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A tale of flowers, festivals and family reunions [Festival Social/Fia]

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A tale of flowers, festivals and family reunions [Festival Social/Fia] Empty on Sat Apr 28, 2018 6:26 pm

Upon arrival in Orchidia, it was clear that the entire town was in a festive mood. Not only were the people in a lively and friendly mood, but the town was decorated with all sorts of colorful and stylish flowers. How could one possibly not enjoy this type of scenery? But in Esperia's opinion, the most beautiful sight this world had to offer was right by her side. Smiling happily up at Fia the girl had wrapped her arms around Fia's own, nuzzling sideways against her as she inquired with a cheerful tone. "So, now that we have arrived~ How about we try finding your father? I bet you're super excited to meet your father again~"

She truly was looking forward to this reunion, just to see the look upon her lover's face as she finally was able to succeed in that ambition she had pursued so long, to finally be able to bring her father back to the Barone family, and what better event to do so, than at a festival that was meant to herald in the prosperity of a new year?

"Mhmm~ So looking forward to finally seeing Fia's papa~ I heard a lot about him from you, but seeing him in person is still a lot different~"

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A tale of flowers, festivals and family reunions [Festival Social/Fia] Empty on Sat Apr 28, 2018 7:55 pm

Fiammetta Barone
Fia didn't think she'd ever seen a whole town in such high spirits. Flowers adorned every inch of the town, vibrant and beautiful displays that caught the eye and soothed the spirit. The entire atmosphere was just remarkably pleasant, and not a sour expression was in sight. Everyone looked eager and joyous, happy at the chance to just relax and enjoy themselves after all the turmoil Fiore had been through in the past while.

The pair of engaged lovers were just as happy, of course, as they strode through the streets as one, eager for the fun times and heartfelt reunions that awaited ever since they'd arrived in Oak. "Yeah... Let's look for 'im, you got any idea where he might be?" Fia inquired in response, wondering if Esperia knew more on the arrangements that allowed her father to come to Orchidia. Fia herself had only found out about his release a day earlier, so she had no clue herself.

Then again, he'd be hard to miss, given his appearance. Fia was quite literally buzzing with nerves, so eager and anxious to succeed in the original aim of her journey out into the world. She had yet to fully consider just how much she'd inevitably be teased, but fortunately, the impacts would be lessened by the fact that Salem wasn't with them yet. Business to attend to, as usual, but he'd be joining them later. Esperia hummed alongside Fia, expressing eagerness in meeting her father.

"Can't wait fer ya to meet 'im too... Heh, old man's probably gonna be proud I got myself engaged to a Princess!"

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A tale of flowers, festivals and family reunions [Festival Social/Fia] Empty on Sat Apr 28, 2018 8:03 pm

A mischievous little giggle escaped Esperia's lips as she remarked with a smile. "Mhmm~ I'm sure he'd be really proud. Although it might be embarrassing if he starts worrying about 'continuing the Barone line'." However, knowing Asmodeus and the tricks she had at her disposal might had made that concern quite easy to deal with, even if it was embarrassing to mention the details of how she could ensure Fia's dad wouldn't need to worry about that issue. Asmodeus herself seemed to notice the thoughts drifting through her mind, for the Demon Lord of Lust was giggling in her mind, clearly entertained at the flustered thoughts of her vessel. "I believe they allowed him to stay at one of the inns that is participating in the festivities. Umm, it should be a large establishment with a beautiful garden surrounding it. I'm sure we'll find it easily!"

Indeed, the establishment itself was only a few blocks further down the street, but she was in no hurry to discover that, much more interested in taking her time enjoying the sights with her lover. Although she also knew how eager Fia was to meet him, and noticing the building in the distance the girl chimed in. "Perhaps that is where he is staying at?"

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A tale of flowers, festivals and family reunions [Festival Social/Fia] Empty on Sat Apr 28, 2018 8:34 pm

Fiammetta Barone
Fia couldn't help but groan at the prospect of a continuation of the Barone line, finding the prospect still more than a little embarassing. "Don' worry, if it comes to that, he won' mind adoptin'..." Fia affirmed. She, after all, was his adoptive daughter, so it only seemed fair that the trend be continued. That, and Fia didn't want to think about what tricks Asmodeus might have up her sleeve to make the idea of biological children actually possible. And she certainly didn't want those tricks brought up around Baldo...

Fia nodded along as Esperia explained where he might be situated. Her heart was already beating rapidly in anticipation, as the fated reunion neared closer every second. Al they had to do now was investigate a large inn that he might be staying at. "Aight, shouldn't be too 'ard to find... Lead the way, Princess."

After only a very short walk through floral streets of Orchidia, they enjoyed the sights before setting their eyes on a nearby establishment, the one that, as Esperia seemed to realize too, likely housed Fia's father. She gazed it at awe, still not fully registering how close she was to reunion she'd been waiting so long for. She nodded at her lover, before striding ahead toward the inn, ready as ever to see her father again.

"Yeah... I think it is... Let's go. I ain't waitin' any longer."

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A tale of flowers, festivals and family reunions [Festival Social/Fia] Empty on Sat Apr 28, 2018 8:45 pm

"OBJECTION!" Esperia exclaimed, her cheeks turning red as she suddenly stopped in her tracks and looked up at Fia. It took a moment for her to gather the resolve to reply, and after a moment she whispered in a more bashful tone. "I-I..." Her face turning even redder to the point she might have looked like she had a fever the girl continued to reply softly. "No adoption... I-I'll figure out a way to get that spell mastered." Raising a hand to her face she covered it for a moment in hope of hiding her embarrassment while she muttered softly. "I wouldn't mind becoming a mama someday..."

Yet she quickly added in a flustered tone as she looked up at Fia. "B-But not right now! later! Like after several years maybe... Although I wouldn't mind using that spell for some shenanigans every now and then."

Yet it seemed that for now, the lewd subject had to wait, for as Fia strode toward the inn Esperia quickly followed alongside her. "F~I~A's Papa, where art thou?!" The girl proclaimed playfully as they entered the building. She really was looking forward to see this reunion that was about to happen.

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A tale of flowers, festivals and family reunions [Festival Social/Fia] Empty on Sat Apr 28, 2018 9:41 pm

Fiammetta Barone
The sudden exclamation caught Fiammetta off guard, startling her as a clearly quite flustered Esperia found the resolve to state her own opinion on the matter. Fiammetta never knew Esperia felt so strongly on the matter of their potential future children. Fia awkwardly scratched the back of her head, feeling a little ashamed for how casually she'd spoke on this topic. And as Esperia actually outright mentioned the certain 'spell' that might allow them to have a biological child through magical means, a steady stream of steam began pouring from Fia's head.

Her eyes widened and that steam erupted at the mention of possible, erm, recreational use of that spell. "R-Really?" Fia stammered out, having not known Esperia was interested in that kind of thing. "E-er, whatever, let's just talk about this stuff when we come to it..." Fia muttered awkwardly. It seemed the idea of children, far off though it may be, was one the pair would have to discuss in greater depth, to sort out their own opinions and preferences.

For now, they focused on meeting the potential future grandfather of such children, with Esperia humming along alongside as they entered the building. Once within, Fia honestly had no clue where to look. Her eyes glanced around as she looked briefly around, not seeing him immediately. She wandered toward reception, figuring they might know.

"Guess we oughta ask-"

"Fia?" A nearby masculine voice grabbed Fia's attention, her eyes shooting toward a man who'd been sitting nearby. A man who's face was covered in scars, making it unmistakable to Esperia who this was.

Baldo Barone stood only a few meters away. Both he and Fia just stared, jaws dropped, in the momentary shock.

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A tale of flowers, festivals and family reunions [Festival Social/Fia] Empty on Sat Apr 28, 2018 9:57 pm

She really couldn't get enough from the enjoyment of watching Fia get flustered, and yet that amusement quickly turned into something more bittersweet as they entered the building and a voice called out her fiance's name. Of course, this had quickly drawn Esperia's attention as she leaned slightly sideways to peek from Fia's side at who had caused her lover to freeze up. The momentary shock really had taken Fia by surprise, and it would seemingly be up to Esperia to help her get out of it. A gentle nudge followed by Esperia against Fia's waist, as if she hoped the gesture would likely pull Fia back from her shocked state while she smiled sheepishly at her. "Go on Fia~ You worked so hard for this moment, there is no need to hold back now. Go and say hello to your papa~"

She knew the feelings that likely drifted in Fia's heart right now, she had felt them also when she was reunited with her late sister, even if it was but a short and bittersweet farewell. So she wanted to see this event herself, to see for herself as Fia's dream and ambition would finally become a reality.

Asmodeus had always encouraged the pursuit of one's desires and longings, and there was no doubt that one of Fia's most powerful longings was to be reunited with her adoptive father, for the Barone family to finally become whole again.

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A tale of flowers, festivals and family reunions [Festival Social/Fia] Empty on Sat Apr 28, 2018 11:28 pm

Fiammetta Barone
The slight nudge and encouragement from Esperia prompted a silent nod from the Barone girl, who wordlessly stepped forward toward an equally stunned Baldo. She didn't have the slightest idea what to say or do, to the man she looked up to, who was returning to her family.

Baldo's paralyzed expression twitched, a small grin forming on his face as he softly and tenderly uttered a few, simple words that spurred Fia on.

"Long time no see, kid."

Without another word, Fia lunged forward, throwing her arms around the larger man in a strong hug, as he gently held her too. Laughter, whimsical and joyous, was mixed with sobs as Fia cried into his expensive suit out of joy. He was here. Her father, who she'd once thought she might never see again, was right before her, holding him in his strong arms like he had when she was younger.

"Took yer... Damn time..." Fia stammered out between cry-laughs, pulling out of the hug. She and Baldo kept their hands on each others arms, as they looked over one another like old friends, to see how they'd grown.

"Woulda taken longer without yer help." Baldo uttered, before saying a few more words that threatened to have an already recovering Fia break down into sobs again. "I'm proud of ya, kid."

As Fia stood trembling with emotion, Baldo looked past to Esperia, smiling heartily. "You must be 'er girl, yeah?" He inquired, extending a coarse and meaty hand toward her.

"Name's Baldo Barone. Pleasure ta' meet ya."

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A tale of flowers, festivals and family reunions [Festival Social/Fia] Empty on Sat Apr 28, 2018 11:42 pm

There was something about seeing Fia like that, something that brought a heartwarming feeling to her. The emotional reunion as Fia cried out tears of joy at finally having finally been able to see her father once more. Of course, she had enough tact to give them that tender moment before Baldo decided to address her, the way he heartily smiled at her causing a sheepish grin to emerge on her lips. "Mhmm~ Esperia Von Eisenberg~ Although the last part might not stay for long if your daughter and I have anything to say about it~"

Esperia mused softly as she extended her hand, shaking Baldo's own while placing her other hand on it. "Took us quite a lot of work to get you back where you belong~ Although... Seeing Fia like this makes it all the more worth it~"

A tender smile lingered on her lips as she looked at Fia, beaming a smile toward her. "Hehe~ Now the Barone family will be complete again. Actually, I guess they will get a bonus after the festival~"

A playful giggle escaped her lips before she turned her attention toward Baldo, quite eager to see his reaction to the not so subtle hints she had dropped already.

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A tale of flowers, festivals and family reunions [Festival Social/Fia] Empty on Sun Apr 29, 2018 2:05 am

Fiammetta Barone
Fia's heart still swelled as she pulled from her father, watching as he introduced himself to Esperia. So long, she'd imagined these two important people in her life meeting, and now here they were. Baldo himself smiled knowingly at Esperia's first 'hint', already getting an idea of what was happening.

"Y-Yeah, been meanin' to mention that..." Fia muttered to herself awkwardly as she realized she still had to give her father the revelation that she was betrothed, and that there would soon be a new member to their large and complicated family.

As Baldo shook Esperia's hand, Fia herself was blushing pretty damn hard while the older man grinned smugly. It was as good as news as any, hearing his daughter had gotten herself hitched, but he wasn't gonna hear it without a bit of teasing.

"Ohoho! One o' my kids is gettin' tied down, huh? I'm happy fer ya both..." Baldo declared, before bringing a hand to his chin in thought. "But I gotta wonder... How'd a rough gal like my Fia end up with such a delicate princess!"

His wide grin made his teasing evident, and Fia quickly snapped back in response.

"Sh-Shut up! What's surprisin' bout that!?" The Barone girl snapped, an almost instinctive response to an interaction that was common between the father and daughter.

"Nothin, nothin! I taught ya plenty 'bout dealin' with women, after all! Good advice, huh?"

"Like hell!"

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A tale of flowers, festivals and family reunions [Festival Social/Fia] Empty on Sun Apr 29, 2018 6:44 am

It appeared that she and Baldo shared a certain hobby: teasing Fia. There was something about seeing her fiance getting all flustered that really made her heart skip a beat, that adorable side to her that kept luring her in all the time. Although, she had been slightly surprised that Fia didn't mention that detail yet, although she cleverly concealed it by listening to Baldo's words. "Mhmm~" She hummed in affirmation yet after Baldo's declaration the words that followed as the man reached for his chin in thought and said those words Esperia feinted the perfect disguise of innocence despite the double meaning of her words. "Oh~ despite being a rough gal Fia can be quite delicate when you squeeze her the right way~"

And judging from where Esperia's eyes were wandering it was clear what type of squeezing she meant. Still, Fia's instinctive response caused Esperia to giggle softly, turning toward Fia as she tried to happily wrap her arms around her lover, looking up at her as she hummed curiously. "I wonder what he taught you~ Was it about how to storm a princess' castle?" Oh gods, she really loved teasing her, didn't she? And Baldo made it all the more easy to do so.

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A tale of flowers, festivals and family reunions [Festival Social/Fia] Empty on Sun Apr 29, 2018 7:34 am

Fiammetta Barone
Fia's face, still moist from her earlier crying, had now become a lovely scarlet hue as she was caught in a devastating pincer attack of teasing. On one end, her own adoptive father, who knew all of her most embarassing little stories from her time growing up in his care. And on the other, her fiance, who knew the girl even more intimately and wasn't afraid to reveal that right in front of her lover's own father.

Fortunately, Baldo appreciated moxie and a good sense of humor, so was already starting to like his future daughter-in-law as she teased Fia about squeezing sensitive spots. "Ohoho, a tricky one, is she?" Baldo inquired to Fia with a hearty smirk.

"N-None of yer business!" She stammered back as steam began to erupt from her crimson red face. At this rate, it seemed like the entire air around them would be filled with the vapor. Esperia's embrace cooled her somewhat, only for the mention of storming castles to have her freeze up again.

"Stormin' castles!? Bahahaha!" Baldo burst out with hearty laughter, as Fia gazed down at the ground and made a sound like a boiling kettle. "Ya really used that ol' line I taught ya? Hell, it musta worked!" Baldo declared with pride.

"Y-Yeah, it kinda did..." Fia muttered embarrassedly, now that the origin of some of her smooth lines became apparent.

Baldo stopped laughing, looking back up to the pair with a smile. "Y'know, the one thing I didn't teach ya was how to really stick with someone. Never been too good at myself. So I'm happy for ya both. And I'm glad I getta be there to walk ya down the aisle..."

Fia smiled back at her father, gulping down more tears that threatened to fall. For beneath all the teasing and frustration, the familial love they shared remained.

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A tale of flowers, festivals and family reunions [Festival Social/Fia] Empty on Sun Apr 29, 2018 11:13 am

A mischievous giggle escaped her lips at the mentioning of her being a tricky one. Oh boy, that was quite an understatement considering her personality and the fact she was the vessel for the Demon Lord of Lust. Yet hearing the origin of one of her smooth lines Baldo's proud declaration made her nod sheepishly in return, snuggling against Fia while she remarked on his declaration with a grin. "Mhmm~ she went straight through the front gate with her battering ram!" Esperia hummed playfully yet the words that followed made her smile tenderly in response. "Mhmm~ We waited specifically till your return~ In the end, can't really have a wedding without the blessing of Papa Barone, right Fia?"

Esperia inquired with a little wink given into Fia's direction, yet there was another thing she wanted to clarify. "I'm as sticky as super glue when it comes to Fia~ we're inseparable!" the girl declared happily as she knew all too well how clingy and childish she could be, and how lucky she was that Fia accepted that part of her. "And now that you're able to enjoy the festival also it's like the perfect opportunity to have fun, and then afterward we can all return to Baska~"

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A tale of flowers, festivals and family reunions [Festival Social/Fia] Empty on Sun Apr 29, 2018 5:45 pm

Fiammetta Barone
”R-Really!?” Fia stammered out at Esperia’s mention of battering rams, while Baldo just laughed even harder. Though this adult talk would’ve just been met with further sly remarks by Fia if she and her fiancé were alone, it seemed Fia was quite a bit more easily flustered in the presence of others. An opporutunity that Esperia and Baldo were not hesitating to use to tease Fia as much as they could.

But of course, beneath that teasing lay tender moments for the trio, such as the mention of Baldo’s necessary blessing that put an oddly kind smirk on her face as she addressed the older man. ”She’s right. So, whadday say? Got her blessin’, old man?”

Baldo just smirked right back, sharing that same mixture of kindness and a teasing nature in his expression. ”Consider yerselve’s blessed.” He uttered, before chuckling at Esperia’s declaration of stickiness as she clung to Fia. He nodded along at her plans to enjoy the festival before returning to Baska, finding it ideal.

”Then let’s not wast any time, huh? This festival’s one helluva good time, why don’t we ge enjoy it? Baldo prosper before grinning smugly to himself. ”Heh, it’d be a good opportunity to scout out the fine women in kimonos... Been off the market for some time, I have!”

”Friggin perv...” Fia groaned, rolling her eyes at her father’s comments and awaiting the inevitable retort they’d earn from Esperia before the trio headed out to enjoy the festival.

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A tale of flowers, festivals and family reunions [Festival Social/Fia] Empty on Sun Apr 29, 2018 7:44 pm

Perhaps it was because Fia got more easily flustered in the presence of others that Esperia enjoyed teasing her so much. That and the fact Baldo was clearly amused at the remarks that were being made, but when Fia smirked and addressed her father that Esperia's mismatched eyes turned upon the man, clearly waiting for his answer. "Yay~" A childishly adorable exclamation came from the young lady at Baldo's approval, snuggling against Fia once more before nodding her head in agreement to Baldo's statement about enjoying the festival. "Mhmm! Festival shenanigans~" Esperia declared happily before hearing the next part and Fia's response, making her snicker softly.

"Is that the pot calling the kettle black?" Yet alongside her teasing remark she did have an additional announcement to make. "But you can't blame him Fia~ Not when he has such fine company at his side. Speaking of which, you'll have to excuse us for a moment 'Papa'" Esperia hummed softly, seemingly totally fine with addressing the man in a family-related naming already. "Since obviously Fia and I have to get our fancy clothes also!"

Releasing her hold on Fia the girl clapped her hands twice, causing Sebastian to appear at her side in a puff of black smoke, holding what appeared to be two bags. "Kimonos~ Courtesy of Fernando of Baska~ Good thing I got plenty of experience figuring out Fia's sizes~"

Eagerly accepting the bags from Sebastian the butler replied calmly. "Your room has been booked young master, here is the key." And as if on cue he presented a fancy-looking key while Esperia smiled toward Baldo. "I promise it won't take long~ Well, at least if Fia can keep herself under control this time and not try to strip me naked because of a change in outfit. But at least it's not a maid uniform this time."

Giggling softly she started to gently pull Fia along toward their room, seemingly intending to get changed into their kimono while enjoying yet another reaction out of her.

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A tale of flowers, festivals and family reunions [Festival Social/Fia] Empty on Mon Apr 30, 2018 12:46 am

Fiammetta Barone
”Sh-Shaddup...” Fia muttered weakly in response to Esperia’s claims of kettles and their blackness, though she made not attempt to deny the implication was true. While Fia wouldn’t use the word pervert herself, she was certainly far from immune to the temptations of desire, evident by how often Esperia managed to seduce her into a lustful state.

Of course, her teasing and sly remarks factored greatly into that. Fia raised an eyebrow at her lover’s request for some alone time, before the clarification of fancy dress came in. ”Ohoho, I see, done yer research! I hope ya got em already, cause at the moment th-Woah!”

The sudden poof into existence of Sebastain caught the Barone man quite off guard, prompting a smirk from Fia. ”She really is tricky... Baldo muttered before watching Fia’s smirk turn into a strong blush at the mention of her ‘sizes’.

Steaming up all over again, Fia’s flustered state wasn’t at all aided by Esperia’s implications of what she might do during their changing. ”Did ya really hafta mention that? She lamented at comments of maid costumes. Baldo was just laughing like usual.

”Hahaha! Well, you crazy kids have fun, I’ll get changed into my own. Gotta woo this Orchidia women somehow! Another eyeroll was given from Fia, before she was dragged away be Esperia toward their room.

A soft smile found itself on her expression, in spite of the teasing she was recieving. Already, it was everything she could’ve hoped for and more, the reunion with her father, and the meeting of him and the one she was betrothed to. It was a joyous occasion, knowing that the newest addition to the Barone family was so well received.

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A tale of flowers, festivals and family reunions [Festival Social/Fia] Empty on Mon Apr 30, 2018 12:59 am

Fia's weak protest earned yet another giggle from Esperia as they made their way to the room, causing Esperia to whisper playfully. "Then again~ I love a perverted Fia." yet after the teasing remarks and the short splitting up of their little reunion Esperia and Fia were quick to reach there room, placing the luggage on the bed and revealing the kimonos. "I can guarantee they are the right size, unless you want me..." A step closer was made as a hand trailed underneath the Sarashi and she mused teasingly. "Confirm once more~"

Of course, the typical tease was accompanied by a little poking out of her tongue before she started to undo the straps of her own dress, but not before musing softly. "Fia~ Can you help me unhook that one red strap around my back?" A soft hum followed, seemingly hoping to get Fia's help before she turned toward her and smiled sheepishly. "Tada~ Lingerie version Esperia~" A soft giggle followed as she raised a hand to the pendant that rested around her neck, the very same bullet-like pendant Fia had gifted her during their first Christmas together before she started changing into her kimono.

"I feel sorry for the fact that your papa is going to hit second place in the festival~ Because I already woo-ed the most amazing lady of the whole world~"

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Fiammetta Barone
As Baldo returned to his own room to don his festival attire, so did Fia and Esperia do the same. With the luggage set down on the bed and the kimonos laid bare to see, Fia couldn't help but marvel at how accurately Esperia had evaluated her sizes. Speaking of which, she teased the possibility of doing it again, to which Fia blushed a little, but was still feeling a bit bolder now that they were alone. "If ya try that... Fia said, placing her hand over Esperias and smirking at her. "I'll try an' find yer sizes too, ya hear?" She threatened salaciously.

Regardless of Esperia's response, the other girl would soon have more ammo to use against Fiammetta in the form of undoing her dress. Fia watched the girl closely, before she was asked to help out. "Sure thing, I'm used to takin' yer clothes off anyway." Fia teased as she removed the hook. In spite of her boldness, when Esperia turned around in her undergarments, Fia still found herself blown away by the site. Her lithe frame, her soft giggle, and the tender way she touched the gift Fia had given her. Reminded the Barone girl all over again how she'd fallen in love with this selfish Princess.

As Fia began to strip down herself - leaving the sarashi on for underneath the kimono - she heard Esperia's adorable remark, and couldn't help but make her own.

"Make that third Princess. Think I'm lookin' at the number beauty 1 right now... And she's got some damn nice lingerie on." Fia remarked as she glanced at her semi-naked fiance.

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Of course, with nobody else around Fia quickly returned to her more bolder counter-attacks, the hand that rested on top of her own causing the obsidian-haired trickster to chuckle softly, a light turn of her hand and a lower pull quickly brought that hand toward her inner-thigh, quite close to a certain spot as Esperia mused mischievously. "Oh really~ Perhaps you shall find out soon then~" A little peck on her cheek followed as she turned her back toward Fia, hearing the teasing remark as the hook was removed she turned around and remarked with a smirk. "True, you certainly got a talent for that, not that I'm going to give anyone else the opportunity~"

Still, hearing Fia's adorable comment her cheeks flushed up lightly as she smiled sheepishly at her lover, quickly trying to brush it off with a teasing remark of her own. "I'm glad you like it so much~ Then again, I'm sure you are also looking forward to enjoying what is underneath my lingerie~"

But unfortunately that would have to wait until tonight, for there was a festival to attend to, and so she started to put on her kimono, the design looking quite pleasant on her.

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Fiammetta Barone
Fia couldn’t help but feel herself heat up a little as her hand was pulled toward Esperia’s thigh, a salacious grin forming on her face as she wondered what might happen if she really did try to find out. ”Well, lemme tell ya, I’ll be thorough...” She muttered, her face reddening a bit at the thought as Esperia pecked her on the cheek.

She couldn’t help but grin at Esperia’s remark about her skilled she certainly was at removing her clothes. By now the Barone girl knew just about every hook and buckle in her fiancés wardrobe, so had become quite adept at unfastening them, even in the heat of passion.

Passion that Fia felt flow through her at her lover’s adorable sheepish smile, and the way she brushed aside the remark with a teasing comment. ”Well, yer gonna see just how much I enjoy later, when I’m tryna pull that kimono right off of ya~” Fia quipped, knowing they didn’t quite have time for such an act now. She didn’t want to keep her father waiting, after all.

Fiammetta donned her own kimono, and after some difficulties, managed to get the thing sitting well on her. It definitely wasn’t the kind of thing she usually wore, but she actually kinda liked how it looked and felt. It was perfect festival attire, really.

”Huh, not bad...

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She was quite looking forward to the idea of Fia being thorough with her 'checking' of Esperia's sizes, although the idea of Fia pulling off her kimono made the girl chuckle briefly, humming in response to her fiance. "I'm certain that it will be quite a show to enjoy~" Still when the two of them finished putting on their kimono and Esperia turned her attention toward Fia the girl's eyes sparked with a lively excitement that seemed typical of the lass. "You look so pretty in it! Although it's not like you need a kimono for that~"

A soft snicker followed at the double meaning of her compliment while she walked over toward her lover, and as if on cue playfully pulled herself closer against her fiance. "Although the fabric does make snuggling you even softer than usually~" Yep, she was quite pleased with the end result! "We should go and catch up with your father, shouldn't we? Our personal 'festivities' can wait until we return to our room~"

A playful wink followed by the lass, as she seemingly was ready to depart toward the lobby where Baldo would no doubt be waiting for them. And what about Sebastian and Salem?

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Fiammetta Barone
Fia couldn't help but blush a little at Esperia calling her 'pretty'. It was a word that rarely applied to the Barone girl, at least in her opinion. Looking back to Esperia, however, Fia was reminded just how much that word was applicable to the delicate and princess-like girl. She looked wonderful as ever in the soft and decorative fabrics.

"Y-Yeah, yer lookin' real beautiful yerself, Princess..." She stammered out in genuine awe of how nice Esperia looked. As her fiance came in close for a snuggle, another benefit of their festival attire become evident, namely, how pleasant it was to be pressed against. Fia pulled Esperia in herself, smiling softly. "Bein' close to ya is always nice an soft though..." She uttered warmly, before listening to the girl's recommendation they go and meet up with Baldo again, saving their own festivities for later. "Aight, good idea... Don' think I'd be able to hold back if we got started." Fia remarked before departing with her lover, back toward the lobby where she presumed her father would be waiting.

And sure enough, there he was... Albeit, with some unexpected company. Standing before him was a familiar black cat, and the two seemed to be engaging in a spirited conversation.

"Christ, all this time, and yer still on all-fours? I knew it was strong curse, but holy shit..."

"Unfortunately, this purr-dicament isn't going away so easily... But this shape has its advantages. Fur example, I can do quite a lot of spying around, huehuheu..." The cat chuckled as he turned to look at an approaching Esperia and Fia, with the Barone girl raising an eyebrow in confusion at the apparent familiarity between her father and Salem.

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A sheepish giggle escaped Esperia's lips at Fia's remark, clearly equally pleased at the sensation of pressing up against her lover. "hehe~ not as soft as when I get to snuggle against your pillows with 'nothing' in between us~" A soft sensual whisper escaped her lips but she nodded her head in agreement. "Not like I'd let you stop~"

However, there was a rather curious reunion awaiting them, that which being the sight of Salem talking rather familiar with Fia's father. "Oh~ look, it seems our Papa already met the kittycat~" Esperia exclaimed happily as she pulled Fia along till they reached the group, declaring happily.

"Tada! Festival Mode Espy and Fia~ How do we look~ Salem, Sebastian~ 'Papa'?"

Esperia mused playfully as she made a little twirl of her body, one that showed off the girl's kimono-clad body from all angles while looking with high expectations toward the trio. Sebastian raised a hand to his chin, stroking it lightly while nodding in approval, but how would Baldo and Salem react to the sight of the two young ladies in their new kimono? Something she was quite eager to discover.

"Hehe~ You look great Papa! I'm sure you'll get a fair lady onto your fishing rod~ Although if it's a fish instead you might need to share with Salem~"

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Fiammetta Barone
After Salem's glance to to the side, Baldo too spotted the pair of kimono-clad girls, offering a wave of greeting as Esperia pulled Fia over. "Welcome back, girls! Got those kimonos on no troubles, eh? Lemme tell ya, they can be tricky if yer on yer own..." The older man lamented as he adjusted his own outfit. Fia still wore a look of confusion regarding the familiarity between Salem and Baldo, but the former took it upon him himself to explain it, somewhat.

"Right you are Esperia, this cat has already ready met Mr. Barone. A while ago, if recall correctly. A purr-fect coincidence, is it not?" Salem answered enigmetically, earning a skeptical look from Fia. Fortunately, Baldo dispelled the mystery right after.

"Coincidence ain't really the right word for it, but I'll talk 'bout that later. Fer now, let's see those kimonos!" Baldo declared, with he, Sebastian and Salem watching as Esperia showed off hers. All of them had the same reaction, nodding in approval at the display of elegance in beauty.

"Yer lookin' beautiful, dear. Quite the pretty flower, yer fiance, ain't that right Fia?" Baldo said, glancing teasingly to his adoptive daughter, who blushed a little as she scratched the back of her head.

"Y-Yeah, prettiest flower in the festival..." She said with a sheepish grin, the smooth line earning a chuckle from Baldo, before he smirked to Fia.

"Well, ya gonna show off yer outfit too?"

"I'll pass."

"C'mon, yer a pretty gal, show it off!" Baldo commanded. With another groan, Fia complied, giving a half-assed spin to show off her kimono, earning a chuckle from Baldo. "There's my pretty girl!" He proclaimed, earning an eye-roll from Fia.

Esperia's compliment towards Baldo stoked the man's ego, painting a toothy grin on his expression. "Hehe, yer flatterin' this old man!" He announced.

"For the record, back in my hayday, he'd have to compete with me form more than fish. I was quite the cat-ch, you see." Salem protested, chuckling to himself at his own pun.

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"Mhmm~ If I had any problems with the Kimono I'm sure Fia would gladly help with putting it both on and off me~" Esperia mused with a mischievous grin at Baldo's first words yet she nodded her head lightly at Salem's pun-filled response, making Esperia feel her share of curiosity toward the past relationship between Fia's father and the magical cat.

"Hehe~" A sheepish grin lingered upon her lips at Baldo's compliment, a grin that became accompanied with a light blush at Fia's smooth line, and when Fia made the half-assed spin Esperia happily nuzzled back against her and hummed softly. "They say the most beautiful flowers come in pairs~"

Still, the pun from Salem caused Esperia to snicker softly, walking over toward Salem as she crouched down to lightly try to scratch the cat behind his ears while she mused softly. "We'll get you some scooped goldfish as a snack~ or maybe you'll be lucky and find another pussy to play with." Of course whether the innuendo was intentional or not she added with a soft hum as she rose back onto her feet. "I wonder if there are other cats at the festival. But let's go!" Esperia exclaimed happily, clearly looking forward to the adventure they were about to have.

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