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magnolia Foot Travel to Orchidia

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Stone and paper. Paper and stone. It sat in an odd clearing of the forest, with the foliage seared and charred around it. Behind it was what looked like stone bricks, most likely the former walls of a temple. This used to be a place of worship and honor, yet it stood here, barren.  

A dirty red satin pillow lay before it, along with other torn and weathered mats. A few candles were lit, some of them emitting a strange aroma. Were they scented? No, scented candles did not exist in this land. They were fantasy. No such thing was real. It was a foolish thought as she stood there.

She had brought no tools to destroy it, but instead stood in front of it, unbowing, unaffected. Why would anyone ask themselves for help. How many people used this place?

"Pitiful." she said to herself, her fists clenched. She was a madwoman. Her hands and forearms stained red from the blood, her shirt now colored brown to the same liking. Her grey slacks new and freshly ironed, and her feet bare to the earth. She had no reason to change her attire. She had no one to fear, for not at least.

What did people need her for? What would anyone need her for? None of it mattered. At least here, she was noticed, and here people seemed to care. For now, she would let the shrine stand. With a sigh, she would make her way towards the shrine, wondering what the others were like. Maybe she would not destroy them, but perhaps she would have to understand the people who had placed them there. Her real enemy were the temples and the self-proclaimed shrine maidens. For now, she would let it stand.

She would make her way through the forest, heading to another city. She didn't really know who was where, or which one was the closest, or where she was going. She was going to continue walking, for however long until she found somewhere she was looking for. The echoes of words and requests echoed in her mind, but she would pay none of them any mind. If anyone wanted anything from her, they needed to grant her an offering equal to her work. Not even gods worked for free.

With each job, came equal payment. Even devotion had a value. She would not pay any mind to those who only came to ask her to help, without giving anything in return. She had no mercy. She did as she was requested. This was who she was.

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