:01 am

Her gaze drifted around as they looked the café as Arisa explained the nature of the establishment to her, making the obsidian-haired trickster giggle softly, clearly amused at the thought. Seemed like a dangerous place for one like her, not that she needed anyone aside from Fia in her life! Still, as they resumed their walk toward the inn Esperia idly mused about the future. Now that Fia was retiring from the Rune Knights and they were about to get married she had started to consider her plans for the future, for it would become a future spend alongside the love of her life.

Perhaps in the wake of their wedding, they would travel to Hargeon and enjoy the pleasant weather? That seemed like quite a solid idea! A smile crept upon her lips as she thought vividly about her lover being dressed in a bikini outfit, but the thought quickly escalated into her fiance clinging to her due to the fear of the sea, the sight making her snicker mischievously as they reached the inn.

"Mhmm it's pretty nice~ the rooms are clean and cozy, and the food they serve here isn't bad either. Although it's situated in a quieter part of Orchidia, what is something I always appreciate~" she explained with a smile as she gestured toward the second floor. "See that window on the second floor? the one that is the third one from the right? That's where I and Fia are staying at~ Dunno what room Alisa has, but you often find her in the garden of the inn enjoying some sake with Lumen~"

A sheepish giggle followed as she stepped toward the inn before turning toward Arisa. "But I should return to my room now, before Fia gets worried~ I hope to talk to you again soon Ari~ And I'll ask Fia about the wedding stuff!" The girl exclaimed with a grin as she made a playful wave with her hand and returned toward the inn.



on Fri May 11, 2018 4:17 pm

Esperia's love life seems grand, loving and pure. Even if it was with another of the same gender, the above will approve. If Esperia loves the girl enough to want to create a bond of eternity with then the other person must not be too bad, right? With that they were finally there, at the hotel. Her head tilted up to look at the floors and as Esperia pointed out, she was at the second one. The place wasn't so bad or so she said. Arisa was happy that she had her own place to stay, her penthouse on the top floor of the cafe.

With a wave of goodbye and small talk, they went their separate ways. Slowly she walked towards her cafe in the night as she felt like something was creeping in on her, making her walk in a faster pace. Her heart was beating fast as she then went to the cafe doors to unlock, get in and lock again. Her face was painted with worry as she then went up stairs, showered and finally went to sleep. She felt someone right next to her, making her eyes go wide. Quietly she shifted so she could see who it was to find out it was her lover.


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