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Orchidia to Crocus [Foot Travel]

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on Wed Apr 11, 2018 2:28 pm

It was fun exploring Orchidia and she really considered making it her permanent residence, but she couldn't do that just yet when she had so much more to explore. The sun was just rising and the light gave everything it touched a glow. Ianthe packed what she needed always double checking to see if she forgot anything or she needed to leave something behind. She always tried to travel light because she knew she wouldn't be in one place for too long. Upon deciding that she in fact did have everything she made her way out of the inn with breakfast in hand. Usually she would have time to eat but she wanted to get to the next town as quickly as possible. Crocus was the capital of Fiore and she remembered it quite well since that was the place she was taken too after being freed from slavery. She enjoyed the capital quite a bit and was happy to be going back. She wondered if she would run into the rune knight who had helped her adjust to her new life and living situations. The walk to Crocus would only be a day thankfully so she started her walk to the capital, making haste to get there as soon as she could walk.


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