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A tale of flowers, festivals and family reunions [Festival Social/Fia]

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A tale of flowers, festivals and family reunions [Festival Social/Fia] - Page 2 Empty on Mon Apr 30, 2018 11:15 pm

Fiammetta Barone
"Haha, indeed they do! And their ain't a prettier pair 'an my own daughter and future daughter-in-law!" Baldo declared heartily, the sentimentality of the old man showing that his heart was as big as his pride. Fia smiled at her father's usual shenanigans, internally realizing just how much she'd missed his boisterous and spirited attitude.

He even seemed confident about his chance with the ladies, it seemed, and as did his feline companion. Salem purred happily as Esperia scratched him behind the ears, before chuckling readily at her little pun. "Oh my, was that on purr-pose?" He hummed, enjoying the girl's wordplay. As she rose to her feet, the comment of cats prompted only further chuckles from Salem, the fiendish feline himself realizing that any cats might not be quite as good company.

"Heh, well, with that sorted, we all ready to head out?" Baldo inquired, looking to those present to see if they were prepared to hit the town streets for the festival.

"Sure thing. Any idea where we hit up first?" Fia followed up, wondering where they should start in their perusing of the festival. Hopefully, Esperia would have something in mind, if not Baldo himself, as Fia did think he should be the one to choose where they ended up. This was, after all, essentially his welcoming home celebrations.

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A tale of flowers, festivals and family reunions [Festival Social/Fia] - Page 2 Empty on Tue May 01, 2018 6:09 am

A proud grin was returned by Esperia who eagerly nodded her head in return to the hearty compliment Baldo gave, and Salem seemed to be getting into a festive mood also, to the point she couldn't help but chuckle and answer him with a mischievous glint in her eyes. "Perhaps it was the purr-fect opportunity~"

Nonetheless, the small group soon found themselves upon the streets of Orchidia and on their way to the festival, and while she certainly had some ideas on terms of where to go, most of those spots were with herself and Fia in mind, and considering the reason of their current trip Esperia was quick to alter her plans and suggest in a cheerful tone. "Let's have your Papa decide on where to go Fia~  In the end this is his 'Welcome Home' party~ Or at least, the first part of it."

For Esperia knew all too well that there would be quite some celebrating awaiting him at the Barone orphanage once they'd return to Baska. "Considering they have used a huge part of the city that has been uninhabited for the area to host the festival at, I'm pretty confident there is a lot of things we can do over there."

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A tale of flowers, festivals and family reunions [Festival Social/Fia] - Page 2 Empty on Tue May 01, 2018 9:14 am

Fiammetta Barone
"Huehuhue..." Salem chuckled lightly at Esperia's continued wordplay. What a fun little game it was. Fia, meanwhile, just groaned in the background at the almost embarassing puns, even if some of them were no less cheesy than lines she might've used.

As they set off along the streets of Orchidia, the matter of their first destination was to be addressed. Fia smiled at Esperia's own recommendations, the thoughtfulness for Baldo being something incredibly adorable coming from her lover. Both she and her father nodded along as Esperia explained that there was plenty of area reamining, thanks to the abandoned sections of the city being utilized for this particular festival. "Ah, Orchidia... Always wilted until you bloom, aren't you?" Salem couldn't help but comment wistfully.

Once Esperia had given her piece, Fia just simply looked to her father and shrugged. "Well, you heard 'er, what's yer plan, old man?" Fia inquired, clearly agreeing with her lover on the matter.

"Hmm..." Baldo raised a hand to his chin, pondering on the subject for a moment. "To be honest, I was jus' gonna follow ya wherever you two had in mind. But if yer askin' me where to start... Why don' we fill our bellies first?" Baldo suggested heartily, his hands on his stomach for emphasis. [colo=redorange]"I hear the food stalls here are somethin' else. They got shit from all over the country, and even farther."[/color] He elaborated, before scoffing to himself.

"And that sounds real nice after the slop they give ya in prison..."

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A tale of flowers, festivals and family reunions [Festival Social/Fia] - Page 2 Empty on Tue May 01, 2018 10:01 am

Indeed, for Esperia it was not the festival that put her in such a festive mood, it was the company she had that made it into a festival for her. Just being able to walk along the festival stalls while holding Fia's hand made the experience all the more priceless, and seeing how delighted her fiance was at the return of her father made the festival truly one memorable event. "Hehe food sounds like a good idea~" Esperia nodded in agreement while swiftly leaning in to whisper into Fia's ear. "Don't eat too much now~ You better don't forget that you'll be slurping my noodles also tonight." A mischievous giggle escaped her lips as she borrowed that famous innuendo someone quite familiar to her loved to use so often.

"What scratches your fancy Papa? They got a lot of different cuisines here~ I'm not a picky either so feel free to pick whatever you are interested in~" Of course, adding a pun to it surely would make the comment much easier for Salem to answer to, or rather she even expected him to pull out yet another feline-related pun out of that hat of jokes from him. Still, she was a bit curious to see what Baldo would pick.

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A tale of flowers, festivals and family reunions [Festival Social/Fia] - Page 2 Empty on Tue May 01, 2018 4:37 pm

Fiammetta Barone
They were an odd little group, pair of lovers, their butler, their father/father-in-law, and a cat, all strolling through the festival together, enjoying each others company. But they were certainly enjoying themselves, all of them for one reason or another, and mostly not just because of the festival itself, but rather, the people they got to spend it with. Truly, they were experiencing the Orchidian flower festival as it should be experienced.

And although the festival itself wasn't the primary reason for their enjoyment, certain aspects of the event did factor into it, such as the various activities available. It seemed the consensus was that food would be their first stop. Esperia agreed, and her whisper in Fia's ear had the girl's face turn a shade of crimson as a burst of steam was let out. "R-R-Right..." Fia stammered out, back in her easily flustered state thanks to the presence of others. Salem and Baldo could hazard a guess as to what Esperia had whispered, and chuckled at the sight.

As they began walking toward the food stalls, Esperia asked the Barone man what his preference was, prompting another chin scratch. "I ain't too picky... Why don' we try somethin' a bit exotic, eh? From out way East o' Fiore - I got ancestry there, y'know?" Baldo declared as he spied out the various stalls.

"Now, what could pawsibly fit that description..." Salem uttered, seeming to find something that he might enjoy too, and fit Baldo's description. Indeed, the feline was currently giving a hungry stare toward a stall of a unique seafood treat and festival staple: Takoyaki!

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A tale of flowers, festivals and family reunions [Festival Social/Fia] - Page 2 Empty on Tue May 01, 2018 8:46 pm

A soft chuckle escaped Esperia's lips at her lover's adorable reaction to her teasing whisper, yet her attention was quickly drawn by Baldo's remark about having ancestry in the East. It actually made her wonder about her own ancestry for a bit. As far as she knew the Eisenberg had lived in Fiore for countless generations, serving as agents for the church. Of course, she could possibly ask Asmodeus if she knew anything about her ancestors, but it felt somewhat awkward to inquire about that subject with the Demon Lord of Lust.

Still, her thoughts were slowly drawn by a delicious scent that lingered in the air, Salem's utterance and hungry stare toward a particular stand making her tilt her head slightly toward the side in confusion. "Takoyaki?" While she had heard about the dish before, it was one she never had the opportunity to sample before. All she knew was that it originated in Jova, and that it was a seafood that was often enjoyed during certain festivals in that country. Still, if she was being honest... Seeing the hungry stare of the feline made her kind of curious toward what type of taste it'd have. "How about we try that one?" She mused softly while pointing toward the Takoyaki stall.

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A tale of flowers, festivals and family reunions [Festival Social/Fia] - Page 2 Empty on Tue May 01, 2018 10:26 pm

Fiammetta Barone
Her adoptive father's speak of ancestry affected Fia much they way it had Esperia, with the Barone girl wondering what her own might be. She didn't think on it long, though, as it was never something shed been particularly interested in. Perhaps she was a bit afraid of what she might find, but Fiammetta Barone had never once actively sought out the truth of her own origins. Though, little did she know, she'd one day have no choice but to seek out this uninvestigated part of her background...

She pushed such thoughts aside for now, focusing on filling her belly with food rather than her mind with worries. "Takoyaki?" Fia repeated in confusion at her lover's utterance, looking to where she and Salem were staring. The gluttonous feline grinned at seeing his implication hadn't gone unnoticed, as he himself was in the mood for some seafood at present, being the cat he was.

"Ohoho! A good choice! Can't have a festival without takoyaki!" Baldo declared upon Esperia's suggestion. Fia herself had only heard of it in the past, much like Esperia, but she trusted her father's word on it. "Aight, I'm down."

Baldo quickly stepped over to the stand to get a decent-sized serving of octopus takoyaki, enough for 1 each - including Salem and Sebastian. He turned to them all with a grin on his face as he held out the balls.

"Alright, dig in!"

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A tale of flowers, festivals and family reunions [Festival Social/Fia] - Page 2 Empty on Tue May 01, 2018 10:35 pm

It was a rather amusing sight, watching Sebastian blink in bewilderment as he was offered a octopus Takoyaki, but noticing the sheepish grin on Esperia's lips his bewildered expression turned into a smile of gratitude as he accepted the offer. Meanwhile, Esperia was looking eagerly at the takoyaki, but had an idea of her own to make the meal more entertaining, and so she acted.

Right around the moment Baldo declared for them to dig in Esperia leaned in, but not toward her Takoyaki, but Fia's as she took a nibble from it right before it reached Fia's lips, a defiant grin upon her lips. "hehe~ I wonder if that counts as an indirect kiss~" Yet after the teasing remark she extended her Takoyaki toward Fia and hummed happily "Say Aaah~" Seems that Fia had to deal with an Esperia who seemed to be looking forward to feeding her lover! Of course, she knew that this would likely coax a reaction from both Baldo and Salem, but then something unexpected followed when a masculine voice declared.

"Say Aaah Salem." Was that... Sebastian wanting to feed the cat? The mere sight of it caused the obsidian-haired lass to start laughing at how funny the scene looked!

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A tale of flowers, festivals and family reunions [Festival Social/Fia] - Page 2 Empty on Tue May 01, 2018 11:25 pm

Fiammetta Barone
Baldo was quick to take his own Takoyaki, as was Sebastian. Fia, unsure of the odd little treats, was a bit more hesitant to eat hers right away, and that hesitance would allow Esperia the perfect opportunity to tease the poor girl, it seemed, as a quick nibble from her lover surprised the girl. "Wah-" Fia uttered in confusion, not even eating her takoyaki as she blushed at Esperia's attempt at an indirect kiss. She really could be adorably childish at times.

A moment later, Esperia's takoyaki was extended toward Fia, as she requested the girl say 'Ahh'. Baldo immediately chuckled at the sight, almost choking on his own Takoyaki as Fia blushed helplessly. This was more than a little embarassing, but the didn't have it in her to reject her lover's request.

"A-Ahhh..." Fia stammered out, gingerly taking a nibble from Esperia's takoyaki, her face redder than ever as she did. At least the unique flavor of the treat was nice. Fia glanced over to see if the others were enjoying it, only to almost spit her takoyaki out in laughter at the sight before her.

"You've got to be kitten me..." Salem groaned up at the butler, raising a paw toward the takoyaki. "Is this a-mew-sing to you?" He asked those watching and laughing at his expense.

"Yep." Fia uttered smugly as she finished off her own takoyaki, deciding she liked Baldo's choice of food. "They're pretty good, huh Princess?"

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A tale of flowers, festivals and family reunions [Festival Social/Fia] - Page 2 Empty on Tue May 01, 2018 11:37 pm

"Mhmm~" Esperia hummed contently as Fia gingerly took a nibble from the takoyaki before letting the obsidian-haired lass enjoy her treat also while Sebastian looked bewildered at Salem's response. "Is this not how mortals show their gratitude? When I saw the young master do it for Lady Fia I presumed she was showing her gratitude for all the affection she has been given so far." Yet Esperia giggled softly at those words, musing out loud. "Well, you're not entirely wrong there~ but I also did it for her reaction. Then again I think the sight was undeniably purr-fect' for the two of you."

Of course as she was asked about Baldo's choice of food Esperia nodded her head eagerly in return. "It's indeed pretty delicious~" A sheepish giggle followed as she didn't voice the fact that she thought Fia's reaction earlier had made the treat all the more delicious.

"So that we are all 'a-mew-sed', where to next?" It seemed today would become quite an entertaining day for sure! Sebastian meanwhile looked dejectedly at his takoyaki and decided to sample it himself. "Mortals are mysterious beings for sure... Perhaps I misunderstood this custom..."

Poor Sebastian, it seemed he still had a lot left to learn about humanity.

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A tale of flowers, festivals and family reunions [Festival Social/Fia] - Page 2 Empty on Wed May 02, 2018 1:09 am

Fiammetta Barone
"Ye just a bit off the mark there, pal..." Baldo chuckled at Sebastian's apparent misunderstanding of the so-called 'customs' of feeding one another. Salem groaned annoyedly, clearly not too happy when he was the one subject to teasing. Even Esperia's pun couldn't lessen his pain at the awkward situation.

"I just wanted some takoyaki, but this has been absolutely cat-astrophic..." Salem lamented as he sighed while quickly devouring his own food. He seemed to smile right after, though, apparently enjoying it quite a fair bit, being the occasional glutton that he was.

Baldo smiled with satisfaction at the overall approval of his choice, happy to share some of the knowledge of his ancestry with his companions. "Glad to hear y'all liked it!" He declared with a huff.

While Sebastian lamented his ignorance towards mortal customs, Salem just sighed beside him. "Believe me, they don't get any less complicated..." He sighed.

On the matter of where to go next, Baldo just gave a simple shrug toward the girls. "I dunno really. We got some time to kill before they start shootin' off fireworks, we'll definitely wanna be around for that..." He smiled to Esperia, nodding his head at her. "Yer choice next, Esperia. We'll take turns choosin' things, how 'bout that?"

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A tale of flowers, festivals and family reunions [Festival Social/Fia] - Page 2 Empty on Wed May 02, 2018 3:35 pm

Esperia at the other hand was clearly amused, and little seemed able to change her happy mood currently about it. "Sure!" Esperia exclaimed happily before deciding to figure out a good location. "Let's see~ Where to go next..." Esperia mused softly, a hand raised to her cheek as she tried to figure out where to go. "Oh! How about that!" Esperia exclaimed happily, gestured excitedly at the nearby area. "It seems there is a stage over there where people can sing~ hehe want to sing a song for me Fia?"

Her eyes sparked with childish excitement as she bounced up and down in excitement. "Pretty please?" Her gaze shifted toward Baldo as she grinned sheepishly. "Afterwards you and Salem can sing a duet also!" Yep, she seemed to be getting quite into the idea of listening to them singing. Sebastian nodded his head in approval, musing softly. "I do think it would be quite an interesting spectacle to behold."

Still, now she thought about it... she had never heard Fia sing before, and was now truly starting to look forward to it! "Fia~ sing me a song pretty please?" Giving her a doe-eyes look the girl was truly looking forward to the idea, but would Fia agree with the idea? or Baldo and the others for that matter?

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A tale of flowers, festivals and family reunions [Festival Social/Fia] - Page 2 Empty on Thu May 03, 2018 6:26 am

Fiammetta Barone
Baldo, Salem and Fiammetta were all curious to see what Esperia might choose with her turn at deciding where they went, and when she pointed out a nearby stage, they were all fairly surprised with the spontaneous decision. Especially when she even requested that Fia herself perform a song!

"H-Huh? Ya went me to go up there 'an sing?" Fia stammered out in shock, not looking at all up for it. Baldo just chuckled, encouraging his daughter.

"C'mon, Fia! Ya got he pipes for it, serenade her woman!" He declared proudly. Fia still looked a little unsure, but when Esperia begged and bounced about in adorable excitement... There was simply no way the Barone lass could have said no. "F-Fine..." She groaned hesitantly.

As Fia suggested Baldo and Salem do a duet, the pair immediately grinned at each other, looking a bit smug together. "Ya thinkin' what I'm thinkin?"

"Purr-haps I am... Whip out her old karoake staple?"

"You know it!"

Fia could only raise an eyebrow of intrigue at the old friends' plotting. With Baldo's agreements clear, it was just a matter of Fia voicing with certainty her own approval of the idea. "Said it was fine didn't I... Guess I get to sing for ya, Princess." Fia uttered with just the slightest grin. "Only if I get ta' choose the song genre though... I ain't goin' up there an' beltin' out any of that pop or idol shit..."

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A tale of flowers, festivals and family reunions [Festival Social/Fia] - Page 2 Empty on Thu May 03, 2018 8:06 am

An excited little clap of her hands was made in return to Fia's hesitant approval as she hummed playfully in return. "Of course~ We'll leave the higher tunes for later." A mischievous little wink followed into Fia's direction as if she made it clear where and how that higher tone would be reached, but her curiosity was equally drawn by the grins on Baldo and Salem's faces. She had to admit she was quite curious to see what type of song they were up to, but none of them beat the excitement she felt toward hearing Fia sing.

There was a certain saying that songs were the words spoken from one's heart, that songs carried a magic that came straight from emotion. Then how did it happen that in the time they spend together, Esperia who was the embodiment of a childish and emotional young lady had never sung for Fia before? Perhaps the reason for that was lying dormant in a memory of the past. Of course, it was impossible for Fia to know that Esperia never truly sang a song because of the fact it influenced Asmodeus' magic. But a part of her truly longed to have Fia hear it, to have her fiance listen to that 'magic that came from her voice, and the words sang from her heart'.

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A tale of flowers, festivals and family reunions [Festival Social/Fia] - Page 2 Empty on Thu May 03, 2018 9:18 pm

Fiammetta Barone
Of course, the promise of higher tunes also played a role in convincing Fia to perform. Ultimately, her acceptance of the request came down to the simple fact that it made Esperia happy. Fia didn't particularly care why Esperia wanted her to unleash her voice so badly, but if it was for the women she loved, Fia was willing to ignore the slight nervousness she felt.

Fia wasn't some kind of excellent singer or anything, but she wasn't terrible either. She had strong pipes, to be sure, and had a bit of experience thanks to one of her father's old hobbies: Karaoke. That, and singing a few of the much younger orphans to sleep a long time ago.

"Well, I uh, guess I'll go choose a song." Fia uttered a bit awkwardly as the Barone girl wandered toward the stage. There was a list of the available songs just before one got on it, an extensive one at that. From rap songs, to generic pop, to love ballads, to country, etc. etc. Fia furrowed a brow as she flicked through the selection. None of them were quite her style... But at the same time, she still wanted to sing something for Esperia. Sing something to her. Eventually, she spied something that fit the bill.

Better yet, it was just her style too.

Moments later, Fia stepped up to the stage, still feeling oddly nervous. But, once she saw again how excited Esperia was, that all seemed to wash away. Fia breathed in, breathed out, stepped up to the mic. She grasped it with one hand, nodding toward the band.

The song started, and she sang it not with perfect skill, but with undeniable passion.

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A tale of flowers, festivals and family reunions [Festival Social/Fia] - Page 2 Empty on Thu May 03, 2018 9:27 pm

It didn't take long for her to succeed in convincing Fia to take to the stage, and with her eyes alit with excitement, she watched as her lover took a deep breath and started the song she had chosen. While some might have noticed the lack of the 'perfect skill' that some might have, it was undeniable how much passion there was in the voice of her lover as she sung that song. It was not just any song, it was a song meant for her, and the awareness of that made her cheeks flush up lightly as a sheepish grin emerged on her lips, joy and pride mixing together at this show of affection.

Meanwhile she could spot in the corner of her eyes the manifestation of the demon lord of lust within her mind, a soft smile lingering on her lips as she hummed softly. "They truly say that songs are the embodiment of one's emotions. Of course, once the duet from the gentlemen happens you'll have to answer her song, right?"

Sing? Would she end up singing a song for Fia? But that meant she would possibly end up having Asmodeus' power be released again... "Don't worry~ I'll throw in a little favor and ensure my magic won't go amock, so show Fia the song that embodies your feelings right now~"

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A tale of flowers, festivals and family reunions [Festival Social/Fia] - Page 2 Empty on Fri May 04, 2018 5:30 pm

Fiammetta Barone
Fia didn't really keep thinking as she sang the song she'd chosen for Esperia. It was an almost trance-like state she entered as she sang with all the passion she could muster, words that were directed right for the woman she loved in a powerful rock song that indicated the simplicity, yet undeniable intensity, of her feelings. She sang a song of being there for Esperia when she felt at her lowest, at her weakest, to be there to show her the light.

She sang to Esperia, that she would save her heart.

Once the song was over, the last riff played, Fia just stood there for a few moments. And then blushed as she sheepishly wandered off the stage, as Baldo loudly applauded her performance.

[colo=redorange]"Haha! That's my girl right there!"[/color] He declared happily, as Fiammetta walked back over to the group with her face hung and a lovely shade of red.

"Sh-Shaddup..." Fia stammered out, glancing at Esperia to see if she'd enjoyed the performance. She sincerely hoped she had, not that she actually had the nerve to ask after that embarassing affair.

"It wasn't purr-fect, but well done." Salem uttered slyly. "But... I'm also afraid it's time for your father and I to show you how it's done."


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A tale of flowers, festivals and family reunions [Festival Social/Fia] - Page 2 Empty on Fri May 04, 2018 5:41 pm

Despite the fact her cheeks were scarlet red from embarrassment, the spark of liveliness in her eyes and the bright smile upon her lips clearly were all Fia would need to receive her answer, especially when Fia returned to the crowd and would be greet with a playful snuggle, as if it was her way to express her gratitude. "hehe~ That was a lovely song Fia~ It also fit your voice really well~" Indeed, both the song's lyrics and the emotions they conveyed had clearly reached Esperia, and soon with Salem's sly utterance she grinned at the duo, humming teasingly. "You're going to have quite some high expectations to fulfill if you plan to best that performance~"

Yet as she finally released her hold on Fia she looked at the duo, clearly curious about what type of song they would perform. At the same time she had also been thinking about what type of song she herself would end up singing because she really wanted to sing Fia a song, but what type of song would suit her? What song would properly convey all the feelings she held for her fiance? Only time would tell what choice she had made, and what type of performance she would provide.

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A tale of flowers, festivals and family reunions [Festival Social/Fia] - Page 2 Empty on Sat May 05, 2018 8:43 am

Fiammetta Barone
Esperia's words only made Fia's face an even brighter shade of red, as she was flooded with happiness at her lover's enjoyment of the performance. Seeing that sparkle in her eye made all the embarrassment and nerves more than worth it. "Glad ya liked it, Princess..." The Barone lass said softly as she stood closely by her lover, setting her eyes on the stage that Baldo and Salem were already confidently approaching. Fia was a bit curious, and her grin somewhat showed it. Knowing her father and Salem, this wasn't going to be some hugely emotional or meaningful performance like hers and eventually Esperia's. Instead... What Fia was expecting was an A-grade showing from a very dorky father and his old friend.

And it looked like she was going to get just that, as the two took the stage. Baldo waltzed up to the mic with all the confidence of a father who cared not how much embarassing it was, as he knew that his child would enjoy it. Salem had a bit more difficulty with the mic, but fortunately, Baldo was there to drop it on the floor to his level. With the stage set, and both of them ready, the duo closed their eyes in unison... As the music started, and their ass-kicking duet began!

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A tale of flowers, festivals and family reunions [Festival Social/Fia] - Page 2 Empty on Sat May 05, 2018 8:50 am

A sheepish giggle escaped her lips as Baldo and Salem started their performance and soon she found herself humming along with the crowd. However, in their wake, she knew that she wouldn't be able to escape a similar treatment. Her cheeks flushed up lightly while she whispered softly. "I-I guess I can try to sing a song~"

After the crowd calmed down a little from Baldo and Salem's duet she took a deep breath and tried to figure out what type of song she should end up singing. The crowd looked with curious glances at her while she shuffled lightly on her sandals, not entirely convinced yet of a choice. "Why not sing a song for Fia? Considering her song was directed at you, it makes sense to pick a similar song."

A song that expressed her feelings toward Fia? After a moment she moved over to the band and whispered something in their ear, earning a chuckle as they nodded and gestured toward one of the nearby staff members of the event.

A sudden spell was cast somewhere in the area, for the light started to dim as if a shroud of darkness had started to spread across the landscape, but then as suddenly as it had arrived a bright sphere of light illuminated the stage above the girl and her performance began.

Being lovely isn't a bad thing~
Pursuing the cuteness itself

A hand raised upward, a hand pointing into Fia's direction as she continued to sing her lyrics

Say, are you watching me?

A playful wink followed, earning a chuckle from the crowd as she returned the same hand to her chest, and as her eyes remained locked onto Fia it was clear at who her song was directed at.

The truth is, I was longing for you, just a little bit

Yet at the same time, the lyrics came along she raised both hands to her cheeks, her face flushed red with embarrassment as she continued singing.

I tried to hide my embarrassment, but my face revealed everything; It's all red!

A collection of laughs and chuckles came from the crowd at her little performance, while she raised her hand and made a playful swaying motion to accompany the lyrics.

Every girl possesses the wish to become an idol
See? it's so much fun trying to allure you

In return to the playful wink the crowd started to chuckle once more, clearly entertained by her song and acting.

Hey wait! I won't allow this kind of feelings until I'm all grown up
When I'm on the stage, standing in the spotlight,
I shine and sparkle all over

As the song continued it was clear how strongly Esperia was conveying her feelings, her affection for Fia, of how it was because of her how she shined and sparkled all over with happiness.

Being lovely isn't a bad thing
I'm awaiting you to smile
If you turn around to me, only one more time, I'll make you feel good

Of course her mind easily thought of those lyrics as having a double meaning, but she shook off the perverted thoughts as she continued her song.

*thumb-thumb* Hey cutie, become even cuter
'Cause I'll be a strong girl
Come on, I want to show you my feelings

A little spin of her body followed as the lights above her started to split into several differently colored ones and she resumed singing.

Who's that by your side except your closest friends?
From morning till night, I'll be there for you, oh my sweetie
Alone I'm helpless, but then we met by chance
Well you see, it might also be fate

By now it seemed that the crowd was already singing and cheering along enthusiastically, not by Asmodeus' magic influencing them, but Esperia's little performance was truly entertaining them, as befitting of a Blue Pegasus mage!

Um, I wonder if you'll understand
When I speak out my feelings right in front of you
As you said "thank you" I regained all my energy
And sparkled all over again

Love you, I want to show you my feelings
Sorry if I misunderstood it
But a scary guy approaching from behind? This is justice!
*thumb-thumb* A beauty standing on tiptoes
'Cause she wants to look all grown up
To match you, what do you say?
Tell me, have you noticed it?

With the final lyrics approaching of the song she found her gaze locking with Fia's own as she found herself smiling happily.

The day of our meeting,
Do you remember it? Can you remember it right now?
As for me, I've no intention of forgetting that
I've never felt this way before
Say, could you call that "fate"?
And that's why... I'm shining all over

Being lovely isn't a bad thing
I'm awaiting you to smile
If you turn around to me, only one more time, I'll make you feel good
*thumb-thumb* Hey cutie, become even cuter
'Cause I'll be a strong girl
It would be great if we could meet again…
Hey, I want to show you my feelings...

And with that her song had reached its conclusion, leading the girl to bounce off the stage and rush straight toward her fiance, a playful skip and a bounce making her spread her arms in an attempt to embrace Fia and reach up to the tip of her toes, trying to press her lips lightly against Fia's in a tender kiss that caused a collection of whistles and chuckles from the crowd as someone joking exclaimed. "Guess we now know who that song was meant for!"

song for reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2VV9iuVS_Y4

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Fiammetta Barone
Fia couldn't help but chuckle heartily at Baldo and Salem's enthusiastic performances. It was clear they were having just as much fun too, in what was clearly a practiced routine for the unlikely duo. But as entertaining as their rockin' performance was, Fiammetta was most interested in what her own lover had in store, as the smaller girl took the stage.

"Break a leg, Princess..." Fia uttered softly in encouragement. She wondered what the elegant girl might sing, and soon enough had her answer.

She'd sing for her.

Fia was captivated, spellbound as an angelic voice sounded out and Esperia's position on stage was illuminated. It became evident immediately, that the song was for her.

The Barone less remained transfixed on Esperia throughout her performance, an increasingly red hue forming in her expression as such lovely and adorable words were sent her way. It was song so much like the black-haired trickster, every bit as affectionate and true as Fia would've expected of the girl she'd one day marry. Every single lyric struck a chord in Fia's heart, from all the double meanings and all the callbacks she felt where directed straight to her.

When it was over, there was thunderous applause from the crowd, but Fia barely noticed. All that was within her gaze, within her focus, was Esperia herself, as her fiance was within her arms after a hop and a skip, their lips tenderly touching as Fia wrapped arms around her. When she finally pulled from the kiss, Fia gazed down lovingly, wanting to compliment Esperia's performance, but finding herself unable. Because after the wondrous sight she'd just been shown... Fiammetta Barone was utterly speechless.

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There was something about singing a song like this that felt incredibly embarrassing. Perhaps it was because those emotions were meant to be directed to Fia, a song for Fia and Fia alone, that the fact she had turned it into a performance made her feel all the more flustered. However, at the same time, it filled her with so much pride and happiness, to be able to sing and express her emotions so openly, it was quite a pleasant sensation.

Of course, in the wake of such a performance, her greatest desire was obviously to spend some time in the arms of her fiance, and being that she was the successor to the Demon Lord of Lust, one could easily imagine that she would chase that desire with zealous devotion. And indeed, arriving at the blushing lass Esperia eagerly skipped over and pressed her lips onto Fia's own in a tender kiss, looking up at her fiance as their lips finally parted, but the compliment she had expected did not come. Perhaps she had done an overkill on the performance? Of course, if Esperia wanted to get something... she would get it, like a true princess. Nuzzling up against Fia the girl hummed playfully. "Psst Fia~ this the moment you're supposed to give your compliment~" A sheepish giggle escaped her lips as she raised a fingertip toward her fiance's cheek, giving it a playful poke as she stated with a mischievous grin. "But your expression reads like a book~"

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Fiammetta Barone
Esperia's words briefly snapped the spellstruck Fia out of her daze, as she scrambled to give the compliments she should have from the start. "U-U-Uh, that was amazing Princess! Incredible, you were, you were-" Her cheeks were already flushing up a deep scarlet color, and then came that playful little poke against her cheek and the following teasing that had Fia thoroughly embarrassed, and once again in awe of Esperia von Eisenberg.

To think, she was one day going to make this girl her wife... Fia really was the luckiest girl in the world, wasn't she?

"Huehuehue~ A bit of paws before your compliments, wasn't there Fia?" Salem teased, chuckling mischievously to himself. "Were you really that spellbound? Or did a cat have your tongue?" He chuckled a bit more, ever pleased with his own wordplay. Fia rolled her eyes, and growled at him, as Baldo interjected.

"Oi, oi, let the girl adore her cute fiance, Salem." Baldo huffed, before smiling heartily to Esperia. "Nice performance! You'll have to show the other kids back at the orphanage some time, ha!" He declared with a signature wide grin. Fia agreed with him, at least, barring the part where she ended up being the evident focus of the song... A number of her family members would have no trouble teasing her with that...

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Despite the fact, her cheeks were having a tint of red, no doubt a light blush of embarrassment about her own performance, the smile that lingered upon her lips made it quite clear just how much she had enjoyed singing for Fia. "hehe~ Thank you~" she exclaimed happily, rewarding her fiance with a bright smile and a gentle nuzzle against her while Salem's words once more delivered a pun-filled reaction.

However, when Baldo replied she felt her blush intensify once more, no doubt because he readily referred to her already as Fia's fiance, not to mention he even called her cute! When the father of your fiance did that, it surely must have been a good sign, right? Grinnish sheepishly at Baldo she nodded her head enthusiastically at the man and replied in a cheerful tone. "Of course~ I'll sing that song for everyone again once we all get home again~ Although, I wonder how long till they realize who the focus of that song is." A little giggle followed as she seemed clearly amused at the idea of several members of the Barone household to tease her fiance about it, but for the time being, she decided to let Fia relax a little by turning the focus elsewhere. "Where shall we go to next Fia?"

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Fiammetta Barone
"Haha! Don't think it'll take them long to catch on!" Baldo declared heartily in response to Esperia's statements, clearly quite delighted at the possibility of the orphans getting their own little personal performance with the subject being their 'older sister'.

Fortunately for Fia, the idea wouldn't be dwelled on for much longer, as Esperia redirected the conversation to talk of where they were to go next. Fia's brow furrowed as she thought about it. "Huh... Dunno, really... There much else close by to see?" Fia queried, turning to her father who seemed to be more experienced with the particular festival.

Baldo smiled, seemingly already having something in mind. "Well, those fireworks I mentioned earlier are comin' up... If we wanna get a real good seat to watch 'em, now's as good a time as any to head out, 'less anyone else had anythin' else in mind." Baldo declared, looking about to see if there were any unlikely objections.

"Sounds like a purrfect idea~" Salem hummed, trying to recall the last time he'd actually seen fireworks.

"I'm down!" Fia proclaimed happily. She herself hadn't seen them in a while, on account of her travels, and furthermore - though she'd never admit it - fireworks made for a perfect little backdrop by which to spend time with her lover!

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