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A Wave of Thoughts Rush in [Social|Open] (♬)

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A Wave of Thoughts Rush in [Social|Open] (♬) Empty on Sat Apr 21, 2018 9:21 pm

Rishi Namatzu

Rishi Namatzu

Rishi was having slight problems, seeing all of her memories flow through her for the first time in months. She never liked to ponder things for too long, but now that there were so many previous thoughts and memories that were rushing at her like a stampede, she really couldn't help but dwell in the past. There were so many people that she had come to meet, and so many people that she cared about in the past. All of her past companions, all the people she wanted to see again. She wouldn't have enough time to do everything she wanted to do, and even though it did sound a bit sad, she was okay with it. There were so many things you could do in the world, there was no possible way that you could do all of them in just one lifetime. It was all okay with her, as long as she would get to leave with her two favorite things. She could feel herself becoming weaker, and she could see others that she had known for a long time watching her change. She looked tired, like an old woman would after 80 years of snowboarding. She didn't want to do much anyways, all she really wanted to do was have a nice conversation. She called out to the first people she had seen, saying, "Hey! You! Yeah, you! Could you come over here?" She hoped that whoever she called wasn't busy, as she might throw them off and they could be late for something, and she didn't want that.

Word Count: 262
Notes: Leaving this world, go in peace?

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