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Jian Feng

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#1Jian Feng 

on Sat Apr 14, 2018 2:52 pm



Name: Feng, Jian

Age: 19, born on the 2nd of May X767

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Class: Sorcerer

Race: Human (Sinian)

Rank: C-rank (After Farren Claret Scoop. Link to death here: Link)

Guild: Guildless

Tattoo: Lower left quadrant of the abdomen. Tattoo is black in color.  

Face: Hakuryuu Ren - Magi


Height: 180.34 cm (5'11")

Weight: 66.2245 kg (146 lbs)

Hair: Dark blue, to the point of seeming black

Eyes: Blue, albeit the left eye is a paler shade.

Overall: Jian is a handsome young man of Sinian descent. He is of average height and build, and features black hair and blue eyes; the left eye being a paler shade than the right. On the left side of his face he features a very pronounced marking that stands out to many that meet him. Though many initially assume that this marking is due to scarring, it's simply a birthmark. This mark has been something that he initially found himself to be embarrassed and self-conscious about, he has begun to find pride in the mark that he wears - as it gives him a feeling of uniqueness. He also has thin, split-ended eyebrows and a mole on his chin. Due to his station within Sin, he usually wears traditional clothing typical of the nobility of Sin. Despite this being his usual attire, he will often change clothing or wear whatever he feels like during any given point in time depending on the situation. These clothing decisions can be made simply on whim, depending on Jian's desires and what he deems appropriate for whichever situation he finds himself in.

Extra: While some would assume the marking on the left side of his face to be some sort of scar, it's actually a birthmark.


Personality: Jian is as calm, level-headed and responsible as one can expect a nineteen year old to be. In situations that require decisive action, he radiates professionalism and confidence much like that of a soldier. Despite this, as a leader, he is still quite reactive to danger and obstacles in the way of himself or any team that he might be leading. Though, has yet to develop much of the savvy and forward thinking that many of the more experienced leaders in the world may possess. Despite being a natural leader, Jian has no real desire to become one.

Jian rarely shows any signs of panic or distress, and has learned well to keep his emotions in check when the situation calls for it. Jian can be a soft-spoken, polite, and caring man who uses great respect when addressing his superiors, subordinates, and strangers. However, with the grace and kind manners that he's capable of displaying, he is also capable of letting others know that he is not to be taken lightly. Despite his gentle nature, there are numerous people that have learned to fear him.

On a personal level, Jian is charismatic speaker and has a very amiable countenance. His soft spoken and respectful manner makes those around him trust him almost instantly and he is able to forge strong bonds of friendship in a very short period of time. Unlike most people, he seems to try to see the good in all people, and will most often act as a voice of reason with his teammates. He is cautious with his words, and will often offer his council to his more impetuous teammates if they need it. Jian holds all in equal regards until they give him a reason to hold them in higher or lower esteem.

In battle, Jian is a fierce and competent competitor. He strikes without fear or doubt, and always answers his enemies attacks with the suitable amount of force necessary to appropriately incapacitate the enemy. Jian detests the act of killing, yet, if push comes to shove and there is no other way to take down the threat to himself or to his team, he won't hesitate to take this course of action. Though he doesn't hesitate to make the decision to kill if need be. However, the decision and act are still things that will likely remain with him long after it has occurred.

Jian is also extremely devoted to his religion; this being something that often guides him in many of the decisions that he makes. His sense of morality is deeply tied to his faith.

Sinian Religion:
The dominant religious belief in Sin is focused on the shen (roughly translating to "spirits"), yin ("shadows"), and the realm they are said to live in. The Sinians offer sacrifices in an attempt to contact this other world, which they believe to be parallel to the earthly one. The dead were said to simply have moved from one world to the other. The rituals mentioned, as well as others, served two purposes: to ensure that the dead journeyed and stayed in the other realm, and to receive blessings from the spirit realm. Religious practices are usually held in local shrines and sacred areas, which contained sacrificial altars. During a sacrifice or other ritual, the senses of all participants and witnesses are dulled and blurred with smoke, incense, and music. The lead sacrificer fasts and meditate before a sacrifice to further blur his senses and increase the likelihood of perceiving otherworldly phenomena. Other participants are similarly prepared, though not as rigorously.


  • Helping Others: One thing that Jian absolutely detests is seeing injustices being carried out against anyone, no matter their race or background. Being able to help people and help turn their lives around for the better is something Jian takes pride in.

  • Reading: Jian is borderline obsessed with fantasy novels and the like. He can talk about them for hours on end if he isn’t stopped.

  • Combat: Though he does what he can to avoid combat altogether; he can't deny that he enjoys the rush of pitting himself against a worthy opponent.


  • Ignorance: One thing that Jian hates are the opinions of someone who knows little about the topic at hand. He's always held the viewpoint that those who know nothing should remain quiet in the hopes that they'll learn something.

  • Getting too close to people: With the way that Jian lives his life, getting too close to others has become a risk that he doesn't usually find worth it. While he holds a very amiable personality, and can quickly forge superficial friendships, it's very rare for Jian to actually let someone close to him in terms of any sort of serious romantic relationship. He feels that keeping a distance such as this saves both of them from dealing with potential hardships that could come as a result of his profession. Though he holds his apprehensions when it comes to romance, he's not entirely outside of the possibility of it.


  • Babbittry: Jian feels as though people should always strive for more in any category of their life - regardless of what that "more" consists of. He detests the idea of simply being content with anything, as he believes that life is far too short to achieve more out of life. In his case, he believes that his calling in life is to live a life full of meaning. Currently, he believes that his purpose is to make things better for the people of Sin, however, there's a gnawing that makes him feel that he has a far larger purpose than this.

  • Dishonoring Ancestors: With Jian's deep devotion to his religion, one thing that he fears above all else is the idea of acting in ways that would bring shame and dishonor to his family, as well as his deceased ancestors. With the connection that his religion places between the corporal and the incorporeal, Jian places great care into honoring his ancestors by living in a manner that he feels they would approve of.


  • Failure: While Jian has no problem tackling any sort of problem or conflict, regardless of the size, one thing he fears is failing in any endeavor. Though failure is something that can mold you and give you lessons that help you forge ahead, he'd rather get things right the first go around. He fears that with failure, there might not be a second chance to right whatever was wronged.

  • Destiny Though he doesn't fear the future to the same degree as his brother, he does fear that he'll continue to live a life of worthlessness. Despite the fact that his drafting into the military has given him some temporary respite from this fate, he's quite aware that once this posting is complete he'll have to return to the life that he once lived.

    Living a life of nobility is one that many others would die for; living in excess and having everything you want at your fingertips. He fears that if he allows himself to get too entangled with this sort of life, as many of his siblings have, he'll begin to live a life that's not only unworthy of himself, but also the spirits that he reveres above all else. He longs to live life on his own terms, and fears the gilded cage of privilege.


Magic Name: Nature Magic

Magic Element: Nature

Magic Description: The users of this magic can create, shape and manipulate plants, including wood, vines, plants, moss, and parts of the plants, such as leaves, seeds, fruits, flowers, etc. With this magic, the user is also capable of communicate with all forms of plant-life, including flowers, trees, fruits, vegetables, pollen, etc. either telepathically, by speaking verbally, or by touching them physically after employing this magic.

  • Offensive
  • Defensive
  • Supplementary
  • Self-Buff Strength


History: Jian was born into a relatively normal life in the beautiful country of Sin. Learning from the finest schools in the country, being taught proficiency in the use of the polearm from the most esteemed instructors, being tutored in the art of politics, intrigue, and languages (of which he was heavily tutored in the Fiorian language, to the point of having no discernible accent), and having access to the finest of food and drink; all of this was normal in the life of a son born into nobility within the country of Sin. As the 11th of 15 children (the twin of Jiao-Long) born into the noble bloodline of Feng, Jian had a future that most would would have probably killed for.

His future was one that was basically assured to be an easy life; giving him the ability to live a life of high esteem and indulgence - yet, as the years rolled by Jian began to despise his lot in life - not because it was terrible by any means, but because he felt that there was more that he should be doing with it. Whenever he expressed his concerns with any of his siblings, they'd simply laugh them off - thinking him far too fanciful for even considering a life outside of the one they knew. Despite this, the thoughts of living a life worth meaning was something he simply couldn't get out of his mind.

In order to quell some of these thoughts, Jian began to throw himself headlong into his religion; hoping that studying the scriptures and praising the spirits would help him to fill the void he'd felt developing inside of him. He began to find solace in his worship, soon becoming quite popular among the monks as he'd become quite a fixture within the temples. It wasn't long before one monk in particular caught Jian's interest - a monk by the name of Mahasthamaprapta Bodhisattva. Where others who spoke about the scriptures and detailed the proper ways in which to praise the spirits, Mahasthamaprapta was completely different. His views and ideologies were so radically different from his contemporaries that Jian couldn't help but find himself enthralled by the ideas that this monk spoke about.

What Mahasthamaprapta proposed, in essence, was the complete opposite in which the others described what life should entail. Where others described living a life of modesty and virtue as the correct way in which to reach Nirvana, Mahasthamaprapta described indulging in all of the pleasures that the mortal realm had to offer. It was completely contradictory to the idea of their religion, yet, there were ideals that Jian found himself curious about simply because it gave him a reason to question his own faith. Had the Sinian religion's focus on the afterlife completely clouded over the idea of enjoying life in the mortal realm?

While Jian had no idea just how much "fun" the mortal realm could be, due to his reserved upbringing, he found himself entranced with the idea of finding out one day. Sadly, these ideas would come to an end as the Chad and his teachings disappeared from the temple one day. With the rogue Monk gone, Jian once again found the void within himself opening. Though it's influence had been strong, he felt that his religion wouldn't be enough to live on forever.

It wasn't long before those of esteem that found themselves  around the young teenager began to realize the void within him, as well as noticing his proficiency in combat and the employ of magic. Sin was always in the need of new talent within the ranks of the military, and this was a place that many were excited to see the young man end up - excluding his father. For years his father attempted to hold back the requests for his son's employ into the military, and for years he was successful.

It wasn't until the successful revolution in Fiore that the requests for Jian's aid in military endeavors began to reach a level that even his father wasn't capable of stopping. With the events occurring in Fiore, the gathering of intel became something that was needed immediately. With the talents that Jian held, he was selected to become one of the numerous spies that would be introduced into Fiore with the intent of gathering as much information about Fiore as possible. The intent wasn't necessarily to ready Sin for any sort of invasion on the Fiorian mainland, but rather, to make sure that the insurrection and instability within Fiore wasn't something that Sin needed to concern itself about.

Though it was forced, Jian's new posting was something that he immediately rejoiced in - despite the feelings of his family. He'd always felt that he was destined to live a life that culminated in something more meaningful than a life spent in indulgence and privilege. As a spy, he felt he could do more for his country and his fellow man than he ever could before. The love he held for his country was ranked only second in standing to the love that he held for his family, and by doing this he hoped he could make life better for all of them. At least, this is how he attempted to frame his actions from then on. Everything he would do would be for the greater good, no matter what was necessary.

Once he emigrated from Sin to Fiore, he found himself being able to blend in almost immediately. Though it was obvious that he was a foreigner due to his look and attire, his use of the Fiorian language was something that was able to help him build bonds quickly. He'd been trained in the language ever since he was a child, and he learned it to a point that he was able to speak it as flawlessly as his Sinese; with no hint of an accent whatsoever. It also helped that the new management had proclaimed that all were to be accepted within Fiore, which made it much easier for Jian to obtain citizenship within the country.

Currently, Jian travels through Fiore as a guildless mage; deciding that tying himself down to one guild in particular could possibly detract from his goals as a spy. He needed the ability to move around as necessary, and using the cover as a Sinese immigrant that traveled in need of work is the perfect cover.  

Reference: Myself


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#2Christian Zane 

on Sat Apr 14, 2018 6:30 pm

Hello, I will be taking a look over this.

Fears: The fear of dishonoring his ancestors is an iffy one. Please add how this may affect his everyday life, or move it as an extra motivation as it seems more that way currently.

Magic: Please note that it is only with the use of spells that you are able to communicate with plants, as currently it could be seen as a passive ability that could be very useful in some situations.

Bump when completed my friend!

#3Jian Feng 

on Sat Apr 14, 2018 7:00 pm

Made the changes to my application. Also, yes, I'm aware of the need to employ my magic in order to gain use of these abilities, and I've changed it to reflect that. Thanks in advance for the approval.

#4Christian Zane 

on Sat Apr 14, 2018 7:21 pm

This character has been approved.

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