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Staff [Americas]

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on Tue Apr 17, 2018 4:05 pm


We're currently in need of moderators in the American timezones (Pacific, Mountain, Central, Eastern, Atlantic, Newfoundland). Interested? Please fill in the template below to apply for this position.

[b]Name:[/b] Main username.
[b]Age:[/b] Real age, of course.
[b]Activity:[/b] How active are you realistically? [b]Discord:[/b] Who are you on Discord? Discord is out primary form of communication.
[b]Reason:[/b] What motivates you to join FTRP Staff?
[b]Skills:[/b] Please detail what you can do for FTRP. Sell yourself to us as best you can.
[b]Experience:[/b] Any other forum experience in similar roles?
[b]Timezone:[/b] Self-explanatory.


on Tue Apr 17, 2018 4:10 pm

Name: Barry
Age: Twenty
Activity: Always check in most days but sunday
Discord: Barry
Reason: I was staff before, pretty fast with everything and like last time i want to get back into working and developing items and knocking out the review board and taking the work load off of those who are consistent and review things so quickly. I want to help out and really show what I got. It's a stretch, but I want another shot.
Skills: Pretty good writer and very... honest. †
Experience: Held similar roles in two other sites plus here. †
Timezone: Eastern Time USA.

Plus... Bait doesn't affect me as much.

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on Tue Apr 17, 2018 4:56 pm

Name: Ianthe
Age: 26
Activity: I'm around everyday. I have discord on my phone, On the site everyday since I use it from work and home.
Discord: Neptune the Honey Badger

Reason: I really want to see the progression of this site and be one of the individuals to help it do that on more than just a member level. I've been around for awhile and I was always one of those people that complained about things, things I realized that I could help with if given a chance. I enjoy the people here and I don't want to see people leaving or stop roleplaying because of something simple like not getting things approved in a timely manner or having a situation get out of hand, that could otherwise be diffused properly. I also think I've got some pretty solid ideas....Sometimes.

Skills: As I've stated before I was one of those people who constantly complained about things, and they were little things too. It's nothing for me to knock out things that need to be looked at and approved quickly so people aren't waiting hours or in some cases a whole day. I have the ability to correct things that are wrong and I'm patient enough with people that I won't just give up on them or talk down to them because they don't understand something. I don't let little things rile me up and I can defuse a situation without getting into my feelings, even if the anger or problem is directed at me I can handle it appropriately. I will always help a person when I can and if I can, and if I cannot I will send them to someone who can. Did I mention I have some pretty good ideas, because I do.

Experience: None, and this is of my own choosing. I use to think it wasn't worth it to be a staff member because of all the crap they take even though they do a lot of work. I'm ready to look past that kind of thinking in order to better the site.

Timezone: Eastern

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on Tue Apr 17, 2018 6:00 pm

Name: Varian (this will be changing)
Age: 16
Activity: I check at least once a day after school and Iím most active on Friday and Saturday
Discord: Thot1
Reason: itíd be something new to try and be a way to better my experience as a coder, obviously for that reason I would need some education, but thereís the internet for that. But Iíve been in the community for a little while and Iíd like to try and help out in a few places that I can. Iíd also like to help fix discrepancies in regs
Skills: When it comes to the coding of the site, pretty much zilch, but I can read the code of posts decently. Iím familiar with the regs, having run into problems myself, so I guess first hand experience. Oof Iím not good at selling myself. Overall Iíve got some reg knowledge, thatís where Iíd be of most help
Experience: Nope, thereís a first time for everything
Timezone: Eastern standard time

#5Rishi Namatzu 

on Tue Apr 17, 2018 6:24 pm

Name: Rishi Namatzu
Age: 12 :P
Activity: on about 5-6 hours a day checking up on everything
Discord: Rishi#1418
Reason: I have been listening to what has been going on in voice chat and things like that, and I feel that I can really contribute to what's going on currently with the site. I want the site to evolve, and I want everyone, new and old, to enjoy what this site has to offer. It might not seem like much to you, but to me it means the world. I do love this site, and I wish to see it grow and become something greater.
Skills: Well I have learned a few things while I've been on here, such as coding and proper grammar usage, when to say things and such. I guess I don't have too many skills, but I do hope to get more as time goes on.
Experience: nopity nope nope
Timezone: PST

third time's a charm for this spot hopefully!

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#6Constantine Librorum 

on Tue Apr 17, 2018 8:49 pm

Name: Teiho
Age: 25
Activity: I mean i'm here every day, just some days I work, some days i'm depressed, and some days I don't want to look at this site because it annoys me. Roll a D20 and figure it out. Discord: Teiho
Reason: Idk bro. I just don't wanna see the site get shreked either due to a lack of competent leadership or over saturation of bad ideas. Maybe I'm reading the vibe wrong or maybe I'm not, but in my personal experience, sites tend to run better when there aren't a bunch of yes men around or when one person isn't lording all of the creative decisions and only asking for input on extremely minute details that truly don't matter in the grand scheme of how the site is run and interacted with.
Skills: I've made, managed and helped build sites. I've done what it takes to get a site up on the top lists of activity (mind you this was years ago) but I also know how to build a site that my members enjoy. If it's basic moderation, I honestly find those skills meaningless on a site like this but hey if you need desk workers then power to you, I can do that as well.
Experience: Plenty. How do you think I got 2000+ posts, it damn sure wasn't posting.
Timezone: EST

#7Chisu Lau Manji 

on Wed Apr 18, 2018 4:06 pm

Name: Chi Lau Manji (Soon to be "Nameless")
Age: I'M FEELIN 22
Activity: Normally 8ish hours a day, erryaday, cept Mondays
Discord: Xiaochi#7482 (Chi on FTRP)
Reason: I've been staff before, I just want to see everything to get done fast and timely, so we all can enjoy the Jyu plans.
Skills: Former Mission Mod, Actual Mod, and Formerly admin/mod long time ago.
Experience: Lots. Also lots of GFX, HTML and other things.
Timezone: Pacific, that Cali time yo.

#8Shura Ranzu 

on Thu Apr 19, 2018 9:43 am

Name: Shura Ranzu
Age: 28
Activity: Decently?
Discord: Shura?
Reason: Combat Mod Stuff
Skills: Uh prior everything experience
Experience: Leagices Reborn, Bleach Story, StrawHatforum: Bon Voyage, OPN, Etc
Timezone: Self-explanatory.


on Thu Apr 19, 2018 3:11 pm

Name: Vyrst
Age: 21
Activity: Whenever Im not at school or work usually
Discord: Vyrst
Reason: Combat Mod Rewards
Skills: I'm experienced with staff work at every level and I'm known for combat rp skills.
Experience: One Piece Pirate Nation, whatever Temp's forums were, LR, TNRPG, assorted other sites I dont remember the names of
Timezone: PST

#10Nyx Paris 

on Thu Apr 19, 2018 3:15 pm

Name: Nyx Paris
Age: Legal
Activity: I'm on Discord every day!
Discord: The Chinese guy
Reason: To best Brian
Skills: I'm like Brian, but better
Experience: Better than Brian
Timezone: Brian's timezone, but better

#11Kanya Vi Britannia 

on Thu Apr 19, 2018 9:09 pm

Name: Kanya Vi Britannia
Age: 27
Activity:I'm on every single day, for hours on in half the time just looking through topics~

Discord: Kanya Vi Britannia

The main reason i want to join the staff is for a few reason. Being who i am i came to enjoy the site and befriended a lot of awesome people. So i would enjoy to help it grow even more with any type of help i can give. If i can prove myself useful and help keep the work load less for veteran staff members i'll really enjoy that chance. Plus, as much time as i am on here, it would be nice to use it to benefit the site as a whole. I'll cooperate and accept any criticism that is needed to better help the staff as well.

I have a keen eye for creating plots, and missions from previous times as staff. I have a good eye when it comes to application overview and if i dont understand something i won't hesitate to go to someone who do and ask questions. Besides being part of a staff mean being a single unit, not to move as a loner. I have great cooperative skills, plus when it comes to helping others i am willing to give any advice i could if i have knowledge of said subject asked. I keep fluent movement going on the site, from mission and other applications that need approval.

I have been staff of many sites before this one, i use to help run NRPG a naruto roleplay site, which had alot of problems which i personally helped fixed. I kept things flowing and this alone helped increase activity. Due to the fact application approval delay was a major drawback on the site until i joined staff. So i help increase the flow and lower the work load for the higher ups. Real life will always hit those veteran staff members so it be up to the lower ones to pick up the slack.

Timezone: Central

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