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Shady Business [Quest: Leyaria]

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#1Leyaria Venerak 

on Wed Apr 25, 2018 7:39 pm

Her time at the park had been one that she was to some degree satisfied with. Honestly, she had thought it was meant to be something terrible, that there was going to have been an ulterior motivation for what the Guard Captain had intended for it to be, and while there was certainly a motivation behind it, it wasnít as he expected it to have been. Rather, it was instead one in which had her wondering if maybe she was wrong, not just about herself, but about the Guard Captain, as well as the various people throughout Magnolia too. Too often, she had come to believe that at this point, she was just someone who was being exploited by the people, without any sort of consideration or thought put towards it. Though, it did not change the fact that there were those who she had to wonder about; what their motivations were, their reasons for whatever it was that they were doing, and whether or not they could have been, or should have been trusted. That was a nature of people that was never going to change, especially given all of the things that she had been through, that she had come to encounter and began to recognize and realize within Fiore. There were a few things that remained absolute, and the greed of people was one such example. They were always scheming, looking for a way to get some quick jewels, as though that was the central idea behind everything, their key motivation in life. Just to acquire more and more jewels to purchase whatever material good they were after, whatever item they might have been interested in getting, and it did not appear like it was at all going to change. And admittedly, Leyaria was guilty of this as well. She had been involved in no shortage of scams and other offenses that had resulted in someone making away with more wealth than what they had before, as well as herself getting rewarded for it as well. Therefore, it was easy for her to understand the motivations, as there had been times where she believed that she was making the appropriate decision in aiding them, as there was a benefit on her part. However, it did also make her feel a bit sick, knowing that she was so willingly engaged in these sort of illicit affairs while all the while benefiting and holding judgment upon those who sought out these ventures. She, someone who had been guilty of many crimes in the past, had no business in condemning those who were attempting the very same thing. The same thing for which there was always going to be people who were going to ask of her to do. It would not end, it was not likely to change, and even as she walked through the streets of Magnolia, she had to acknowledge and admit to herself that she was again heading out to do this very same thing again.


#2Leyaria Venerak 

on Wed Apr 25, 2018 7:39 pm

What prompted her to take this job, whether or not it were the jewels, or maybe it was some idea that there was going to be a worthwile opportunity, whatever it was, Leyaria was wondering what it was going to have been. Sure, she had more than enough jewels at this point to afford going to Oak Town now, and a part of her was so ready to leave, but she nonetheless stuck around. She couldnít explain why. Maybe it was more a fallback plan than anything else, a way to cope with the fact that when she got to Oak, if she were to ever go, that she would perhaps realize that Bianca, as much as Leyaria hoped and wished to meet with her again, may not ever come to reality. She fought back tears as she thought of what it might mean for her, to know that there was a chance that everything she was working towards, that it would be for naught, that there would be nothing for her to do other than just accept that this was the end of things, at least as far as she was aware when it came to the hard work that she had tried to put down to herself. While there were no shortage of thoughts and worries that ran through her head, Leyaria tried her best to keep her mind sane as she prepared to head into the alleyway, the place where the obscure note had instructed her to head towards.

She didnít know much of the details regarding this job, only that it was one that was requested of by her by name, and that there was apparently some degree of value and worth that was attributed to the whole thing. What that might have been, it remained to have been seen, but nonetheless she was there and it seemed at least like there was nothing going on, which made her wonder if she might have been in the wrong area. There were no shortage of potential places that this meeting or whatever she was supposed to go to could have been. After all, it wasnít as though there were a thousand or so possible alleyways that they could have been meeting at, and the fact that the message only said something along the lines of, go to the location, being nothing at all vague or anything like that, it was easy to believe that it was possible that the job was going to here. Maybe that it was going to be somewhere else. Leyaria sighed, realiing that this was the hardship and worst part of taking jobs like this that, that often enough times there were people who were working on the job who had absolutely no business putting up a job. And this was a clear enough reason as to that, because even things that the most simple of jobs would normally include, they were completely absent. There was really one thing that this was. Garbage.


#3Leyaria Venerak 

on Wed Apr 25, 2018 7:40 pm

The sound of the wooden wheels against the cobblestone was the first thing that made Leyaria think that perhaps, out of any number of possible locations in a location as large as Magnolia was, that the first fucking alleyway that she stumbled upon would be the first one in which actually turned out to be the very location in which the apparent meeting was going to take place. In her head, she mentally struggled to understand and comprehend, just how it was that it was any at all possible that fate could have had it like that. It literally blew her mind at the reality, something that was so unbelievable, so unbelieveable that just utterly stunned and awed her to the point of no end whatsoever. Leyaria moved into the alleyway, careful as to follow the sound of it and not get too close. Whatever this meeting was going to be, it was crucuial that she idnít make herself too apparent, lest it cause problems like it possibly being that they would know of her presence an may call off the entire meeting off. Moving towards the meeting place, or at least what she believed to have been the meeting place, there was a small smile upon her face when she saw the caravan filled with ore making its way through the alleyway, although slow given the tight area in which it had to travel and the limited area in which it would have been able to move, even in the best of circumstances.

There was the man who she expected to have met with, Barron, the man who in the past Leyaria had done plenty of work with before, and there was likely to be more an dmore work in the future if this deal was going to work out as she expected it to have. There was a level of worry though with Leyaria, given especially the fact that there was a far greater degree of risk that was being applied with her working here and the two of them having done no shortage of deatls before. Whether it was a small job that might have been done, or the ore sample that Leyaria had found for the man before, there wasnít a lack of transactions that could have been linked back to the two of them, and this was another such example. Barron wanted this ore, and there was no shortage of reasons why. There was always money to have been made between the two, and there was never a question really as to if Barron was willing to make a risk or two to ensure that he got exactly that. This was another example of applying that measure, though there was a question not only to the legality of the matter, but also how easily it was going to be to ensure that there were no loose ends, and perhaps one of the things that she had not considered were the two men who watched them.


#4Leyaria Venerak 

on Wed Apr 25, 2018 7:40 pm

Leyaria did not notice them until after she turned the corner with Baron, both of them standing in their way, such that it was utterly impossible to get around them without one or both of them being removed from the equation. Leyaria didnít much care for them, what their motivaitons were, or anything like that, as as soon as they looked upon her, they froze with terror. Not very strong, she thought to herself, and it was evident with how they were left utterly unable to move out of the presence of the demon that was inside of Leyaria. She walked casually up to them, both paralyzed in fear as she smiled, there being almost an evil look to her eye, as though she knew the mistake that they had made, and in their eyes, she could see the exact level of panic and worry that was upon their faces. She smiled again, enjoying much of it, almost to the degree where it was sickening in itself. But alas, there was little reason to be worried or fearful, for Barron at the very elast. He was no threat, but rhater ahn ally. He was safe, and he watched with a bit of intrigue and panic as the two men remained motionless, simply watching what was going on as Leyaria unloaded a vicious assault upon both of them. The first man, the smaller of the two went down shortly thereafter Leyaria landed a brutal shot to his knee, then another, and then to his neck area, the combination of the strikes leaving him utterly unable to do anything, even if he wasnít affected by the power of Leyariaís demonic presence. The second one, he didnít have much of a chance to fight back, as Leyaria delievered a single strike to the manís throat, causing him to choak, though being unable to as the demonic presence made him stuck where he stood, choking to death while he struggled with all of his might to try to move his hands. Knowing that it was impossible, Lyearia began to slowly move the bodies out of the way so that the caravan could continue through the alleyway. However, it was still expected to be a consiereable amount of tiem that it would have to travel to get back to Barrons place of work, but once back, it was apparent that the ore, although highly valuable, was stolen, which meant that there was a far greater risk associated with the entire job. Now, Leyaria did not believe that it was going to impede her being paid, nor did she have any reason to believe that Barron was going to go back on the deal, as crude and uninformative as it turned out to have been, just because of either what she had to do or even what had happened prior. There was a level of trust, one that both of them had worked hard to instill in each other, and at least today, it would remain.


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