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Another Friend Another Drunken spirit [Esperia:Festival]

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on Sun Apr 29, 2018 7:27 am


More friends~
☬The better. ☬

She started from her Cafe as she was stuck in her pent house above. A part of her felt shaken due to the fact that the people from Sin found her and attacked her. Thankfully, her powers were able to save her as she was given power of light. There she stood in front of the mirror wearing nothing but her under garments wondering about her body. Her hand slowly slid to the pit of her stomach to feel a hidden scar. 'I still remember that day now...' she told herself in her mind. There was more to think about though, the Festival.

Arisa was to meet Lucifer, but he will probably be there later if not sooner. There was a list of things to do, including finding him and some others. Slowly, she turned away from the mirror and walked towards the bed to grab her kimono-like dress of flames and passion. One piece at a time she slid them on, tied that silky large ribbon and put up her hair with the hair piece of flames. She looked more like an empress of flame, but here she was, a lady of light. next she slid on her armor-like boots that went up to her upper thigh and finally a small patch on her ribbon belt to carry her money for the festival itself. With that she walked out of the cafe and locked the door to jog carefully towards the festival all excited.
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on Sun Apr 29, 2018 7:45 am

Festivals were always considered a cause of celebration, and for her, this festival was the very first one she'd experience. However, the true reward of this event was the fact that Esperia could experience this one alongside with Fia. Still, right now she was by herself, even if it was only for a short moment. They had taken a short break so that Fia could spend some time with her father, while she herself was exploring the festival, but curiously enough it was not 'exactly' Esperia Von Eisenberg who was wandering the streets of Orchidia. No while she might have had a human-like form, yes human-like because despite resembling a human she seemed something much 'more'.

A mere glimpse at her easily suggested she was a woman of ethereal beauty, a skin so pure and unblemished that she might have been mistaken for a divine being like an angel, or perhaps even a goddess. It was not just her alluring beauty that captivated the attention of others, or the well-developed feminine feature, but her face was just as mesmerizing. The amber-colored eyes that gazed softly at her, the tender smile upon her lips brought forth a thought that she might have been a goddess of love, but Esperia knew better.

The small curved horns on the obsidian-haired beauty's head betrayed a more infernal trait, and that was quite correct, for she was Asmodeus, the Demon Lord of Lust. Asmodeus was wandering the streets in the company of her butler, seemingly enjoying a candy apple as they spotted a familiar figure near one of the stalls. "Hmm~ If it isn't Arisa~ As stylish as always, no wonder that you're a friend of Alisa. if I didn't knew better little Esperia would suggest Blue Pegasus fits a lady like you more."


on Sun Apr 29, 2018 9:09 am


More friends~
☬The better. ☬

The area was lit with floating lanterns covered with pastel designs. Her golden eyes were lit up like flame against gold, molding it into something more like stars upon night. Her arms dangled against her side and rubbed against her large mother-birthing hips in which she seemed somewhat proud of. Her body was fit for having a child after a few months of feeling as if nothing happened. It was taken, so it felt as if something was missing already. I feels like the gods and the under has tooled her soul - including the one who stuck her own soul within her.

Arisa continued on her stroll to see a girl who looked familiar, Esperia who said something first. ''Stylish is an overstatement as I just wear what seems to appear in front of me. Perhaps, some fashion godmother asunder and gift me with these outfits.'' she explained with a reach of her right hand upward and clenched her soft hands into a tight fist. She giggled and put her arm back down and gave a motherly smile. ''Dear Esperia, Alisa is friends with me for more than that, I can assure you.'' she spoke once more. Lastly Arisa spoke again, ''Enough small talk, shall we go enjoy a flower festival and perhaps drink all their booze.''. Some could say it was a taunt, but last time their talk ended with a plant getting drunk. Booze here was supposed to be good here - true sake perhaps.
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on Sun Apr 29, 2018 8:23 pm

The Demon Lord of Lust hummed in amusement at Arisa's statement, causing her to remark playfully. "So humble~" a soft giggle followed by Asmodeus as she shook her head gently at the words that followed. "Oh mai~ Arisa my dear, I'm afraid Esperia has handed me the driver's seat for the time being." A brief smile lingered on her lips as she continued speaking. "My name is Asmodeus~ The Demon Lord of Lust." Yet as she raised a hand toward her cheek and tapped it lightly a soft hum followed. "But considering Espy likes you so much, and you're a dear friend of Alisa you may refer to me by their nickname of 'Lily'" Indeed, having someone call out to Asmodeus in public might had caused quite a ruckus, even now people were already staring toward her every now and then, and it didn't help that a beautiful Seraph was intensifying the mysteriousness of this duo.

"Oh~ Getting some drunk flowers? Although I'd highly recommend their sake and wine over booze, the sake is delicious and they have some extremely rare but fine-tasting wines during the festival period." A little hum followed as she clearly was looking forward to enjoying some time alongside Arisa.


on Sun Apr 29, 2018 8:59 pm


More friends~
☬The better. ☬

The girl seemed to be more than just the girl - or so it seemed. Slowly, she became entrusted to know that she had some demon-like entity with her that was the demon of lust; meaning desires. Was this little fact going to ruin friendship? No, but she'll ask questions later when they're both plastered somehow. After dying the way she did and then afterwards gifted with a second chance with grace... she found it rather hard now to get drunk like a normal human. Arisa scanned the woman's body as it was truly different than the actual girl's body. This one was actually womanly with curves and portions in the right -- like herself but in different mannerism.

After she stopped talking she chuckled. ''I didn't mean we do that literally, dear. I obviously meant drink their best things till they run dry.'' she spoke rather more womanly with a foreign (french) accent. With that, she offered her gloved covered hand to the other beautiful woman that was with her, Lily. ''Alright, Lily. Let us go swarm upon the beauty of of their ways and drink as if it was gifted for us truly.~''. If Lily took her hand, Arisa went off slowly as she walked towards the Festival itself and into their light. Rather or not she noticed, but Arisa wasn't being herself. No, but it didn't matter anyways.

Her golden gaze that flicked and glitched into a silver wandered as she was looking for the sake. Her nose sniffed, but obviously it wasn't close enough to actually smell the damn alcohol. Her eyes then saw a trail of people leave a large stand with stools of red and back. ''There!'' she spoke loud enough in the crowd for her dear friend to hear. With that, she dragged her along till she plopped her sweet assets on that stood. ''Sweet! We're here. Let's do this.'' she started and then looked at the festival tender. At first Arisa waited with patience, but that wasn't this Arisa at all, ''Hey! Guy with the chef-looking hat. What the hell do you get paid for? Lounging?'' she spoke with a scrawled facial expression -- 'a bitchface' more like. As she questioned the worker, she pounded her right hand into a fist and against the table.

''How about yo-...'' he turned and was about to finish but saw one woman glowing and enlightened with beauty and the other woman enchanting with beauty with mystery. ''Oh uh, excuse me. Please forgive my lac of hospitality.'' he spoke and bowed his head. Quickly he brought his paper and nervously was ready to write what they wanted. Arisa's head turned to her lovely friend, ''Lily, what would you like, my dear. They have food as well it seems.'' she questioned her and smirked quite enticingly with her pout-like full lips. Once she was done ordering - if she ordered, Arisa too then ordered after facing towards him. ''I'll have the best sake you have, a bottle of it and then a snowball for my sushi intake. Don't forget the wasabi.'' she said and with that he worked on it. ''Not sure how she does this shin-dig, but I suppose who cares at this point.'' she spoke, talking to herself yet enough for Lily to understand all she was saying.
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on Mon Apr 30, 2018 12:54 am

"Oho~ indulge in the finest beverages and food they have available? If I didn't know better our Seraph Lady of Love might be one of Gluttony instead~" A hearty laugh escaped Asmodeus' lips, clearly amused at Arisa's suggestion before giving her an answer of her own. "Not that I disapprove of that~ Those who pursue their desires in earnest and know the liveliness of longing for something always get my attention." Accepting the gloved hand that was so gracefully extended her way she was quick to be led along the area, Sebastian simply continuing to trail behind the two like the humble butler that he was.

As they took their seats and Arisa rather vocally expressed her disapproval of the wait time Asmodeus smiled warmly at her, and with the same kindness of an elder sister mused softly. "You don't need to rush A~Ri~Sa~ We have the entire day to enjoy the festivities." Yet fortunately a waiter had arrived to take their order, so after Arisa gave her own she hummed softly. "For me a goblet of Five Flowers Wine and hmm let's see~ some Onigiri, surprise me pleasantly with the inside."

And with the orders taken the two ladies were left by themselves, making her inquire with a hint of curiosity. "Shin-dig? I don't believe I ever heard such a term spoken before in Earthland~ Would you be a dear and let me indulge in my curiosity by telling me its meaning?"


on Tue May 01, 2018 12:14 am


More friends~
☬The better. ☬

Her eye brow cocked as she tilted her head with her golden eyes gazing at lily. ''Ah yes. When I said 'her' I meant whoever else is inside me...but perhaps that's another story. And, Shindig; when I said not sure how she does this shindig, I meant like social events or parties.'' she explains simply till their food and drinks appear. Her head turns towards her food to see a beautiful huge snowball, bigger than her fists combined stuffed with delicious foods. Grr~

''You could say that I'm all sins... perhaps other than pride as... I'm not very proud of what I do - unless I lac the definition of it.'' she said with a chuckle as she grabbed her fork, stabbed her food, put some wasabi on it and ate a bite. After some chewing and swallowing she spoke. ''Oh wow this is some great stuff.'' with that she grabbed her sake bottle and started to drink it slowly, but enjoying the taste as she drank most of it. Next she looked over at Lily... ''So Lily, what is your story... You obviously have one due to .. circumstances.'' she speaks once more as she put her elbow on the table and cheek against the palm of her hand. She enjoyed stories, stories that weren't her own at this point. At least lily knew who she was, what she was as Arisa still had no clue - most of it.
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on Tue May 01, 2018 1:27 am

"Oh~ I see~" Asmodeus nodded her head lightly, clearly fascinated by the explanation Arisa provided her. "That's an understandable thing to wonder about~ Both me and Esperia have our own way of enjoying festivities like this." The Demon Lord of Lust hummed softly, yet the words spoken by her companion a moment afterwards made her tilt her head slightly to the side, her lips curving up into an amused smile. "First time I heard someone refer to themselves in such a way." A hearty chuckle followed as she listened to Arisa's inquiry about her story.

"Hmm~" She brought the goblet of wine to her lips, sampling it briefly before continuing her explanation. "As I mentioned before I am the Demon Lord of Lust, although telling you about my time in Earthland might be a bit boring considering how the books preach about that time so often. However, in the wake of those events, I found myself sealed into the lineage of this adorable girl-" She briefly patted her chest as if to imply she was talking about Esperia herself before continuing. "After several generations, Esperia became my host, and due to her high compatibility with myself became capable of drawing forth my power. And that led us to the current time~"


on Tue May 01, 2018 1:43 am

The woman's story seemed quite boring and non-expected. Demons... they were meant for chaos and discord - was she not the destructive type? Now that she thought of it, it would be quite distasteful if she was that type. The Demon of Lust seemed quite elegant and with good tastes. She brought up her bottle to the woman's thing of wine. ''It's good to know someone has good tastes within that realm and not a delinquent who just wants to destroy everything.'' with that she clinks it if Lily accepted. If not, she awkwardly put down her bottle and looked forward passed the man.

''All these people, humans... Most have no shame with what they do or they do right after they tortured someone... But I suppose that's about every race.'' as she talked her eyes slanted and her eyes turned silver as the moon revealed itself. ''It's nice to know that there are people like you - don't get me wrong of course... We all have done something wrong...but...'' she turned to face Lily, ''Your desires don't seem bad compared to those who - for an example - torture a woman in the rain within an alley at night and then take advantage of her. In the end, they left her to bleed to death.'' she finished with her facial expression quite serious. Her head turned away as her eyes gazed away.

Arisa stabbed her snowball and nommed on the deliciousness that was within the food itself. Her mind was deep in thought as she remembered the day all too well... Enough to remember those faces she last saw...


on Tue May 01, 2018 1:51 am

"We all have our own desires and longings, it's all about how you pursue them my dear Arisa~" Asmodeus explained with a smile as she continued her explanation, clearly pleased by the conversation as she brought her goblet to Arisa's own and clinked it lightly. "For example, I always desire to see people pursue their desires and ambitions, that honest and straight-forward chase for that which they long for always makes me excited. Esperia at the other hand simply desires the love of a particular girl, and chases it with such a strong desire and such honest and straight-forward longing that it is endearing to observe."

Asmodeus' lips remained curved up in a tender smile as she explained things a bit further. "Although my presence often causes lesser beings to go blind with desire, and as a result my presence caused quite a lot of chaos during the time 'we' were in Earthland." She mused softly as she leaned back in her chair. "Although they might be unsightly to behold, every now and then a gem can be found amidst the dirt. Although your story reminds me of a certain lass... A simple story really, of a lass who merely sought affection, and was betrayed by the very person she loved."


on Tue May 01, 2018 2:17 am

A subject she felt so attached to, love as love was everything to her. Some call love lust, but they could be all in the same as love was a desire most people wanted. Arisa desired many things, but would she kill to save the ones she loved? Yes... She felt an inner-self that will kill anyone or try to kill them if they harmed the ones she loves... Loves... Love was for more than one person? She was questioning this, but will ask when Lily was finished. This talk was nice as a part of her was changing again. Her silver mirrored eyes gazed at the woman as she was about to talk.

''Was that lass you beforehand or someone you knew closely? Also... Is it possible... to love more than one person? It feels different, but it feels strong. My heart doesn't feel whole - feels like I have two different hearts...''
she spoke softly in her foreign accent. Her hands rested on her own chest where her heart may be as she felt unsure about a lot of things. ''I... I was experimented on as a child by the woman I thought was my mother... I hear her voice sometimes... I wish I knew what I was...'' she said with a weak smile as she softly looked at Lily. ''I miss Alisa... so it's nice to meet someone who is as nice as she is.'' she says and then out of no where she feels a chill. 'What... is this feeling?' she wondered and had her eyes of full moons wander about around the bar. Something, someone was here and it felt likes eyes were on her.


on Tue May 01, 2018 2:28 am

"Perhaps~ It was a naive girl who desired only to be loved, just as she loved that one person so dearly. She was willing to do so much for his sake, yet he betrayed her in the worst possible way, all for the sake of power." Of course she didn't directly imply that she was talking about the life of the previous vessel of Asmodeus, of how the girl called 'Lily' became the Demon Lord Asmodeus. However, hearing the question Asmodeus giggled softly. "Love comes in many forms my dear, and it is not unheard of for one to love multiple people."

A soft hum followed as she soon clarified further. "Then again, Esperia, for example, has dedicated herself to her fiance but I, for example, do believe love can be shared." A soft hum followed as she listened further to Arisa's concerns. "Hmm, it's difficult to say really. There are ways to find out, although I think you're not human, and I mean that as a compliment~" Asmodeus declared with a smile yet she couldn't help but tilt her head slightly to the side. "Hmm, something the matter my dear? Is the drink being disappointing?" She certainly was a bit curious about it all.


on Tue May 01, 2018 2:48 am

Arisa's gaze quickly wandered left, right and pretty much everywhere. Her heart was racing like the day she was being chased by those men and as fast as it did when she first made love with Noel, but this wasn't a good feeling. Her breathing became quite fast paced. ''I... I think they're here...'' she whispered and gazed around like some animal protecting something yet it was her own corpse she was protecting. ''There.. there are some people who want to take me back to Sin... and finish what was started.'' she told Lily. They saw the people in black trench coats and masks that belonged to one of the stalls selling masks of different animals.

Soon enough after they looked at a few people, they moved on. Softly she took a breather and gazed at Lily. ''I suppose I thought this place would be safe, but guess not. I might as well enjoy what I have left then.'' she giggled innocently as if nothing was wrong. She knew what will happen to her if she was caught by those people specifically. ''I'll avenge my friend one day though...'' she whispered to herself and then looked away awkwardly and took a drink. The sake felt refreshing to her brain and then tried to change the subject. If Lily had questions though, Arisa wouldn't object. ''Trust me, the drink is the least of the worries I may have.~'' she teased and smiled happily.


on Tue May 01, 2018 3:18 am

A hand raised to her cheek as she tapped it lightly, humming softly. "Hmm, so you're not from Fiore?" Then again, Arisa did have some type of exotic beauty to her, but as she took another sip she continued speaking and gestured toward the nearby wall where her butler was standing. "Although they would be idiots to try to kidnap you right here. Keeping aside your own strength, there are too many citizens here currently, and unless they want to fight a demon they wouldn't try to interrupt our conversation."

Of course, as she brought the drink to her lips she casually raised a hand to the onigiri, enjoying a quick snack. "Then again, you'll likely find Alisa and Lumen enjoying the festivities also. She had quite a 'pleasant' conversation with little Espy earlier, considering the lass plans to marry Fia after the festival ends."

But that was neither here or now. However, something that did draw her interest was the fact Arisa seemed rather nervous about the presence of those who might be pursuing here. "But yes, I genuinely doubt anyone will target you while the festivities are ongoing, that would be a somewhat foolish attempt to make. So enjoy the festivities~" Indeed, it would be simply too naive of a mistake to make.


on Tue May 01, 2018 6:24 am

True enough to the words, Lily was right. Sure the people who were here don't mind killing a whole village, but in Fiore they couldn't unless they wanted a war. People would wait like a patient wild animal in the bushes waiting for their prey to be alone. All Arisa had to do was to last and be with someone at all times - be within the festival area. ''Indeed, you're quite right, Lily...'' she said and then let loose a little. She had a lot on her mind, but she should at least let that one go till it was time to head back. Perhaps she'll see Alisa after this or maybe Lucifer will find her... Oddly enough she has been enjoying Lucifer's company, perhaps a little too much.

Was it her fault that he made her laugh? So far as she knew, no one even attempts to joke with her and if they have, never has she really laughed as she did. She looked at Lily as she was thinking this and truly, Arisa was enjoying her company too but not in the same way. Strange. ''Perhaps we should start going for a walk perhaps and speak? We could watch people fail at games or attempt one.'' she gestured and started to get up with a bottle in her hand.


on Tue May 01, 2018 6:33 am

A soft chuckle escaped her lips as Asmodeus nodded in approval when Arisa agreed with her statement. It was true, even if her pursuers had much more power in her homeland, they were forced to go with more deceptive and careful means while inside Fiore. In the end, causing a commotion or a large-scale conflict within Orchidia would inevitably trace back to those who had send those pursuers, and anyone with a brain knew that dealing with one person, no matter how powerful she was, was an entirely different situation when those actions dragged an entire country into the picture.

After ensuring their meals were paid for Asmodeus rose out of her seat, carrying the goblet with her as she walked at Arisa's side, seemingly trailed behind about 20 meters by the demonic butler. "Besides, as one so closely aligned to Lamia Scale you get to enjoy a certain degree of protection~ Should they act now, then they would risk making themselves a target for more than just yourself."

She hummed softly as she inquired with a smile "Try to think of more positive things~ A lady like yourself looks much more beautiful when she is smiling and having fun." A little snicker followed as she gestured toward the stalls up ahead. "There are some games over there, a fun distraction for sure, and you might walk away with a price~"


on Tue May 01, 2018 7:51 am

The woman agreed to go do some games and perhaps win something. Arisa stood beside Lily as they went off with their drinks after paying for them of course. Taking a sip of her bottle, her large hips swayed enchantingly as her blonde hair glistened like gold by the lantern lights. Her silver eyes gazed around for some game that seemed interesting. ''Oh.~ This one looks fun.'' spoke her child-like side as she saw a game of fishes. It seemed all you had to do was throw a small hoop so it's around the nozzle . Which ever one you get, it's the fish you get.

Slowly she engaged the counter and flashed out a ticket. ''I would like to play this one, if I may.'' she spoke with a goddess-like smile. Her eyes shined like the moons and her smile sparkled like gloss. He nodded, ''Of course ma'am. This way and here are three hoops as you get three tries per ticket.'' he instructed. With that, Arisa grabbed a hoop and missed the first one. Next hoop she missed again. 'Let's see... I should probably slow down.' she thought as her eyes closed and gently let go of the ring. Her eyes opened to see she received a fish. A giggle was in order as she clapped her hands together. ''This is quite grand. I shall name you bubbles.~'' she spoke happily while the man put the fish in its own container. It was black and red, like two sides of a heart - was perfect for her. ''You wish to try, Lily?'' she wondered next.


on Tue May 01, 2018 7:14 pm

A curious little hum escaped the demon lord's lips as she watched Arisa play the game with a childish excitement that was quite refreshing and endearing to watch. However, Asmodeus had to admit that it was a game she was quite interested in trying, and so she nodded her head in agreement. "I'll be using a ticket also then~"

A soft hum followed as she received the three small hoops that were used to catch the fish, were they some sort of fishing nets? It was clear that with just a mere glimpse at the surface of the water that all sorts of fish were swimming around. Although it seemed Asmodeus' presence would soon cause an entertaining spectacle. "Fishie~ Fishie~ In the water~ Who will join me on the platter?" A soft melodious hum followed as she held the hoop on the surface of the water, but surprisingly enough she didn't scoop, no a fish actually splashed into the hoop! A blink of bewilderment came from the stall owner as she handed over the caught fish to Sebastian while looking back at the water. "Fishie~ Fishie~ In the water~" And as if on cue as she hummed softly another fish jumped into her net!

Still, it seemed that the last one would be more amusing, for the man mused mysteriously. "Maybe you get lucky enough to catch the legendary goldfish! If you do you get a special extra reward!" But by the time he finished speaking the hoop she raised had literally been filled to the brim with fish, including the goldfish!

"Just the special reward is fine~" Asmodeus hummed softly as the vendor handed her what appeared to be a plushie resembling a 'fallen Seraph', or at least the left side looked like an angel while the right side was more of a demon.

"I believe they call it Mastemon, a popular character from a children show." Asmodeus explained with a grin as she extended it toward Arisa. "Here~ Consider it a memento for our meeting at the festival~


on Tue May 01, 2018 11:21 pm

Arisa watched Lily play the game after she did, but won some special fish and a prize. Her eyes looked at the extra prize as it seemed to be a half fallen angel/demon and half angel. The texture of the item was soft as it was made out of pure cotton and silk for their clothing. In her other hand was Mr. Bubbles, her fish. She smiled as she and her friend left that stall and looked for a different game. ''Wonder what more to play. ''I never heard of ''show''... Does it come from some form of technology? '' she questioned.

If this was something that was normal, she'd feel bad due to not knowing what a show was nor what - whatever it came from was. Her eyes spots some sort of cart which she skipped to. ''We can put our prizes in here.~ Be careful Mr. Bubbles.'' Arisa instructed the fish as if it could understand her. Once they continued to walk they were to find some people on stage singing karaoke and some people went up to rhyme afterwards. ''That seems fun.~' she spoke softly with a smile. Slowly she carried the cart of stuff and her fish to the area and watched them go. It seemed to be in a form of dissing each other, but to her rhymes aren't meant for that... ''Shame... Rhyming should have more meaning than to diss each other...'' she spoke normally yet it was more towards herself.


on Wed May 02, 2018 12:04 am

A hand raised toward her chin as she pondered about how to explain things properly to Arisa. "In a way, it's a form of entertainment that takes a lot of forms. There are books with tons of pictures in it, and even games, like you know that popular game involving cards that has been going around in Crocus? Esperia has been quite interested in such things."

Understandable, because despite already being twenty the lass was still quite childish at heart and often had such interests most would consider stuff only children or teenagers were interested in. However, after going to another area she watched with clear curiosity as Arisa seemed to comment about a song-based competition that was ongoing.

"Well, if you want to show them how to sing, how about we hold our own little performance?"

A soft hum followed as she gestured toward an unoccupied area nearby that had a podium, but it seemed the performers already had left for the day. "How confident are you in your singing voice? Esperia loves to sing, so if you want to I'll hand over control to her for a bit so the two of you can have your fun~" A sheepish grin lingered on the demon lord's lips, seemingly interested in seeing how Arisa would respond.


on Wed May 02, 2018 2:05 am

She looked at Lily with a sweet smile as she listened to her. Another moment time that was passing, it was now or never. ''Haha.~ If you don't mind... I'd like to do a solo.'' she thought and wondered on the lyrics that she was going to sing. In her past, there was certain songs that she was told to save for a lover, but her lover probably wouldn't waste his time to hear her singing, hear her play music as it always seemed that they didn't have much time for each other. Slowly she walked up to the person and gave them a ticket. ''I'll like to sing my own song, please.'' she said slowly with her glossed-like lips smiling.

With that he nodded and she walked up. She went to the people that played music and told them which instruments and so forth. She looked at the people and gripped onto the mic nervously. Her eyes closed as the music started and when the small beat hit, she started to sing softly, soothingly and enchantingly. Her heart was into the song as she continued. It was surely in the language she learned as she was five and up till she left about when she was twelve if that. Her feelers were into the song... as she continued on.



on Wed May 02, 2018 6:19 am

Asmodeus had to admit she was quite interested in Arisa's suggestion, watching with a hint of curiosity in her eyes as Arisa took to the stage and started to perform in a foreign language. Sinese? How curious, while the language was not familiar to Esperia, Asmodeus herself could understand the lyrics, and beneath her warm smile she found something stirring.

"Oho~ Is that a desire I feel my dear Espy?" Asmodeus hummed softly while sensing the girl's dormant feelings. Watching Arisa's performance seemingly had stirred a desire in Esperia, and after a moment she finally identified what it was. It was the desire to perform also. Waiting obediently till Arisa had finished her song Asmodeus mused softly. "Considering how strong your desire is right now, I'll lend you a hand~"

And as if on cue her body was enveloped in a small mist of obsidian energy, her frame shrinking back to the similar appearance as Esperia was known for, but curiously enough she seemed to retain certain alluring features and the clothes of Asmodeus as she walked up the stage once Arisa was done.

"Did you know that songs are a source of magic my dear A~Ri~Sa?"

And with those words, the take-over mage waited for Arisa's song to finish, seemingly preparing a little surprise herself. "I might need your help in a bit~ because I got a song in mind that will have quite an impact~"


on Wed May 02, 2018 6:27 am

With Arisa singing, she felt a soothing yet sorrow feel to her own heart. It was a love song, a sad one as it was meant for those with a forbidden love or a love that couldn't be as warming as it is supposed to be. The people; some of them understood her and some did not, but had some that did understand it explain it to them. Her eyes weren't truly paying attention to those that she was singing for as the people that this song was dedicated to was not here. It didn't matter in the end since they seemed to all enjoy it.

Soon enough, Arisa went down after some claps and cheers. Her eyes met with Lily's who then turned to Esperia's appearance. When her voice spoke, it sounded like both which was almost like her's and whoever else was apart of her. She listened carefully and with that she nodded. ''I would like that, to sing with you - or whatever help it may be, Lily and Esperia.'' she spoke to her as she was two beings, which in this case she was. When they were ready, she gestured to explain and that Arisa herself was ready for whatever she needed help with.


on Wed May 02, 2018 6:50 am

"I'm going to need your help, to get us out of here once this song is over. I'll explain more afterward."

A short pause followed as she took a deep breath and prepared to do the one thing Esperia Von Eisenberg had never done before around others: sing. Arisa would likely feel it instantly, the invisible wave of mana that stirred as the take-over mage started humming her melody.

I was not afraid of anything when I was a child
I believed that I was special.
With these hands of mine, as desired
I will change the world.

It didn't take long for the result of her magic to be evident, just by the first few vocals of the song a small crowd had gathered already that was enlarging by the second, people being coaxed along by curiosity and the excited cheers of others, and yet things had only just begun.

Stretch your hands and grasp it
the one and only 'me'
Let out your voice and praise, the special 'me'

By now the magical essence lingering in the air seemed to had started to affect even more people, drowning them in a state similar to an euphoria as they cheered along with her melody. It was odd... she knew how dangerous it was for her to use this power, and yet she couldn't hold back her desire to sing this song, all because Arisa stirred her with that performance earlier.

Don't be afraid, come by my side
Love 'me, who is nobody

I didn't want to admit that I am the same as others
I pretended to not see it and conveniently closed my eyes
I could not become an adult and stayed a child
I want to see this dream until the day I die.

Even as the lyrics were being song she didn't hold back, knowing all too well that the mesmerizing effect of Asmodeus' powers of lust and manipulation were being unleashed in their full force. Although Arisa might had been more resistant to its effects thanks to her experience and mental fortitude, it was an entirely different case for the audience whose looked as if they had been entirely bewitched by her voice.

Open your eyes and project it
The 'me' who has nothing
Envelop and embrace me
The 'me' who is like a child.

Accept me with your hands
Love 'me' who will eventually disappear

I wanted someone to recognize
the fake me that I have created
I'm alone in this world. Like a child ...

Indeed, even now she longed to let Fia hear her song, but it was something she refused to give in to. She didn't want to manipulate her lover's feelings, the love her fiance held for her was genuine and not stirred by Asmodeus' magic, and so instead she poured out her emotions through this song right that moment.

Open your eyes and project it
The 'me' who has nothing
Envelop and embrace me
the 'me' who is like a child
Accept me with your hands
And love the real 'me'

Stretch your hands and grasp it
Let out your voice, praise me
Don't be afraid, come by my side

With the song reaching its conclusion Esperia panted softly, turning toward Arisa as she exclaimed with a smile. "Now might be a good time for us to escape, because things are going to get wild..." And indeed, walking at a pace similar to undead the crowd started to approach the stage, making Esperia look toward her companion for aid.

Esperia's 'hybrid' song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tEIO4cDEYe8


on Wed May 02, 2018 8:06 am

Arisa put the little trust she had, towards Esperia and Lily. What was she up to? This wasn't some ordinary song, was it... She listened to it and as she did she saw people act strange, like that mission with the strange water sort of strange. The day that happened was rather creepy with the fogged up town and it was thick fog, not some normal graveyard type. Her eyes gazed still at the woman who was her friend supposedly. The song made sense as the lyrics were rather melodic, but what happened during it and at the end of it - it was taking an effect.

Once Esperia/lily was done, she heard her say that they should leave due to things possibly going crazy around here. With that she dashed forward as fast as she could and wrapped Esperia into her arms to take flight. Her tattoo on her back glowed and they were in air with her golden white feathered wings spread out. Her arms carried Esperia's body as in comparison when it came to height - Arisa was mother height as Esperia was a child. Being 195cm, she does always feel tall though unless being compared to her lover or even a giant. As they flew into the sky she then spotted an area far away enough from the stage and landed on the soft ground. The grass in the area motioned like when a plane lands till her wings materialized once more into the tattoo on her back. ''I won't ask what that was nor should I know...'' she spoke softly with a caring smile. ''But what now?'' she wondered since it wouldn't be a good idea to really go back at this moment.

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