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Orchidia Flower Festival

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Orchidia Flower Festival Empty on Sat Apr 28, 2018 5:19 pm


Ladies and gentlemen,

We'd like to hereby invite you all to the Orchidia Flower Festival. Many of you who've been already to Orchidia already know that our beloved city is covered by flora. Despite that, we still have managed to make it habitable and comfortable for all the citizens. We can't even imagine what it would be like without all the green. To celebrate this, we from the committee are hosting a large festival in a part of Orchidia that is not inhabited.

That means that we can celebrate day and night without bothering anyone. To make it even more fun, we've managed to get a permit to host the festival for an extended time.

We've summarized a few of the things that is gonna take place during the Orchidia Flower Festival for you below and hope that you find some time to partake in some in-between the eating and dancing. In general, feel free to do whatever you want to do such as swimming, barbecuing, eating at the stalls, dancing and more. The contests will begin at random data along with some other unlisted things.

Flora Collector:

  • The Five Flowers: Their bloom signifies the start of spring and the garland signifies the united force of good fortune and good health. These auspicious flowers are scattered around the overgrowth that surrounds the town. As you enjoy the festivities, keep your eyes peeled for these beautiful blossoms, because fetching them will earn you rewards.
  • Collection: Every five roleplay posts you write, you may roll in the roll thread designated for the event to collect these flowers. If you happen to collect one from each specie, you can weave your garland and this earns you a special prize. If you were not lucky enough to find them all, you may trade in individual flowers for 2,500 XP.


  • Flower Contest: There are countless interesting flowers growing through the city. During the contest, everyone will get some time to scavenge through the city and find flowers. Flowers have a value attached to them, the winner is the one with the highest of points after the contest.
  • Fishing Contest: We'd like to advise you all to take some time to fish while you're in Orchidia, and if you feel competitive you can even apply for the fishing contest. Certain fish have a value attached to them, the winner is the one with the highest amount of points after the contest.
  • Hunting Contest: We'll be hosting a hunt in the outskirts of Orchidia. We've listed a few creatures that are allowed to be hunted during this game and they all have a value attached to them. When the hunt concludes, the person with the highest amount of points will be declared the winner.

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